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Bonham Daily Favorite Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1973, Page 4

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Bonham Daily Favorite (Newspaper) - December 16, 1973, Bonham, Texas The favorite Bonham. The. Sundec 16, 1973 Page 4 president says love by each of us is measure of Christmas Washington it rpm transcript of president Nixon v remarks at the he it my of the nation a Christmas tree Friday or Dickinson or Secretary All of the Dis Tinkum Hod quests on the platform the ladies and gentlemen the children Here in the audience and the television and radio audience across this land i think one of the great Anvil Ives that a president of the 1 ruled states has is to Light the Christmas tree the nations Christmas tree because it belongs to a ill the nation Here in the nation s this year a is the Secretary has already indicated the tree i it dil Lerent this Yeai Christmas will be different in terms of tights perhaps All across America i Mead of having Manv lights on the tree As you Voni not my there a in a leu moments there will be i n a. It Thi .1 the a up and the other hen1. Us i a will simple it a the Flitter from the a Ltd a him Iii. Ii a a a a urn i he tree i. R a i up Pom one i a it uld say. That with Onk one Light a in the tree this will to a Ery dreary it hmm i hut we know that in t True because the spin a i Fri in not measured by the number of lights on a i tree the spirit of Christmas is �1 a the love each of us has in his hcs Art for i 11mit�?T i Uhi it lends Tor his fellow americans a my be opt ill or the world it t ii Eai while we have a problem a porn elem the Sekretar Iris alluded to. The problems a it i in fun i Munk that we All ran be thankful Lor a it is Pinh Lam of peace and not a be Bun of War that i it what americans Tan be t i Stikl til 1�i this year we will drive a Little slower this year the thermostats will be a Little lower this year every american perhaps will sacrifice a Little but no one will suffer but will do it for a grand goal the goal of first of seeing to it that in a year when our Energy supplies Are not As High As we need we can prepare for the future and also a year in which America will make a great stride Forward toward a new great goal and that is by the year 1980 this nation. Which will celebrate its 200th anniversary in the year 1976. By 1980 will celebrate project Independence when we Are Independent of any other country in the world where our Energy Supply is concerned that we can do As we consider these problems of peace 1 think also that we must also be thankful As the Secretary has already indicated for the fact that this is the first Christmas in 12 years that a president has stood Here at a time when America was at peace with every nation in the world it s the first Christmas in 8 years when no american prisoner of War is a was from Home at Christmas and to All of these Young people and particularly to our very distinguished Young people who participated in this program it is also a Christmas for the first time in 20 years when no Young american is being drafted for the armed services that s what peace Means to America. It would be Well of course for us to stand simply on that achievement hut we know that there will always be threats to the peace of the world and that b where we come in. And that where each american comes in looking to the future because As we look at the chances of not just get Ting peace which we have now achieved but of keeping peace which we have not been Able to do for a full generation for a Century then what happens in America will decide it. Whether America has the strength not just of its arms but More of its spirit to provide the leadership that the world needs to keep the trouble spots in the world from blowing up into War and to build that permanent Structure of peace that we All want it is that to which we dedicate ourselves As we Light the nation s c Christmas tree tonight. Let the year 1974 be the one in which we make great Progress toward the goal of a lasting peace. Peace not Only for America but for All nations. Peace Between Peoples who have different forms off government but who nevertheless can be friends a moment ago when the Flowers were presented to mrs Nixon by Tina. I remembered an occasion to 1959 when a Little girl presented Flowers to her in the Cral mountains in Russia we were driving through the mountains and a group of school children stopped the cavalcade for a few moments and they presented Flowers to mrs Nixon and when they did so in this year 1959, when