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Bonham Daily Favorite Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1973, Page 1

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Bonham Daily Favorite (Newspaper) - December 16, 1973, Bonham, Texas Weather Bonham and Vicinity fair sunday High in lower 60s condition at h a m saturday fair 43 degrees. A % a on foam bail a a Louritt a toted w it United Prthu International our �1st year established 112 Bonham Texas sunday december la 1973 be a were photo a number �4 a Wiz amp Zwy Wei a Floc 2z-Zm�Vi Odds and ends House bums Midnight fuel to pass Energy crisis Bill by Bob Cantril students Hopes for a Shorter school Day to help conserve Energy were Kafoed Friday when Texas education officials wired school superintendents to forget about shortening class periods and dismissing school for the Day at 2 30 . They decided it would t save much in the Way of fuel and besides that most of the superintendents who had been contacted Felt that a 4-Day school week would save a lot More heating fuel and gasoline. The school men were just advised to keep the thermostat Down Low. Red Harper was a very Nappy Man Friday morning. He and buddy keen had just returned from a Bird Hunt out around Bowie and Over in Oklahoma and the results were Quot the Quot it was Good Hunting Quot red declared. What with Christmas just about Here and the Energy crisis on hand this parody on twelve Days of Christmas As prepared by the Oregon attorney general office might be apropo. On the twelfth Day of crisis my True love gave to me twelve cops policing eleven truckers trucking ten stations closing nine stocks a falling eight Short recessions seven pounds of Beefsteak. Six books of food Stamps. Five cords of Wood four Jerry cans three match books two Candle Sticks and a Battery powered to. She was a tiny Tot who had accompanied her grandparents to the District court session but the time passed slowly and she just had to have her Nap. So she stretched out on the hard wooden Bench and went sound asleep Granddad placed a coat around her to keep her warm. And one father is sorta Shook up Over the request of his 7-year-old daughter. She has asked Santa for the highest priced trampoline in the Book. The jury wheel has a Batch of disadvantages along with its advantages in drawing a Petit jury panel you just reach in and pick out cards with the names of venire men on them and compile the list and notify them All to report. Of the 165 venire men selected from the wheel and asked to be on hand monday morning approximately 50 have called in and asked to be excused a All for the same reason a too old. Age of the Prospect in t shown on the card when a jury list is drawn you have no Way of knowing the person age. And then you also get hold of some who have moved out of the county. Before Fannin county started using the Iury wheel to select members of the Petit jury panel and other jury panels it was the usual custom for the Iury commission to draw 36 to 50 names and in Case of a special venire around 100. Members of the commission selected from All parts of the county usually knew everyone and folks Over 65 just did t get called to Iury vice now with the Iury wheel it the custom to draw around 100 names regardless of the need there will be enough left after the excuses have been heard to select a 12-member Iury. If you Haven t completed your Christmas shopping you d better hurry. There just a few More Days left. Washington to Lipil the House keeping its lights on Well past Midnight passed a Bill saturday giving president Nixon emergency Powers to Deal with the Energy crisis but the heavily amended measure which includes congressional veto Power Over gasoline rationing differs widely from the Senate version passed nov 20 that Long conference committee work will be needed before final enactment described by House democratic Leader Hep Thomas p o Neill or As a must Bill the legislation passed. 265-112, after a 15-hour session while the House debated Friday truck Drivers on strike in protest of Speed and fuel limits met with Federal officials truck Drivers spokesman j w a River rate Edwards scheduled a news conference today to dispute transportation Secretary Claude Brinegar statement that he expected the strike a it end this weekend . Brinegar does not speak Lor i he truckers at this time there has been nothing settled said Edwards the House Bill would Force Nixon to seek prior approval from Congress before imposing any conservation or allocation measures and would give either House veto Power Over gasoline or Home heating Oil rationing it also banned gasoline for school buses used to transport pupils past their local schools for desegregation purposes and Oil shipments to Southeast Asia for military purposes but an amendment barring Oil shipments to Israel for military use was soundly Defeated i the House narrowly Defeated an amendment that would have delayed Auto exhaust control measures until the Energy shortage eased. Both houses Friday approved a Bill imposing Daylight saving time through october. 