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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 24, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Shannin ton Dunner Friday september i. 19b"� defense of local government seen Good gdi1 political i Ssue classifieds leg fall crossword television radio try la of. C. Hilson United press International if the republicans Are Able to Salvage anything worthwhile from their performance in the 89th Congress it is Likely to be the party a record in defense of local government against toe massive centralization of Power in Washington that should be a Good political Issue in next year s congressional election. The Pat name for that Issue is states rights. But that name has unfortunate Side effect meanings. To Many negroes states rights is the Battle cry of opposition to minority civil rights. It would be unfair to confuse the Issue of civil rights with the Effort of congressional republicans to shield local government against heavy handed domination by Federal courts and Washington bureaucrats. The Only Republican score so far in this 89th Congress came about last week in the House. Republicans and conservative democrats joined in rejecting Power grab Compromise on lbs a a 1965 end poverty in american appropriation Bill. By a vote of 209 to 180 the House insisted that there be restored to the Bill provision for governors to veto end poverty projects proposed from Washington. The veto right is limited and could not prevail against bureaucratic insistence from Washington upon a Given project. This limited state veto had i Een opposed and Defeated by administration forces in the Senate. In conference Between Senate and House representatives the veto provision was eliminated from the Compromise Bill proposed for final action. Thirty seven of the 50 state governors had appealed to Congress to support the states rights Point of View by providing for the veto. Of these 3? governors 21 were democrats. The Johnson administration and its u. S. Senators on Leash were unimpressed. It remained for the Republican minority to press the Issue in the House and to win. A Good Job Well done. Senate republicans a pitiful minority Are mane vering on two fronts to protect local government against big brother in Washington. Senate minority Leader Everett Mckinley Dirk sen threatens to filibuster against Johnson s Effort to repeal Section 14-b of the Taft Hartley labor management act. Section 14-b is organized la Doris no. I legislative project. Big labor helped the democrats to their 1964 election triumphs for which Johnson has agreed to pay off by repealing 14-b. The Section denies no right of organized labor. It merely assures the right of voters in any state to determine for themselves whether compulsory unionism shall or shall not be permitted. There seems to be at least a possibility that Dirk sen will be Able to lick lbs on this Issue. The other local front defended by Senate republicans involves an Effort to reject the supreme court s Rule that membership of both houses of state Legislatures must be apportioned soley on the basis of population. Dirksen is pressing for amendment of the Constitution to overrule the court. But Dirksen would not impose a substitute Rule on the states. His proposal merely would permit a state to apportion membership in one House of its legislature on a basis other than population. Note that in these matters the republicans do not seek to impose anything or any system upon any state. In All instances it is proposed Only that each state shall decide for itself according to the will of its voting citizens. What could be More fair than that it All adds up to a Good and intelligent Republican Cami Palgon Issue for 1966. Legal notices expense Check pension plans profit sharing plans Security Purchase plans gift certificates debts and interest on debts such As Bonds notes interest interest coupons debentures undelivered savings or amounts paid toward Purchase of same moneys held to pay outstand ing checks other than those listed above issued by corporation or business entity. The abandoned property division is making a general mailing of the necessary forms to be used in filing the abandoned red Irina a Stock in . Seen Hurt by recent actions by Stewart Hensley United p Ess International american officials believe that red China s chances of getting into the United nations have diminished sharply As a result of her recent words and deeds. This should make it easier at that opened in new York tuesday for the United states to reverse the rising tide of support peking has gained in the annual balloting on this Issue in recent years. Red China a threats against India which raised the Spector of a major Aslan War have Cost her some support among those who previously urged she in Given the seat held by nationalist China peking s scornful rejection of any role for the United nations in seeking peace in Viet Nam also has had its effect. This is particularly noticeable according to . Officials among some of the african nations formerly inclined to sup in Jet red China. Not that peking cares of you can go by what