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Bluefield Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1973, Page 1

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - December 16, 1973, Bluefield, West Virginia West Virginia heavy Snow warnings today with accumulations from 6 to 12 inches. Cold tonight through monday in the 20s. Vol. Xxviii no. 350 Virginia Snow tapering off today with highs in the 20s. Flurries tonight with lows in the teens. Second class postal paid at Bluefield w. A. And add l offices Bluefield w. Va., sunday morning december 16, 1973 i 0 daily 20 cents sunday clocks will be moved ahead Jan. 6 387-6171 need some information and done to know where to find it the Bluefield daily Telegraph will attempt to answer any question of general interest on local state National or International matters. Telephone Between 4 . And to . Daily or write the information editor. Q. Would you please give me the name of a newspaper in Nashville Tenn., and its address and phone number a k. E. M., Narrows a. A. The Nashville Banner or the Nashville tennessean Hoo Broadway Nashville Tenn. The phone numbers Are 255-5401 and 255-4221.Nixon signs Daylight savings Bill Washington a president Nixon signed a Bill saturday putting the nation on year around Daylight saving time starting Jan. 6. also called for Congress to act before the Christmas recess next week on the More expansive Energy conservation Bill which cleared the House Early saturday. Nixon said the extra hour of evening Daylight will save a an estimated equivalent of 150,000 barrels of Oil a Day this Winter. The measure cleared Congress Friday and Nixon acted quickly so clocks can be moved ahead one hour beginning at 2 . Jan. 6. Had he waited another Day the could not have taken effect before Jan. 13. Under the Daylight time will be in effect All year for a two year period and for the first time since world War ii. Some estimate its Impact could reduce electricity and heating demands by up to 3 per cent mainly in the North. As a companion to the Nixon also signed an executive order setting up machinery for considering appeals from parts of the country notably states falling into two time zones to seek exception from the Day Light time requirement. The House worked into the Early morning hours saturday to pass an emergency Energy Bill a the one Nixon is urging 3uick action on. However it offers in Many respects from similar Senate passed legislation and requires compromises that would have to be worked out quickly if a final Bill is to reach Nixon a desk by the end of next week. The House version was passed by 265 to 112 following a 15-hour session that included 23 Roll Call votes and decisions on 50 proposed amendments. The measure gives Nixon Broad Powers to Deal with the Energy crisis but was amended by the House to prohibit allocation of fuels for busing children beyond neighbourhood schools and to Cut off All Petroleum exports for military use in Indochina. Another amendment would give either House of Congress 15 Days in which to veto by majority vote any administration plan to ration gasoline or other fuels. Senate House conferees Are expected to Start work monday on resolving the Many differences. Both versions would give the president such Powers As rationing gasoline and making a ban on sunday gasoline sales compulsory. Clean air standards could be waived to permit burning of dirtier fuel. Reductions in Speed limits thermostat restrictions in both Public and private offices and curtailment of hours in schools Page two column four q. I would like to know Why or. Roy Compton and Flemings can take a Job night watching at Camp Creek and drive their ear to Aud from work and turn in Gas mileage to the county and collect for it when it is in no Way connected with their Job As Deputy sheriff or. Compton has never mentioned it in any Way hut he is Quick to mention Dwayne Ernest. A d. B., Princeton w. A. A. According to Mercer county sheriff Jack Scott Danny Compton and Jimmy Clyburne both jailers Are employed by the county to work 40 hours a week and whatever work they do outside of that is not his concern. added that the two jailers were employed by Hampton construction company As night watchmen on a Road project near Camp Creek and that jailers turn in no Gas mileage to the county. Sheriff Scott further explained that a to my knowledge Field deputies Roy Compton and Emory Flemings have not served As night watchmen while on truckers to remain Idle until monday q. How Are the captains of the All area offensive and defensive teams determined a r. C., Elkhorn w. A. A. The leading vote getters Are usually selected As the captains. J. The