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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1974, Page 4

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, Bluefield, West Virginia R9t 4a Bluefield daily Telegraph sunday june 23, 1974 the our fired a jail dlr graph founded by Hugh i ire news Hugh Shott editor Richard Wesley executive editor letters to the editor the columns on this Page represent a variety of editorial and political opinions. With the exception of the column directly below they do not necessarily reflect the views of this morning therefore encourage one another and build one another up just As you Are doing a i thess. 5 11. A i have never seen a Man who could do real work except under the stimulus of encouragement and enthusiasm and the approval of the people for whom he is a Charles m. Schwab american industrialist. A 1974 by he Quot lets go the hang out Road a take the leading oar a watch out for mine Fields a Stonewall it a and run out the line of the Power curve Quot Mercer county needs. I. A four Lane Bluefield Princeton Highway. I. Four Lane a s. 460 bypasses for Bluefield and Princeton. Tennis swimming Little league fans speak Tennis seems to have become a very popular sport in the Bluefield area and it deserves its popularity. Not Only is it fun but it is healthy. Bluefield provides its Community with several Well kept and lighted courts at the City Park. It is the use of these courts that i am concerned with. I just returned from the Tennis courts after waiting for a court for one hour and a half without Success. For the last forty five minutes i was next in line to get a court but twice during that time courts emptied and were very rudely taken by parties who arrived Well after i did. I feel that this inconsiderate behaviour should be brought to the attention of the Community. Also mean a thing. It does no to matter if most of the boys come to practice every Day and on time. As Long As someone knows the coach he can Call up anytime and get his son on the team and with a uniform. The boys Are allowed to wander All Over the Field inside the Fence along first and third base line during the games. There is no adult supervision and Many accidents have been the result of this negligence. Since there Are a limited number of uniforms the older boys should have first Choice. However on several teams Little boys have the uniforms and the sixth fifth and fourth graders do not. At the end of school it was announced that boys would be there Are rules posted at the court and one of eligible if going into the 4th Grade and finishing the rules states that while people Are w waiting the 7th Grade. Ages 9-13. This has recently been a party should limit their playing to one set or disregarded permitting Small boys aged 8 to join Nixon leak sources Ken w. Clawson the communications director to the president has traced the sources of leaks of some information to the House judiciary committee. He correctly called it Quot a purposeful Effort to bring Down the president by a clique of Nixon hating Clawson identified William Dixon a Campaign worker for senator George Mcgovern the democratic presidential nominee in 1972, As the staff member who prepared a statement published by the Washington Post. The statement said president Nixon was planning to assume some culpability for the payment of hush Money to e. Howard Hunt jr., one of the convicted watergate conspirators. Clawson said this and other memorandums prepared by Dixon at the request of Hep. Jerome r. Waldie California Democrat a were written for the purpose of slandering president asked what Hep. Peter Rodino the democratic committee chairman could do about these memorandums. Clawson said a the should fire the staff members who leak such false accusations and identify the committee members involved so that the american people May know who the Finks another who had complained of leaks from the House judiciary committee is Henry a. Kissinger Secretary of state. Kissinger was so angry that he demanded that his name be cleared or he would resign. Members of the House committee claimed that their evidence showed that Kissinger had initiated some of the 17 wire taps that began in 1969. Kissinger had said under oath that he had simply Given the Fri the names of those on his staff who had Access to the information which was leaked to the press. Too much of this sort of irresponsible information is reaching the Media. The Senate foreign relations committee is tracing it Down in the Case of Kissinger because it recognizes his diplomatic skill no one seems to be tracing Down the innuendos about the president. They Are being floated for whatever purpose his enemies have in mind the House judiciary committee should take care not to Sully its past image As a defender of Justice not injustice nor make of itself a slander Mill. ______democrats1 brain Trust eighteen months Lief re the next presidential election the democratic National committee has appointed a brain Trust for both Domestic and foreign policy. Many of the stars of the cast were familiar figures in the Johnson administration. They included Dean Rusk former Secretary of state Wilbur Cohen former Secretary of health education and welfare and sol m Linowitz former ambassador. . Averill Harriman. 