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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1974, Page 1

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - June 16, 1974, Bluefield, West Virginia West Virginia partly Cloudy today with Chance of showers. Highs in the mid 70s. Hance of showers monday. Vol. I Xix no. 167 go Ltd Fuli path second class postage paid at Bluefield w va., and add i offices Bluefield w. Va., in inlay morning june 16, 1974 Virginia variable cloudiness with Chance of showers through monday. Highs today in the 70s. Lows in the 50s. I c cents of cents daily a a sunday t pit it Peel a i Jas 327a 6171 some information and done to know the need where to find it the Bluefield daily Telegraph will attempt to answer any question of general interest on local state National or International matters. Telephone Between 4 . And to . Daily or write the information editor. Q. I live in a very mountainous area on a secondary Road. Studded tires Are almost a necessity for me to travel from my Home on Slick snowy Winter Days. Does gov. Moore s ban on studded tires apply to people in this position a n. Of. Davy. A. According to the governors office the ban on studded tires applies to All residents of the state. Q. On the Abc game of the week monday May 27, Between Kansas City and Baltimore there was a play in which George Brett hit the Ball to Mark Belanger and Belanger threw the Ball to grief at second to get the out on Vada Pinson but grief did not step on second base. Why was Pinson called out . E., Athens w. A. A obviously Pinson was called out because the Umpire on the play Felt the play was executed correctly. Not All of us agree with umpires but they see the various plays from different angles from those watching on television. You used the phrase a carrying Coal to Newcastle in an editorial last monday. What does that mean a mrs. B., Athens. W. A. W a. Newcastle is at die Hub of the coalfields in great Britain. The British saying is used to describe any wasteful superfluous act such As carrying Coal to a place which has More than ample supplies of it. Q. A few months ago the town of Matoaka purchased a new Street sweeper. So far this equipment is used for cleaning up around the mayor s Gulf station and the part of Torii where he and his friends live. Why is the main business Section of town neglected . J., Matoaka w. A. A. The main business Section of town is swept each wednesday Between 6 arid 7 . Previously the main business Section had been neglected because of a Lack of no parking signs on streets which prevented the streets from being swept officials said. Q. There was a shooting of a Man and woman on the old Bluefield Princeton Road supposedly by his sex wife. The woman was supposed to have been killed. Why was there nothing in the paper it occurred May 31 or june i. A a. B., Bluefield w. A. A. If anyone had been fatally shot local state police would have been contacted and the daily Telegraph would have so reported. Ordinarily when anyone is admitted to a Hospital with a gunshot wound the information is relayed to our offices. W e have seen no reports to support this claim. Q. Please Tell me what disposition was made in the Case involving an Athens High school teacher arrested for Possession of a controlled substance and who also had a teenage girl in his car and the Montcalm High school teacher who was arrested for Possession of a controlled substance it is reported that the Montcalm teacher was requested to resign which he did. It is also reported that the Athens teacher was permitted to teach the rest of the year. Since the teacher who resigned is Black and the one who did no to is White it appears that double standards were used and this is just another Case of racial discrimination. A d. A. Bluefield w. A. A. Both teachers were relieved of their duties. Legal action is still pending in both cases. Q. What is the name of the next Summit players production and when will it by staged also where and when will auditions be held a c. A Princeton w. A. A. The next Summit players production is titled a Marne Quot and is based on the original Book a auntie Marne Quot by Patrick Dennis. It will be staged aug. 29-30-31 and sept. 5-6-7 at the dinner theater in the West virginian hotel in Bluefield. The play has already been cast. However male dancers Are needed. Marne will be played by Pat Demaggio of Bluefield. Booker t. Washington had a daughter who married a Man named Pittman. Can you Tell me if there was any connection Between this mrs. Pittman and the teleplay entitled a the autobiography of miss Jane Pittman Quot a e. H Bluefield w. A. A. The title subject of a the autobiography of miss Jane Pittman Quot was a fictional character. Some events of the Book by the same name were based on fact but were Woven around a fictional heroine. Booker t. Washington a daughter Portia Marshall Washington Pittman celebrated her 91st birthday june 6. Her Story is told by Roy l. Hill in a recently published Book a Booker t s of. What will prevent the pitting of aluminium on rapped windows a a. Cd a Princeton. A. Nothing will prevent or Stop pitting of Mill finish aluminium. You May Wash the w window and Wax with an automobile Wax which might slow Down the process. Q. Is there any place in Bluefield that Young children can ride minibike a f. G., Bluefield w. A. A. The minibike May be Ridden legally in the Bluefield City Park. Supreme court releases de Nixon is named in jury report Washington a the supreme court released on saturday a watergate grand jury declaration that a Richard my Nixon. Was a member of the conspiracy to defraud the United states and to obstruct at the same time the court agreed to consider arguments by White House lawyers that the grand jury exceeded its authority when it named Nixon by a vote of 19-0, As an a indicted co conspirator in the watergate cover