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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 24, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Showers Cloudy with showers tonight. Cooler with Low in the 50s. Cloudy with Chance of showers saturday. Cooler. Yesterday s High 86 Low 64. Today at 7 ., 65. Trace of rain. Sunset 6 47 . Sunrise 6 42 The Moon will be at the new phase at 11 18 tonight. Bennington Bennington Vermont Friday september 24, 1985 Anner founded weekly in 1841, daily in 1903. No. 19,872 to cents army wants reserves a t 6 wartime s t r eng th9 Washington up a the army plans to recruit thousands of youths to Brin civilian military units to wartime strength for possible use in the vietnamese conflict. Officials disclosed the plans thursday As an alternative to the defense departments proposed merger of the National and army Reserve was blocked by Coo guard which Gress. The v o i u train month signed Slons in i v debut a s. Ambassador Arthur Goldberg scores China s aggressiveness and urges a nuclear weapons destruction plan in his first major . Speech thursday. Up Gromyko scores i a. % i Iet Nam aggression United nations . Up a Russia today demanded a Complete end to aggression of the United states in Viet Nam with no preliminary conditions. Soviet foreign minister Andrei Gromyko in a policy speech to the general Assembly gave full backing Down the line to the position of North Viet Nam and communist China for an end to . Raids and the withdrawal of All american forces from South Viet Nam. But he took an oblique swipe at peking in declaring that there were a third parties interested in the Kashmir conflict a who would but see advantages for themselves in India and Pakistan getting bogged Down still deeper in Mutual enmity for this would weaken each of them and make them prone to see United nations Page to col. 4 youths to come from n t a r y enlistments will under the army a six program then be Asta National guard dial and other civilian units scheduled to be expanded to wartime strength. Originally the additional manpower for High priority civilian units was to be obtained from organizations abandoned under the merger plan. Three National guard divisions and six Independent brigades Are scheduled to get additional men and equipment officials said they would be selected within the next week or to Days. About 20,000 men Are needed to fill out the combat units supporting troops Are also needed. Already the civilian reserves Are getting More than 150,000 men a year from the six month program. Men signing up for the program which keeps them out of the draft Are released by the army at the end of six months. But then they must join a civilian unit. Officials said they anticipated no difficulty in recruiting the additional men because enlistments have been soaring with the recent increase in the draft to More than 36,000 men a month. The program has some attractions for the potential draftee since even the highest priority civilian unit May not be called to Active duty at the present time. The three National guard divisions will be brought to a strength of about 15,000 men. They Are expected to be selected from the guards four top Kearns Calls for reforms in penal court systems Montpelier us we Ham f. Kearns administration commissioner has called for Reform of Vermont a penal and court systems. The commissioner who was former institutions Deputy commissioner said thursday that the state does no to have the facilities nor the programs for disturbed Young people. Commissioner Kearns said the Only cure is a Long Range program and the first step would be construction of an intermediate medium Security prison. The latest state prison controversy was touched off Early this week when former Calais rep. William Blachly charged that a a shocking conditions prevailed at Windsor prison and that a a vindictive punishments were meted out to prisoners. Blachly called for the ouster of Warden Robert Smith and a change in prison administration. John v. Woodhull institutions commissioner thursday asked gov. Philip h. Boff to appoint an Independent team of experts to probe prison conditions a to silence the malicious and unfounded accusations of the past two Over the past few years the prison and its staff have been under attack from various j Ermont air official release some details of rash study a Rutland a some preliminary findings on the circumstances surrounding the plane crash near Here monday that took four Bennington educators to their deaths were reported thursday by one of the several investigators probing the cause of the crash. At the scene wednesday and thursday were officials of the Federal aviation administration and the civil aeronautics Board. They have been joined in their probe by Vermont aeronautics supervisor Richard Hurd though it will be the Federal agencies which will prepare the final and official report. Hurd however told the Banner thursday that it had been Learned that Ralf s. Kates the Pilot of the plane and one of the four killed had had about 117 hours flying experience. Hurd said that a a a minimum of about 50 hours is required before a person Cai qualify for a pilots License. Kates did have such a License. According to Hurd however Katesy 117 hours of flying experience a is no to considered in the flying business As a lot of Hurd also commented on Katesy possible use of instruments to guide his Craft. A Pilot Hurd said must obtain special certification before he can Pilot a plane using instruments Only. He said that Kates did not have such a License and had had a Only a Small amount of training of any in this particular Field. The Beechraft musketeer in which Kates and his three passengers were flying to Montpelier however was equipped for instrumentation flying Hurd said. On tuesday the Day the ill fated plane was found in deep Woods in the town of Mendon just East of Rutland Hurd told newsmen that Kates had apparently encountered weather conditions