82-year-old former Secretary of Commerce defined the political issues a democratic candidate might use against a Nixon administration Harriman advised that a we should support or Nixon psychologically on his trip to Moscow this Cohen who managed most of the Johnson great society program at hew said that social programs now ending in Congress would add up to $45 billion to the Federal budget he urged democrats to limit their rhetoric with the Rule a Elf we Promise it we ought to be Able to deliver we May by sure that candidates promises of $45 billion or More will in Many in this coming Campaign we re beginning to get samples already. One hour. However while i was waiting for a court one court was occupied by the same party the whole time. Finally i was so frustrated that i left. I feel that if people would use a Little human Courtesy the City Tennis courts could be a More enjoyable place to All those who use them. Mary Beth Hall by. 3 Bluefield a. Its a dad Burn shame the Way our president talks in some of his conversations. A Feller from Over in the Welch area said the other Day his son just came in from streaking and right there on the newscast had to be exposed to the Way Ole Richard m. Wiz a talking. He sed his boy w As so ashamed he went and put his britches on trying to hide from that dreadful news. I believe them Legal eagles can do a great service for the country and posterity since they know somebody erased eighteen minutes of historical tape. They could prosecute Ole Richard m. For performing a Histo rectory without a License. Jack Mitchell Yukon w. A. Re a just supposing column monday june 17, 1974 dear or. Mathews your whimsical columns pointing out some of the shortcomings and pomposity in the Community Are usually quite entertaining and uncover Many defects in need of correction. However one quote in the above mentioned column a if it gets hot in Bluefield about All you can do is draw your Bath water cooler Quot the teams and play instead of the older classmates. This is very dangerous and unfair to the older boys who had to wait their turn to teach the Legal age to play. This letter is written to Alert parents who Are not already aware and to urge coach Carlock to take a hand. We do not want our children growing up thinking that All you need is Money a Friend in High places or some influence to get what you want. We believe that fair play and hard work and practice still make the athlete. Parents for fair play Bluefield a. Has or. Nixon been convicted by the press and news media0 senators and legislators of his own party done to agree with him. The foundation of our country was set up to obey the Laws. No Man was above the Law. Is. Daisy Wright Thorn would like to know Why the House has not voted impeachment. If or. Nixon would turn Over the tapes and other papers the judiciary committee asked for it would not delay his impeachment. No one is above the Law is. Thorn. Unless you have Money and a Bunch of Crooks on your staff and maybe a hankering to be a dictator. If this had been you or i we would be in jail now. Jim Hamm Princeton w. A. Last night i came to St. Lakes Hospital for a real bad sunburn and was told i had to pay for my services right there even though i have company insurance. It is Good insurance John Hancock. The girl told me All out patient service had to be paid for at the time of service. I was stands in need of some very firm correction really mad. Why have insurance if this is the Way itself St. Lake s Hospital works it certainly has changed since this company took Over. I wish we could get a Community Hospital Here. Our there exists right in the heart of Bluefield Virginia one of the largest and finest swimming facilities any Community of this size and Many much larger could boast of namely. Harmony acres swimming Pool. This Pool is open to All the Public at a very moderate Cost per Day. It has been run As a High Quality wholesome recreational facility to be enjoyed by everyone Young and old alike for some 22 years. The Fine folks in Bluefield West Virginia As Well As those on the Virginia Side and in surrounding areas have Long been Able to enjoy Slimmer fun there. Also sometime you should take a poll to see How Many people have Learned to swim there in the Many swimming classes conducted by one of the finest most conscientious water safety instructors any where in the area. Mrs. Gail h. Williams. So or Mathews continue put Downs where put Downs Are due. But done to accuse this Community of having no swimming facilities. Instead come on Down to Bluefield a. And have a look at what one dedicated family has provided for this Community All these years. Maybe y full want to join in the fun in the Pool and even give them a mention in your next column. After All its a Pool any Community would Point to with Pride. A regular and usually agreeing Reader of your column mrs. Harrow 0. Harman Bluefield a it seems that this year with Little league baseball in Bluefield. Va., anything goes. Diligence and hard work and fair play Don t William a. Bulbar Italy faces economic chaos my Lin a for some tune relentless optimists. Discussing the economic dilemmas of Britain and Italy have had to fall Back on an old Wisecrack and say that the fixation of Britain is serious but not hopeless