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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 20, 1966, Bennington, Vermont 1-Bennington Banner tuesday september 20, i960 i tutorials the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont or. Joss accomplishment or. Jano Jost the controversial educator who claims he was awarded several a underground degrees while studying at a University run by the German resistance movement during world War ii has since coming to Vermont drawn attention a unintentionally we re sure a to the need for giving the state Board of education More authority to control and set minimum standards for private schools. Or. Jost is the founder of a College my a girls school in Hyde Park both of which Are still on paper. He was recently tried on charges of falsely advertising that his College can Grant Deli roes. This week or. Jost got his name in the headlines again by attempting to rile articles of association for a private boys preparatory school. Secretary of state Harry Cooley says he Hasni to decided whether to accept the documents. Or. Jost and other a a educators and tenders of educational institutions Hose qualifications have been questioned recently have demonstrated a though vet is certainly the last thing they in ended to do a that founding a new College or school in Vermont is just too easy. Under state Law anyone can Sta t a school simply by filing papers it i the Secretary of state. A group editor s motes re i it aptly a year ago today four Benison educators died in the crash t Small plane on Mendon Mountain. In tragedy deprived southwestern Verlot of four men who were deeply a teemed with educational change and ii movement. Their deaths left a Gap the administrative structures of our lie and parochial schools and brought dress into the Homes not Only of their Milles but of the Many Bennington i a students and adults alike a knew loved and respected them. Is Only fitting that we remember in today and express our sympathy e again to their families. I Ere is apparently no Legal objection to prepayment of tax Bills in old Benning and the Rural fire District. Officials both have indicated that they Are and i h s to accept Advance payments to help c in avoid heavy borrowing Between now i i the still Uncertain time in the future a in a new grand list is completed and Bills Are mailed out. Prepayment will Only save the taxpayers Money they so otherwise have to spend for in est payments but is a convenience to be who would rather pay now than at Bris Mas time. We Are still waiting comment a Vermont is still corruption free Brattleboro reformer i a time it mounting corruption in gov ant Vermont remains free of such a ii pm. Hit if i it of Quot stators fed up with moral Kio in in the Halls of elective Leader take a done to the latest news out of office of the Vermont motor vehicle ii inner it will be no happenstance. Voter vehicle commissioner Malloy lift a is songs Driver License the other Day \ tilt away the right to operate a vehicle of Das following a conviction on a of Montpelier reporters recently pointed out the Absurdity of this procedure by establishing the Ethan Allen school of journalism and by announcing a program of study in defamation distortion and other skills of the Trade. The statements and activities of Vermont a new Breed of a a educators have at times been so ludicrous however As to get across the Point even More emphatically than the reporters have done. Once it has been started a school must apply to the education Board for degree granting privileges. But even if the Board refuses to accredits school it can legally continue to operate without awarding degrees. Vermont a private schools and colleges have earned a reputation for excellence that will be endangered if the state becomes a Haven for diploma Mills and institutions of questionable purposes and standards. The state has an obligation to protect not Only this reputation but also the students who might unwittingly enrol in schools and colleges that falsely claim educational respectability. This is a matter that the legislature should be under considerable pressure to consider when it convenes this Winter. Anxiously for an opinion from the town counsel As to whether town Village and school District taxpayers can also make payments in anticipation of taxes and thereby help reduce the amount that will have to be borrowed in anticipation of taxes. The town of Hoosick . Had quite a blast on the occasion of its 175th anniversary. On town of Hoosick Day sunday there was a Parade contests of All sorts music excitement and dancing. And even though the Queen of the whole affair miss town of Hoosick Deborah Markiewicz had to be in Troy for a county Queen Competition there were plenty of pretty girls on the Parade floats. It was a Lively Celebration of an important occasion carried out with All the zest and Community spirit that our neighbors in new York seem to have so much More of than we in Bennington. Organized labor wasted no time in endorsing gov. Hoff and it. Gov. Daley for re election at the state labor councils weekend convention in Burlington. The councils chief objection to candidate Richard Snelling is apparently that he once supported right to work legislation. We Hope the Council gives him credit at least for running a successful Industry with a Long history of Good labor