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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Jun 27 1976, Page 4

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - June 27, 1976, Bluefield, West Virginia 4a Bluefield Delly Telegraph sunday june 27, 17 the guru Firlo Pilg Strle graph founded by Hugh Ike Sholt interprets the news Hugh Shott editor Richord Wesley e pc Cutie editor the columns on this Page represent a variety of editorial and political opinions. With the exception of the column directly below they do not necessarily reflect the views of this newspaper. Good morning an appalling and horrible thing has happened in the land the prophets Prophesy falsely and the priests Rule at their direction my people love to have is to but what will you do when the end comes a Jeremiah 5 30,31. Quot what we think or what we know or what we believe is in the end. Of Little consequence. The Only thing of consequence is what we a John Ruskin English novelist. A disgraceful performance in its usual shameless fashion the democratic majority of the West Virginia legislature stayed True to its code in the recent special session and put politics ahead of the welfare of the state. The legislature in giving governor Moore much less than half of the Highway Money he requested of course was a saving the Road work for the democratic legislators fully expect their candidate John d. Rockefeller in to be elected in november and they want him to receive All possible credit for any Road work which May be done. The effect of this naturally is that much Highway construction and improvement which could have been accomplished during the final year of the Moore administration now cannot be done. It will be delayed a year so that a a Jay May reap the political benefits despite the fact that the state has ample financial resources to begin and Complete the work this year. Moore justifiably irate at the Legislatures action or rather non action declared that he will a fix the roads himself without the help of the legislature and perhaps he will be Able to accomplish More than now appears possible of he does it will be no thanks to the political connovers in Charleston who think it is so funny to hamstring a Republican governor in his attempts to do something beneficial for state taxpayers. Its too bad there is no Way to convey to most West Virginia voters the real reason Why much needed Road construction and repairs will be delayed a year beyond the Date they might have been completed had the democratic majority in Tho legislature been willing to behave As responsible citizens of this state rather than the pitiful political Hacks they have proven themselves to be. Quot you see. If i could become involved in a scandal it would go Over real big with my constituents Back Home it William f. Buckley Blacks victims in South african riot the figures Are not All in on South Africa and it May be that like the figures involving the rioting mexican students of 1968, they wont Ever be Complete. But the last count showed that All of two White people were killed and that therefore the rest of the casualties 133 a again at last count i were Black. It is not yet Clear How Many of these were Black policemen not Clear How Many of them were people killed by Black and White policemen and not Clear How Many were Blacks killed by rioting Blacks. That there were Many of these is neither a doubted nor b commented upon. Even though Many newspapers featured on Page one a picture of an automobile overturned by the rioters not so neatly decapitating the Black Driver who was not a policeman. In Short although the disruption was ignited by resistance to a White order that the local schools teach afrikaans to the Black native the principal victims were Blacks. Not oly Blacks killed and wounded but Black enterprises burned Black hospitals and libraries destroyed. It Isnit expected that much that is sensible should come out of the United nations and on this occasion the Security Council did t let us Down. The Council passed unanimously a vote deploring the use of Force in South Africa. This was done with the usual Anima versions on apartheid which Are entirely deserved in any moral Frame but with an undistributed Middle Between 2 deploring apartheid and b deploring the use of Force to Stop rioters from killing no rioters. One wonders what the South african police were supposed to do under the circumstances commit Hara kid Seal off Soweto and permit the inhabitants to treat each other like cambodians what did we a finally a do in Watts in order to restore the Law one uses Force. President Eisenhower was willing to Send paratroopers to enforce the Law in Little Rock Arkansas and an entire armoured division was ordered to stand by at the time of a major demonstration in Washington against the Vietnam War. To denounce South Africa for using Force to Stop the rioting is