1975 if president Nixon signs it by sunday clocks would be set one hour ahead Jan 6 if he delays the time change would take effect Ian 13 the Senate Friday passed a Bill forcing states either to set their Speed limits at a maximum of 55 Miles per hour or face loss of Federal Highway funds Nixon saturday postponed his annual physical checkup for still More meetings with Energy administrator William k Simon and his Deputy John Sawhill in a speech Friday As he lit the Star atop a dim National Christmas tree. Nixon said this will not be a dreary Holiday season because the spirit of Christmas to not measured by the number of lights on a tree the spirit of Christmas is measured by the love each of us has in the heart in other developments Herbert Stem head of the Council of economic advisers said Friday that the Energy and labor problems forcing great Fin Tain to go to a three Day work week a can to happen Here the american automobile association said a Survey it took shows that most of the nation gasoline stations will not Lake Long can Somas new year Holiday weekends the Cost of living Council Issawi guidelines Friday for pricing of Petroleum products at the refinery level designed to encourage production of More Home heating Oil and less gasoline technicality quashes Fletcher indictment Worth the risk with skyrocketing meat prices this Little furry Critter possibly should t be trusting but he evidently Felt the Acorn handout was Worth the risk the Squirrel is an inhabitant of Superior playground at Austin up / phone rate bid rejected general expected to file court Appeal the next act of the a Endrai Telephone to request i or an in Rutes obo charged Bonham business my residential customers will like be placed in the t ourt room that was the impression left but d it if itch District manager for the Telephone company i Bidav alter no a a in at ter the Bonham i its commission had Reni Chi a on Selt Ond Reading the Adma v that would have granted the rate increase 1 he ote on the request Tor a rate increase a four against and two to a i voting against granting the r Pijut red i not r wer e aldermen i it us Kerne i it an Boh it of and Pat Porter voting to Grant the pm roast were nation Heads Back to Daylight time w \mii\u1u\ my president Nixon saturday signed legislation putting most of the nation on it eur round a Light saving tune the first time since world War 11 it 1�h k will be put ahead at 2 a in january a a in in Effort to a a on Erst Energy is reducing use of elem it Lor lighting and heating the legislation cleared con Gres late Frulan and Nixon moved Juskiv to it sign the Bill which will keep the i Nitt a states on Dav Light it avg time until october i it a Nixon signed the Bill at mid morning m his White House office my issued i statement praising on Giess or acting quit Klov on his do proposal he said the change would proud in Energy savings Quiva Lent to about Lau Usu barrels of Oil a Dav during Winter months wit i Only a minimum of inconvenient e and equal participation but All Nixon Urgell ingress to act equally swiftly on other Energy living Pio Jamisah he has submit Ted Ever though they might require inconvenience and Star Iii Tor t it Putinti 1 tall upon the t ingress to t amp let at lion before the recess on responsible Bills to provide the Energy emergency authorities to Noemi to Deal with tin prob to a rid to give a statutory the Federal in Ergo Adrouni station to pro mile the net Essar focused leadership his statement said the in Egv legislation Nixon was retelling 1 a passed the House Early this morning but with a number a it amendments not included in a Senate approved Vei Sior. \ a mile rence committee will us next week to reconcile differences Hud Mouv ital idea 111.ill Rimm t ii Nii i Chr had approved flu r e j a in t i j of a he in 1 pm i n g .,1 the \ a is e ill Bei meeting ii m a Pic Porter at sent or Ltd a the i get in meeting the a a minis Jon text Esstel until ice p r i i Ida t Lake the a a the m tilt request with All mein Leisi the Omu ii Sion pro sent i a no toward my Membri a a the commission Keith lev to ill lit aldermen alter a 11 1 in. A a the i Here is nothing Sonal in the a Tion Over Var knows that we will tile Suil no tuft seeking to stature the r Ite increase when h we i eel l Nerod m help us moot i h e i n it r o to i n g a a a t o t operation tie added i Leel that i am right Anil i Reschm t t n h a a i v of for voting Tor what it a a. Tool is Light he Keith lev told members of the a Lini Quot or. Tit had Enjo Vod Voik my. With them during the per toil a tune the a of pan had i it Ern seeking the late increase it request Tor the rate in least hied Iii Juilo i he new i its Loque sted by the a ump Tiv would have been is i 40 Lui Busine phone but fur single he lines and a us Lor two party residential lines i ate Sjon phones would have urn $1 7 Toi business and $1 25 Ltd a resilience a technicality the use of the wrong word m the printed form Friday led to the quashing of the felony theft indictment against Henry Joe Fletcher former county lax assessor collector judge Henry Braswell granted the motion offered by l Efonise attorney to quash the indictment after hearing the arguments of the attorney in which two decisions by the Texas court of criminal appeals were cited As the motion to quash we As granted. County attorney Charles Waldrun asked judge Braswell to reconvene the grand jury which returned the original inn ement judge Braswell then ordered that the grand jury be ret opened at in a m tuesday to reconsider the Case and a or oct the text Nical mistake in the wording of the indictment Tor granting the motion quashing the indictment judge Braswell ordered that members of the Petit jury Mel a a lied to report monday be advised they need not report As Thov had been exp us a 1 lie Point on which the motion to quash was granted the use of the word unlawfully