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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1973, Page 4

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - December 16, 1973, Bluefield, West Virginia Thi plur Firlo my Merlr graph founded by Hugh Ike shot interprets readers defend Freedom of truth miners the news Hugh Shojii editor Richord Wesley end Cutie editor the columns on this Page represent a variety of editorial and political opinions. With the exception of the column directly below they do not necessarily reflect the views of this newspaper. Good morning Jesus said to him a i am the Way and the truth and the life no one comes to the father but by me. If you had known me you would have known my father also henceforth you know him and have seen 14 6,7. To know about Christ is not enough. To be convinced that he is the Savior of the world is not enough. To affirm your Faith in him As we do in the apostles Creed is not enough. You a really done to actively believe in Christ until you make a commitment of your life to Hun and receive him As your Saviour. A Billy Graham american evangelist. Ford not expecting accession despite the buildup that some newspapers and other Media Are giving vice president Gerald r. F Ord for president Ford himself does not expect to succeed to the presidency by the resignation of president Nixon or by his impeachment. Ford sex poets or. Nixon to serve out his full term. In response to questions at his first news con Ference since taking office As vice president Ford said emphatically a i can assure you that the president has no intention of resigning. I heard him say it before and he reiterated it then Ford added a a i done to think he should resign. I see no evidence whatsoever that would justify a favourable vote in the House of representatives on admitted that As the recent Leader of the Republican minority in the House this answer could be expected from Ford it is also reasonable to expect him to be familiar with the evidence marshalled against or. Nixon by the House judiciary committee which is investigating possible causes of impeachment. He predicted that or. Nixon would be exonerated when All the facts Are known. It is no secret that some Republican representatives Hope that now that the Vic presidential vacancy has been filled by a Man whose Domestic and foreign views Are virtually identical with his own or. Nixon May be More willing to step aside. They want to be relieved of the need to face up to a possible vote on his impeachment. But Ford does not share this View. A if the president continues to be successful in solving Mideast problems there will be a groundswell of support a he said. A the american people Are far More interested in peace than in a matter like watergate so persuaded is Ford of his position that he added that he not Only did not regard or. Nixon As a political liability but that the presidents appearance on behalf of any Republican candidates for Congress ought to be an asset. Ford has been called an acute politician. This statement May be proved next fall. Business optimistic on 74 More than a thousand industrialists attending the annual Congress of Industry of the National association of manufacturers at the Waldorf Astoria in new York shared a largely restrained optimistic mood about 1974, with better business foreseen for next year Quot the Economy is Strong a if we can Only solve the Energy crisis a was the Way Eugene j. Thomas an Iron manufacturer from Memphis tenn., expressed it and he was seconded by Many others. Energy seemed to be on the minds of everyone and they had a Short term solution for it. Donald a. Gaudion of Rochester n. Y., urged taking off the controls and letting prices seek their own level. He suggested that if the Economy is allowed to run itself for a while we re going to be better off. M. Merle Harrod of Wapakoneta Ohio is against Price and wage controls and also against rationing of Gas. He goes along with Secretary of the Treasury George p. Schultz and Deputy Treasury Secretary William e. Simon who has also been put in charge of Energy let prices and the free Market work. The Law of Supply and demand will take care of things. That was the View of Many. They were also in general agreement that the lifting of controls would Over the Long run help to push inflation downward. But the consensus was to control inflation will take cooperation Between government business and labor. No one saw the end of inflation in a year or two but in the next few years Many saw inflation reduced to the Range of 3 to 5 percent. Energy and inflation were the two most troublesome questions the thousand senior executives worried about. But neither problem seemed to be insoluble. They saw the Economy continuing to grow and they Are geared for it. I remember one of my teachers saying Many years ago a your Freedom ends where mine i was raised on the Bill of rights. Iti defend a to the death the Freedom of the press Freedom to Tell the a truth the