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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 20, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Occasional rain Cloudy tonight with Low temperatures in the mid 50s and occasional rain Likely. Chance of occasional rain developing in North portions wednesday and Cloudy and continued Cool with rain Likely. Yesterdays High 75 Low 51. Today at 7 ., 52. Sunset 6 54 . Sunrise 6 37 Benning Bennington Vermont tuesday september 20, 1906 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 20,175 to c ends . Launches Surveyor 2 Cape Kennedy up a Surveyor control reported the United states rocketed its that the spacecraft separated second Surveyor lunar Landing from its rocket on time robot on a picture taking unfolded its three Landing legs in red China expedition toward the Moon to scout the Center of the Apollo astronaut Landing zone. The 2,204-Pound spacecraft was attempting to match the flawless soft Landing of Surveyor i june 2, but was headed toward a More difficult approach into a rougher Crater scarred area on the Moon s surface. Surveyor 2, nearly identical to its widely acclaimed predecessor raced into the Early morning sky at 8 32 Edt on the nose of an Atlas Centaur rocket. The launch met its 36-minute firing period with Only 27 seconds to spare. If the spidery spacecraft duplicates the performance of Surveyor i it will lower itself gently onto the Moon s sinus Media a the Middle Bay a at 10 52 , Edt thursday. Surveyor 2 s aiming Point is about 800 Miles East of Surveyor l s resting site on the Ocean of storms. Four minutes after the fiery Blastoff the launch control Center reported that the Booster s High powered Centaur upper stage took Over As planned pushing its payload on its 63-hour voyage toward the Moon. Quot All systems Are looking Good at this time Quot the space Agency reported six minutes after launch. And deployed the vital antennas needed to transmit its television pictures Back to Earth. Quot All our indications Are that we had a Good flight and the Surveyor spacecraft should in fact be on a lunar trajectory Quot a spokesman reported 20 minutes after the launch. Surveyor 2 s main Job is to Flash thousands of detailed closeup pictures of the lunar landscape Back to Earth to help Apollo planners select Sites for the first manned lunar Landing attempt in two or three years. As a spectacular Bonus program manager Benjamin Milwitzky said Surveyor 2 s three steering engines might be fired a few Days after Landing in an historic attempt to have the spacecraft hop a few inches to a new resting Point. Its camera would then photograph the imprint left by one of its three legs during the initial Landing. Surveyor 2 s target is a Small Plain located almost in the exact Center of the Moons visible face and is in the Middle of the wide Belt of potential Apollo astronaut Landing Sites. A we re very anxious to know whether the characteristics of this Small Mare sea Are anything like what we experienced in oceanus pro Cellarius Ocean of storms Quot Milwitzky said before launch. Army charges plot to overthrow Mao Rusk alls in new York for today a opening of the . General Assembly Secretary of state Dean Rusk left Calls upon outgoing q a rpm Secretary general j Thant at his office in the United nations building. Up United nations opens 21st general Assembly . Forces squeeze North Viet division Saigon up �?. Troops appeared today to have squeezed the elusive North vietnamese 324b division of 7,000 men into a 10-mile-wide Circle of the demilitarized zone Doz near the coast. U. S. Fighter bombers artillery ships and marines on the ground battered the crack communist Force. The planes and ships were bombarding targets in the Doz itself. The Marine ground forces were operating just South of the Doz. . Marines charged through machine gun fire and seized the fortified Border Village of an Dinh monday killing 53 North vietnamese troops with the Aid of air strikes and artillery. Marines to the West killed another 15 in an assault on a red Mountain stronghold nicknamed Quot the Rock the Savage assaults against the Green uniformed communist division was backed up by 116 missions a several Hundred flights a against the communist North. One group of planes blew up a freight train Quot like a string of firecrackers Quot on the rail line Between Hanoi and communist China. More important to the marines in the Battle to crush the 324b division was a series of air strikes against the lower part of North Viet Nam known As the Panhandle a the main China air violation admitted Washington up a the United states had admitted that its warplanes accidentally May have violated red China a air space twice recently but denied they attacked a chinese Village. State department spokesman Robert j. Mccloskey said monday that on sept. 9 and sept. 17 . Planes May have entered chinese airspace during the Battles with communist Mig Jet fighters and that shells from the dogfights May have landed on chinese soil. But said