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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1974, Page 1

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, Bluefield, West Virginia West Virginia showers Likely today. Highs in the 70s to near 80. Partly Cloudy monday. Lows in the Low. 50s. Vol. Xxxix no. 174 second last Pottage paid at Bluefield w va., and add offices Virginia. Cloudy and not As warm today with showers Likely. Highs in the 70s and Low 80s. Lows in the 50s. Bluefield v. Va., sunday morning june 23, 1974 i5 cents daily 25 cents sunday saxes to promote detente 327-6171 some information and Don t know the need where to find it the Bluefield daily Telegraph wll attempt to answer any question of general interest on local state National or International matters. Telephone Between 4 . And to . Daily or write the information editor. Q. I know this Issue has been knocked around again and again but when is Cherry Street going to be paved it is in terrible shape. I have had to have the front end of my car aligned twice because of the huge potholes and bumps in the Road. Isun to something going to be done a r. R., Bluefield w. A. A. The West Virginia department of highways has advertised for bids to pave 0.88 Miles of Cherry Street. The bids will be received at the sch Headquarters in Charleston tuesday at to . Q. Why Are the Urban renewal people in Bluefield going to buy houses Aud Force people to move with that new Money they got a a. Bluefield w. . The Bluefield Urban renewal authority has no intentions of purchasing occupied houses. The Grant Over $300,000, will be used primarily for purchasing vacant dilapidated structures cleaning vacant lots resurfacing and paving streets and sidewalks and other work in the continuance of a limited site improvements project in an area of the City a Northside. Nixon begins trip to user tuesday q. What company in Bluefield is responsible for the big Hole in the ground at the end of Raleigh Street a r. M., Bluefield w. A. A. The Hole was dug by workers for general Telephone co. the Southeast in connection with the installation of underground lines. Workers have not been at the site however since company employees went on strike recently. Q. I notice that Rod Carew of the Minnesota twins has a batting average of close to .400. When was the last time a major league baseball player hit .400 or better a p. T., Princeton w. A. A. Ted Williams last did it in 1941, for the Boston red sox. His average that year was .406. Q. Could you give me the United states address for Apple records h. C., Bluewell w. A. A. Apple records inc., 1750 North Vine St., Hollywood Calif., 90028. 1700 Broadway new York n. Y., 10019. Are owners of property required to build fences to keep their neighbors Stock and dogs off their land . H., Bluefield w. A. A. . The responsibility of the control of such animals rests with the owner of the animals not the owner of the adjacent property. Washington it apr president Nixon Heads for the Summit in Moscow tuesday hoping to promote u. detente through new nuclear and economic agreements. Officials Here Are careful not to excite american expectations. But i onid i. Brezhnev the communist party Leader already has set an optimistic tone predicting a Good new agreements that will please people in both countries. State dept. Denies secret soviet Deal Washington apr allegations that Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger made secret nuclear arrangements with soviet leaders in 1972 Are a totally without Merit or any foundation whatsoever a the state department said saturday. A there Are no secret agreements of any kind a Robert Anderson the department spokesman told report ters in disputing reports suggesting the russians were allowed to build More missile launchers than Congress had been led to believe was permissible under the u. Soviet Accord. Sen. Henry m. Jackson d-wash., a critic of the administrations negotiating strategy had supported the allegations As being a reliable Ami according to one account the 950 sea based missiles allowed the soviet Union were raised to 1,020, while the u. Total was lowered from 710 to 656. A it is regrettable a said Anderson a that this false suspicion has been raised just before the presidents trip to the soviet he said Kissinger is prepared to address the Issue at a news conference monday morning and in testimony to the Senate arms control subcommittee headed by Jackson on monday afternoon. A i want to emphasize that no secret Deal has been made which permitted any change in the totals outlined in the 1972 agreement a the spokesman said. Nixon and an entourage headed by Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger will Stop first in Brussels for the signing of a new declaration on u. Relations with its allies in the North Atlantic treaty organization. Kissinger plans to report to the nato Council after the Summit and to swing through Paris Munich and London for meetings with French West German and British leaders. Nixon a soviet visit begins on thursday and will last a week with probable Side Tours to such cities As Yalta and Minsk. Coming on the heels of a five nation trip to the Middle East the Moscow Summit serves to focus attention at Home on the presidents interest and accomplishments in the foreign Field. Critics suggest that Nixon Hopes thereby to offset his watergate troubles and to