to do the kind of thing the United nations is very Best at bringing discredit on itself by its hypocrisy and surrealism. It made no difference whatever to the Security Council that the charter of the United nations specifically forbids intervention a which in the United nations Means actually official commentary a in the internal affairs of Sovereign states. It is a curious and unintended commentary on White South Africa that its sins Are thought Worth denouncing while those of Black africans Are not. The easiest deduction is that when Amin kills a few thousand of his fellow citizens or when one tribe sets out to eliminate another tribe it Isnit Worth the attention of the Security Council but that when the South african government acts to enforce its own dismaying Laws it is time for International indignation. A week before the South african Resolution or. Leo Anderson a Chicago resident was returning Home with his wife and children and was stopped at the Entrance to a Tunnel in a Black Section of the City and ordered by a gang of Young ruffians to pay ten dollars for the privilege of going through. The Driver declined and started Forward. Whereupon a Young Black materialized with a pistol shot the Driver twice wounding him and his wife once killing her. Driver after Driver went by noticed the bloody a chaos but did nothing and it was 30 minutes before help arrived. The widower interviewed in the Hospital told a reporter that he harbours no racial resentment whatever against the killer. A it was a set of Rotten people who were there at the time. They happened to be Black. There Are Rotten Whites just so. But it will be along time before the Security Council finds any Rotten Blacks and it has not even on this occasion found any Rotten Whites. It is no safer to deduce the brutality of those who enforce the Law in South Africa from their use of Force than it is to deduce the injustice of american society from the fact of riots at Watts no safer than to assume that Blacks Are evil because of a particular act of ugliness in Chicago. As is almost always the Case an individual spoke More Wisdom and showed More compassion than an officially constituted tribunal. Or. I to Anderson should Contact seminars for the Benefit of the ambassadors to the United nations. A xxi cml k x.-. C Jack Anderson letters to the editor our Law protects too Many criminals the Sio million con game a self described expert on wrestling tells us that there is no Way that any Boxer even the fearsome Muhammad Ali can defeat any trained wrestler. The wrestler he says would simply take hold of Ali at a convenient place and break him up in Little pieces before the heavyweight Champion could do the wrestler any damage with his fists. If that a True and we have no reason to doubt our expert because he makes his pronouncements in very positive fashion then of course the a a contest Between Ali and japanese wrestler Antonio Linoki in Tokyo Friday night was a Gigantic Confidence trick. A trick that was Worth some $10 million to the participants a $6 million for Ali. $4 million for the japanese. The outcome of the which was declared a draw after 15 rounds of a non action a a according to the associated press. Appears to justify the opinion of our expert that the whole thing was fixed from the beginning. The of said Linoki spent most of his time in a sitting position kicking at Ali As the Boxer skipped about the ring without Landing a punch. In fact the a said. Ali did t connect with the wrestler until the loth round when he finally managed to Graze i Nokia sear. Anyone who has seen Muhammad Ali in any of his better ring performances knows he is a great Boxer but this was simply a travesty in which Large numbers of suckers were separated from $10 million aided and abetted by sports writers and television reporters who either did no to know or did t care that they were helping to perpetrate a hoax. Still you have to Admire audacity of that sort. And if All and Linoki Hadnot taken the suckers Money no doubt someone else would have. It is surprising however that some of the victims who paid anywhere from $17 to $1,000 per seat did no to attempt to murder the a a fighters after the spectacle was Over. Berry a world i have always laughed when people said our great country was being Over run by communism amp radicals. Have Faith in our courts and Laws i would respond Justice will prevail. The laugh i found out was on me. Day by Day our newspapers Tell the sad Story of honest american citizens having the Law turned slowly around when it is no longer protecting the innocent but protecting the criminals. More and More we read where criminals Are terrorizing our friends neighbors and families and the few times we try to protect ourselves with counter Force the courts Rule that we citizens used undo measures and find ourselves jailed for injuring our attackers our last Sanctuary