garbage service in Upland provided by Eugene Edmonds garbage service is far from adequate. It seems that the garbage truck makes weekly stops to the houses along it. 52 but comes to the houses in the Back Row Only once a month yet everyone pays the same garbage collection fee. I have complained to the people in charge of the garbage service and no Bange has come about. Who can i inform of this situation so that something can be done a g. T., Upland w. A. A. You May write the Public service commission in Charleston or phone 346-2162. the associated press protesting truck Drivers who pulled their rigs off the Road to dramatize their complaints about fuel prices and Speed limits said saturday they would continue their stoppage through the weekend. There were indications however that the protesters were arguing among themselves about How Long to continue the shutdown. Officials in Ohio and Pennsylvania said truck traffic was lighter than on a Normal saturday. Dave Townsend one of two truckers Manning a Clearing House in Denver colo., for Telephone Calls from Drivers throughout the country vowed of Why is the new Bluefield Library going to be called the Craft Library to. K., Bluefield w. A. A. The building itself will be known As the Craft memorial Library in memory of the late Jack Craft former Blu fielder and author of a wheels on the Mountain Quot who donated 3,000 shares of Holiday inn Stock valued at approximately $130,000 to the Bluefield Board of Library commissioners to Aid in financing the project. The Money was used on a Matching basis for Federal and state funds. Facilities housed inside the building will be known As the Mercer county service Center a since it will serve the entire county a and the Bluefield Public Library. Q. Would you please Tell me where i could go or write to get a map of the City of Bluefield also could you give me the names and locations of the schools or training centers for retarded children in Mercer county a j. A. Crown City Ohio. A maps of the City May be obtained from local Banks the chamber of Commerce or the Bluefield City clerk s office. The Mercer county Opportunity workshop for the handicapped located at Glenwood Park is established to help retarded children. Q. I would like to know where the weather station shown on Channel 2 is located in the Bluefield viewing area. Also the one shown on Channel 2 in the Bramwell viewing area. A b. C., Bluefield w. A. A. The weather station for Bluefield is located on top of the Bluefield to Cable building on North Street. Bramwell a is located at Nick s to in Bluewell. Q. My husband and i were different religions last week and when he mentioned the pentecostal holiness c Hurch neither one of us knew much about the Church its beliefs and origin. Could you perhaps inform us about this Church a r. Raven a. A. The holiness Church grew out of the holiness movement Between 1895-1900 in the South and Middle West. The religion emphasizes Christian perfection As taught by John Wesley and believes in the pentecostal baptism with the holy spirit. The churches membership is about 67,000 and its Headquarters Are located in Franklin Springs a. Wavu develops pollution free Coal process Morgantown w. A. Apr Coal researchers at West Virginia University Are experimenting with a process of trapping polluting Fulfur in Coal ashes rather than removing it from the Coal before burning or cleaning it from the stack after burning. The system known As Sulu train is being developed at a Vul a Coal research Bureau by research technician William h. Buttermore his process involves combining Lime or Limestone with pulverized Coal before it is burned. As the Coal bums the Calcium in the Lime combines with the coals Fulfur to form Calcium sulfite. It in turn is left behind with other inert materials in Coal and forms Ash. The process has been successful on a Laboratory scale and researchers at the Bureau Are investigating the possibility of applying it to commercial operations such As Coal fired electrical generating plants. In Laboratory tests Buttermore used finely ground Coal with a 4.8 per cent Fulfur Content. After mixing it with Lime in a patented process the mixture was formed into pellets and dried. After mixing and drying the average Content of the pellets was about 55 per cent and the average Fulfur Content was about 3.5 per cent. A on Good runs we achieved Fulfur retentions of from 90 to % per cent Quot Buttermore said Quot which Are within air pollution regulations and All of the Carbon was Wavu quotes 1972 figures from the National Coal association showing that in the South Eastern United states Coal with i per cent or less Fulfur and 8 per cent Ash