Mccloskey there was no truth to a peking charge that in one of the two instances the american planes attacked a chinese Village. In the two dogfights Mccloskey said Quot there is a possibility that some inadvertent intrusions of communist China May have taken place during the break off of air engagements Over North Viet on both occasions he said american pilots fought Aerial Battles with migs whose Quot nationality was Supply route division. To the communist the air Force flew la missions against troop concentrations in the Doz separating North and South Viet Nam and b52 strategic bombers rained tons of bombs on their 9th Doz raid monday night. There were brisk firefights elsewhere across the country spokesmen said. Government troops reported killing or capturing 28 Viet Cong in an operation 75 Miles Southwest of Saigon. United nations up a the United nations today begins its 21st general Assembly assured by Secretary general Thant he will stay on until its completion dec. 20. The session was scheduled to open at 3 ., Edt. Foreign minister Amintore Fanfani of Italy last year s president will be in the chair. The Assembly has 93 items on its Agenda including racial problems in Africa disarmament and the perennial question whether communist should be admitted. First item of business for the Assembly will be the election of Abdul Rahman Pazhwak of Afghanistan As the new Assembly president. He has been his nation s . Ambassador since 1958 and was unopposed for the presidency which under a geographical rotation system was allotted this year to Asia. The delegates today also will admit Guyana the former South american Colony of British Guiana. Thant said officially monday or. King disapproves of Black Power slogan Grenada miss. Up a or. Martin Luther King jr., voicing the slogan Quot learn baby learn Quot today led negro students to schools where integration last week set off a mob frenzy by Whites. King told a gathering of negro students and parents at the Bellflower Baptist Church before leading them on the demonstration that he could not agree with the Black Power slogan of Quot Burn baby Burn Quot that came out of the 1965 riots in Watts. Quot i am forced to disagree with that slogan Quot King said. Quot i say learn baby learn and build baby King told the pre March Church gathering that he conferred with attorneys monday night on possible court action to admit about 40 negro students who were turned away from previously All w h i t e schools monday because of alleged improper application forms. Few Whites were on the streets of this North Mississippi farm City when King stepped off at the head of today a demonstration. About 180 negroes most of them students walked along with King who held one Little girl s hand. When they reached the school grounds which were blocked off by state troopers King said Quot Okay Bye Bye Quot and Bent Down and kissed the Little girl and a companion who wore her hair in pigtails. There was no Exchange Between King and about 20 state troopers who blocked the Street intersection near the schools. King disclosed to newsmen that he had sent telegrams to City officials asking for discussion on 53 demands originally advanced by negroes last june during James Meredith s March through Mississippi. King said a Good Many of the demands had already been met and listed among those for possible discussion a food distribution program for needy negroes. The two schools in question were tightly guarded by state troopers who said Quot nobody but students and parents Quot would be allowed on the grounds. About 130 negroes attended the schools without incident monday. Welfare Law Cli Napes approved Montpelier up a the legislative Council social welfare committee has approved sweeping changes in Vermont s welfare Laws including consolidation of All welfare on the state level. The recommendations a. Proved monday will now be submitted to the 1967 general Assembly. The new welfare policy says the purpose of the Law is to support programs and services which help to prevent dependency and social maladjustment As Well As provide rehabilitative and protective services. By consolidating welfare services it is expected the policy would increase the value of the welfare tax dollars eliminate duplication Between towns and the state decrease paperwork and provide equal treatment to All needy persons. The policy also asks for legislation to increase benefits to medically indigent families increase Aid to families with dependent children and make Federal surplus commodities available to All needy families through the state social welfare department. He would remain As chief officer of the . Until the completion of the 21st Assembly session. His current five year term expires nov. 23 and the burmese Diplomat told the . It must find a successor by the end of the year. . Ambassador Arthur j. Goldberg hailed Thant a decision and said the United states hoped a that he will stay on beyond this general Assembly for a further full term of Secretary of state Dean Rusk also