improve his chances in Congress of surviving the impeachment drive. Initially the administration looked to the Summit session to produce a comprehensive treaty limiting strategic nuclear weapons. But it lowered its sights when a Kissinger Mission to the Kremlin in March did not result in the breakthrough needed to expand upon the pioneering 1972 Salt pact. Now Secretary of defense James r. St Slesinger and other senior u. Officials seem confident that Nixon a visit will result at least in a partial ban on underground nuclear tests and in an agreement in principle to limit the deployment of new soviet missiles with multiple warheads. Standing in the Way of a Broad new Salt Accord Are internal debates within the two countries As Well As differences Between them on How to measure nuclear strength and on the significance of the soviets massive launch Power. Even As the Summit approached fresh controversy broke out Here. Paul in Nitze the top Pentagon representative on the Salt talks resigned without specifically mentioning watergate or the impeachment move he expressed doubt that an acceptable agreement could be worked out a under the circumstances existing at the present to. During the recent strike of employees of the general Telephone company of the Southeast did the company take any court action to limit the number of pickets in front of its main building in Bluefield pc. S., Bluefield w. A. A. . Q. Does Concord College offer a masters degree in any Field if sin what Field a a. H., Welch. A through a working relationship Between Bluefield state College Concord College and the College of graduate studies masters degrees Are offered in special education elementary education and educational administration. Officials Are presently considering work which would Lead to a masters degree in biology Art and business administration. To. Is there anywhere in Bluefield or Princeton you May take ballroom dancing lessons a n. A. Rich Creek. A. A. Yes two places. Esther Irene Graham school of dance. 331 North Street. Bluefield and Bluefield dance theatre on Federal Street above the fashion Florist firm j. How would one obtain a copy of their birth certificate in Virginia . P., Bluefield. A. A. You must submit a written request along with a $2 fee to Bureau of vital records p. Box in Richmond. A. 23208. Q. When a person is receiving Relief checks and food Stamps is it against the Law for Bim to Plant a Garden and grow a few vegetables a w. F., Princeton. W. A. A. such behaviour would not be against the Law q. I want to know if there is a jewelry store in the area that appraises diamonds and other precious stones for purposes other than insurance mrs. K. O., Bluefield a. A. Yes Alfred diamonds of Bluefield performs such a service. Q. Is the nationwide insurance company in All fifty states if not. Which states do not have nationwide insurance a j. N., Peterstown w. A. A. Nationwide insurance companies Are in every state and Canada and Mexico As Well. Sometimes however the company May be known under a different name. To. What has been done about the City of Bluefield trying to obtain a civic Center a a. B. C., Bluefield w. A. A. The City Board presently plans to convert the City auditorium into a youth Center and then initiate plans to come up with some Type of civic Center. Although the matter has not been discussed by the Board in recent week the plans have not been dropped. Ii. Who can i Contact about the possibilities purchasing a lot at the new Quail Valley in Princeton . M., Princeton. W. A. A Keesling realty service new Hope Road Princeton. Third party tape transcription is suggested by Ford Monterey Calif. Map a vice president Gerald r. Ford suggested on saturday that an Independent third party might listen to the watergate tapes and make an unbiased transcript of their contents. While ruling himself out of such a Job Ford said an Independent listener could Iron out alleged discrepancies Between the transcripts released by the White House and those developed by the House judiciary committee which is conducting impeachment hearings on president Nixon. A perhaps we have to have a third or Neutral party take the tapes and get transcripts from them a Ford told a news conference Here where he is spending a golfing weekend. A i can to Tell you How it would work but i done to think its an impossible task to undertake. in a sure there can be if we look around hard enough someone who would do it As an Independent objective the new York times reported Friday that judiciary committee transcripts of some of the watergate tape recordings differ extensively and in Many cases significantly from the edited versions made Public by the White House. Words phrases and sometimes whole sections of conversations contained in the committee transcripts Are missing from or at variance with the expurgated White House narrative the paper reported. Mini cop Matt Jackson two year old son of or. And mrs. Joe Jackson of Muncie ind., issues a speeding ticket to Young Mary Klopfenstein. Matts uniform is a replica of his father s who is an officer with the Ball state University Campus police. Mini cop Matt cited Mary for going 4 Mph in a 3 Mph zone. A wire photo Rodino panel will limit witness list unlucky chef has costly trip Home Richmond apr it cast Thomas Gordon $421 to get Home Friday night he was mugged twice the second time watched by a cab Driver who