the cold War was still going on they shouted out Friendship Friendship m English and when we got Back into the car. Our guide or Zhukov said to me that the first word that a Hussian child who learns English. And studies English in a russian school is the word Friendship that is the first English word the russian child learns 1 do not mean to suggest by that that because a russian child is taught when he first studies English the word Friendship that is that it is inevitable that the russian people and the american people Are not to going to have differences is far As their governments Are concerned. But i do know this we have had the great privilege mrs. Nixon and 1. Of travelling to most of the nations of the world to the nations of Africa to the nations of Asia to China to Russia and i can Tell you that the people of the world want peace the people of the world want Friendship. And every american 1 know wants his country and his government to take the Lead in building a world of peace and As this Christmas season begins let us just remember we do have some problems which we will overcome but they Are the problems of peace. And we also have a great Challenge a Challenge of helping to build a Structure of peace that All the three billion people in this world can enjoy what a wonderful achievement that can be there Are times of course when we tire of the Challenge there Are times when we would not like to accept that position of leadership but let us remember that unless America at this time in history accepts the responsibility to Lead for peace we May not have it in the world i think we can meet the Challenge i m sure we will and on this particular Day in this year 1973. As we look at the beginning of the year 1974. Let us so conduct ourselves As a nation in our leadership toward peace that in the years to come people not Only in America but All Over the world will look Back at what we have done will look Back and say god bless America thank you Comet Kohoutek spews longer Tail Houston \ i Streak Ai toward it it Chrisl Mastim a in or i a uni i the tin the a Metko a Lnu i k. I Wing oui i ill twi it a inny As predicted and a a a Alai mini exotic omit a a Ivy to a Quot the Solai it Ymer t nil Ling to sky in a h or tent i t skylab crewmen Herald p Arr a Evvard a Gibson and William r Pogue orbiting above Earth atmosphere Are providing Lenti a with much a a i then knowledge a i Kohoutek Lac pm cd Point their cameras it i Al Ain Viu Irav Light controller meanwhile a Iid Thev a it re a developing a plan which m the event of the failure of another Tabili inc a or scope would enable the it Tro nauts to in space for Ltd a More it watching the Comet Friday it ugh a it spaceship window Iii Sun the Uil had town in jul one irom three to four degree no night Hon on he equivalent of 10 million Miles in length this i it quite i bit ahead of the original prediction made for Hie i a ii length a it this time and William Snoddy of the m,.ih spate might Center the in skylab Kohoutek a per p generally had been Piedi re a 1 the tall would be built i million Miles lung i a adv ground based a �?��m-i\., had revealed medi it v mde Ules in Snoddy said Kohoutek. Like my a Cornet actually has two Une composed of Gas and he other of dust particles but Only one is visible to the astronaut now because of the Culet position flight director Donald r Puddy said by mainly using thrusting Gas that keeps the Crew s Apollo ferry ship on a Ourse the skylab Crew would a loft longer than expected in a ase of another Gyro failure one of the ships three gyros conked out suddenly two weeks ago and another has had minor problems since then although Otic vials have said there is nothing to be alarmed about Puddy said however that the amount of scientific data collected using Only ferry ship fuel would be limited because mane vering the spacecraft would still be quite costly Sealey elected club president Leonard Robert Sealey has been elected president of the Leonard Saddle club for the Corning year other officers Are Bert Townsend. Vice president. Connie Sealey. Secretary. M e Curtis Drill Captain. Arvis Buchanan. Treasurer. Marie Curtis social director and reporter. Forrest Brown Arena director and Trail Boss Peggy Townsend sweetheart and Kelly Sealey. Alternate sweetheart Tough Days Are faced by britons London up britons already suffering blackouts strikes three Day work weeks slow moving trains and possible mass unemployment Saciri new woes saturday the Prospect of electricity cuts to their Homes of up to 40 hours a week. The warning came As government leaders voiced