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Bonham Daily Favorite Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1974, Page 1

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Bonham Daily Favorite (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, Bonham, Texas A a it up re i Tai a wow and in it to it weather m and vk3nity Cloudy who Mem Chance sunday. Con it a Ami a my Hughi sunday a mems. to Mph a per cant Ity of Rami. Wire uni Taci pm International 31% of a on foam bail a Ufa Footitt sunday single copy Palco 3 is l. Id ,29 .31 5 Lay a f run 5mj n Owr it of a Yaar 6�tabil$hacmw Rita visit rim out a Ogham Texas sunday Juni 23, 174 Nea War Alioto numbs m \ pm �0f Hal it a i a a by by cantry Al if you happen to see Odell Pepock walking toward town by in the morning Don t think his is out of running order. I s just following orders he Doc told me to walk a mile a Odell said Quot and he said l choose the time to Day to take walk. I m walking to work each Ning when it s quite a bit cooler at lunch or when i get off in the and according to Odell the Doc the Quot walk a mile a Day Quot order in effect from now on. Daily walk was ordered to Sor Nghen Odell s leg Muscles. Wean Light inc., is seeking the is of All american service men have served in Korea since lust 1945 to thank them for Ling Korea gain its Freedom if you happen to be a Veteran of ice in Korea just Send your the address dates of service in a a military unit and rank to a an Light inc. To Box 950, Elindo calif., 90245. Trona lived letters of a Precia Are being sent american Iran of Korea As a part of a Ime oration of 20 years of Lom and Prosperity since the is ice. You were one of those who lived a letter calling you to serve juror in county court tuesday it it. Cases have been passed until to re week in july and the Call jurors cancelled due to illness in family of assistant county at Gay John Morris. In Gelhausen was enjoying sit a spell in the Shade of the Trees front Yard late thursday. Me Holmes reports that a in of Trenton folks a Donnas Diane Vincent Ecky Tipett Tonette and John Orozco or. And mrs. Tom Orozco a their bicycles from Trenton to ird and Back the other after just for the exercise. Faith a member of the com for Western week who was Ling a Beard for the week has it off and complained it took our to do it. Ward Brent says he s going to it a tract that was in grass this into a Garden for next year made Good Hay and should a Good crop of vegetables Quot Iid. Believe i can get All the grass out and have it ready for Early gang Quot he added. Former students and teachers Leonard schools Are getting for big doings at the All school a on which is scheduled for by july 13. True we be been taking our Quot Owen Bradley of the City opel arts department said fining there has been a delay in in9 the Winner of a contest to in official City song contest was held in 1941. Mock chef first introduced a chips in ims and the first Lor their exclusive Man fac a built by a. A. Walter i. Co. Any n. Y. N 1925. Warned me against talking but i thought some of the in were never going to get. He sit Down Quot Wos Joe i complaint after the fete Dick and Bertha Voyer at a a a Ove tuesday night. Jot did t talk too Long Jan of the cracks made by or. H. H. Milford the # ceremonies. Black sea Omnia resort Lilly Oik of stops Nixon doing soviet trip Washington up president Nixon Likely will visit the Black sea resort of Oreana during his visit to the soviet Union next week a White House official said saturday. The official confirmed that Yalta which had been suggested by Nixon s russian hosts As a a a sick Stop during the five Day visit has been ruled out. He also said that Minsk the capital of byelorussian probably would be the president s Only other Stop outside of Oreana and Moscow the president who goes to Moscow thursday after a meeting in Brussels wednesday Highway who s who a texans have always branded their horses and cattle a Why not their cars to Harriett Adams personalized License plates Are Friendly statements displaying self identity in a world reduced to numerical tags. That s Why the Houston woman wrote edited and compiled a Chunky Glove compartment sized volume called Quot who s who on Texas highways and More than 56,000 personalized plates Are on cars in Texas alone. Up before Nixon arrives Brussels faces protest March Bra a skis Tupi a left Wing group culling itself the league against imperialism has asked Lor permission to stage a protest March through Brussels just before president Nixon arrives Here