whole truth and nothing but the when the Media uses innuendo inference gossip it is no longer Freedom but License. When the Media leads the people into mass hysteria it is no longer Freedom but dictatorship. A Junta by the Media is More insidious than one by the military. The present tactics of conquering by use of to deprives us the people of our Freedom to think clearly. They have deprived at least one citizen of a fair trial by a jury of his Peers. The die hard democrats win at the polls so they will try to resume control of the country by a dirty for instance the use of a million dollars of taxpayers Money to throw out of office the Man who was legally put there by the taxpayers is one the dirtiest. The Only watergate witness to Label our president As guilty was John Dean who did so because he a had a is our nation to be doomed because we convict a Man on a a feelings there is not a shred of evidence against or. Nixon. The Only basis is political. If Richard Nixon were guilty of All the unfitness the democrats try to impugn to him the Congress would not need a million dollars to prove it. All the accusers need to do is cast their vote. Then history will decide who was unfit. Josephine stoats Georgetown s. C. I was Reading your foal Page of the sunday 12-2-73 paper and saw the letter you had from or. Hill from Herndon mines to the . When i read things of this sort i can to help but wonder if the Public thinks that the Coal company a problems Are All the miners fault As they try to imply or if they think it could be any of the company a fault i have worked at Herndon for some time now and i assure you that it is not All labors fault the first problem is i think the big Money we get the companies think that because they Are paying big Money you should jump in a waterhole or run a piece of equipment that is not Safe and be Happy. Well Money does no to buy happiness. This mine is in real bad shape As far As condition and equipment is concerned. Nothing is Ever done right the first time around and a ten the mine inspector comes and catches these problems the company tries to find someone in Tabor to blame the troubles on rather than to do it right the first time. The parts problem and supplies Are unbelievable. You can to get anything to work with. A Rue Blossom it is almost impossible to get a Ball of tape. The Only Way to get a safety problem straightened out is for the mine committee or the mine inspector to catch it. Then they Start trying to find a Man to Chew out because of some of the problems. A person who never worked around the mine would never believe the attitude the foremen have Over there. One mine Foreman has cussed the men More times than one. This same Man has kicked his office chair around till it is almost demolished. Still they expect us to be Happy and run them Good Coal in these conditions. As for their losing $700,000 this year they May have but i think that is the Way they want it. I believe the companies want to lose Money so they wont have to pay All the fines the inspectors have put on them. You know no profits no fines. Anyway what i am saying is that All the problems Are not the menus fault. Some of the men Lay off As they imply but they paint a bad picture of All the men Over it. Anyway if you had to work in conditions like these you might Lay off too. I done to know the address of the . But if you would Send them a copy of this letter i would appreciate it. Please print this. Also please withhold my name. A Herndon Miner Princeton w. A. For some time your congressman or. Kenneth Hechler has been attracting applause and admiration for his testy vigor in confronting the avaricious Coal stripping Industry. This approbation won by or. Hechler has been brought to our attention by the san Francisco chronicle. I have had the pleasure of visiting your scenically Lovely state on several occasions. It seems axiomatic that All West virginians would As one voice and will Chain the avaricious Coal profiteers. All West virginians want their grandchildren to know the striking natural loveliness of your state As i have known it j this is to be i will be because of Lien such As or. Kenneth Hechler. N. L. Blankenship Santa Clara Calif. In response to the Oil shortage who a to blame we can hardly blame the arabs. If the position of the . And the Araba were reversed what would we do the jews refuse to give Back Arab lands and continue to balk at peace proposals. According to sen. Fullbright the jews control 70 to 80 seats in the Senate. Why Are we so insistent in supporting Israel against our one time Arab friends who is running our country Why Are the senators who were so against Vietnam now such Hawks against the arabs William Lawson Bluefield no caretaker up its now a fairly Strong bet that despite his present protestations to the contrary vice president Gerald Ford will be a live candidate for the gop presidential nomination in 1976. The polls which quickly thrust him to the fore done to mean much today except