whereas that of Italy is hopeless but not serious. Unfortunately it begins to appear that whatever poultices the United states and other friends May apply temporarily Italy a condition is now at last both hopeless and serious. It is really quite extraordinary How objective newspapers can get after years of sympathetic reportage and editorial support of wholly inexcusable leftist economic policies when the chickens finally Start coming Home to Roost. Consider the following excerpts from a report on Italy that recently sprawled across five columns of Page one of the Paris Herald Tribune a which is jointly put out by those two pillars of liberalism the new York a times Quot and the Washington a a Post a a it of rate of inflation Quot a which is to say roughly speaking the rate at which the government is printing extra Money in a desperate Effort to keep its ill advised promises to the voters a a is approaching 20 per cent this year the highest in the industrialized world the balance of payments deficit Quot a i.e., the amount by which Italy imports largely on credit More than she exports a a is Likely to exceed 12 billion dollars in 1974. The state electrical Board Quot which As you might expect provides cheap socialized electricity a a is i billion dollars in the red. The state hospitals Quot a another Monument to the social compassion of the politicians a a have debts of 5 billion dollars and Are threatening to close Down altogether this week because they cannot pay the 50 million dollars they of e for Cotton and Gauze or get any More of either until they do. Half the nation s larger towns and cities will not have a dime to meet the next month s payrolls a which you May be sure Are huge since naturally it takes a great a amp by civil servants to do All those things for the people. A it does not take much expertise Quot the article concluded a to deduce from All this that the italians Are living wildly beyond their Means and that salvation comes by Only working More and spending less. Everybody Here knows that including the labor too bad it did t occur to them sooner a or for that matter to the times Quot or the to blame this whole mess on a the italians Quot however is less than just. There Are of course the usual exceptions but by and Large there is no More frugal or harder working people in All Europe their Only mistake was that too Many of them unschooled in the few but Iron Laws of economics believed in the Siren songs of a Bunch of ambitious politicians who told them that la Dolce Vita or at least a better life could be theirs if Only they would endorse we Farist economic policies and elect these selfsame politicians to implement them. Surely it would not be too much to consider the death penalty for demagogues capable of deception including self deception on such a scale. Newark mayor Kenneth Gibson no mean demagogue himself once remarked with wry humor wherever the cities of America Are did they poll the superintendents so that they would receive favors teachers if they Are professionals should become very Active in their professional organizations or if this county a organization does not fulfil the needs of teachers then we perhaps should look to another Type of leadership. Maybe the a. F. T.? name withheld obvious reasons Job Security a prayer poem was written too years ago. It would seem More applicable today god give us men a time like this demands Strong minds great hearts True Faith and ready hands men whom the lust of office does not kill men whom the spoils of office cannot buy men who possess opinions and a will men who have Honor men who will not lie men who can stand before a demagogue and Damn his treacherous Flat teries without winking tall men Sun crowned who live above the fog in Public duty and in private thinking for while the rabble with their thumb worn creeds their Large professions and their Little deeds mingle in selfish strife to Freedom weeps. Wrong rules the land and waiting Justice sleeps. A major concern for every one earn his daily bread. The major concern for every one provide answer to this prayer in his own person. F. J. Waldrop Weston w. A. Families have gone there for years. I asked or. Duncan As Well As another patient out in the Hall and both knew nothing about this new arrangement. Or. Duncan said he w As sorry about it. In t there something insurance companies can do about this in this area0 i intend to write my insurance company about this. I pay my Bills but having insurance helps to tide me Over. Sometimes it makes me feel secure but now who knows0 is this Legal for them to do this0 maybe if you print this letter we could get the views of other patients. W. P. H. Bluefield w a. I would like to comment on the firing of Jim Stone. He was fired because he was truly a Friend of the teachers of West Virginia. Principals and superintendents did their Best to limit membership to the w. V. E. A. This past year so that a Jim Stone would have no teachers being the a a unprofessional Quot that they Are did not join and therefore did not have a say so in the election of delegates to the convention that helped to oust Jim Stone. The delegates who went to Charleston were not friends of teachers but cronies or the superintend and of the administration. We know that this is True