tuesday night. Police sources said saturday the sources indicated permission will be granted they said they expected .1.000 persons to Anarch a we could glad have done without this because the visit of the president and 14 other Heads of government will give us the biggest Protection Job m Belgium s postwar history a police officer said but the belgian Constitution guarantees Freedom of opinion and it May actually be preferable to have one demonstration which the police can control rather than isolated initiatives at unexpected places Nixon will be Here for 36 hours until his departure thursday morning for Moscow with the High Point of his visit a three hour Atlantic Summit of the Heads of government of the 15 North Atlantic treaty organization nations Nixon last visited Here in Early Llew. Six weeks after his inauguration As president Brussels police cancelled All Brussels police cancelled All in reinforcements from other belgian cities the exact number of Security men on duty next week was not announced but one source said you can safely assume there will in Many thousands the request Tor permission to March was signed by Ward l teens an architect from Louvain whom police said was a marxist Leninist the request asked for permission to Parade at 7 p m. About three hours before Nixon a plane arrives with nato Heads of state spent the weekend at his Camp David. My. Retreat. Deputy press Secretary Gerald l. Warren said Nixon arose Early saturday and began poring through briefing books for the Moscow and Brussels meetings reports from Moscow quoting americans in the Advance planning party said that the president did not want to go to Yalta because of its symbolism # As the site where Western interests were bargained away at the close of world War 11. Nixon has been critical of the agreements reached at Yalta during the ijj45 conference Between Josef Stalin. Winston t Churchill and Franklin i Roosevelt which divided Europe into the spheres of influence that exist today the officials said soviet party Leader Leonid 1 Brezhnev. Nixon s Host for the visit Lias a Dacha at Oreana and considers it his san clementes a it i reference to Nixon s Ocean Side Home in California during Bies Nev s visit to the United mates last May. Nixon took him to san Clemente Oreana is located on the crimean pen suit and Bresh Nev took West German Chance Lor Willy Brandt there during Brandts soy let visit in 1971 Nixon his wife Pat and daughter Tricia have been at amp David since thursday the Day alter his return from an exhausting Middle Kast swing he is expected to return to Washington sunday night or monday morning for last minute preparations before do Hailmu tuesday for Brussels a spokesman for mrs Nixon said then was no special t ele bration of their anniversary 1�?~tidav they just had a quiet dinner said Helen Mccain Smith Hie Nixon other daughter my son in Law wore absent As want Tima s husband he Dward of Julie and David i Senhor i were Hying to Gainsville. La Tot the Iun Cral of David s maternal Grandfather. Col pen v Thompson Cox was in new York where he practices Law Ulster records another death by last a Chi a Long burst of fire from a speeding car saturday killed one uniformed policeman and seriously wounded another in a protestant area of Belfast crowded with weekend shoppers pole said \ civilian also was wounded m the Spray of gunfire Hie shooting raised to 1039 the death toll in nearly five years of strife in Northern a Ireland involving protestants. Catholics and Security forces unintentionally kind Warden Tkv Krutt. Wash i up it state reformatory convict Ronald Forkner. 24. Who got married under escort Friday fled with his Bride m a reformatory car Forkner. Serving tune Tor forgery and assault from Clark county met his Bride Ardith a Botts. When she came to prison on a visit nine months ago Retoyi Ina tory superintendent Dale Swenson who gave special permission Tor the wedding grumbled As he was left behind by the fleeing newlyweds i did t give him any honeymoon time 1 want my state car Back i i $ % a v a v $ % x a Rayburn Library Given Allred speech recording a i copies of a rare recording of a 1936 speech by the late gov James v. Allred of Texas nominating John Nance Garner of Uvalde As vice president of the United states Are being Given to the Sam Rayburn Library in Bonham and several other museums in Texas. The tape recording taken from two aluminium discs that must be played with a special wooden Needle was found at the Home of mrs. James v Allred of Wichita fails the recording is of the National