was in new York for the . Opening and met for 30 minutes monday with Thant who later held a news conference. A there have not been any meaningful dialogues Between Washington and Moscow for a Long time Quot the Secretary general declared. He also was critical of the restrictions placed on his office by the major Powers. Hong Kong up a military authorities in faking charged today that a group of chinese communist party officials and intellectuals were plotting a coup to overthrow the regime of chairman Mao tse Tung. Peking radio in a broadcast monitored Here said Quot Power factions Quot within the communist party were trying to restore capitalism in China and that Quot Bourgeois and reactionary intellectuals Are spreading the poisonous influence of the bourgeoisie the official peking broadcast quoting from an article in the liberation army daily newspaper charged that the action of the officials and intellectuals was Quot motivated to Lay ground for the anti revolutionary it was the second such charge in less than four Days. Peking radio saturday broadcast excerpts from red Flag the party a main theoretical journal that Quot Bourgeois elements Quot and Quot Power holders in the highest places Quot were plotting against Mao and military strongman Lin Piao the chinese defense minister. It also followed by a few hours a stiff editorial warning from the same military newspaper that some members of China a three million Man army were out of step with communist ideology. The newspaper ordered All soldiers and officers to Quot admit and rectify their both broadcasts today were seen As the most dramatic evidence yet that Mao a red guard Campaign to wipe out All Western influences on China and his political purge is meeting Strong opposition from within party and military circles. The hungarian news Agency Mit reported meanwhile from peking that thousands of teenage red guards were being brought to peking by special buses carrying the inscription Quot for revolutionary students and teachers Quot to receive instructions from chinese officials. Quot All officers and soldiers must admit and rectify their mistakes Quot the editorial said Quot they must love the people and must also understand clearly that if chairman Mao tse Tung says it is so then it is certainly so and if chairman Mao says communist China prevents North Viet talking peace Paris up a communist China is trying to prevent the North vietnamese government from arranging peace talks with the United states it was Learned today. Information reaching Paris said the leaders in Hanoi and peking Are sharply split Over the question of opening Viet Nam peace talks. Sources close to French president Charles de Gaulle said the Hanoi government informed the United states As Long As 15 months ago it would not insist that . Withdrawal take place before any peace talks but that Washington must set a Date for a military pullout in Advance. The sources said the North vietnamese would be willing to go to the conference table if the search continues for clues in death of Valerie Percy Chicago up a investigators today looked for the mysterious intruder who beat and stabbed Valerie Percy to death in her bed but they said they have no real suspect. Police chief Robert m. Daley of Kenilworth said monday night the fragmentary description was supplied by Valerie s Stepmother who surprised the intruder. Private funeral services for the 21-year-old daughter of Republican senatorial candidate Charles h. Percy were to be held this afternoon. Daley s 10-Man police Force aided by Chicago s homicide cops Fri crime technicians Cook county police and members of neighbouring suburban police continued to question the hundreds of friends and associates of the vivacious murder victim. Daley said monday night that mrs. Percy had Given some information about the Early sunday morning hours when she investigated the sound of a moan and found a person in her stepdaughter s bedroom. The person described As five feet eight and weighing 160 pounds shined a flashlight in her eyes but she remembered the Silhouette Daley said. She supplied a fragmentary description based on the fleeting glimpse she had before running to her bedroom to arouse her husband and set off a manual burglar alarm. Painstaking questioning of about 44 persons had turned up Quot absolutely nothing of any value Quot Daley said adding that he planned to question at least too More persons including 50 whose names were supplied by the Percy family persons who had worked for the family or had been associated with it. United states named a specific Date and firm pledge of its intentions. But the peking government informants said has vetoed peace talks under any circumstances. The communists were said to feel that continuation of the conflict in Southeast Asia would cause the United states to Quot lose face Quot in the far East a to the advantage of peking. De Gaulle was reported to have received this information from North Viet Nam s diplomatic representative in phenom penh during