in Mercer county and we All know what happened in Mcdowell county. Anyone who questions this line of reasoning should Only question himself if he is a teacher. Was he consulted or asked about his opinion on How to vote in charleston0 who went to charleston0 did they poll the teachers or food Shortal a. Out to Jack up the ski Jack Anderson Mideast backlash going. Newark is going to get there sum arly it begins to appear that in the macabre race to determine which Western democracy shall be the first to learn a and pay a the bitter Price of unbridled welf arism Italy is ahead by half a length. No doubt strenuous and perhaps temporarily successful efforts to bail her out of bankruptcy will continue to be made by her partners in the Western Alliance who can ill afford to lose her to communism or even euphemism. The Only social forces that can quickly ease Italy s agony now Are the marxist ones the so largely caused it and their Price will be greater Power tor themselves. In return As we see today in Portugal even communists have become models of decorum and will instruct their followers not to strike. The nations progression toward full scale communism where work and sacrifice ate honoured and indeed obligatory can thus be made in slow and easy stages. After All. Rome itself was t built in a Day. Washington a president Nixon a triumphant tour of the Middle East has already produced a backlash which could upset the peace Secretary of state Henry Kissinger has Laboured so hard to fashion. Secret intelligence reports warn that the palestinians Are deeply disgruntled Over the presidents failure to come to grips with the palestinian problem. This is almost certain to encourage the extremists to step up their terrorists activities. Israel can be expected to respond by retaliating against guerrilla bases in Lebanon and Syria. Indeed. President Nixon had scarcely left Israel before israeli warplanes hit Back at palestinian raiders by pounding the lebanese Border villages where they Hole up. Commando strikes against Israel and israeli retaliation raids would Only polarize Arab opinion and prevent a peaceful settlement. This plea was made to the president according to diplomatic reports by both Egypt a president Sadat and saudi Arabia s King Feisal. Emotionally. Sadat pleaded with the president to bring the palestinians to the peace table in Geneva. The egyptian Leader promised to use his influence to persuade them to negotiate their future Borders and relationships with Israel. If the Palestine problem Isnit settled by negotiation he warned urgently the extremists would seek their own solutions through violence and terrorism. The president received similar warnings at every Stop in the Arab world. Yet in Israel he joined prime minister Yitzhak Rabin in a joint statement condemning a armed bands Quot and a mercenaries Quot who invade a the territory of another the emotional palestinians took this to mean that president Nixon was siding with the israelis against the palestinians. Even moderate palestinian leaders joined in the angry denunciation of the president. The extremists Are expected to express their William f. Buckley or. Kissinger s coup even a Mere ten Days after the event the clamouring to add their names to a testimonial to explosion of Henry Kissinger at Salzburg a Henry Kissinger utterly unrelated to the formal pears to have had magical effects. It has served questions at stake but which had the effect of As something of a perspective restorer. Suddenly quite simply overwhelming the formal the daily carpet bombings of the White House by various committees and prosecutors seem to my Point is that this seems to have carried have lost the old b t u. That for weeks and Over into the watergate business. The per months froze the figure of Richard Nixon in spec Tive provided by Henry Kissinger appears to Black have rescued Nixon from the plague of the in one cannot know whether Henry Kissinger dotted is and uncrossed to a the epochal Dif knew exactly what he was doing but one can Ferencek Between March 17 and March 21 the speculate on what he May very Well have done question of what be intended by the use of this on the face of it everything he did was phrase in communicating to John Mitchell or maladroit. He did t warn the president what Bob Haldeman or John Ehrlichman. Suddenly exactly he intended to say. He threatened to the judiciary committee appears to have found resign at a press conference conducted abroad itself hard at work on the needlepoint of a vast he risked by focusing on his insecurity the tapestry for which the Public appetite appears Security of the delicate arrangements he had suddenly to have dissipated Laboured Over for months. He challenged his inertia of course will keep the project critics to accept his veracity when documents going. The lawyers and the staff and to a con were already outstanding that presented a Flat Sid Erable extent the congressmen Are bound to contradiction Between his version and the Fri s follow out their mandate. But their mandate a to version. And the next Day and a Day or two after consolidate the Case against Nixon and present it he was clearly sulking playing less of a Public to the Public a requires for its plausibility a role than circumstances dictated. Hyped