relations. Charge of careless and negligent driving. At about the same time commissioner Malloy suspended the vehicle operating rights of the son of Vermont a newly appointed Superior judge Robert w. Barrow. The judges son lost his License for 90 Days after conviction on the same charge. It is certainly so that the commissioner had no Choice but to curb the two sons of a a big wigs including his own son a but we still like the healthy look of those suspension actions. We still think that in Many another suite a Way might have been found around such suspensions. And we will not be surprised if those out of states who read about it look with new respect on the Green Mountain state. Fischetti Quot Well son i d say we be about Sot her re Etc Erhard could be a Man of destiny if Germany gives up nuclear Hopes by Marquis Childs Washington. Around that inflated Symbol of Germany a fat Well being Chancellor Ludwig Erhard the weary old nuclear quadrille promises to go on again. It is More nearly a hesitation Waltz which no one seems to know How to end. Erhard is coming Here next week and he is expected to exercise in his talks with president Johnson the familiar German veto. He will insist on keeping the option open Over the right to exercise some authority in the use of nuclear weapons. That chills the Hope the president eloquently expressed recently for an acceptable Compromise with the soviet Union on a nuclear nonproliferation treaty. It happens that the White House has a confidential report showing the German people Are not Overly concerned about the nuclear question. Especially to the younger generation it is a matter of indifference whether the prestige of the new Germany is shored up by some form of nuclear sharing. This being True and the report is Given wide credence Why does no to Erhard have the courage to speak out and disclaim any interest in even the implication of a German Finger on the nuclear trigger sharply differing answers to this question have set off a controversy in the administration Over German policy and the last remaining Hope for a nuclear non proliferation treaty. The conviction in the White House expressed by presidential aide Bill Moyers is that with Only a minimum gesture of renunciation on Erhard a part the russians will agree to a treaty. The state department insists that Erhard must be upheld or the German political Structure will collapse into a Jelly of indecision with the French example and deutschland uber Alles at the end of the Road. A of Erhard a unease has its counterpart in a great Many capitals. He is not master in his own House. The coalition in the parliament through which he governs shows signs of crumbling at the edges. His own Cabinet members notably his foreign minister Gerhard Schroeder and his defense minister Kai Uwe von Hassel Are pressing him to stand firm on nuclear sharing in the belief apparently that this could resolve his no Lotical dilemma. So Erhard is an unhappy Man torn by conflicting forces. And he comes to Washington at a critical moment when the time remaining for getting agreement on a nuclear non proliferation treaty is measured in months a six to eight months at the most. If time runs out the Genie in the words of the late John f. Kennedy will be out of the bottle. With the manifold distractions foreign and Domestic the shortness of this time Span and the Long seeming futility of the disarmament talks in Geneva have been lost sight of. A reminder came from 290 citizens who in a plea to the president declared that the spread of atomic weapons by manufacture or acquisition was a greater threat to the Security of the United states than the Viet Nam War. The signers including 12 Nobel laureates warned that eight nations have the resources to construct a bomb three of them within less than a year. Of the three India is the most conspicuous candidate. No two Heads of government could be More unlike in All outward aspects than Erhard and mrs. Indira Gandhi. Yet mrs. Gandhi in new Delhi suffers from the same uncertainty that plagues the German Chancellor in Bonn. As prime minister her grasp on the apparatus of Power and on Public opinion is less than sure. Out of the tragic War with Pakistan and the Pinch of hunger have come manifold discontents reflected in a rising nationalism. China has the bomb. Since India can build it Why India have it and particularly since the nuclear giants show no signs of yielding up any part of their incredible store of destructive Force. These pressures Are growing and in the end despite her own real reluctance mrs. Gandhi May feel compelled to give the godhead sign. It takes no second sight to see what this would do to the shaky Power Structure in that part of the world. The government of Pakistan could hardly resist the violent Public reaction which would follow and red China would be Only too Happy to offer to Supply the makings for a bomb. This is a prescription for nuclear chaos. As candidate for Man of Des tiny to save the world Erhard has an unlikely look. Yet hardly less than this role is his should he dare to take it. If the confidential report to the White House is Correct he would lose the support of Only a fraction of German opinion by renouncing nuclear weaponry although he might find politicians with their knives out. The Power of decision does not of course rest solely on Germany. By asserting what is reported