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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Jun 27 1976, Page 1

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - June 27, 1976, Bluefield, West Virginia West Virginia partly Cloudy through monday with a Chance of rain tonight and monday. Highs will be in the 80s. Vol. Xxxi no. 179 Imit Cly Fla Ito Telegraph Virginia second class postage paid at Bluefield w. Va., and add l offices Bluefield w. Va., sunday morning june 27, 1976 variable cloudiness with a Chance of afternoon thundershowers. Highs in the 80s. Fair tonight lows in the 60s. I c cents cents a j daily of sunday i cd Eli 327 c 6171 need some information and done to know where to find it the Bluefield daily Telegraph will attempt to answer any question of general interest on local state National or International matters. Telephone Between 4 . And to . Daily or write the information editor. Q. Is the Cincinnati Taylor company still in business a w. B., Hemphill. A. As far As we can determine it is not. Information on companies products and company addresses forms the basis of the Thomas Register of american manufacturers. These volumes Are in the Craft Library in Bluefield. The 1975 edition does not list the Cincinnati Taylor company but for further information you can write to the Thomas publishing company one Penn Plaza n. Y., n. 10001. Give them what information you have about the company and they May be Able to Tell you if the company is still in business or if someone else is handling their products. Q. Where can Princeton. I buy lightning rods for my Home a r. K., a. There seems to be a lightning Rod shortage these Days. No one we contacted even As far away As Ronceverte and i Lewisburg carries lightning rods or knows who manufactures them. We suggest you Contact one of the larger plumbing firms in the area and they May be Able to make one for you. Or perhaps a Reader of this column will come up with the information sought. Q. I would like to know where to write to obtain pictures of the Boston celtics. Also can you Tell me the Cost of one team picture a u. S., Princeton. A. Write to the Boston celtics North station Boston mass. 02114. The Cost of one team picture in color is $1. The Cost of individual player pictures in Black and White is 50 cents. The office also carries yearbooks $2.50decals and bumper stickers. There is no charge for postage and handling. Q. Who starred in a minute of the dragon a was it Bruce i tee a s. T., Bluefield. W. A. A. You May be thinking about a enter the which did Star the late Bruce Lee. Q. Do you have to make reservations to stay in the Cabins at hungry Mother state Park and who do i get in touch with to find out More information a d. B., Welch. A. Park officials suggest that you make reservations for the Cabins because that is the Only Way you can be sure of having one. You May write the Virginia state Parks reservation system ticket Ron Box 62284, Virginia Beach. Va., 23462 for More information. Q. Who can a person Contact when there has been discrimination on race sex or any other reason Why in t there a representative for this in Bluefield a n. A., Bluefield. A. You May write the human rights commission. 1218 Quarrier Street Charleston w. Va., 25301. They done to have roving representatives but assign Field representatives to investigate complaints. Q. I would like to know whom to write concerning information about a Dairy Queen franchise a v. C., Princeton. A. International Dairy Queen incorporated 5701 Green Valley drive Bloomington minn., 55437. Q. Could you Tell me Why Western Union in Welch will not Cash a Money order that has been sent by Western Union from another City unless you Purchase something from their hardware store you must pay a Price to have it cashed. J., Elkhorn. A. The Western Union office in Welch is located in the Welch True value hardware and furniture store on Mcdowell Street. A the hardware store is run completely separate from the Western Union office Quot a spokesman said. A unless there is enough Money in the Western Union fund to Cash a Check we cannot Cash it. We will Honor it like we Honor Cashiers checks and Cash the Check for a customer from the hardware stores funds a but we Only Cash checks any kind of Check for people if they want to make a Purchase. There a a Bank right across the Street and we d much rather they went there to Cash them. We Only provide this As a service. Western Union does no to even pay enough for the girls salary who works on it. They done to even pay enough to buy a q. What is the value of a 1758 Copper Crown a e. Y., Falls Mills a. A. The Coin is Worth a minimum of from $40 to $50 and could be Worth More depending on its condition. %. Why does no to sheriff Jack Scott Wear a uniform an the time while working a r. B., Bluefield. A. It is not a requirement that the sheriff Wear a uniform according to a spokesman for the sheriffs department and no Mercer county sheriff has worn his uniform often in recent years. Rockefeller falsified report on expenses Underwood charges q. Where can i obtain information about ump health and retirement funds pensions or about other benefits to the la Mia retirement fund a g. M., Tazewell a. A. You May Contact David a. Feffer director of the Welch Field service office of the Jmwa health and retirement funds at to Broad Street in Welch from 8 30 . 