up. But it refused a motion by both special prosecutor lion q. On the television show a Hollywood squares Quot the question was asked if there is a woman with a bust measurement of 78 inches and the answer was yes. This is hard for me to believe. Can you give me some information on this the Host said her measurements were 78-24-36. A t. M. S., Bluefield w. A. A. There is an actress who refers to herself As a Chesty Morgan Quot whose measurements Are 73-32-36. This apparently is the same person referred to on the television show although the measurements you listed Are slightly different. Q. Is there any record of South Mercer Street in Bluefield Haing the highest Elevation of any Street in the state or nation a g. A., Bluefield w. A. A South Mercer is not even the highest Street in Elevation in Bluefield. Ridge Street is higher. If you Are referring to the Grade of the Street there Are several other streets in the City that Are steeper q. Who in this area is a Lender for veterans Loans if there is none in this area where is the closest office a h. E., Bluewell. A. There is no Lender for this Type of loan in the immediate area. The closest institution which does process such transactions is the Charleston National Bank in Charleston. I Hope you can Settle an argument. Which school has the largest enrolment a Graham High school in Bluefield. Va., or George Wythe High school in Wytheville a ? d. A., Bluefield a. A Graham had a slightly higher enrolment during the 1973-74 school term. Graham had 664 students while George Wythe had 606. Y who do i see about getting some signs used for advertising removed from near my House i live on u. 460 Between Bluefield and Princeton. Most of these signs appear to be too close to the Road but they Are allowed to remain. A r. L. Green Valley . A. Contact the Princeton office of the West Virginia department of highways. Masterpiece vandalized. This is Rubins masterpiece a the adoration of the magi Quot one of the worlds most valuable painting. Cambridge University authorities reported saturday that the painting has been defaced with the letters a Ira Quot scratched deeply across its surface. The 17th Century Oil stands in the Kings College Chapel at the English University. Ira stands for Irish Republican army a guerrilla organization. A wire photo Jaworski and presidential attorney James d. St. Clair to make Public the entire portion of the grand jury proceedings which were attached to its listing of Nixon and others As among those responsible but not charged in the conspiracy. The one passage made Public said a on feb. 25, 1974, in the course of its consideration of the indictment in the instant Case the june 5, 1972, grand jury by vote of 19-0, determined that there is probable cause that Richard m. Nixon among others i w As a member of the conspiracy to defraud the United states and to obstruct Justice charged in count i. Of the instant indictment and the grand Surv authorized the special prosecutor to identify Richard m. Nixon among others As an a indicted co conspirator in connection with subsequent Legal proceedings in this in agreeing to hear St. Claire a argument that the grand jury overstepped its authority in naming Nixon the court fixed Oral arguments for july 8, the same Date it is scheduled to take up a he dispute Over w Hether the president should turn Over 64 More tape recorded Conversa Ioas to Jaworski. The Brief order noted that Justice William h. Rehnquist took no part in consideration of the Case. No dissents by any of the other eight court members were noted. St. Clair has said that background on the matter some of which is in the hands of the House impeachment panel does not support the co conspirator identification. Jaworski has countered that the evidence presented to the grand jury was in fact sufficient a and has noted that St. Clair himself has not seen it All. St. Clair has asked for More of the grand jury material a a move resisted by Jaworski a while claiming that the portion which accompanies the list of a indicted co conspirators pro Page two column three inside today s Tref Knipf the new Montcalm elementary school will use the a open education concept and is hailed As one of the finest in West Virginia. Page 18, Section b the former executive director of the Bluefield Public housing authority praises the Fri investigation of the troubled Hill Street project Here. Page 18, Section b. It�?T1 costing $1,200 More to live for a family of. Four this year with Anchorage Topping the list and Small Southern towns the cheapest. Page 8, Section b. Buchanan county y Oung people Learned about governmental agencies first hand through civic Day. Page 12, Section b. Section a Giles county. 8 editorials. 4 obituaries. 2 pet Corner. 5 press Box. 18 servicemen. 5 sports. 14-18 Section b Buchanan county. 12 business. To classified. 14-17 Coal. La Dixon. 8 now amp then. 18 society. 17 statehouse notebook. 13 weather. 13 Lela Plhtte which party will be the one to bring this country together depends on which one can bring itself together. I Nixon flies to Syria Israel next a wire photo Nixon greets uniformed syrian school girls after arrival at Damascus Airport trip to Syria saturday follows Stop in saudi Arabia and continues to Israel today Ehrlichman to ask Nixon for written statements Washington a former White House aide John d. plans to seek written answers to questions from president Nixon and to subpoena Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger and White House chief of staff Alexander m. Haig or. To testify As defense witnesses in the plumbers trial a Well informed source said saturday. Ehrlichman once Nixon a chief Domestic adviser goes on trial june 26 with three others on charges of conspiring to violate the civil rights of or. Let Ewis Fielding psychiatrist to Daniel Ellsberg. Ehrlichmann a plan represents a change from previous