to be the White House View president Johnson could in the forthcoming talks make it Clear that the United states will give Germany no part in nuclear decision making beyond the formal framework now existing in nato. That could open the Way to a test of whether the soviets will agree to a reasonable Compromise on a nuclear treaty. These Days Mountain chatter visits from Jack Frost by Carlo Wolter Searsburg. Although a drastic weather change is always expected this time of year it comes As a Surprise to us when old Jack frosts cold breath makes charcoal sketches out of Green gardens. Fortunately for us he always visits the valleys before he climbs the Mountain. Thus he gives us a warning to Harvest or protect what we can before he arrives Here. The valleys second or third Frost is usually our first. That a the Way it was a week ago sunday when Jack Frost announced himself in the Wilmington Dover area. We have expected him Ever since. But when he came to Skylark thursday night he tried to mislead us with a Strong wind. Charlie fell for it. A a it a too Windy for Frost a he said. But i did no to believe him. So about Midnight i went out with a flashlight and covered the tomatoes. Temperature dropped to about 26 degrees but there were reports of lower temperatures than that in the Valley. Our Garden received no severe damage although a White Blanket covered it at Daybreak. This led to a Busy Day harvesting cucumbers and tomatoes Friday making relish putting up pickles Canning Ripe tomatoes and storing the Green ones in the cellar. Unlike Frost a Good rain. Fall is always Welcome. It May spoil somebody a vacation but it also fills Peoples Springs. According to Leo Berry of the new England Power company Over four inches of rain have fallen since labor Day sunday. It helped a lot in Searsburg too. Anybody who Ever had to carry water knows what it is like when a Spring goes dry. When we first came Here we carried water Well into Winter. The following year we read about water dowsing. So we tried it and found a Spring. Whether it was the forked Apple stick or just Plain Luck is beside the Point. We had water. Since then water is our most treasured natural asset. Even the drilling of an Artesian Well did no to change that. Over the years Charlie has developed a great interest in dowsing. So much so that he plans to attend the annual dowsers society convention in Danville. This morning after breakfast Charlie disappeared in our three Plum tree Orchard by the Pond. He actually disappeared from sight in the thick underbrush of Plum suckers. We planted the Waneda and Underwood big red round varieties in 1953. But they did no to Bear until last year although they were a splash of blossoms each Spring. All Day Long Charlie Cut and sawed and chopped freeing the Trees from the choking growth some two inches thick. Pruning is one of his favorite occupations. But even he chop Down two saplings which Are bearing almost As Many plums As their 13-year-old parents. Of course the fruit is Small. But it should be interesting to let them grow and see what happens. He also transplanted some and of he continues the Way he started we will have Plum Trees All Over the place. The last two weeks looked As if Camp owners in Searsburg were out for one More end of the season fling. Cars were parked in front of most Cabins. And some visitors were Here too. Mrs. Clarence Gove Nulli of the Wildcat Springs restaurant in Chester mass., was a guest of Charles and Gladys Dix last week. The two ladies had much in common. For one thing Gladys is quite an artist and mrs. Gove Nulli used to paint too. Sparked by her friends enthusiasm mrs. Gove Nulli took up the Brush again and painted a Lovely landscape the first after Many years. She took it Home framed and ready to hang. Another visitor was mrs. Livingston Longfellow of new York City and her police dog Roxy. She stopped in Searsburg a few Days before going to Maine and is expected to stay a while on the return trip. Or. And mrs. Arnold Olsen of Mamaroneck ., arrived late saturday night at the Olsen Cabin with their oldest daughter Karen and the youngest Lisa. But their arrival was not a very pleasant one. Seems that they surprised some burglars in the act. Momentarily it appeared that nothing was taken although some windows were smashed and doors tampered with. State police Are investigating. Ifs a shame that things like that happen in the country. There was a time when All the residents Here us included did no to bother to lock our doors. Not anymore. Times have changed. Like Many other Young students Karen returned to College sunday for her second year. Her Mother drove her to Albany and then returned to Searsburg. And we too had company. Walter and Halma came up from West Milford n.j., saturday night for a Short one Day Surprise visit. They were Here just Long enough to Exchange All the family news talk about a tractor Walter is interested in and eat a delicious dinner at the Wilmington White House. And then Home again. Campaign costs worry thai politicians even though there Are no elections quotes m a the Lutu film tabs Kwh attack my a by met Fol Lars Closs it Wab so awful j Trott this is what i Call the Hazard course every vice president has to run. It is part of the Basic training one has to go through. No Man in Public life is As much exposed to guerrilla War As a vice president a the