the French president s state visit to Cambodia Early this month. This was said to have explained the Strong line de Gaulle took in his phenom penh speech sept. I when he said the United states must get out of Viet Nam Quot within a fixed and reasonable information reaching Paris said relations Between North Viet Nam and communist China Are far from cordial. Hanoi s foreign minister Pham Van Dong was said to have received Little satisfaction when he visited peking recently. It is not so then surely it is not the editorial broadcast in part by peking radio and heard Here also added Quot our army officers and soldiers must have deep political consciousness. We must educate the officers and soldiers to think and act in according with the teachings of lit urged All troops to Quot read and obey Quot Mao s writings. Hong Kong sources interpreted the editorial to mean that some chinese military men have resisted political orders during the continuing red guard Campaign to wipe out All foreign influences in China and to eliminate political opponents to Mao. Red China denounces Pope Paul Tokyo up a communist China monday denounced Pope Paul Vias Quot that mouthpiece of the reactionary an editorial in red Flag the main ideological journal of the chinese communist party brushed aside the Pope s criticism on aug. 31 of red guard attacks on Catholic nuns in China. The Pope said then Quot this could appear a sign of death and not a sign of the editorial praised Mao tse Tung s zealous red guard teen agers As Quot the Shock Force of the great proletarian cultural revolution Quot and Quot the Symbol of the future and the Hope of the it said Quot that mouthpiece of the reactionary classes Pope Paul i helplessly blurted out that for them the revolutionary actions of the red guards were Quot a sign of death Quot Quot yes indeed Quot the editorial said Quot the revolutionary actions taken by the revolutionary Young fighters Are a sure sign of final destruction for the class enemies at Home and it said the red guards Are striking Quot at the handful of Bourgeois rightists and their main target is those in Power within the party who Are taking the capitalist Quot therefore it is quite natural that the imperialists and revisionists should feel shocked enraged and virulent against the revolutionary actions of the red guards Quot the editorial said. New y Ork state developing safety automobile design v Al Frie Percy Quot we Don t have a Lead so far Quot Daley said. But he insisted Quot i think this crime is eventually going to be artists Conception of the Interior of the Percy Home in Kenil Mur Lier Worth 111., scene Early sunday of the murder of Valerie Percy daughter of Charles Percy gop senatorial candidate. Broken scene line indicates the path taken through the House by the killer according to police reports. Up Albany . A design for a prototype safety automobile commissioned by new York state will begin immediately gov. Nelson Rockefeller told reporters monday at a news conference Here. The governor said the design will be based on the feasibility study performed for the state by Republic aviation division of Fairchild Hiller corp. It will incorporate score of safety features recommended by the aviation oriented firm such As flush swinging bumpers have inside padding and safety harnesses and a Periscope extending a Short distance above the roof for an unobstructed rear View. The governor said the design costs will be about $300,000 and will be financed from unallocated state funds although he added he hoped Federal funds would be available. Once the design is completed probably within a year actual construction will begin on a Fleet of 15 of the cars. on the inside columnist Carlo Wolter comments on some visits by Jack Frost Page 4. Peace corps volunteers return from a tour in Liberia a Page 5. Shaftsbury company family Day Page 6. Has a a spokesman for Republic aviation said the planned car contained a nothing Radical or he said the key to reducing injuries was in the Quot cradling of the the safety car is intended to reduce by one half the number of deaths incurred in head on and rear end crashes at 50 Miles per hour in Side on crashes at 40 mph and in Roll Over accidents at 70 mph. Reformatory to be hosed Rutland up a ver Mont institutions commissioner John Woodhull has confirmed he will ask the 1967 general Assembly to close the Riverside women s reformatory Here by june 30. The 88-year-old facility has an annual operating budget in excess of $160,000. It currently houses Only three women one of them from new Hampshire. Woodhull said he favored transferring the women to the correctional institution at Framingham mass., rather than the women s reformatory in Skowhegan Maine. The Rutland reformatory will be used for a residential treatment Center for Youthful offenders same As the one now at the Don Bosco school for boys in Burlington the commissioner said. Woodhull said he would like to see the Center operating in july

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