defense intentions in the Case. The source disclosed that earlier this month Ehrlichman had subpoenaed Nixon Kissinger Haig and White House counsel j. Fred Buzhardt. A chief Legal adviser on watergate to Nixon to testify As defense witnesses. These subpoenas were returnable on june 17 the original Date for the trial to begin. But Colorado Warden campaigns against capital punishment Canon City. Colo. Apr Warden Alex Wilson of the Colorado state Penitentiary is campaigning against a proposed restoration of capital punishment. He says he might resign rather than execute a prisoner. Wilson has been making speeches to try to convince voters to reject a referendum on the Issue this november. The legislature referred the measure to the people because the previous death penalty Law was voted by the supreme court. Wilson 48, said that if capital punishment were restored he would have to either carry out the Law or resign. A by Law. The Warden himself must inflict the death penalty a Wilson said. The Warden must pull a lever connected to the Gas chamber releasing deadly Gas into the face of a condemned Man the Warden said if an execution were scheduled tomorrow head reluctantly perform the chore. But he also said he might change his mind and consider it necessary to resign he bases his objections to capital punishment on religious grounds. A i done to think christianity is compatible with taking another persons life Quot said Wilson a Homan Catholic. He added that executions should t be performed at the Penitentiary in any Case. A this is a correctional institution not a punishment institution Quot he said. On Friday . District judge Gerhard a. Gesell set a new trial Date of june 26, making the previous subpoenas moot. On Jan. 30, a White House spokesman said Nixon a lawyers had advised him to a respectfully decline to constitutional the source said that the watergate special prosecutor would be Given Access to any written interrogatories submitted to Nixon and to any replies from him. No president has Ever testified in a criminal Case but in 1807 chief Justice John Marshall ruled that a president can be subpoenaed to do so. In a March 15 news conference. Nixon said. A i believe that for the president of the United states to appear in a court of Law. Any court of Law for the purpose of testifying would be setting a precedent that would be Mast unfortunate. I believe that any information that i have has been made available which could affect the guilt or innocence of the individuals Nixon has denied know ngot the break in before it happened and Kissinger has said he did not know of the plumbers unit before the break in. Damascus Syria apr after leaving behind a pledge of More military Aid in saudi Arabia president Nixon came to Syria on saturday with an unexpected escort of soviet built syrian Jet fighters. Informants said the president would set in motion Here the renewal of diplomatic relations in talks with president Hafez Assad. Diplomatic ties were broken by Syria during the 1967 Middle East War and the syrians established closed links with the soviet Union. Nixon received a warm official Welcome from Assad and a 21-gun Salute at the Airport syrian officials said they estimated that about 350,000 syrians saw Nixon As his motorcade drove through Damascus during its Normal Rush hour. The crowds waved and some chanted. This was Nixon a third Stop on his Middle East tour and the syrian Mig jets provided a Brief period of concern just before the presidential Jet landed Here on its flight from Jidida saudi Arabia. He is scheduled to Fly to Israel sunday. Four migs approached the Boeing 707 and split off two on each Wing. Unaware that the syrians had planned an escort Nixon a Pilot col. Ralph d. Albertazzie put the presidential plane into several Sharp turns in an Effort to confirm the nationality of the migs and to determine their purpose. Security was heavy throughout this capital for Nixon a 24-hour stay. Palestinian guerrillas some of whom have voiced objections to Nixon strip to the Middle East maintain base Camps and Headquarters in Syria in addition to neighbouring Lebanon. Paratroopers with soviet made ak47 automatic rifles lined the 25-mile motorcade route into Damascus from the Airport. A Large number of syrian dignitaries accompanied president and mrs Assad in welcoming Nixon and his wife Pat at the Airport but As in saudi Arabia the Day before there was none of the wild jubilation that marked Nixon a visit to Egypt on wednesday and thursday. Nixon and Assad Rode together in an american limousine brought Here especially for the president s visit. He is the first american chief executive Ever to visit Syria. Just a few hours before Nixon said Farewell to King Faisal of saudi Arabia at Jidida after making his Promise of increased military Aid to the desert kingdom. Faisal told Nixon that he hoped a fall problems and blemishes that seem to exist Between the United states and some Arab countries will be Ford critical of leaks to destroy Kissinger Utica. Navy. A vice president Gerald r. Ford charged saturday that a nameless leaders of vital information have sought to undercut have sought to destroy Henry the vice president at a Republican funding raising reception at Oneida county Airport said the recent leaks regarding Secretary of state Kissinger a role in wiretaps Are in some ways typical of what has been happening for a year and a half Ford said it was a a planned organized Effort to discredit the the vice president did not name those w to allegedly made the leaks. But in Chicago on Friday he said they include rep. Joshua Lilberg. A a a House judiciary committee member who first said the committee had evidence Kissinger had initiated National Security wiretaps in 1969 that statement contradicted what Kissinger had said in his Page two column eight

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