4 30 . On week Days the Telephone number is 304 436-3115. Q. The City of Princeton Bas a $2 Drivers License which everyone in the City is supposed to get. I have noticed that the City police done to Stop people and ask them for their City License. Why can people get by without getting their licenses a t. J., Princeton. A. The City Drivers licenses run from july i to june 30 and Are currently on Sale at the Princeton police department. A department spokesman said that checks Are conducted each year after City Drivers have a Sample Opportunity Quot to Purchase the licenses. Tie spokesmen said the spot checks will again be conducted this year. Q. Do All Treasury notes have Cusp numbers would the interest coupons on 6% per cent Treasury notes All be of equal value l. L., Bluefield . A. All new Treasury notes contain Cusp numbers which facilitate computer use. In general All interest coupons on 6v� per cent Treasury notes would be of equal value with the exception of one Issue which has an additional 15 Days in the first six month period. Cairo . Apr Republican gubernatorial candidate Cecil Underwood has accused his opponent of spending twice As much As reported to win the democratic gubernatorial nomination. Underwood said saturday he feels John d. A a Jay Rockefeller in spent about $3.5 million in the Campaign. Rockefeller reported expenses of nearly $1.8 million. Rockefeller denied the charge saying the $1.8 million he spent has been fully reported with the Secretary of states office. Both of the candidates spoke to the annual meeting of the West Virginia associated press broadcasters. Their remarks came in separate addresses to the broadcasters who Are meeting at North Bend state Park. A the charges Are untrue a said Rockefeller contending his total expenditures were made by Check and therefore Are easily identifiable. A when you use a Check As i did you very sharply restrict the nisus of funds a Rockefeller said. Underwood said that Rockefeller a alleged vast spending could a open the door to political corruption in another admitting that he had no hard evidence of wrongdoing by Rockefeller in the May la primary Underwood said he got his information from individuals in a number of counties particularly those in Southern West Virginia. A i done to have the Power of subpoena to go in and investigate. If i did i probably would be there now rather than talking to you a he said. A we have just been through an election that one would have to conclude was bought at the Cost i think of about $8 a vote Quot he said. A there is Little difference Between a wealthy individual who buys an election and a corrupt political machine that buys an Underwood who served As governor from 1957 to 1961, admitted that much of Rockefeller a Money went for legitimate advertising and organization. But he added a i think a Gross overuse of Money for political advertising violates the spirit of election Law. People can be overwhelmed by the magnitude and Power of this kind of the Republican gubernatorial nominee said it was not Rockefeller a wealth but the Way he used his Money that would become a key Issue Between now and the november general election. He said West Virginia a reputation for corrupt election practices has Burt the states image and caused some business and Industry to stay out of the state. World s economic Hopes Center on Summit today san Juan. P. In apr president Ford said saturday he Hopes the seven nation economic Summit conference opening Here sunday a will give a new impetus to the growth of our worldwide Economy and improve International Ford also warned against outside intervention in the affairs of puerto Rico following a Promise of demonstrations by pro Independence groups. Aides said he was clearly referring to Cuba although he did not name it. Foh said interference in the a freely determined relations Quot Between the United states and puerto Rico a will be an unfriendly act which will be resisted by appropriate Ford read hts statement after timing