Premier Chou Enlal says. When he bluntly turned Down Early this month any United nations role in the Viet Nam conflict Chou also made it Clear that the world organization would have to mend its ways before peking would want to join. By this he meant that it must cast off what red China views As domination by a imperialist America a a with the Connivance of a soviet revisionists a the number of countries who believe that red China can be reformed by permitting it to become a member of the club has shrunk somewhat. One notable defection from these ranks is India which first proposed peking a membership in 1950, it was beaten Back decisively at that time and for the next to years the United states was Able to get a vote each year to postpone consideration of the problem. The High Point for this . Resolution was in 1957, when it was approved 48 to 27, by 1960 the votes for the . Position were Down to 42, while the opposition was Able to Muster 34. In 1961 Russia proposed giving peking the chinese seat. This was beaten 48 to 37, with 19 abstentions. In 1962 the same Resolution was Defeated 56 to 42, with 12 abstentions. By 1963, with Russia and China at sword s Point in their bitter ideological feud Albania had to go to Bat for peking. The pro peking faction came nearer to getting a Bare majority and the United states concern increased. While the general Assembly so far has ruled that it would take a two thirds majority to seat peking instead of Formosa it can always change this Rule by a simple majority vote of it wishes. Nit til him rail Lim Chicago up that picture of the Dagwood Bumstead of the world Rushing for bus or train hardly fits the picture of a lot of commuters one company which makes Metal dining furniture talked to men at suburban train stations and found that 65 per cent breakfast at Home with the family. Of these 53 per cent ate breakfasts prepared by their wives the other 12 per cent ate breakfasts prepared by Cook maid or older child. There was no vote last year since the Assembly was handcuffed by the dispute Over voting rights of delinquent debtor nations such As Russia and France. This year Albania again is putting Forward the Resolution with Algeria Burundi Cambodia Congo Brazzaville Cuba Ghana Guinea mall and Romania seconding the motion. The Odds Are. As . Officials see it that the attempt can be beaten Back More easily than at any time since 1957. For this they say red China receives the credit or the blame according to How you look at it. Firo Perty report. In the event it s determined that you have unclaimed funds or other unclaimed personal property to report and have not yet received the forms please Contact the abandoned property division office of the a Tate treasurer. Administration building Mont Pelier Vermont 05602 for further information and forms. Penalty a a. Any person who wilfully fails to Render any report or perform other duties required under this chapter shall be punished by a Fine of not More than $10.00 for each Day such report is wilfully withheld. B. Any person who wilfully refuses to pay or deliver abandoned property to the state treasurer As required under this chapter shall be punished by a Fine of $25.00 or imprisonment for not More than one month or both in the discretion of the a 1964, no. 35 up sess title 27, effective january i 1965 sept 20. 24, 27, oct. I 4, 8 Legal notices a to the known for values open tonight till 9 . Outside furniture clearance saturday Only Odd pieces of furniture on Sale include 11 Maple recliners rocking chair easy chair table.-, buffets hutches Chest of drawers and Manv other pieces. Some pieces slightly damaged kicked and other minor defects. All furniture at. 50 of Reg. Retail i Price come Early sat. For Best selection All sales final bid police car bids will be received by the trustees of the Village of Bennington at their office in the municipal building 205 South Street Bennington Vermont until 7 of clock Eastern Standard time tuesday october 5th, 1965. 1966 a new four door Sedan with conventional drive Black in color 8 cylinders Piston with displacement 300 cubic Inch minimum to be used by the police department with the following specifications a Leece Neville 60 amp. Heavy duty alternator and rectifier installed on car at factory. Air conditioned and defroster spotlight Oil filter undercoating heavy duty Vinyl plastic covered front seat rear seat front and rear door panels headlining in Matching materials. Heavy duty transmission heavy duty brakes 15 Inch wheels-7-75 Nylon tires heavy duty clutch heavy duty front and rear Springs and Shock absorbers foam rubber Cushion front seat heavy duty Spring in front seat and Back of front seat heavy duty air cleaner backup lights to work automatically extra Large rear View Mirror heavy duty reinforced Side Auld front seat Frame winterize Radiator with prestone Firestone town and country tires with Snow tread on rear who a i car to be lettered police in Gold Leaf a change Over bracket in Back deck to hold fire extinguisher hand spot Light in Alator and other equip ment transferred. Transfer Siren and red Light 1964 present police car to be