charged him $7 for a ride Home. Gordon go a pastry chef at St. Mary a Hospital said his problems began at about 10 30 . When he sought help after finding he get a cab to Stop for him at a downtown bus terminal a this Guy came up to me and told me he could get a cab a Gordon said. A i followed him North on third Street and he and another Guy who jumped from an Alley took $400 from my front pocket. A i begged them to leave me my glasses and my Wallet so they threw them Down in the Alley a he said. Gordon said he had $14 stuffed into a secret Page two column four Washington a the House judiciary committee is planning to limit sharply the number of witnesses called in its impeachment inquiry and the areas in which they will be questioned. Under increasing pressures to w ind up the inquiry in the next three or four weeks the committee is expected to decide that Only five or six witnesses will be needed. That would include witnesses recon needed by the inquiry staff by committee members and by James St. Clair who is in charge of president Nixon a impeachment defense. The witnesses will be examined Only on specific Points where gaps appear in the committees documentary evidence. where there is conflicting evidence. I Finger sworn statements from witnesses would be available to the members. Few major watergate figures except former White House counsel c Harles w Colson Are Likely to be on the w fitness list. The committee has the testimony of the others from the grand jury and the Senate watergate hearings. Colson reportedly told committee attorneys that he warned Nixon in january and in february of 1973 that former atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell was involved in watergate. Nixon had said he Learned of High level involvement in the break in on March 21, 1973. Colson a attorney on saturday confirmed these accounts by columnist Jack Anderson and the new York daily news of Colson a testimony. The identity of the impeachment witnesses and the ground rules for questioning them will lie worked out next week in a series of meetings that will also Settle the questions of How St. Clair presents his defense and whether evidence gathered in the inquiry will be made Public. At a meeting monday the committee is also expected to Issue another subpoena tor White House tapes and documents. Nixon has refused to comply with four previous ones seeking watergate evidence. The Tow one will demand evidence relating to the settlement of an itt antitrust suit to Polit ital contributions by the Dairy Industry and to allegations the Nixon administration used the internal Revenue service for political purposes. Inside today s Tryr graph o a grim account of How they were mistreated since they were toddlers is told by a brother and sister at a trial accusing their Foster parents of abuse. Page 18, Section b. The government accounting office issued a bristling report on the Lorton reformatory in a Northern Virginia. Page la Section a. The Buchanan county supervisors approved a record $15.6 million budget. Page 8, Section a. Mickey mouse or roman hat by either name they sell for $35 apiece and other Glass insulators command an even higher Price by collectors. Page to Section a. Heiskell sees no wrong in Beer contributions Myrtle Beach a popular summer resort is is quickly becoming a year around playground. Page 12, Section b. Section a Harleston w a. It apr Secretary of state Edgar f. Heiskell Iii says he does not believe there was anything wrong with the manner in which Money was allegedly contributed by Beer distributors to the 1972 Campaign of gov. Arch a. Moore or. And Heiskell said such contributions if they occurred did not Tun e to be reported As Campaign contributions a unless the person the contributor comes within the terms of the financial agent of the candidate or the candidate i ast week the Charleston Gazette reported that a Deputy Beer commissioner acknowledged having collected Money from Beer distributors and had taken it to department offices. The official Lxi me w. Bradbury. Said the Money was accepted by a former chief cashier and locked up in a Safe. Commissioner James Ross said he later removed some checks from the Safe and delivered them to the governors office. In an interview to be aired saturday on Charleston television station chs Heiskell indicated that even of accurate. saw no wrongdoing with that procedure the Story said the funds had not been reported As Campaign contributions. Heiskell said an investigation into the contributions would have been futile because the statute of limitations had expired. A the Only legitimate object of an investigation can be a prosecution a Heiskell said. said the statute of limitations had expired making it a futile Effort. A now newspapers and television stations can investigate for the Sake of investigation and getting news stories a he said but indicated that his office had too Many other potential cases to work on than to waste time on one which could produce no results. A i think it would be a disservice to investigate an alleged offence based on newspaper stories which is presently being investigated by the i is which Story failed to allege any election violations per be and had it documented any violations still it would not have been prosecutable a Heiskell said. Buchanan county 8 editorials. 4 final Frame. 14 Giles county. 6 press Box 18 servicemen 13 sports. 