from robbery rape and murder is our Home not our Yard but the inside of our Home there and Only there May w e take any measures necessary to protect our belongings and our lives or can we do you know that at this very minute our elected officials Are being pushed by dissident minorities to ban the use of guns by citizens inside their homes9 did you also know our elected officials Are listening to the garbage9 if these communist backed minority groups get their Way. We will be forced to sit in a Corner and watch As criminals destroy our furniture steal our belongings rape our daughters and wives beat Stab shoot our families As we watch unable to protect them because our elected officials have passed Laws prohibiting us to defend ourselves. Don Oakley i a w and order should be the uppermost thought on our mind but instead most americans worry about their pocketbook and the Economy. That a right you people Reading this editorial right now care More about your Money than your life or your families lives. If you did no to the papers would be full of letters from angry americans demanding better Protection for their families stricter Laws with mandatory sentences for armed assault and robbery whether or not the criminals actually shot someone. Honest Law abiding americans Are not and should not be afraid of Tough criminal Laws. Punishments must be harsh not Only to deter crime but to keep criminals in jail away from Law abiding god Loving americans who want nothing More than the Freedom to walk the streets w without fear. Let the criminals do the fearing i must surely sound confused by linking crime and communism. I am not saying All criminals Are communist what i am saying is that the Laws that Are now being changed because of pressure on elected officials by dissidents end up also allowing Protection to every common thug. This is the Way of communism to cause unrest terrorize confuse until the circuitry jumps at any Chance to revolt against itself rallying behind a hero who unknown to the Public is actually a Well placed Well disguised communist. Fidel Castro who was thought to be a hero who revolution w As backed by the United states is a prime example. Done to blame your representative for the failure to act when you Are to blame. They Are servants of you the american people if you done to Tell them what to do the dissident minorities will. Fred Walters or. Vansant. A. At the Quot fathers Day party at the Bluefield a it care Center a Iii the picture there is an am Eban Flag being used As a Tablecloth in a sure it was not done maliciously but it is wrong a its against the Law to Ever use a Flag to cover a table a truck etc., Only a casket of a Soldier. Also it is never to be flown in the rain or Snow or after dark this was in the sunday june 20 paper on Page 3. Let us Honor our Flag always. Mrs. E. Moshier Elkhorn. W. A. The Blue Gray horseman s association and the Bluefield shrine club wish to thank the Many people who made our 8th annual horse show a Success the Bluefield daily Telegraph Whis to. Bluefield w. A. Rescue squad. Bluefield police department. Tazewell county sheriffs department Whis radio wkly radio and Obdy and Bill Richards for radio coverage of our horse show and our Many sponsors. A special thanks to David Martin and the City recreation department. Nancy Sarver Secretary Blue Gray horseman s Assoc. Should saints or sinners run nation the thing that Lias angered Many people in society let it be said with a sigh of thanks is what is building into Congress own watergate is far More Liberal then it once was. We no longer a.�2. Sass jars As he or More enlightened communities to Lead an utterly sexless and Boyfriend less life. An indulged in sexual Hij inks in Washington but that they May have done it at taxpayer expense a not that they have played Hanky Panky w Ith aides or secretaries or other willing or unwilling persons but that they May have maintained their Paramour on the Public payroll solely or mainly for their sexual talents. The phrase one hears frequently is a what they do on their own time and with their own Money is their own business but its my business when they use my but is the private life of a Public person strictly his own business whether or not the of Public Money is involved can we so neatly compartmentalize life that what a Man does on the floor of Congress or in his office in the daytime and what he does elsewhere at night have no connection with each other William l. Rusher illegitimate child or Liaison in a politicians past is no longer cause of ruination of a career a indeed it May even enhance a career these Days. It is astonishing to realize that it was Only a decade or so ago that the author of a Best Selling novel about Washington had one of his characters a Junior senator commit suicide when he was threatened with the revelation of a homosexual episode that allegedly took