taken in Exchange bid Price to be exclusive of All Federal taxes state earliest delivery Date. The Board of trustees Reserve the right to reject any or All bids and to accept the bid which they deem in the Best interest of the Village of Bennington. Henry Mallory chairman police committee dated at Bennington Vermont this 22nd Day of sept. 1965 sept. 24, 29 unclaimed property notice to a individuals partner ships business associations government or political sub divisions. Public corporations. Public authority estate Trust a. Any other Legal or Commer Cia entity. Pursuant to the unclaimed property act of 1964, Vermont statutes annotated title 27, chapter 13, the state treasurer hereby notifies the above that unclaimed funds or other personal property must be reported to the state treasurer on or before november i 1965 listing hems Field Quot As of the close of business june 30,1965. By Way of illustration the following funds held or owing by any business association when the person entitled has not claimed it or corresponded in writing with the corporation concerning it within seven years prior to june 30, 1965 must be reported Stock or other certificates of new Cofchin notice Public hearings notice is hereby Given that the wage boards for the retail wholesale a service establishments and the laundry i cleaning Industry will hold joint Public hearings As follows Rutland City Council chamber City Hall tuesday september 28, 1965. Montpelier room 9, state House wednesday september 29, 1965 All meetings Are scheduled for 10 30 . Until 12 30 . Or until All persons in attendance have been heard. The purpose of these meetings is to hear any and All persons who May be concerned with employment in retail wholesale and service establishments and the laundry and cleaning Industry in order to enable said Board to make recommendations to the commissioner of Industrial relations relative to the promulgation of a minimum wage order for the several types of employment in said Industry to conform to the increase in the minimum wage As provided for by subchapter 3, chapter 5, title 21, Vermont statutes annotated As amended by no. 35oftheactsof 1965. All persons interested in or affected by this act a it it pertains to the retail wholesale i service and the laundry and cleaning Industry Are requested and urged to appear and to be heard. Dated september 15, 1965. J. Stewart Dumas Danby Vermont chairman sept. 22, 24 in Memorio in memory of our Mother Ruby Carey who passed away one year ago today september 24, 1964. We miss you now our hearts Are sore As time goes by we miss you More. Your Loving smile your gentle face no one can fill your vacant place. Sadly missed by her children and grandchildren. Monuments cemetery lots Rock of Ages Granite Barre Guild Seal. . Carver. Call 2-4808. Display at 126 Washington Avenue. By appointment appreciated. Personal s Bennington lanes open Mon Day through Friday 5 ., Cit. Amp sun., 3 . Win free Bowling every Friday night Moonlight Bowling 9 30 we will be closed saturday at Loon beginning aug. 21. Bennington farm eau lament. Wedding invitations announcements cake decorations imprinted napkins and matches Guestbooks. Bennington bookshop 416 main St., phone 2-5136. The daytime special you have waited for after september 13. One month for $15.00. Come everyday if you wish. Limited number accepted. 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Used car clearance Sale 65 Mustang convertible v-8, Rah. �?T64 Falcon 6 cyl., 4 dr., f Ordo Matic 63 Plymouth 4 door automatic �?T63 Ford 8 so cd $2495 Standard $1595 Heater $1295 v-8, g500, 4 door cruise Omatie Power steering $1795 �?T63 Oldsmobile 88 8 cyl., sports Coupe $1995 a after we sell we serve Quot 289 main St. Bennington 442-5451 flute the Ford 748 main St. Bennington 442-6373 want something use a Banner classified and 5 00 to Quot tank commandos 13 sugar foot 5 Bozo 6 Lloyd Thaxton 17 kindergarten 5 30 17 what a new a 6 00 5 dateline Boston 6 Barie Pudney 17 local Issue 3 your senator from Connecticut 2 weather sets news 13 weather news 6 05 3 sets news weather 6 25 5 weather 6 30 3-10 Walter Cronkite 5 the 6-30 report 1 news a eat her sports 2-6 Huntley Brinkley 13 Sunset strip 17 sews 4 comment 645 17 backgrounds 7 00 5 news Walter Cron Kite 2 Mchaley a Navy 3 death Valley Days 6 Quot old get to big news 17 reports on Congress 715 17 social Security 7 20 to sports 7 30 2 theater 2 3-5-10 the wild wild West 13 Flintstones 17 opinion in the Capitol 6 00 17 sir Kenneth Clark on Art 13 Zorro 8 30 13 a warns family 17 Baltimore symphony no. 8 3-5-10 hogans heroes 9 00 13 Honey West 3-5-10 Gomer Pyle 6 j olm Forsythe 9 30 6 Quot the Little hut to the Stratton store a 2-13 Peyton place 3-5 the smothers show 17 creative person 10 00 2-6 Man from la null 3-5 Slattery a people 17 dynamics of the i Amity 13 Jimmy Dean show in so 17 Billot Norton ret Lew Lou 2-3-5-6-10-13 news weather spt-11 20 3 America s greatest movies 13 movie 13 11 30 2-5-c tonight show to a a sue a 1 00 2 Dally word 5-13 news 110 5 Bat Masterson 2 40 3 news weather saturday. 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