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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1974, Page 4

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - June 16, 1974, Bluefield, West Virginia 4 a Bluefield daily Telegraph sunday june la 1974 the flail founded by Hugh Ike Shoji interprets the news Hugh shot editor Richard Wesley executive editor letters to the editor sep says it really wants to use state Coal the columns on this Page represent a variety of editorial and political opinions. With the exception of the column directly below they do not necessarily reflect the views of this newspaper. Good morning but be doers of the word and not hearers Only deceiving yourselves for if any one is a hearer of the word and not a doer he is like a Man who observes his natural face in a Mirror. A James 1 22, 23. A plunge boldly into the thing of life each lives it not to Many is it known and seize it where you will it is a Johann Goethe. German dramatist. The Coal dilemma the american electric Power system has taken exception to a recent daily Telegraph editorial which objected to the Utility conglomerate s Campaign to free the government controlled a flow Sulu re Coal in the West so that it can be strip mined and fed into the company a boilers. The sep reply is carried in the letters to the editor column on this Page today. To reply to the reply it is quite possible that we and sep Are not really in As much disagreement As might at first appear. We Are not so stupid As to think or claim that appalachian Perter company would prefer to bring in Western Coal to Burn in its appalachian area plants if it had a Choice in the matter. Obviously any Utility wants to get its fuel from the closest possible source. But if the a a environmentalists and clean air fans have their Way a lot of West Virginia Coal and a lot of Coal from neighbouring appalachian states is not going to be burnable according to the experts and to us that Means Only that it will be replaced by Coal from somewhere else. Sep indicates in fact that it probably will have to use Western Coal in its Rammer Plant in the Northern part of the state. It further states that when the More stringent clean air standards go into effect in 1975 and 1976, a Gre to Deal of the states Coal output will not be usable. So obviously sep wants that Western Coal. Our quarrel a and that of thousands of appalachian area residents a w ill have to be with the people who Are legislating much of our Coal out of the Market. This is not Only carrying the a clean air cry to extremes it can mean economic disaster for Many Eastern Coal areas. Add to that the fact that most westerners done to even want their Coal lands stripped and we have a truly ridiculous situation in his letter or. Vaughn also notes that if his company could get the a flow Sulu re Western Coal it would use it in its plants in Indiana a and possibly to us that appears to be merely another Way of saying that present markets for Eastern Coal w ill be destroyed. The Western Coal should simply by left alone. The appalachian states have enough Coal for the entire world if the Federal people will permit it to be mined without overzealous harassment and burned without imposing totally unreasonable and unrealistic restrictions. A year s Public service for three decades a majority of americans of All age groups have favored requiring a year of Public service for All Young men. It would be part of the educational process proponents believe enabling Young people to experience the a real two out of every three persons have told the Gallup poll they favor a program of service to the nation with a Choice Between military service or a civilian Agency such As Vista or the peace corps. When the question was taken to 60 campuses Only one College male in four opted for military service. Off Campus in the same age group one in three chose military service. The idea of service to the nation is in Many countries and with Many variations almost Universal. It is a development of most societies. It is Worth a trial not alone because it would take Idle Young men off the streets and teach them skills. It also could give Young men to a realistic View of americans social problems and fill the armed services with volunteers. It is an idea that could be useful Berry a world never Isky Arp a discouraging the daily Telegraph editorial of monday june to has badly misinterpreted our intention with respect to the future of Coal in appalachian Power and american electric Power system Power plants in West Virginia and therefore requires this response. The advertising program is not As you describe it a a Campaign to bring Low Fulfur Western Coal into the heart of the appalachian Coal As we have said Many times on the record before the West Virginia air pollution control commission a and yes even in advertisements which have appeared in your newspaper a appalachian and the sep system Are committed to using West Virginia Coal in their West Virginia Power plants. There is Only one possible exception to this commitment the Rammer Plant in Northern West Virginia and we Are running tests to