place it did no to in his earlier life. Today in one of the latest stories to come out of our National Den of iniquity we Are told that some congressmen have been forcing their sexual attentions on male As Well As female employees yet if hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue hypocrisy also demands its tribute a truth j. Edgar Hoover w Ith his famous dossiers on famous people is said to have known full Well. A definite Price is paid if a Many a acts and utterances in Public Are at Odds with his private behaviour and beliefs by himself in cynicism and self contempt if he is not totally amoral but far More importantly by society at Large in an eventual almost imperceptible deterioration of its moral standards. And by moral standards is meant not merely sexual behaviour but honorable behaviour Iii All its forms. The most distressing aspects of the current scene in Washington is not the breaking of the seventh commandment. It is the deception the lying the self serving rationalizing that has accompanied this As it has accompanied every other scandal from burglary and bugging to payroll kickbacks. Neither the left nor the right new York a for All practical purposes the american political dialogue of the past forty years Lias been conducted Between a a liberals and a a conservatives a with the liberals Well ahead in sheer Decibel count. Despite the understandable efforts of most politicians to carry water on both shoulders the disjunction has held up tediously Well it has seemed a As sir William Gilbert complained of the political parties in Victoria Britain a that a every Little boy and Gal a that a bom into this world alive a is either a Little Liberal a or else a Little it is therefore with a distinct sense of Relief if Only for the sheer Novelty of the thing that i am Able to advise you that a third and quite distinct Point of View is now available in Book form and that every american interested in our National politics owes it to himself to obtain a copy forthwith. The viewpoint is populism and the Book is a a a plague on both your houses a by Robert w. Whitaker. Although june 28 is its publication Date and it is therefore theoretically available in bookstores right now my own bitter experience As a Book author without a history of previous bestsellers Long ago taught me that there is Little or no Chance that you will actually find Whitaker a Book on the shelf of your local Book store. Instead the clerk will favor you with a nearsighted state designed to suggest that you Are an Odd Bird indeed to be interested in a Book nobody has Ever heard of. Turn this to your advantage by suggesting sweetly that the Book is so new that word of it Hasni to reached the Sticks yet and firmly instruct the clerk to order it for a Mere $9.95, from the publishing House of Robert b. Lice Loc. Of Washington and new York. You Are in for a treat. What makes Whitaker so interesting is that he manages to put Daylight Between his position and those of both the liberals and conservatives without wandering off into eccentricity and while remaining quintessentially american. Populism is of course hardly new As a political viewpoint in this country it fuelled the Long career of William Jennings Bryan blazed across the South am a Quot and Midwest in the years Between the two world wars and has recently been spotted around the Camp fires of such disparate political figures As Barry Coldwater George Wallace and Jimmy Carter. But it has rarely if Ever produced a theoretical spokesman of the first rank a and that a where Whitaker conies in. Whitaker who lives in Washington but participated personally in the Kanawha county w. Textbook protests and the South Boston anti busing demonstrations perceives America As having been dominated Over its two centuries of existence by three successive a a establishments the Plantation slav Cracy from the revolution to the civil War the business oligopoly from the civil War to the great depression and a Liberal Alliance of welfare drifters and the upper Middle class Ever since. The slav Cracy Clung stubbornly to Power and was destroyed by a coalition of the populist West and the East. The business Barons were smarter they compromised and were therefore allowed to survive As liberalism a official but largely ineffectual opposition. F a f Cyprus Issue \ Quot a for Campaign Washington a there is troubling evidence that president Ford is trying to make a Campaign Issue Ronald Reagan style out of the explosive Cyprus crisis. Just As Reagan sounded the Battle cry Over the Panama canal Ford now appears to be Clearing his Throat for an attack on the democrats Over the greek turkish cypriot impasse. He is trying to Man Euver Congress apparently into a showdown Over turkish arms. There Are signs that he would like to Force a vote on the $1 billion turkish arms pact in the Middle of the election Campaign. It would be