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Bonham Daily Favorite Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1974, Page 5

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Bonham Daily Favorite (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, Bonham, Texas In 9 Jan my Cord body Ead plus Ini i off your b 14 5.6015 Tirio a a 178-14 of a a it v i i a Ati to n Vars Joe Ortton in Bown above i in front of some of Hll Stock of hot let Point is with Mth enl Vertry Mies Togo Ette Ched. To the Job Gritton hardware end App Gionco in 1940 Ond. J a Dis Woof a hot a now ranks of fifth among 205 hot do Olori in his Dass in Solo lost Yoor. Of Volto photo Britton hardware Lebartes 25th year or it in t groceries or clothing it have it could Well be to of Joe Britton As he ves 25 years in the in re business in Bonham ton came to Bonham in of Randolph operating a store for a few years then he established Britton in the 500 Block of main. Quite a few Yean moved to the Corner of West fifth streets a he promptly named Joe Corner. Carries televisions stereos refrigerator dryers fishing tackle utensils plumbing needs appliances and Extension is toys toy wagons Gas Retric stoves and dozens of r items. On ranked fifth in sales 205 hot Point dealers in s for the past year ing he was t aware of United the area office just to Day. In keeping with his desire by just about everything in the Home Britton has few pieces of furniture to Householder almost a shopping Center moving to Bonham he an old time general t Randolph a and in a operating a general store has t devoted All his is business but has taken part in Church work and Gas could e costs i ton up the Power commission to 1 Friday to establish National base rate Tural Gas that could monthly Gas Bills for Sumers. Pc blaming a serious of the Gas used for cooking and Home set a National base natural Gas at 42 cents cubic feet. A ident of the Ameri association f Donald the increase a half and said a higher rate also was needed an adequate Gas Kew rate applies to All v sales except in d Hawaii but covers it produced from Fields alter Jan. I 1973. K. The pc is consider pits for Price increases produced from older a a rate will provide a kit rate of return for p to attract High risk medea or financing development and a a programs a which undertaken to produce natural Gas supplies p to fulfil existing and the pc said. If fund or natural us a ice of Tho available will so remain for it the affairs of the City having served on the City commission and Active in chamber of Commerce work. Calendar of coming i fonts Mondoy Jones ��?�11 30 . Voc ton Church school of Byl in Una Day we Odin to Clork memorial Mills a find Christian churches at prosby orlon Church. All Dassos moot of Tho Church higher grades Thon bus to Stoto pork. A . A Wonnin county Hospital auxiliary will open Tho Snock bar of Wonnin he Spatol under their sponsorship. 2 30 . First United methodist Bible study group moots in Tho Homo of mrs. Burwell Mcclure. At 3 . Worship study Quot seekers of truth Quot moots in Tho Homo of or. 6. S. Chitwood. Miss Katillo Smith 1� co Hostos. 7 . A democratic women meet in first notional Bonk club room. City Monomer will to guest spook or on City government a How it Oporto of. Hostesses mrs. Cloude Vought mrs. Wesley former mrs. Porter Stonebury Ond mrs. Odell Hyepock. Tues. Juno 25 6 . A first United methodist men s share breakfast. 10 . A s . A Bonham Public Library late closing hours. 7 30 . National Assn. Retired Federal employees officer installation program in Fannin co. Elec. Assembly room. 7 . A stymie dinner club meets at Bonham Golf club. Glyndon Hague retires from duty with a a number of Bonham friends have scr lived word from Glyndon Hague former director of the Sam Rayburn memorial a Center in Bonham and founder of Tho a Hospital in Kerrville since oct. I 1972. That he has retired from Active a duty a until such time As my health will allow me to resume my a career. Hague said in a memorandum to fellow a employees and a number of other friends thai for a i number of years 1 have suffered from chronic health problems which have made it increasingly difficult for me to meet my responsibilities As a a employee i have finally been forced to follow my doctor s advice and retire from Active duty until such time As my health might Pillow me to resume my a career in announcing his retirement Hague told a employees at the Kerrville installation a fall of us have a right to be proud of our accomplishments at he said any Chance that the Thi Bonham daily Pavo Ritko Bonham ta., sun., Juna it 1974 Paras Hospital will close or that its Basic a in if 1 a i i Mission will be curtailed has been eliminated. A a Multi million Dollar modernization program is Well underway and will continue for several years into the future Quot he said. A new facilities and expanded programs Are certain to come. The Quality of medical care you Are providing our veterans is better than Ever. There is no finer Hospital of comparable size in the entire he assured employees of the installation that Kvach is Back in the act and i am confident you Are going to keep it there. County court cases passed a number of criminal cases that had been set for trial in county court tuesday have been passed and reset for the third work in july members of a Petit jury panel that had been summoned to report in county court tuesday have it Een advised not to report the cases were passed due to critical illness in the family of assistant ounts attorney John a Morris who prosecutes these cases a Trobock guests or Ami mrs Wesley Farmer of 120 West rth have had As their guests for the past week their son and his wife or. And mrs. Wesley Gray Farmer granddaughter. Mrs. Jennie Lam a Fortenberry. And their granddaughters Jennie to Marilyn Fortenberry All of Mijck. 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