determine if it can continue to use West Virginia Coal. Our commitment to West Virginia Coal is personified by the fact that last year More than 13 million tons of West Virginia Coal were burned in sep Power plants. Furthermore we Are constantly adding to this use not Only through production at our mines but through purchases from West Virginia Coal producers. Right now we and other Coal companies for us Are developing an additional nine million tons of West Virginia Coal to be used in sep Power plants to produce electricity. The purpose of the advertising is to attempt to bring to the attention of our customers facts which can jeopardize their future Supply of electricity. The facts Are simply this 1. Coal is the absolutely essential key for generating a major part of the electric Energy this nation will require for the next several decades. 2. There is a serious shortage of Coal that can be burned in Power plants under the existing Laws governing emissions from Power Plant stacks. If these Laws remain As they Are much of the higher Fulfur West Virginia Coal cannot be burned when the standards go into effect in 1975, or in some cases 1976. The department of the Interior estimates that in 1975, 243 million tons of Coal More than was produced in West Virginia last year now being used to produce electric Power in this nation could not meet the standards of the clean air act. 3. We believe that two things Are necessary to help meet the growing demands for electric Energy a modification of the clean air act to permit electric utilities to meet the ambient standards by any alternative technically established Means a in other words give us a Choice of methods a As Long As we meet the requirements 2 because of the shortage of available Low Fulfur Coal from West Virginia and Eastern province we ask that the moratorium on surface mining of Low Fulfur Western Coal owned by the Federal government be lifted. It is our considered judgment that if these two actions Are not taken it could mean that Large amounts of Coal fired generation cannot be operated and that there will be wide spread shortages of electric Power in Many parts of the nation. The simple fact is that development of Western Coal reserves will not be at the expense of the West Virginia Coal Industry. To meet the Energy needs of this country in the immediate future Coal from both West Virginia and the Western states will be required in increasing quantities. As for our appeals to the Federal government to make available its very Large reserves of Low Fulfur Coal in the West let me say this this Coal would be needed for use in existing and future sep system Power plants in Indiana and possibly Ohio where no Low Fulfur Coal is available not to mention its use by other utilities elsewhere in the country if these plants a like those in West Virginia a Are to comply with their states air Quality standards appalachian and sep have a tremendous stake in West Virginia a in people and in facilities. We have always worked and will continue to work for the Progress and development of this great state. John w Vaughan executive vice ites ident i have a criticism of the officiating in Peanut league baseball. First i Arn not an angry Parent just a interested Spectator who has a College degree in physical education and knows quite a bit about sports. In the game on june to Between the Bluewell pions and Deskins with the score tied 1-1, the Deskins team was batting and had a runner on third. The Ball was hit to the first baseman who put the runner out on first and then threw to Home plate. The Bat girl was standing in front of the Catcher Ami prevented him from being Able to make the play. Interference should have been called Ami the runner should have been required to go Back to third. This Type of situation can be demoralizing to any player also on several occasions the Umpire tailed strikes on batters even when the Ball struck the ground before it got to Home plate. I realize that it is hard to get qualified officials in a recreational program but surely they can be found Naomi c. Shadbolt Machipongo a i senator soaper says i Lomg years of dedicated service to one s government pays off. Golda Weir retires with the thanks of the nation and a set of dishes. Remember w Hen the worst things the enemies of the White House could say was that the most trusted advisers had funny haircuts dolphins can jump through hoops and monkeys can ride bicycles. Pigs Are smarter than either one for refusing to get involved in that kind of nonsense no fault divorce sounds Fine. And then there is the kind that has lots of fault but evenly divided a Friend who has returned from his High school reunion says everybody looked terrible except for a few of the wives who had been recycled the Little boy Down the Block is no longer sure he wants to be president instead he says head rather grow up to be a reliable source almost any disagreement could be settled by men of Good will but they usually get tired go Home and leave it to somebody else its the first time we can remember being double teamed by inflation and depression. An interesting question