a a a can to lose tactic for the president. His pro turkish tilt has already Cost him the support of the Large greek Amer ii an Community. The democrats in Congress on the other hand can to afford to alienate this powerful vote bloc. There is Little Chance therefore that Congress would pass a turkish arms pact in an election year. The turks humiliated once again might dose u. S. Bases permanently and turn to the soviet Union for arms. Then the voters could expect to hear an Al nighty cry from Ford against the irresponsibly of the democrats. A Little background is necessary to understand the political mane vering. The turkish army used u. weapons in violation of Tho military Aid agreement to invade Cyprus in july 1974. No great protest was heard from Secretary of state Henry Kissinger but an angry Congress clamped an arms embargo against Turkey. The embargo has now been partially lifted and Kissinger has negotiated a new billion Dollar arms pact with the turks. He deliberately did not include a Cyprus solution As a condition. Thus the pact is wired with political dynamite. The House meanwhile voted to extend Aid to both Greece and Turkey through october 1977. But the Senate voted to Cut off Aid to both nations a year earlier on the theory that separate arms pacts will be ready this year of course. Congress would never approve a turkish arms pact. Without a Cyprus solution on the eve of the election. The practical effect of the Senate Bill therefore would be to reimpose the turkish arms embargo in less than four months. Yet incredibly the Ford administration endorsed the Senate Bill. It looked As if the president was deliberately trying to Force a vote on the controversial arms Deal. The refusal of Congress to Supply arms to Turkey almost certainly would alienate a staunch former ally. This would hand Ford a hot Campaign Issue. Ile could March across the country Harry Truman style damning the irresponsibility of Congress. But at the last minute the Ford administration relented and endorsed Tho House Bill which is expected to prevail the turkish arms agreement nevertheless could still become an election Issue there Are signs that Ford May push for a Quick vote anyway the defeat of the pact at least Cut off the arms flow to Turkey until next year thus avoiding an immediate arms embargo but it would still be a humiliating blow to the turks. The state dept., for its part has formulated no backup plans in the event the turkish arms Deal is Defeated. A we would simply have to punt Quot one High official said. We have also Learned that Kissinger in pushing the turkish arms agreement has been feeding Senate House leaders false information. At a recent White House meeting with the leaders he sought to allay the fears of those who believe he is trying to isolate Cyprus As an Issue. We have seen the confidential minutes of that meeting. The a big issues with both greek and turkish cypriots said kiss Ger in his soothing. Teutonic tones is a How much territory to Greece How much to the positions of both sides he assured the leaders Quot Are basically our associate Joe Spear recently returned from a news gathering trip to Cyprus. Ile brought solid evidence that the Kissinger statement is false. The overwhelming consensus among the experts on Cyprus is that the greek and turkish positions Aren t reconcilable at All. The Basic Issue unquestionably is territory. Although the turks constitute Only about 18 per cent of the population they now control the Northern 40 per cent of the Island. There is very evidence they Are digging in for keeps. At least 12,000 to 15,000 turks according to unimpeachable intelligence sources have been imported from the Mainland to alleviate the labor problem and boost the turkish cypriots claim to the territory. Many of the immigrants flail from the Black sea area. They belong to an ethnic group called a Slizis a who Are considered undesirables by Mainland turks. In All the a talks on Cyprus the turks have refused to Budge on the territorial Issue. Spear crossed the a Green line Between the greek and turkish Camps and found both sides to be stubbornly uncompromising. The turks talked about a Mutual concessions but made it Clear they would never give up any significant acreage. A top greek official stated the greek position with equal forcefulness a we will have to live with the de Facto situation but we will never legalize it with our there is some. Evidence that Kissinger too would Welcome an election year Battle with Congress Over turkish arms. He has tended to View the Greece Turkey Cyprus Issue As a personal fight with Congress Over who should control foreign policy. Congressional critics have met with him seven times and with president Ford five times in search of a Cyprus Compromise. Ford and Kissinger however have proved As intransigent As the turks

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