14-18 tee to Green. 17 Heather. 3 Section b business Page. To classified. 13-17 Coal Page. La Dixon. 13 Femini Nely speaking. 5 inside City Hall 18 just supposing. 9 now and then. 18 Otto Whittaker 18 pet Corner. 9 science for you. 8 under Twenty youth Lele Plhtte a sense of humor is what carries us so blithely through other Peoples q could you give me any information on the unitarian universalist association a in be heard a lot about it and would like to know More about it. A c. J., Bluefield a. A. The unitarian universalist association is the consolidated body of the former american unitarian association and the universalist Church of America. The philosophy of universalism originated with the doctrine of Universal salvation and was brought to America in the 1700s. In 1961 the unitarian and universalist bodies were consolidated to become the unitarian universalist association. Flannagan project fills water need in Buchanan to. When will the City of Bluefield Ever get around to paving Putnam Street i have been told time and time again that it will be paved but nothing is Ever done. A t. J., Bluefield w. A. A. The Street is one of several which has been scheduled to be paved in the near future. The Bluefield Board of directors has scheduled a Public hearing july 23 at 8 30 . In the City Board room to discuss the paving of Putnam Street and several other streets. When did the Sunset news observer cease publications i need this for a research project if you can give me the information. . G.,Oakvale, w. V a. A. The last Issue of the observer was dated March 31,1972. By Rachel Riggsby announcement thursday of the approval of $2 million in Federal Loans and Grants for the John Flannagan water project is a most encouraging step in the Long proposed water project for Buchanan and Dickenson counties. Hailed by one official As the real beginning of the six year old project the funding will allow the bringing of w Ater from Flannagan i Ake in Dickenson county into Buchanan county for eventual distribution throughout major portions of the county. The John Flannagan water authority headed by Buchanan county supervisor Willard w. Owens will receive Farmers Home administration Loans and Grants totalling $1,025, Kkt for the construction of a water filtration Plant at Flannagan Reservoir in addition to storage facilities and water transmission lines. Additional fila Money totalling $1,070, was approved for the Buchanan county Leiblic service authority headed by s. Charles Ratliff. These funds will finance construction of 12 Miles of water transmission lines from the filtration Plant to Irater in Buchanan county. County administrator Edward a. Matney said Friday the funds should make it possible to bring the water As far As Vansant within the next three to five years. From Vansant Long Range plans Call for the water lines to go up River to Oakwood and Down River to Grundy Harman and big Rock. A the people of Buchanan c county should be very very pleased with the Federal support in this a Matney said. credited the a Active support of the Fra representatives in this area and also praised the a tremendous boost a Given the project by Cumberland plateau planning District. The proposal to use Flannagan Reservoir As a source of water Supply for 60 per cent of the residents in Buchanan county was first announced in 1968 following an eight Rno nth engineering study of possible water and sewage development in the county. Results of further studies since that time have concurred with the original report naming the Dickenson county Lake As the most convenient and reliable source of water available and the one most economically feasible to use. Currently less than 15 per cent of the county a total population is served by a water treatment and distribution system of any kind. Surveys reveal that there is not a source of water either surface or underground within the county that is suitable for a county water Supply. About 90 per cent of Buchanan a population is now depending on Wells As a source of water. However most of the Wells in the county contain too much Iron manganese Hydrogen sulfite and other chemicals. Often there is a Cor bin. A All of these objectionable chemicals. In addition to the problems encountered by the unusable Quality of much of the water there have been reports of Gas seepage into Wells and a number of Wells have been sunk or otherwise altered by Shaft and other mining operations in the area. because of the above factors engineers Long ago ruled out the possibility of using an underground source for a county water Supply. After Flannagan i Ake was selected As the most logical source of water for Buchanan county further studies resulted in the development of a regional water Supply and distribution system that would serve both Buchanan and Dickenson counties. In August 1971, the Cumberland plateau planning District proposed a four phase plan to eventually solve the severe water problems in both counties. The first phase of the regional water system got off the ground during 1973 when a $400,000 Eha loan and a $350,00 arc and Eha Grant were approved for the development of a water distribution system for the town of Clintwood and the Mullins Ridge Community lying Between Flannagan Lake and Clintwood. Actual construction work on this phase of the project has already begun. I

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