is whether the headache remedy commercials cause More headaches than the product cures in recent months there has been a lot of talk about converting the Bluefield City auditorium into a youth Center and quite a few trained re creationists in the area have been wondering what employment opportunities will be available when and if this conversion takes place. Persons that i personally know of that have made Telephone inquiries to the City managers office have been told that any Job openings would have to be confirmed and approved by or. Ellis the City recreation director. Now i done to know if the City manager is just putting people off or if the jobs have already been applied tor and approved. But i do know that All applications for any City related jobs have to go through the City managers office. I admit that i could be wrong but it seems to me that there should be at least three Job openings and they Are. Youth Center director programs director and Supply and maintenance Man. Let me make it perfectly Clear from the beginning that i do not mean anything derogatory toward anyone. But when someone from City Hall says that or. Ellis will have to a a approved or a a confirm a position in a youth Center i can Only describe a statement like that As totally irresponsible and downright pitiful. I worked with or. Ellis for two and a half years and i can say from experience that when it comes to knowing the needs and desires of teenagers in this area or. Ellis is totally unaware his opacity is Complete. As proof just Check his City wide recreation program. There Isnit one. It is inconceivable to me that the City would leave such an incompetent pretentious Recreant in such a position. There Are a lot of parents in the Bluefield area that Are very interested in a Well organized and Well run youth Center. I am sure they would appreciate anything that you could find out. If you done to want to publish this letter please fill the parents and the Public at Large in on just what is being done with regards to a youth Center. That is if there is Ever going to be one. William e. Dillon or. Bluefield w. A. I am a dog Lover also a cat Lover and i think the pet Corner in your paper serves a Good purpose for Protection of our helpless dogs but i think you should run a picture of some of the cats or Kittens that Are in the Pound. There must be lots of cat lovers out there who would be glad to take these Little Fellows Home with them if they Only knew about them. Mrs. Tess Bowling Princeton w. A. Regarding the so called a watergate Quot grand jury All 19 of whose members voted to indict the president until Jaworski stopped them it should be useful to us to know the general makeup and backgrounds of these grand jurors such As their occupation and income statuses their sex and color Etc. Do you have any information in these regards a i would like to know being a lawyer and knowing the vagaries of jurors. Arthur r. Kingdon Mullens w. A. Editors note see the Jack Anderson column which ran on this Page Friday june 14. I read with interest your headlines in regard to the f. B. I. Investigation in the Hill Street Public housing project. These articles calling names Only makes the Public condemn an individual before trial. I think we have had enough of that with the i residency w without bringing it out on a local level. It is no doubt True that the investigation is taking place but i Don t think it is of such importance to warrant front Page headlines. I have been associated with the Corte construction company and or. Boggess on Many projects for the past Twenty years. I have always found them to be honest and Trust worthy in All their transactions. Mcquail a inc. Edw. J. Mcquail or. President president Nixon has been tried and convicted Over and Over by the press and news Media also by assorted senators and i legislators who Are thinking of their own re election and political future. This mass brain washing has gone on far too Long. In our democracy even rapists and murderers Are considered innocent until proven guilty. Why can to the same Justice prevail for the president of the u. Why has t the House voted on impeachment before now the answer is simple the professional politicians Are determined to drag watergate out until after the november election so their own Success will be. Assured. That is Why the judiciary committee keeps calling for tapes and More tapes. Anything to prolong the Case think of the uproar if All the members of the House and Congress were asked for their private conversations with their staff or if they were forced to disclose their tax returns and every detail of their private lives examined by the pre s. News Media and magazines. What has become of our Constitution and a the government of the people and by the people Quot that our great country has been built on americans had better Wake up for if this disgraceful situation can happen to or. Nixon what Chance would the next president of the u. S. Have if he too. Fell in Disfavour with the House and Congress a Democrat. Daisy Wright Thorn Princeton w. A Paul Harvey we think that consolidating schools is stupid