agreement that Britain was to the midst of its worst National crisis in decades opposition labor party Leader Harold Wilson said Friday a the Power crisis presents us All with perhaps the gravest situation we have faced since the War Ronald Richardson Deputy chairman of the governments electricity Council said if householders did not respond to prime minister Edward Heath s Appeal for strict Economy in the use of electricity cuts of up to 40 hours a week would have to be made hither the Public particularly in their Homes responds to the need or they will face the fiercest and most Savage cuts this country or indeed any country has Ever faced he said whether or not they Are hit with the electricity cuts. Britons apparently Are going to priv More taxes political sources predicted Chancellor of the exchequer Anthony Barber will double the value added tax to 20 per cent on consumer goods and raise the tax on alcohol and tobacco when he announces his crisis budget monday Jim outlaw s Mckinney Tsipai 1 Short a Mcdonald Nephew of Bonham ites is advanced to Eagle rank Bonham 1409 n. Unter Cowboy Corral James j Buzzi Busby or. Of Commerce Nephew of or and mrs Moss Longmire of Bonham was presented the Eagle scout award in a court of Honor recent in at Commerce Busby is the son of or and mrs James i Busby. Or. Of Commerce and has been involved in scouting for eight years and is now a member of troop 23. S. Lit k a me Fig a it Mipe p. In a pm a a n a it a 1 my i i oceans a i a i u h o a Quot ii Mil. Of. Like a i. T a. A is s a it a e a a i a a a no a jul make t in put r a a a. A i a Mich in. James i. Rusov. Or. John Deere toys just like the big ones Brown tractor co. 583-3222 hearing a problem in a hoi is Quot i e us tip a i a Ilow Lokim to space research now gives Hio Ader Omlei Landing in tour Healing aids see w t May or 111aimg evaluation and demonstration of How our an Hai m ii Odds or am where new testing 6quipmfcnt gives broader evaluation of hearing loss \s35� a in pm Phat adj 6th amp n it enter he entered scouting As cub at the age of eight and earned his Bobcat. Wolfe and Bear pins he was in Rebelos one year where he received the Arrow of Light award he joined troop 23 in 1968 he has served As Den chief assistant patrol Leader patrol Leader senior patrol Leader and quartermaster Busby was called out for the order of the Arrow in 1971 he attended the National scout Jamboree. West in Idaho last summer has attended summer Camp at amp Dierks four years served on the staff one summer and spent two weeks at Phil Mont. N m. Scout ranch he earned More than 23 Merit badges to receive the Eagle rank or and mrs Longmire were in Commerce to see their Nephew receive the Eagle award basketball scores Liege basketball results by i med press International Volunteer Classet tempi 70 t Lah St ii Tennessee 9b Depaul 61 Juv Hawk Lassie Oregon 54 Princeton 53 Kan vis lib Wash St 51 East Colgate Bucknell 58 Potsdam h4 Brockport 48 Harvard m Boston loll t>5 Malone 75 Jeneva 73 sir Quot 93 a i Nion 91. A it Mac Vorst Coll 93 e cent St 74 \ Ada ills St 69 new eng 59 Midwest Purdue 81 Indiana St 69 Illinois 87 no Mich 72 Kent mkt 88 Iowa 80 Kerris St 70 Tri St 57 Lake kind 85 inn cilia 66 Law rent 71 66 i Ulver St a ton 95 Knox 79 Wayne St 82 t Holca of St 72 Mcky Indiee 88 Greenville 76 Lennil it 96 Lake Korest 90 Rockford 83 Hose Hulman 70 North Park 69 Carleton 66 Southwest a okla St 84 okla Bapt 73 1 Tab 85 Dartmouth 54 St mry. Tex 86 Tex Al 70 it Reat fails 93 Chico St 67 Trinty Tex 94 Huston Tell ten 75 East cent 71 in handle St 60 be okla St 79 Phillips 77 West Mont St 95 Seattle Pac 81 h Lewis 79 Western St 73 a Rand Lan on 99 Adams St 85 neb is Len 8j olo mines 65 Washington 75 Ion Uga 53 Portland St 71 w Wash 63 Southern Al 85 Santa Clara 61 Nev Heno % Sac Mesito St 70 Seattle 62 Penn St 60 i Tah 85 Dartmouth 54 the first Miracle performed by Jesus qua the changing of water into we at the wedding test it Cana of Galilee pre Christmas Western Sale make it a practical Western Christmas this year save now when you really need to save ladies Western Wear famous brands entire Stock reduced now let our Kaspe Rosalet le4lei help you Mali your selection knt gift wrapped free belts Billfold buckles great gifts huge selection Mik belts and Billfold engr med free All childrens Stock great gifts they enjoy reduced latest style Wettern suits and spor Coats Sale Mee thu uni Vav it i Umi Trai a asm in 10% off Oto him a of cart meat he a cite Etc new or Uter Imi mis Western shirts Theoe Eshk to of Iii of a. 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