welcomed by an Honor guard a 21-gun Salute and the playing of anthems at san Juan International Airport. He was the first Summit participant to arrive the leaders of Britain. Japan. Italy and West Germany were scheduled to arrive later saturday. Prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau of Canada had planned to come saturday but delayed his trip until sunday to Deal with the air traffic control dispute that has closed most Canadian airports for a week. President Valery discard Deestaing of France also is to arrive sunday shortly before the two Day conference opens at the Plush Dorado Beach hotel Complex 17 Miles West of san Juan. After the islands few Independence groups promised demonstrations White House officials decided to transport reporters from san Juan to the meeting site tis helicopter rather than bus. As earlier planned. Ford also flew to Dorado Beach by helicopter As had been planned. White House press Secretary roil Nessen said a nothing is anticipated beyond peaceful also scheduled to attend the Summit for the United states Are Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger and Treasury Secretary William e. Simon. Ford called the Summit to discuss a common approach by the world s major Industrial Powers to problems of recovering from recession and to negotiations later this year with poor nations. But an administration official said the Agenda was left purposefully a Loose Quot so a Broad Range of subjects could be discussed. Sources have said topics certainly would include the special problems of Italy and Britain. With the United states urging in particular that they take stronger Steps to slow the High inflation rates that Are making the lira and the Pound Sterling lose value. Up and away. A Bicentennial red White and Blue helium filled balloon was Enro Ute saturday from Lakehurst n.j., As Karl Thomas 27, of Troy mich., began his journey toward Europe Over the Atlantic Ocean. After 16 hours aloft Thomas reported everything aboard the Craft dubbed a spirit of �?~76,�?� was going Well. A spokesman said the course appears to be shifting northward As planned and that Thomas is moving toward Newfoundland. A generally with the Way the winds Are taking him its the same route that Lindbergh took. The ride is looking Beautiful a the spokesman said. A wire photo Jones fights a malicious prosecution in $2 million suit against Ballard by ran Henry Grover Jones jr., who resigned his Post As Monroe county of a prosecuting attorney last wednesday has filed a $2 million Dollar civil suit against Peterstown attorney Wade h. Ballard Iii charging malicious prosecution the daily Telegraph Learned saturday. Jones filed the suit in the circuit court of Monroe county on april 30. 1976, but circuit court clerk Barbara Walker says she has a no idea when the action will come up. It is not scheduled on the docket for this the complaint to judge nicked Kramer alleges that Ballard threatened Jones that Ballard caused Nellie Lucille Hamby to charge Jones with embezzling in april of 1975 on false information and that Ballard furnished false information to mrs. Hamby throughout the proceedings. Ballard is also charged by Jones with delaying the settlement of the suit. And with attempting to a malign injure and destroy Grover Jones �?Ts image As an attorney and prosecutor and further destroy Jones Chance for re election As prosecuting attorney of Monroe Iii a motion to dismiss the Case presented to judge Kramer. Ballard says the acts complained of a were privileged to the defendant As an attorney Quot and that Jones Quot does not allege even generally what wrongful acts defendant performed or committed which were not so a plaintiff makes no allegations which would indicate that the plaintiff sustained any damage proximate or otherwise because of any act complained of Quot Ballard said. Ballard s attorney John i. Detch made no comment on the lawsuit or its Progress. Saying Quot i done to try my lawsuits by advertising in the in resigning his Post As Monroe county prosecutor. Jones told the Telegraph that a to my knowledge i have no Legal a breach of Trust suit is still pending against Jones in the c Lerke a office of United states District court in Bluefield however with a trial Date yet to be set. The suit will seek to account for mrs. Hamby s estate and dismiss Jones As executor. The suit is an outgrowth of embezzling charges against Jones which were dismissed Early this year. According to Mercer county prosecuting attorney David Knight the first indictment was improper because a it charged Jones with embezzlement from the estate and several precedent cases indicated that it was not larceny Page two column two Delegate