broadcasting company s coverage of the 1936 democratic National convention in Philadelphia that was also the year of the Texas Centennial. Governor Allred s speech lasting just Over a half Houi. Praised both Garner and president Franklin i Roosevelt it was full of Texas imagery As it placed the career of the texan who came to be known As Cactus Jack immediately following the rousing nominating speech. Abc news reporters described a demonstration Parade around the convention Hall in support of Garner s nomination As the band a Laved the Kyes of Texas and other tunes the delegation from Texas wearing White ten gallon hats and unfurling the six flags of the state s history led the Parade around the Hall. Among the dignitaries asked by the news reporters to speak to the radio audience were u. S. Senator Morris Sheppard for whom Sheppard air Force base at Wichita Falls was named and t ingress Ryan Sam Rayburn of Bonham who clinging to the sides of the main platform and la Sously snapping pictures As governor Allred was Ixia be around the Hall on the shoulders of the Texas delegation the governor earned the Texas Flag. The original recording is now in the University of Houston Library and copies Are being made available to the various historical collections through the Allred family according to state rep Dave Allred of Wichita fails in addition to the Sam Rayburn Library receiving copies of the rare recording will be the w Ichita Kalis museum and Art Center Oral history collection the Garner memorial museum at i Valde. The state archives at Austin and the James v Allied collection at the University Library at Houston % a % % $ % v a a ? 8 v v v v a $ $ a v v it re Blank Bond signing Waldrum and Dallas prosecutor to talk a meeting with Whitley sessions special prosecutor Tor Dallas county has been set by Fannin county attorney Charles Waldrum following a Telephone conversation Between the two men on f riday tune of the meeting has not been definitely set Waldrum said that he had contacted sessions who is working Tor the Dallas county Board of inquiry into bail Bond practices after Bonds signed by Fannin county sheriff Raymond Taylor turned up in the Dallas investigation Taylor revealed in a statement Friday that he had signed a number of Blank Bonds for his Long time lend Galen Murray which he explained were to be used Only in Fannin and adjoining counties Taylor said he did not know How the Bonds worked their Way to Dallas Waldrum said that sessions had agreed to meet with him and would cooperate fully with Fannin county authorities in and investigation into the matter we Are making a preliminary investigation to see if there Are any improprieties. Waldrum said if there Are indications that the matter needs official investigation or that there Are improprieties the grand jury would be the appropriate investigative unit i like Dallas county Kannin county has lost no Money to under secured Bonds in the past two Vears Waldrum said the county attorney s office frequent in processes Bond forfeitures he pointed out. And presently has five or six pending however he says m every Case which he has handled since taking office the Bondsman has been Able to produce the defendent in court and the forfeiture has been cancelled getting the Man in court is. After All. Our goal with the entire bonding system. Waldrum said Bonds Are completely under the control of the sheriff s office the county attorney pointed out until one is torte Ted due to the non appearance of a defendent in court the Bonds must Bear the signature of two individuals who Are providing the Security for the Bond this must be in an amount of personal value or property equal to at least twice the amount of the bail which has been set by a magistrate on a Case by Case Basi it the determination As to whether the at unto meets this criteria is made by the sheriff who has sole discretion in this regard Waldrum said Mong the bonding companies on whom Waldrum has brought forfeiture Pix endings in the past was the american bonding company reportedly working out of Sherman one til the individual names appearing on Bonds get this it company was Bobby Woods whose name has been brought up several times in the Dallas in mitigation however Waldrum pointed out that he a it Noi i n Bonds irom this company which have been in no a in Kinnin county recent a i he it thai primary soup c of Bonds which have. Waldrum a desk via it he Lone Star bonding Una Miu la it individual signing Bonds in or this com pain in Murray and i uru Chanel Israel set to give in