and unnecessary. Just think in each school kids have More privileges to be included in school activities such As Homecoming Queen and court basketball cheerleaders student Council. National Honor society and different clubs for each school and hopefully girls basketball next year. There wont be As Many kids picked for such activities if schools Are consolidated. If everyone is consolidating High schools because of the hazards of buildings the younger elementary students will be in the worst danger. By the Way we re from Matoaka. Some people put Matoaka Down and we think Well be treated unfairly in a consolidated school. People can put us Down but after All we did go next to the top in the 1973-74 basketball season thanks to school spirit basketball stars cheerleaders assistant coach Ball and most of All coach Allen. We think the students views should be considered because we love Matoaka and done to want to leave it. Interested students Bev Lyle Sherri Foley Matoaka. W. A. You will be interested in a Telegram i received today a congratulations you have just been selected As the least important person in the United states government officials and political bigwigs in Washington have decided to place you last on the list of persons whose interests have to be considered in determining policy. That Means you re at the Bottom of the barrel. How does that grab you there a never been greater evidence of this than right now. While you re facing the Prospect of a cold Home. Losing your Job or business. Or standing in line for hours to buy a trickle of High priced gasoline there is no Boycott on your tax a since world War ii we have Given to foreign countries $300 billion dollars. Have you any idea How much that is if you spent a Dollar a second Day and night for every second since the birth of Christ you would still not spend $300 billion dollars for another 7,600 a we have written to you because we think you Are one person who might be concerned about the conditions that exist today that you Are one person willing to stand up and be counted much like your forefathers two Hundred years ago help the National taxpayers Union Washington d. C. 20003, by joining up membership dues Are Only $12.00 per year. If we done to help Stop government spending the cause of inflation it will c. C. Moseley Glendale Calif. Jack Anderson the Fri s role Washington a at the forthcoming impeachment hearings the Case against president Nixon will be based largely upon the work of the Fri. Which uncovered 90 per cent of the watergate conspiracy. This will be awkward for the president who has always championed the Fri. After he graduated from Duke University he even tried to become a Fri agent. Those. Who favor impeachment consider it Good strategy therefore to stress their Reliance upon the Fri. Contrary to the Public impression it Wasny to investigative reporters but Fri agents who dug out most of the watergate facts. The White House tried to head off the Fri investigation by obstructing the agents throwing out false leads and crying National Security. At White House instigation former Cia director Richard Helms and Deputy director Vernon Walters asked the Fri to Lay off sensitive watergate matters falsely claiming it would jeopardize Cia operations but the Fri pressed doggedly ahead. Early in 1973, the top Fri brass c backed upon the investigation to make sure it was being handled properly. Robert e. Gebhardt who headed the general investigative division reported Back confidentially to associate director w. Mark Felt on feb 23, 1973 a the handling of the watergate investigation from the Headquarters level through the Field operation level wis done in accordance with procedures both administrative and investigative. That Are customarily employed in any major investigative Effort by the Fri. A among cases handled in the recent past in w hich similar procedures were followed Are the assassination of Martin lather King Capitol bombing. March i 1971 and major kidnapping a different War a 19-4 inc the chigger of the year goes to the first one to land on a Streaker in full Streak a Surve shows Young workers feel frustrated. Wait until they be been frustrated after 30 years on the Job the class of 74 goes out into the world with the advice of the commencement speakers ringing in its ears. Obviously it wont be Able to take things Over until the ringing stops. Spiro Agnew does t like what an encyclopedia said about Hun. Suit s better than As is True of most of us. Never knowing. Just when it appears that antibodies May rid the world of War. With big War too devastating to contemplate and Small wars too debilitating to tolerate we let ourselves begin to believe that peace is possible. Surely we reason Mankind cannot devise any More hideous ways to wage War then suddenly he does. The kinds of War we now Call a a terrorism and a guerrilla warfare Quot Are As old As old testament a spillage Quot with this difference the huns and vandals carried off women and treasure As spoils of War. Today a barbarians have found our Achilles Heel they barter with the lives of kidnapped children they use our sensitivity