Bonscore ford�?1,001 reagan�?933 readers reply. p. Of Bluefield says that a 1971 Dodge challenger not a 1971 Plymouth fury was the car used in the movie a vanishing by the associated press Ronald Reagan campaigned on saturday in Montana and Idaho for More Republican convention delegates while president Ford moved Over the 1,000-Delegate Mark with support from Minnesota republicans. Reagan picked up All four Idaho delegates chosen saturday and was expected to do Well in Montana and new Mexico where a total of 41 delegates were being selected this weekend. Ford has a total of 1,001 delegates according to the associated press tally. That a 129 Short of the number needed to win the gop presidential nomination with Only 139 delegates yet to be chosen. Reagan has 933 delegates and there Are 1$4 uncommitted delegates. Ford had passed the 1,000 Mark a week ago but his total dropped below the 1,000 when some delegates previously numbered among his supporters declared themselves uncommitted. In Montana where bitter disputes have developed Between Ford and Reagan factions Over How they would Divide the delegation 20 delegates were at stake. And 21 delegates were being chosen in new Mexico with Reagan expected to get most or All of them. Reagan won All four at Large delegates chosen saturday in Idaho giving him 17 of that states 21 delegates. The other four support Ford. Ford won All but one of the 18 at Large delegates chosen Early saturday at Minnesota a state gop convention. Reagan addressed the Montana convention at Helena on saturday and then flew to Moscow Idaho. A a that a the name of the game a Reagan said on his arrival at the Helena Airport when asked if he wanted All 20 delegates. A a a a a a a car a a a a it it a a a a a a a a a a a Bicentennial Salute to the future 2076 editor s note thu Tenet features tartar from various local stale Ana Federal to the people of the year tora the letters will be sealed along with other items in the Bluefield Siviler club s Bicentennial time capsule july a letter will appear daily in the Telegraph concluding sunday. July 4 i William c. Wampler congressman. 9th District Virginia inside today s 3>lrgrapl is Bill Byrge is a Man who has lived a full life a As sheriff of Hazard. ., and As a Southern West Virginia Coalman. He takes a pause in his front porch retirement to look Hack on hard work and trouble. Page i Section i. Dear friends of the future on this Date in the year of our nation s Bicentennial we have very great Hopes for the United states and for you our descendants. We Hope that our great democracy has withstood the test of another one Hundred years. We Hope that you Are As devoted to the principles of our Constitution As we Are today and that you will preserve it for those who come after you. We Hope that this vast and Beautiful land which our ancestors discovered and which we have developed is still providing you and your families with adequate supplies of food water and fiber. We Hope that you Are still sharing the abundance of the land with the less fortunate among you. We Hope that you Are at peace with the world and with yourselves. I am a member of the United states House of representatives elected by the people of the ninth congressional District of Virginia which includes the town of Bluefield to speak for them at the seat of National government. In the Congress we try to enact those Laws which will Best preserve the Freedom of the people promote their welfare and protect their interests. Our world grows smaller with the Advance of science and technology. Our country is no longer Page two column three. A we a Waw we a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a the Bluefield Cvitan club has finalized plans for the time capsule ceremony this week. Page 5, Section a. Gable and Lombard were War torn lovers. The tragic death of Lombard and its affect on Gable is chronicled on Page 3, Section i under the Lively arts column. A Man and a House. A half million Dollar mansion is nearing completion on the Bluefield Tazewell Road. The unique Quality of the Structure is a reflection of the Man who is building it. A Page i Section d t Index Billy Graham. 9a just us posing. 12c Buchanan. 104 Lively arts. 31 business. 9c Mercer notebook 8c Byrds Eye View 3 a now amp then la classified. 4-111> obituaries. 2 a Coal pages. Io-1 ii pet Corner. A Dixon. A press Box. In editorials. 4a society. 1-12b education Roundup. 8a spare time. 21 Giles county. 8c sports. 1-6c Heartline. 9a statehouse notebook. 12a How they voted 6c inside City Hail. 3a generation by generation morality gets worse. If you Don t believe it ask your grandparents

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