which he had been unable to handle. He also referred to a violent weather conditions which had apparently torn off a portion of one of the planets wings before the actual Impact of the plane with the Trees and ground. Thursday he added visibility Over the mountainous area had apparently been a very a skates could Nave gotten into what we Call a instruments conditions a he said a in which he distinguish Between the ground and the sky. Its this that May have started him into the report to be prepared by the investigating Federal agencies is expected to be released in november. Hurd said however that the Vermont aeronautics department will probably Issue its own see air crash Page to col. 8 groups. Charges have ranged from narcotics rings within the Walls rampant homosexuality and the latest charges of brutality and callous official attitudes. Gov. Hoff thursday set up a meeting of the institutions Board for monday afternoon. Blachly said he would attend the meeting. _ Burlington us a mental health commissioner Jonathan a. Leopold says Vermont needs the proposed intermediate medium Security prison. Or. Leopold said thursday that the proposed institution can to be cast aside for regional correctional work Camps any More than Waterbury state Hospital can be closed and mental health problems treated solely on the Community level. The commissioner said both prisoners and mental patients need special services and a variety of facilities. He also said that facilities for staff training should be considered. The proposed intermediate medium Security prison has twice been Defeated in the legislature and is now receiving another Strong push from the administration because of t h e controversy raging Over alleged conditions at Windsor state prison. \ i. Delegation. Ford schedule news conference Montpelier up a Vermont a congressional delegation will hold a joint news conference with rep. Gerald Ford r-mich., on oct. 2 in Burlington. House minority Leader Ford will be the featured speaker at the state gop $25-a-plate fundraising dinner that night. Following the news conference Ford and the congressional delegation will be feted at a cocktail party. Vermont Republican party executive Secretary Richard Thomas said rep. Rooert t. Stafford r-vt., will serve As toastmaster at the fund raising dinner and Republican George d. Aiken and Winston Prouty will also speak. Infantry divisions the 26th in Massachusetts 28th in Pennsylvania 30th in North Carolina and the 42nd in new York. They now have about 10,000 men each. The brigades will be increased to about 3,500 men each. The guards top brigades Are the 29th in Hawaii 67th in Nebraska 69th in Kansas 92nd in puerto Rico 258th in Arizona and infantry units with the 30th armoured division in Tennessee and the 50th armoured division in new Jersey. Shastri charges Pakistan with cease fire violations he killed in i id to Al 12 in los die base fire near Tokyo it Tokyo us a fire swept through a closely guarded . Navy communications Center near Tokyo today killing 12 american servicemen and seriously injuring 14. Japanese firemen said the toll might have been far less of initially they had not been barred from the scene. The fire broke out in a two Story Frame building 20 Miles Southwest of Here at 2 30 Japanese fire department officials said they were first barred on grounds the Blaze was a minor one but then were called in two hours later. The communications Center is engaged in classified work relaying messages Between the . 7th Fleet and related land installations. It was built by the Imperial japanese Navy in 1926 As a military relay station. . Navy authorities said 84 other men were on duty when the building caught fire but they escaped unhurt. It said of those in the Hospital overcome by smoke and in a a satisfactory Condi a japanese fireman was in the Blaze. A Navy spokesman described the secrecy shrouded installation As a quite a secure area and said its Navy communications function was not disrupted by the fire. Japanese news photographers were prohibited from taking pictures and one who tried to photograph the main Gate was arrested. He was released after his film was confiscated by Security officials. Names of the victims were not released pending notification of next of Kin. Most were were Tion. Hurt pinned Dona. Hell coming a helicopter with support troops hovers Over . Marines pinned Down by Viet Cong fire near qui Nhon South Viet Nam thursday. Up Saigon claims Odo reds slain in one of wars biggest Saigon us a South vietnamese forces reported today they had killed More than 600 Viet Cong in a Savage Battle near qui Nhon. It was one of the biggest Victory claims of the War. . And vietnamese troops killed 91 other guerrillas in a series of Sharp skirmishes. . Air Force b52s from Guam struck again today bombing red concentrations in the communist a Iron Triangle classical \ new of heaven hell questioned by Bishop at Council Vatican City up a an ecumenical Council prelate today suggested the old Church View of heaven and hell a is out of Date in an interplanetary belgian Bishop Andre charge of Namur made the observation spilled spuds a Salinas calif., Highway patrolman sits among 70,000 pounds of potatoes after a truck carrying them rammed into the rear of a pickup truck spewing the vegetables All Over the Road. The pickups drive was slightly injured. Up in debate of a document a on the Church in the modern the Council overwhelmingly endorsed the document As a basis for discussion by a vote of 2,111 to 44 announced in St. Peters Basilica today. Bishop Charuey a criticism tied in with suggestions made by some Bishops previously that the churches discussion of the modern world should consider the space age and even the possibility of intelligent creatures of other planets. Bishop Charuey a Point was that in an age of space exploration the traditional physical View of Paradise in the sky is no longer Subtle enough for modern Many a religious beliefs. In contrast italian Bishop Giuseppe Marafino of Veroli and Frosinoni said the Church should remind men that the Devil is about in the modern world. A the documents ignores the presence of evil a he said in urging a More fundamentalist View. A we should remind men of the Devil in the modern there were 12 speakers in All who agreed that the document was Over simple in its solutions of modern problems. The vote taken thursday but Only announced this morning showed however they were enthusiastic to tackle the problem. on the inside Sam Ogden tells Why he a not a vermonter a Page 4. Manchester firefighters receive $1,000 Check from a Bank a Page 5. Bennington College president addresses the no Shaft Lions club a Page 5. 