costs $2.01 More per ton than Coal with 3 per cent Fulfur and 8 per cent Ash. A we will stay shut Down for sure through Mike Parkhurst editor of overdrive Magazine said however that truckers were Back on the Road except in the areas around Denver Lamar pa., and old Washington Ohio. A truckers Are starting to move a he said saturday morning. Fades of the fraternal association of steel haulers which claims 25,000 members in the Central and Eastern United states voted saturday afternoon to end the shutdown. William Hill the association president said however the group would Call for another strike next month if the truck Era demands Are not met. Truckers blocking a Section of Highway near East Liverpool Ohio continued their protest on saturday stopping supplies of food and other items. Police said about 200 trucks were involved. City officials said a plan had been worked out for emergency deliveries within the City. There were new reports of sporadic trouble. But no injuries were reported and leaders of the demonstration said they did not condone any violence. Drivers in West Virginia continued to Block truck stops saturday and an official of the Gulf Oil terminal in Huntington said most of the service statics supplied by the terminal were out of Gas because the firm pulled its Drivers off the Road Friday. The protesters a most of them independents who own their own rigs and say they Are hardest hit by the higher diesel fuel prices and lower Speed limits a originally called for a two Day shutdown scheduled to end saturday morning. Drivers in scattered areas moved out of truck stops and Back on to the Highway. Photo by Dave Williams firemen rummage through debris in search of two bodies two teenagers killed father injured in Mcdowell fire flames destroy Home brother sister die in Northfork Blaze by Dave Williams two teenagers died and their father was injured saturday morning when a fire apparently caused by an overloaded circuit swept their two Story Frame House in Indian Ridge hollow near Northfork. Police identified the victims As 14-year-old Tyran Seressa Bonds and 16-year-old Lyndon Bonds both children of 58-year-old Frankie Bonds who remained in Stevens clinic Hospital in Welch saturday night. Bonds injured in attempts to save his children was being treated for Burns arum was reported to be in satisfactory condition by a Hospital spokesman. According to John Lane Deputy state fire Marshall the fire was apparently caused by an overheated fuse Box. Lane explained that the Brittle wires in the Box indicated internal heat and that debris around the area and film left on broken Glass All pointed to faulty electrical wiring As the cause. Benny Capparelli Northfork Community Volunteer fire department inc. Chief estimated damages to the buildings and its contents at $10,000 and $2,400 to Bond s late Model car that was destroyed. Capparelli explained that the House was already engulfed by the flames when the fire department arrived about 12 minutes after he received the Call at 12 35 . A we worked hard for about 45 minutes with two one and one half Inch hoses before we could bring the fire under control Quot Capparelli said. A after most of the flames were Capparelli added a we used a Fine Spray to Page two column four q. Providing a person has a Good solid sealed Container is it against the in West Virginia to carry extra gasoline in your car a r. A. Keystone. A. No. Q. How Many Points did Northfork Blue Demon Forward Mark Page average per game last season a d. C., Welch w. A. A. Page averaged 19.6 Points per game last season and is an All area returnee. Q. What is the Turnpike fare from Princeton to Beckley a j. I., Bluefield w. A. A. $1.50 _ q. In Light of the United nations attempt to smooth things Over in the Middle East and participation in other Border disputes and clashes sometimes unsuccessful ones i wonder if you could Tell me just what the whole purpose of the United nations is a d. H., Lashmeet w. A. A. According to chapter one article one of the charter of the United nations its purpose is to maintain International peace and Security and to that end take collective measures to the prevention and removal of threats to peace and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace and to bring about by peaceful Means and in conformity with the principles of Justice and International adjustment pm settlement of International disputes or situations which might Lead to a breach of the peace. Q. When was the National association for advancement of coloured people a act j founded a n. B., Bramwell w. A. A. The a act was founded in new York in 1910. This began the a great migration a of More than 