up conscience and a jurists Devotion to what happened was that the Public in verbal exactitude. I think Henry Kissinger has stantly lost interest in the punctilious merits of done More to cause that to go away than the argument. The Public suddenly saw that in anything that has happened in the history of some situations there is such a thing As the poetic watergate and if this turns out to be the Case truth. That it really did not matter who Richard Nixon will owe to Henry Kissinger All a initiated the wiretaps if indeed wiretaps were that he now owes him plus his life reasonable in order it saw that the Senate yes the Case could warm up again. There May committee which had investigated the yet be surprises that have not been leaked to the provenance of the wiretaps to its satisfaction. Washington Host though such treachery by was satisfied that the rough truth had been the judiciary committee is All but unthinkable spoken. It saw Senate committee suddenly perhaps in some tape or some document As yet Laking account of the triviality on which a transcribed or undisclosed or. Nixon will be american foreign policy might suddenly impale detected saying something that will make his itself and draw Back sharply from the in impeachment and conviction mandatory. But at plications of it. Suddenly senators were this moment his Stock is rising very fast. Displeasure More emphatically by launching new guerrilla attacks upon Israel. But Israel Security is getting so Tough to crack intelligence analysts predict that the terrorists will have to seek other targets. High on their list intelligence reports warn will be u. S. Targets including airliners embassies and consulates around the world. A it just does no to look Good for the United states Quot one analyst told us bluntly. Ominously palestinian extremists Are armed with sophisticated. Soviet made Katusha and Strella rockets. These have been furnished to the terrorists according to intelligence reports by Libya a a strongman col. Muammar Al Qaddafi. At least one commercial plane already has been destroyed by Arab terrorists using Strella rockets. And israeli police discovered three Katusha rockets one of them aimed at the sacred wailing Wall in Jerusalem. The rockets were found moments before they were to be exploded by automatic timing devices. Rep. John Murphy in. Y., during a trip to the Middle East Learned from intelligence sources that Arab terrorists have also adapted a new Arsenal of makeshift terrorist weapons from everyday american products. These weapons Murphy told us include the following a a pig bomb Quot this is a cardboard tube usually a toilet paper tube or Kitchen Towel tub packed w Ith Black powder and .22 Caliper bullets. It contains a fuse which is actuated when the hand releases its grip on the tube. This Nasty device can be gift wrapped and delivered to an assassination victim. The time fuse gives the messenger time to get away before it explodes a aerosol flame thrower this is a simple lacquer base aerosol can with a Zippo or butane lighter taped to its Side. The lighter is ignited the Spray Button pushed and a spurt of flame shoots out 12 to 13 feet. A refrigerator bomb narcotics or other valuables Are stashed in a refrigerator which is wired with a Gigantic explosive charge. A Detonator blasting Cap is inserted in the refrigerators Light socket. The terrorists simply unplug the refrigerator when they want Access to the stash. Police or soldiers raiding their hideout would be blown to bits. A pen gun this is an italian made weapon w hich looks exactly like a Chrome ballpoint pen or Pencil. But it fires a .22 Caliper Shell and is exceedingly difficult to detect at airports. Murphy Points out that these weapons Are already known to the terrorists who Are expected to use them for hijackings assassinations and sabotage. A victim marked for assassination for example could have his refrigerator turned into a bomb or the aerosol flame thrower could be used to set Oft a sabotage charge from a Safe distance suggests the congressman. Intelligence reports warn that the terrorists might provoke incidents against Egypt Jordan and saudi Arabia because of their pro american policies. The egyptians stressed to president Nixon that a palestinian solution would end most of the terrorism and put the palestinians to work building their own nation. President Sadat however did t define the Borders of the proposed Palestine state. He preferred to leave the specifics to be negotiated at Geneva. Our sources say that Kissinger in his secret talks promised u. S. Support to the moderate palestinians. Presumably this would include Cia backing. But the moderates angry Over the presidents statement in Israel Are now in no mood to Deal with the United quotes a we have failed to impress upon the very Young How the Law functions to protect individual rights How it provides for orderly democratic change what the difference is Between dissent and violent protest Why individual rights must be balanced with individual responsibility to the total a special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski discussing schools the Legal profession and society As contributors to the breakdown in teaching the Basic principles of Law

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