20 Miles North of Saigon for the second time in three Days. Fleets of air Force and Navy planes ranged Over communist North Viet Nam hitting communist Barracks Bridgee and transportation targets. One american plane was lost today a a propeller driven sky Raider which crashed into the South China sea shortly after taking off from Chu la Airfield near Danang. The Pilot was rescued almost immediately by a Marine helicopter. The French Consul general reported vice Consul Jean bion was missing in the Central Highlands Between Korntum and Plesku and was believed captured thursday night by the Viet Cong. The vietnamese reported their big Victory came in a Battle that raged along a 20-mile stretch of North South Highway one 25 Miles Northwest of qui Nhon on the coast nearly 300 Miles Northeast of Saigon. The Battle ended Early this morning. An american military spokesman in Saigon said the vietnamese reports of the heavy Viet Cong casualty toll had not been confirmed by . Military advisers partly because of Cornin Una cations difficulties. But . Pilots who flew 58 support missions reported seeing Many bodies in the area. The vietnamese said the Battle began when the Viet Cong overran a government outpost Northwest of qui Nhon. The government in a Multi battalion strength was ready and struck Back driving out the guerrillas and picking them off in the fight along the Highway. A the . Army a 1st infantry division killed 14 Viet Cong thursday in a search and destroy operations to Miles Northwest of Bien Hoa 15 Miles Northwest of Saigon. The operation was continuing. A a government Force killed 34 Viet Cong in a fight to Miles Northwest of Hue up the coast from Danang. Two nearby search and destroy operations nearby killed 28 guerrillas. �?. Marines killed 8 Viet Cong in a series of clashes around the defense perimeter of the Danang base while the . 1st air cavalry division killed seven Viet Cong probing their defences at 4 New Delhi up a India accused Pakistan today of vol lating the United nations ceasefire at several Frontier Points while pro Pakistan guerrillas reported killing 83 Indian soldiers in a flare up of fighting in Kashmir. The Indian accusation was the first report of violations since the cease fire went into effect at 3 30 Indian time thursday 6 pm. Edt wednesday. An official government statement said the pakistanis had entered India and dug trenches at a number of Points. Indian anger turned to Britain meanwhile for halting military shipments during the War with Pakistan. Deputy Bharat j a Azad of the ruling Cong res party asked India to withdraw from the British Commonwealth. In the heated debate some members suggested Britain be expelled from the Commonwealth. Both prime minister Lai Bahadur Shastri and pakistani president Mohammad Ayub Khan received congratulations from president Johnson and from soviet Premier Alexei n. Kosygin on ending their three week old War. Both Shastri and Ayub Khan have warned that the crisis is not Over. The Indian defense ministry reported an easing of ten Salon in the silk Kim Tibet Border area and said the chinese communists were thinning out from the Chola and Yak la passes while still occupying the North and South shoulders of Nat Hula pass. It said the chinese had left Indian territory in the Dong Hui la pass. Pakistan reported today its troops were occupying 1,600 Square Miles of Pakistan. A military statement reported 830 pakistanis killed in action and an estimated 7,000 indians dead. Pakistan itself was reported returning to Normal with Telegraph services and International airline services being restored. The India statement said the pakistani violations ranged from Kashmir on the Northern end of the Border with West Pakistan to the Rajasthan sind desert area far to the South. I a. Fears India seeks Nous area Washington up a . Officials expressed grave concern today Over the possibility that India May enter the nuclear arms race. Their fears were intensified by the disclosure thursday that 86 members of indians parliament had demanded that prime minister Lai Bahadur Shastri immediately take Steps to produce nuclear weapons. The Johnson administration has intensified its previous admonitions to India not to take the fateful step of moving into production of nuclear weapons lest it touch off similar actions by a number of other nations. In addition to the obvious military and political consequences the United states would hate to see hungry impoverished India devote its resources to the relatively sterile Field of atomic weaponry. It was recognized in Washington however that the War with Pakistan plus the intensified threat from red China Lead strengthened the position of pro nuclear elements in India. They have Long insisted that the country should manufacture its own nuclear weapons in View of peking a Progress in this Field. So far Shastri has resisted this pressure. If he gives in it would constitute a definite setback to the efforts of the United states Russia and Britain to get an International agreement against any further spread of nuclear weapons. American scientists say India has the resources and scientific know How to get into production of explosive nuclear devices within about 18 months

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