in the printed to pm i the inn Trent rather than the word i Taudul Entov i he indictment alleged did unlawfully take and a Effim torn eve Joiner intended it should have it Luj Lake in. It a a it ii. Which the Lexa t ourt of criminal in it i in Al Field tha the word unlawful to Ould rat uti Titan ii lot Ihu word fraudulent in were no i i Steij Wen Phillips it Statt my Hanes a. Uliuli Avn Tigris i a he Delon Dant on if do to men leg us i hot t had been reversed be a use u til u a i the is 11. T rather than m tie indictment the form on which the indictment was returned was a printed form and had been approved county at Torney Waldrun said by the attorney general a department the quashing of the indictment will mean but a Short delay the county attorney said the grand jury could Complete its action tuesday and we will make certain that All technical mistakes have been Cor Reet cd in the wording of the printed form the county attorney also said that the other four indictment in which misapplication and embezzlement of county funds is alleged and would be checked closely by his office to make sure there were no mistakes in them both prosecution and defense said they did not desire to set one of the other four cases for anal monday As neither would have time to prepare their Case Lor presentation at that time in 1�?T Bidav afternoon hearing defense attorney Joiner Isk Ltd judge Braswell to reopen the hearings on i original motion to quash the indictments which had been domed monday the statute covering the question and the two decisions by the Texas it ourt of criminal appeals were not a Lor judge Braswell consideration before he Dow n the order granting the defense motion to quash the indictment it ounts attorney Waldrun pointed out that if the gland jury a Ould no be reconvened before the end of hit veal i new grand jury would have to hear All of huts a tin.,1101 the is of the Vear Membri a a i the present a Rand jury know Alt the a 1 rid will til Able to Rev now them and act in a Short Pel Oij a in ounts to Turnev Waldrun said i in a a int v i Tome t lie other tour indictments went Quot Fille Tot ii hit order handed by judge i .�we.1 1-1 . Diet Noor. Skylab a Gyro trouble curbs look at Comet huts of i in one of Iwin Vav >1 Kahle Tabell Ilig Gros. Cipes of again s.,. Iii Elighi controllers Lilc t to Eccl. Mallem it to a mint Hie tut Spain a lip i Olinet Kohoutek ski lab. Isle Linauts Lerald p a a i in i Gibson and Williatt. H pm gut Lavt etl Cionti Wiki mime a their the Lata c a Al i he a Oliviel Hui a let Ian Deoit Letl �>1 a Allyl on 1 he a Evv hat Beekil Lolong the lation Virgul ii in it a get to Amis idiot to a i Kohoutek pictures l in ii Tatum a i Puls Stres in he Ivy Ltd it mailing Gavios and yes it to ,. Onti Olling Lull to it keep Hie a ii i Stahl l he go to Lith Simning Dowood Slig fitly Sonie what Liko the Giro failed twee weeks ii Sci bes allot Ltd the Ortalli Beh Aviol Llight a Onti Oll ers in Gall to a develop a substitute stabilization plan. Delay hinted for peace conference ii is it v Svila l in High r inking it in an it my Ian l Chr opening a hit Middle l ast Peai a Iti l a n v i be Loi t of it i Beroud l Lles Dav i Here might be lip Page of Lav a if a a a a it lit of tra lying with t a Teloiv a i male Heinz \ kissing of to id flew sane it 1 it Hillh i in made lilt a Talimeli a a newsmen on the plan taking Kissinger i rom the Sau l. A Jablall a a of Kiva to in whore i Muci a list us Sotl matters diet Ting the Prai t. Onley Olce with Svi Ali president hate Assad i or Ollic Luis said the t United Stales remained positive the Hac e Tinter ont o would take plat a Iri Teneva i lit v s.,id it had been. A pts a toil Attiat a a im.�. Announcement of the a Riu Ien a a ing the opt neg a or Suestia would to made a Nav when Kissinger was in 1 if o 1 to Olf vials Saivii the a Gissible pm was due Only to it a i 11�i i1 mailers and no. I a Quot ii was involved it in Ltd Lurther details k the first 1 its , state to visit Syria a la to. Laced it traps his a i iks of his entire middy i Hico Mission on in Uiel Sti Ishner the svilans have it it i signed the Iab israeli t ea.-fire agreement and have refused to l e lease Oil Tel israeli Prist ii a is of War r jury Call cancelled my a masons i ailed Tor Petit jury service in sixth Bistrup court Morula have uen excused but judge Henry Braswell judge Braswell ext used the venue bridal afternoon alter he had granted a defense motion quashing an a Dement against Henry Joe Fletcher that had been set Lor trial monday mor rung there will to no need Lor am member of the Petit jury Lianel Toi port Morula mor Ding he said Bonghi band members win regional honors a fourteen members of the Bonghi band won regional honors in recent tryouts and with the honors came the right to attend an All Day clinic saturday at ends and play m the concert in Ennis Hin school auditorium saturday night under the direction of Joe Frank of sum Back Row left to right David Woolsey Millet percussion Dick Williams tuba. Randy Tayor tuna Debra White Lannet Robert Ridley Aito sax and Randy Broiles. Trombone front Fow left to right sue Ann Bewley clarinet Aretta Price baritone l each Murray Aito sax Kathy Vestal Mariet percussion Joe Eubanks baritone and by a a him trombone miss Vestal was named a member of the 4a All Region band Steve pc Jer Vorass Tenor sax and Stacey Caude were not present when the put store was made i f Ivorite photo

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