last sector by t United press International Lisa cell hoops Touk Sabbath test saturday before turning Over to i \ tones the remaining chunk of i i 2f> Square mile sector captured from Syria in the october Wai israeli military it our sgt Aid the return of territory >cizim1 in 197.1 would in to input ukr sunday while land captured by Israel m the i9b7 War in it luding the Civ of i Uneita a and Summit position atop mount Hermon would to Given up monday israeli and Sartan forces must be m their new a ease tire line positions by wednesday under the at Cord engineered by Secretary of stale Henry a Kissinger responding to israeli air attacks against guerrillas m Lebanon lebanese foreign minister Quad Nalta meanwhile called upon a meeting of .17 moslem nations in Kuala Bumpur Malaysia to Force Israel to respect ail t n resolutions there Are Many ways to Force Israel to do this but the most appropriate would be for the i n to impose economic sanctions against Israel. He said m his opening address to the 5th islamic conference of Koi eign ministers Hobby political future pondered a min a \ 111� 1 w a he a a my a to a no it 11 a a 111 it \ i Lio . I i�.-? i a i he 1 1 clout s t1 ill 1.1 i i a lout Iii. If Lii Nul my lha a lit Trilli id 111� a a it i a Mil a. \ 111 one 1111nk> 11��1 to Miv u the i Al Lou l. Leopard i. I in. Halh est it i it Elei i it no i a a my term Lent Nani Texas hot but slight Cooling is due sunday v but ii Mei 1� 1� old a a. Run Lac Tor a Uii ii a a a or and a a in i u 11�?� be a t ii _ in it i in he a i. Not have to to of a porting hi1 hot a a never it ? i pm cited it use i inuit a pros a a a 11dai�?� a. My in it Iii him speaker l. By i filed press l Emp Rahn a it Luneil a a a saturday my Ughi dust a ers roamed the Northwestern part a it the it Tate then Wen of ill mattered louds Vei in talc the National weather service is then w a it it i it Wilc Sli Owei Nti Wev also Dong the Tikot were m tile hos and 90s it Valiere m the Itale flip news void m altered How ers would continue North Texas through sunday and temperatures should tool slightly i i Iris Tel i. Hut .�i.e. R he and a Inai. returned a my ii lieutenant a in Uley in inti St and. Nine months a Iii lieu i it1 Davs in i a., $1.25 per 100 bringing out hoarded pennies a it l i. I i Ltd i trip tits i l to i <1 i i if 4 \ a 1 a a a his a Deli has i i Ltd a. I Puihim fund Rosing 1 a a a to in a then Miille Mii in Iwuh Date in get heu Conant a i no a i a a ski Marshall in ilk a lol >1 people who it fug i in in e want impossible a Oit Ilia inv candidate i. I Iii i Ible Marshall a Aid us Imlah we we in t make thus nip Tigu Issue i think Vir huh five him sett has a a to i i kit Publ Aii strategists a Vonsh a if Trudl however the in Ali in would be enough to Gnu Mai it Hall a realistic Chance of Hobby old Ando la to lug i a a oks payers House wive will Lar Sav is and a hot War is Stu was m in my Siuw m wheelbarrows Cullee cans Pudup truck and tattle red Wagon to a slipping Iwilter saturday to turn them m Lor Proult Lum formed Early at the Hopp no group of Izier clients and Luo pm in Ute m an Hajje Multori to alleviate the Penny Nowr i a it to i a. Kukral savings and loan we rtt Opper was collected Aid by noon armoured Trudy had already Luried away 750.uu0 Penman and she expected the number to reach i 5 million by the time the windows closed at to p m one Man. Armand k Johnson pushed a wheelbarrow Load of about 300 pounds of Peniuk. Collected Over several years of pm Yante Pofcher game one of the biggest hauls was the 175,000 Pymm m Lucas of Orlando collected from by hmm gum Naii Uaen were nuking pennies cheaper than the government can. Exclaimed David Jacob general manager of the merchants association which paid the prenup is on the pennies it costs the Hunt ii 50 to Al 75 to make 100 pennies this should be the Symbol or the rest of the country u shows the difference Between business doing something and the government doing something for two teen agers from Dover. Ohio it was an unexpected Bonagua that in Eaas they could vacation gift Florida a while longer Doug Unes and Matt Mcnutt Lett time a week ago with about $300 Worth of pen me they Fiad collected in an old milk can and a Huffy bottles i hey read about the Penny Purchase in a local newspaper on their Way to Disney world Robert 1�?T Baldwin a chemical Salesman drove up in a pickup truck with three fourths of a ton of m 18 gallon jugs he thought he had about he collected Over a to year Perod it turned out to he closer to

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