recognition As result of his Long grilling in Congress. But they May come to mean a lot More if he is sustained at fairly High Levels. For one thing that very process has Given him a verdict As clean if somewhat bleached and Bland. He gets automatic Good Marks for accepting the Good soldiers role and seems unlikely to be tarnished by it no matter what the revelations about the Nixon regime. Furthermore a Good Many party people including some segments of the leadership May be drawn to Ford by the awareness that in the circumstances of watergate and surrounding issues he might become president at any time that May or May not happen. The hard hunches in this town aside there is yet no convincing sign that president Nixon will either resign or be impeached but the Mere Prospect will give him special political life. Ironically his situation almost instantly has become like Nixon s in 1959-60, when the late president Eisenhower a varied illnesses put his then vice president in a posture of Clear advantage for the next election. Those observers who were around at the time will Tell you Many Republican leaders were almost afraid to oppose Nixon for fear he might be president the following Day Ford to be sure will have handicaps to overcome. He will not have had the lengthy National exposure Richard Nixon had enjoyed by 1959-60 and he will need to build a Strong Chilom f. Buckley or. Cop out no offence football fans done to particularly care for it but the Man at the next desk says that in the game of life head be willing to Settle for a tie. Lbs is said to have sneered that Gerry Ford played football too Long without a helmet. Now Hon is quoted As saying that Ford wore a leather helmet. We Hope the appropriate congressional committees will get to the heart or head of this vital Issue. The Farmers of America deserve our admiration for producing All that food. But let us remember that without the Humble housewife there would be no leftovers. Its rather ironic we suppose that As air travel makes it easier to get places in a hurry there Are fewer places Worth going to. On a recent occasion senator Lowell we Icker in a highly Public situation said that he could not express himself on the question of whether president Nixon should be impeached for one simple reason. Namely that if it should happen that or. Nixon were impeached he would then need to be tried. And among those who tried him would be a the same Lowell Weicker. This excuse ii very appealing and has been widely used among others by the sainted Junior senator from new York or. James Buckley. I find the argument altogether specious while not doubting the sincerity of those who use it nor the inconveniences they Are thereby spared. The publisher of the Providence journal bulletin recently complained that a dismaying number of his readers continue to believe that the word a a impeach is the equivalent of the word of course it is not so and the question arises whether the proceedings before the House of representatives and those before the Senate have exact judicial counterparts. The answer to that is they Nave judicial counterparts but they Are not exact. Loosely speaking the impeachment proceeding can be likened to the proceedings conducted before a grand jury. There the question is asked is there a Prima Facie Case against the accused sufficient to justify a formal trial before a Petit jury grand jury proceedings Are conducted in secret. That is they were conducted in secret in what we might Call the pre Ellsberg age. The idea was that the grand jury should feel free to hear All kinds of testimony including hearsay. But that those about whom that jury hears testimony should not suffer the Public obloquy resulting from testimony Given under rules that do not provide the protections to which a defendant is legally entitled at a the two process Ess to the Congress it is loosely speaking the Job of the House of representatives to decide whether there is enough evidence to suggest that an pm i m writing this letter in protest of an article in the Richlands news press concerning the desire of the Tazewell county Board of supervisors to Force Mobile Home owners to buy a decal for a fee of Ijar dollars to Post on their Mobile Home. Now it May be called Mobile but it is our Home. No other Home owner even has to pay personal property tax on their Home let alone buy a decal for them. You the Board of supervisors have no right to ask those of us who live in Mobile Homes to buy a decal unless you Are willing to buy and Post the same decals on your Home. I assure you i do just As much living in my Mobile Home As you do in your House be it Wood Brick or any other material. Now if my county is in any financial trouble i m willing to pay my share in any fair Way. Mobile Home owners Rise and Stop this discrimination. We have the same Legal right As any Home owner. Mary l. Young Bandy a. I would like to express my opinion of the recent action of the Mercer county court. This action was the appointment