a our singular sacrificial love for our offspring a As leverage to blackmail us. The israelis surrounded by hostility cannot afford the luxury of a filial compassion w hich could escalate to their extinction. When Arab raiders invaded a Border Village and held most of too israeli schoolchildren hostage the israelis knew what they had to do and they did it. They advised through Tel Aviv radio that capitulation was under consideration while in parliament they stalled a until israeli commando troops could Rush to the scene. Those troops stormed the schoolhouse freed the captives and killed the captors. Yes. There was risk and some died at last years olympics a similar Gamble Cost lives. Bit any uss forthright a spouse and every israeli schoolchild would be in jeopardy. Quot he Fri under j. Edgar Hoover always sought to discourage payment of Ransom because. Director Hoover knew criminals feed grow and multiply in direct ratio to the timidity of their victims. If political blackmailers can Trade captive children for whatever they want then the rest of us Are no match for them. Is there no option other than to sacrifice captive children Israel did no to sacrifice them but neither did the israeli parliament pussyfoot. Nor did the Rescue troops fool around advising the felons of their rights. Nor did they shout halt three times or say please even once. Nor did Tley diddle around with warnings or tear Gas or stun guns. They waded in throwing hot Lead and left that vicious Bunch cold dead. Of course there will be other Bunches even uncompromising counterattack will not exorcise the world. But neither will the children of today a Israel cower piteously behind locked doors and shuttered windows hoping for mercy while their own fear feeds the insatiable carnivorous appetites of despots. Their parents have seer the end of that Road. Cases such As the Barbara Jane Mackle most of the agents who developed the watergate Case meanwhile Are still doing the sleuthing for the special prosecutors. Deathbed Promise friends who Are close to the human Richard Nixon Tell us he faithfully kept a Promise he made to Dwight Eisenhower on the late presidents deathbed two Days before Ike died president Nixon paid his last visit to the old general at Washington a Walter Reed army Hospital. A Dick a said the dying Eisenhower a there one thing i want you to Promise me. I want you to be As Good to Lyndon Johnson As he has been to Nixon gave his word. Our sources say he squelched moves by his subordinates to Hupt for scandals in the Johnson administration and use them to Embarrass the democrats in the 1970 and 1972 elections. Quot would you go after Johnson a a he would ask. If he thought the revelations might Hurt Johnson personally Nixon would say no. When Johnson died on Jan. 22, 1973, president Nixon ordered his full Cabinet to attend special services a earlier today a directed a january 23 memo to All Cabinet members a your office was contacted with the request from the ites ident that you attend the Rotunda services for former president Johnson. Epidemic of pills the Federal crackdown on heroin apparently has caused americans drug users to turn to pills and powders meant for medical purposes. This is the import of new figures submitted to Capitol Hill by the customs service the figures Are based on customs seizures which often reflect the american drug scene More accurately than do drug arrests and convictions. The new figures show that through april heroin seizures have declined almost 68 per cent during fiscal 1974, compared with the same period a year ago. Opium confiscation is Down 83 per cent. Yet during the same period the seizures of barbiturates Pep pills and other medical drugs have increased a staggering 371 per cent. U. S. Drug companies Large and Small must report drug sales to the Federal government. To get around this the drug companies simply Are shipping the pills out of the country to foreign wholesalers whose sales Arentt subject to u. S. Inspection. These wholesalers ship the drugs to smugglers below the Border or in the West indies who bring them clandestinely Back into the United states in crate size lots. Footnote the ethical pharmaceutical Industry insists it can to control what foreign wholesalers do with the drugs. The u. S. Companies however ship huge amounts of drugs out of the country knowing the amounts far exceed the needs for medicinal purposes. Bash for Bible Interior Secretary Rogers Morten threw a Bash the Ether night for retiring sen. Alan Bible d-nev., and rep. Julia Butler Hansen a was hat the stately Arlington House. Outdoor Torch lighting wooden Steps to the Patio and other frills were installed at the taxpayers expense. For the Arlington House a Virginia estate is run by the National Parks service food and liquor for the too guests was paid from a special Parks service a discretionary fund Quot from souvenir sales the fund has been set aside for promotion entertainment and the like an official spokesman said Morton a extravaganza Cost $2,000 an unofficial source said it was closer to $18,000

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