Opportunity to be shot at from All sides. If you survive it is a modern Day Miracle. But i plan on surviving. Vice president Humphrey asked about the speculation that someone might replace him As president Johnson s 1968 running mate. The Cible. Invincible Man is Vin a Thomas Hayes Defeated gop gubernatorial hopeful speaking at a party Unity meeting about the Campaign against Turice elected gov. Hoff. The French Cook anyone because god better than is French. A Raymond Oliver proprietor of be grand velour in Paris to chef and author. By John Chamberlain Bangkok Thailand. The topic of elections while not As pressing Here As it has been in South Viet Nam gets some rather desultory attention. According to promises made some years ago the mild military dictatorship neither very military nor very dictatorial that runs the country under a Field marshal prime minister is supposed to give Way to a constitutional monarchy after a period of discussion. Pote Sarasin the . Educated minister of National development has been assigned the duty of making a study of the possible formation of political parties in Thailand. The argument is that parties Are needed to Cut Down on the bewilderment that would result if every candidate for the National Assembly were to run on his own ticket with his own separate platform. What is interesting to a Westerner about the discussion is that Pote Sarasin is tackling the subject of election expenditures even before it has been decided when to hold elections. The minister of National development thinks the government should provide Campaign funds out of the state budget to All candidates of whatever party. The idea would be to get away from the corruption that has usually resulted in asian politics As elsewhere in the world when successful candidates seek to recoup their expenses out of the perquisites and opportunities of their office. It could be that Pote Sarasin who went to school at Wilbraham in Massachusetts has been following the headlines from America about the Tom Dodd Case in which the whole practice of raising political expense Money by tax free gifts and elaborate testimonial dinners has come under fire. Moreover the Bangkok papers which have been talking about government financial Aid to candidates have been running stories about such routine american devices As the democratic party a presidents club which charges $1,000 per member and attracts contractors who might have much to gain from political favouritism. Pote Sarasini a friends in the government could presumably stay in office forever of they adopted certain american election Campaign customs but Pote being something of an idealist who is concerned about thai political apathy wants to insure a free Field and no favor when elections Are finally held. One particular Pote Sarasin proposal is that the government should Supply candidates with printed election material without charge. But one thai newspaper sees an indirect menace to Freedom of speech in this idea. The objection is that no government is going to subsidize the printing of violent expressions of opinion that run counter to what the Powers that be wish to have printed. Moreover the fear has been expressed that an incumbent government might be tempted to use election expense Money under its control to support a majority of candidates of its own choosing. The american who has witnessed the invasion of . Polices by Well heeled Kennedy Harriman Rockefeller and even such minor millionaires As Barry Coldwater and the late sen. Kerr of Oklahoma May Well smile at thai editorial criticism of the idea of government subsidy of political candidates. Compared to the heavily on sided political advantage which the scion of a wealthy family has Over a penurious opponent in America the advantages to be derived by an incumbent through government censorship of poster material looks like pretty Small potatoes. For better or worse the most that the government could do would be to take some of the passion out of electioneering by prescribing dignified forms. If Thailand Spote Sarasin could neutralize the Power of Money in thai elections he would be setting an example for the whole democratic world. The chances that he will succeed however Are exceedingly slim. No one can prevent a monies Man from having an advantage in politics other things being equal. And should the thai government manage to formalize the practice of giving evenhanded help to All political candidates this would merely come under the heading of the a other things that Are equal. The same situation would prevail in America if Lyndon Johnson succeeds in exempting Small political contributions from income tax. The Kennedy and Rockefeller with Access to the big Money would merely take off from a higher threshold. Humor something to say one night in new York Albert Einstein attended a dinner Given by one of the City a leading citizens. The Host asked the scientist to address a few words to the other guests. Einstein begged to be excused. A i have nothing to say a he told his Host. Then noting the others disappointment he added a however As soon As i do have something to say ill let you know a a few months later the Host received a note. A now i have something to say a the scientist wrote. Another dinner was arranged and Winste n gave his talk. A Boston Globe. /

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