of a Rock District Constable. It seem that the Montcalm people have again been the victim of the Bramwell a a millionaires spite ulness. The town of Bramwell now has three City police and As usual personal staff Well beyond the regionally Flavoured group he brings to the Job. Some of our recent vice presidents have not been conspicuously endowed with Broad scope assistants of High Talent. Ford already is being watched closely on this front. His position virtually guarantees his steady Access to the speaking circuit the other cop 1976 prospects obviously intend to travel. If republicans somehow should manage to Salvage More from the 1974 elections than is presently indicated who will get the credit Ford a retired Ronald Reagan a Nelson Rockefeller resigned from office travelling businessman John comically a Ford might come off fairly Well. His strength thereafter might show Best in those states which done to have primaries. That s where his incumbency would be of most Aid. With so Many of the 22 primary states requiring automatic entry for highly visible or avowed presidential prospects the vice president a Short of an ironclad declaration of non candidacy a could not of course avoid the primaries. Yet there again he might do reasonably Well. Today Reagan is the Clear inheritor of the Southern party strength that formerly clustered around resigned Spiro Agnew. Rockefeller is the presumed top candidate of the republicans progressive Wing. But both will have to run the Gamut of primaries in sectors where they have weaknesses both will be past 65 by 1976, and Many gop spokesmen privately think a Reagan Rockefeller struggle has a tired ring to it. Despite Rocky s cent Erward move moreover the fight would take on a left right tone. None of this Means Ford is suddenly hot stuff. It does mean though that he a a lot More than a caretaker Prospect. The town of Montcalm does no to really matter. The dirtiness of this trick is not so much in the appointment but the Way it was done. The new Constable was not even a candidate in the last election. He also has a number of other jobs. The Montcalm Community had a very qualified Man for the Post. He was not the Holder of another Job. He was dedicated to the people of the whole area. He also had a great number of people behind him. This is a Factor that seems to be forgotten except on election Day name withheld it. 3, Bluefield w. A. This is a terrible thing to have to say. The time has come for the president to step Down from office. Events Are showing that this administration is bad from top to Bottom. It has accepted Money Given illegally by big corporations has taken Money from the milk producers and then allowed milk prices to Rise inordinately has seen the president intervene in the . Anti Trust suit and heaven knows what else. It is especially painful to have to say the president must step Down for the Good of the country because i voted for him and have always supported him. But no More. The sooner he resigns the better. T. M. Horn Tannersville a. Reachable offence has been committed. It is then of course up to the Senate to make the determination a at sessions presided Over by the chief Justice of the United states. Now when they talk about the difficulty of having a fair trial of say John Dean Iii they Are saying this that testimony about John Dean must be received by the jury with reference to the rules governing the admissibility of evidence. This Means. Roughly speaking that no juror who sat and listened to John Dean during the several Days that he dominated United states television is qualified. When Archibald Cox pleaded with senator Ervin last summer to cancel his hearings or at least to hold them in private he made specifically the Point that it might otherwise prove impossible to prosecute the principals because of the probable Scarcity of jurors who had not listened to the charges Over television. Now it is presumed possible to find jurors who went an entire month or two without listening to television. Accordingly one can assume that a a fair trial of Dean it a1 is possible. But any attempt to apply identical rules to the Senate is preposterous. I suppose one can find a senator who has never heard of Richard Nixon and watergate but the impression to the contrary notwithstanding these Are scarce. The Assumption is that they All have. And that they have reached private conclusions at least on the question of whether the president should be impeached. It is my Point that they can in All fairness reach that conclusion without reaching a conclusion on whether the president should be indicted. In the Case of Lowell Weicker he is on the record As saying that he believes that John Dean is an essentially credible witness if that is the Case he cannot escape the conclusion that Richard Nixon should be impeached notwithstanding that he would be pledged to evaluate All the evidence at a trial before the Senate of the United states. 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