2,000,000southern Blacks. Q. Could you please Tell me something about the european economic Community a d. W. H., Keystone w. A. A. The Etc was formed in 1958 and includes Belgium France West Germany Italy Luxembourg the Netherlands Britian Denmark Ireland and Norway. It makes its Headquarters in Luxembourg. Its purpose is to abolish All internal tariffs so that there can be free movement of goods persons services and capital within the Etc. _ q. Why is it that there is paper enough for everything in the sunday paper except the entertainment Section this is one of the most missed sections of the paper. When will it be put Back in the sunday paper a j. F. G., Princeton w. A. A. The newsprint Supply continues to be a critical problem for the daily Telegraph and All . Newspapers. We Hope to be Able to resume publication of the entertainment Section when and if those supplies improve hopefully sometime in 1974. A weekly schedule of to movies sports and educational to programs is being carried in the sunday daily Telegraph. Bluefield High students contribute to Community Christmas tree a the Bluefield High school student Council has collected $320 for Bluefield Community Christmas tree. The Junior class was the leading contributor turning Over $122, followed by the seniors with $114, and the Sophomore class with $84. Pictured left to right Are Debbie yearout Beth Deitz principal George Erps faculty member mrs. In d. Smith Peggy Whittaker and Karen Keeling. Mrs. Smith s homeroom Lead the classroom collections with $51. Hopes dim As tree fund contributions dwindle the Bluefield Community Christmas tree fund collected a disappointing $121.05 saturday to Send the total collected to Date to $3,725.57 a just 62 per cent of the $6,000 goal. Tree workers Haven to Given up Hope that this goal will be reached but time is growing awfully Short to do it. The big Christmas tree party for iome 1,500 underprivileged local children is set for dec. 24 at Ramsey auditorium a just eight Days away. That a the party where children who have no other source of Christmas Joy come to see Santa Claus be entertained by Whis to and radio personalities and to pick up the present Santa brought them along with the traditional Christmas nuts fruit and Candy it remains Bluefield biggest Christmas bargain. You can get in on the action by sending your gift to Community Christmas tree fund co Bluefield daily Telegraph Box 208, Bluefield w. Va., or bring it to the newspaper offices at 412 Bland St. Saturdays contributions inside today s Srur graph the City chamber of Commerce looks ahead to improvements within its organization and forms two committees one on transportation and the other on legislation. Page 2, Section a. Two household words in this area Snoop and scoop started 17 years ago because the Public disliked the shows format. Now More women watch the local to show than children according to a Survey. Page i Section i. Pos spent lonely but often fulfilling christmases in their prison Camps but for the first time in a number of years Small things take on giant proportions. Page to Section b. Despite the Public juror Over watergate state political organizations till favor behind closed door meetings and apparently the practice will continue. Page 5, Section a. The opera House was crowded when the 14-hour production on Stalin a life began but Only the really dedicated stayed to the finish but even they missed it. They were asleep. Page 4, Section d. No child can go through Christmas without at least one letter to Santa. The kids mean business and done to hesitate to Tell Santa exactly what they want. Page i Section d. Buchanan county. So business Page. 2d Byrds Eye View. 6a classified. 6d-9d Coal Page. 3d Ronnie and Scottie Hurst 5.00 miss Michele Wilhite 2.00 Anonymous 3.00 or. And mrs. Hancock or. 10.00 . 5.00 sky club inc. 10.00 Anonymous 10.00 or. And mrs. David g. Webster or. 5.00 general Telephone co. 25.00 or. R. Ednacot and family 10.00 Dewette club 5.00 Fiauu. Editorials. 4a the arts of the final Frame. 2c Bluefield woman s Giles county. 10b club 11.05 inside City Hall. 5d or and mrs. Harold just supposed. 8a l. Miller or. 5.00 Mercer notebook Ioc Kemo and Reecie now and then. Id Wickham 5.00 Otto Whittaker. Id Clarence Perkinson 5.00 press Box in or. And mrs. Charles pos 10b Bowers 5.00 science for you ii servicemen 12a today a total $121.05 society. 1b-8b previous total $3,604.52 sports in so to listings 4d grand total $3,725.57 to movies 4d Lele Peilte with Christmas approaching it is difficult for the families of Washington officials who had planned to give dad a Nice tape recorder

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