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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 19, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner thursday september 19, 1963 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont Washington calling Blaut Vermont editorials bigger targets to pursue it was almost like old times in Capitol Hill for two Days last week when the House committee on in american activities tried to interrogate some of the 60-Odd . Students who recently returned from a Castro financed tour of Cuba in violation of state department travel restrictions. It was a performance in the grand tradition which has almost become extinct since the Supply of native communists was All but exhausted some years ago. The committeemen huffed and puffed indignantly just As of old. The pro Castro students were strident and aggressively nonresponsive. The packed gallery hissed and applauded and cried a fascist a and the Capitol police busied themselves with heaving troublesome characters out of the caucus room and Down the Marble stairway. It was also pretty silly. No legislative purpose was served. No fiendish plots against the Security of the Republic were uncovered. Nobody Learned anything that Wasny to already Well known now Down to work in municipal planning the future growth and development of the Bennington Community seemed destined in theory at least for some measure of orderliness even acceleration As voters tuesday approved the expenditure of funds for a comprehensive plan for the town and three villages. Such a plan will involve an assessment of the municipalities current problems and assets a listing of what appear to be its opportunities for further development and decisions regarding Steps to be taken now and in the future to ease municipal problems and to make Bennington a potential a is indeed a lofty sounding prospectus but if carried out properly and realistically it can mean much to future Economy and attractiveness of the Community. The Bennington regional planning commission which with its consultant is the unit responsible for carrying out this program is financed in Large part with Federal funds. Such a plan no matter How beautifully conceived it May appear on paper will be worthless unless the Community comment Short skirts Ami traffic safety Charlotte ohs Errer Short skirts save lives says the american automobile association. Its an Eye opening claim but hardly believable. Sure Auto headlights pick up the stockings or Bare legs of women at night. That must avoid a lot of pedestrian fatalities. But Short skirts have another effect in Daylight. Have you seen the Drivers on South Tryon who practically break their necks turning to Ogle the pretty secretaries during lunch hour or to get a better Angle As Knees flesh and Nylon mingle in that interesting Panorama As a woman Driver gets in or out of a car to say nothing of the distraction offered when the Good looking Bab who accepts a lift with you finds it impossible to hide her dimpled Knees. We dare guess at the number of accidents caused by High hemlines. But we bet it would raise an Eyebrow or two at the aaa. Surely Auto accidents increase As the Hemline creeps up. We know Only one stat of mind that a a defense against it. This was expressed recently by a fellow Riding a City bus. Noting the trouble a pretty Young thing across the aisle was having in trying to keep her skirt tugged Down discreetly to observed a a done to stretch your Gingham for me lady. My weakness is the Moon Conquest is viewed in some quarters almost As an accomplished fact subject Only to the problems of time and Money. One firm has already designed a Pilot Model of a a Moon Scooter for transportation of a single person on terrain he would supposedly meet on the Moon. This is pretty far out with transportation problems not yet solved on the Earth. A Gray Ville 111. V Mercury lode pendent. Lobbying against test ban treaty Calls to mind Eisenhower a warning either about Castro scuba or the state departments ban on visitors thereto. This Isnit to suggest of course that it was a total loss to the participants. The in american activities committee which has to produce some headlines now and then in order to keep its appropriations coming was Given some Nice big splashes of publicity. The unfriendly witnesses were Given a National forum in which to air their grievances against the established order. And the More dissident members of the gallery were Given an Opportunity to join the ranks of the martyrs. But Why the taxpayers should be required to underwrite such a sideshow is hard to see. At a time when ostensibly respectable zealots Are demanding Defiance of supreme court rulings and inciting red necked racists to mayhem and murder a congressional committee devoted to upholding the american Way of life should be Able to pursue bigger and More important targets than a handful of naive and overwrought Young people who constitute no serious threat to anyone but themselves. At Large finds it acceptable and is willing to approve the various regulatory and fiscal measures which can make the plan a reality. It will thus devolve upon the planning commission not Only to persevere in the development of the plan but also to operate in such a manner As to sustain Public Confidence interest and finally endorsement. There has been an encouraging Start. The commission in the preliminaries leading to tuesdays special town meeting has stated its intention to involve the Public in various ways throughout the development of the plan. The commissions consultant John c. Burdis at an organizational meeting following the vote advised the Board that its first Steps should now be to collect individual and group views of what constitute the Community a problems and advantages. A listen to everyone a he said a who has had something to say All these years but no one to Tell it planning obviously will entail much More than listening. It will also mean answering at some Point. The answers hopefully will be acceptable ones to the majority of the towns voters. We wish the commission Well in finding those answers. A gossip is a person who puts two and two together even if they re not. A Brooks Alta bulletin. Fischetti by Marquis Childs Washington. A in the councils of government we must guard against the acquisition of Unwar ranted influence whether sought or unsought by the military Industrial Complex. The potential for the disastrous Rise of misplaced Power exists and will persist. A a we must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an Alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge Industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that Security and Liberty May Prosper the words spoken by Gen. Eisenhower in his Farewell address might Well have been emblazoned on the Wall of the Senate chamber in the test ban treaty debate. And no More striking instance of what the former president was talking about could be imagined than the Effort of the air Force association to Sway that debate. The Council of the association which is a tight interlocking directorate of the highest officers in the air Force and the aircraft Industry worked up an emotionally worded Resolution denouncing the test ban treaty. It was introduced at the Start of the associations meeting Here last week with be doubt whatsoever of its adoption. Either directly or by implication the Resolution made a number of statements highly dubious As to fact. Underlying a plea for the manned bomber was the theme that with More and More weapons communism could be made to fold up and go away. The Strong intimation was that the treaty would stand in the Way of Victory by air Power. A of understandably the Resolution set off an uproar in the Pentagon where Secretary of defense Robert Mcnamara has been a prime target of the air Force. One result was that Secretary for air Eugene m. Zuckert abruptly cancelled a previous acceptance to attend an association reception in his Honor with a letter denouncing the Resolution in Strong terms. Since the Secretary has customarily been a member in Good standing of the directorate this was an instance of Man bites Dee. The Pentagon uproar which is bound to have further re Percus Mil la bit Herr Sions encroached on that delicate area of civilian versus military control Over policy. A speech to be made by Gen. Thomas s. Power commander of the strategic air command and one of Only two generals openly testifying against the treaty to an association luncheon was heavily Blue pencilled. But some who heard Gen. Power believed he restored most of the censored passages. In the hassle Over what to do about the association Resolution with the White House actively intervening one of the air Force defenders wanted to know what difference there was Between the association and a lobby organization such As the Navy league. From an old hand came the reply a yes there is a difference. The Fly boys Are comparatively new at this. What they put out is like raw whisky. What you get from the Navy league is Fine old Brandy. The admirals have Learned to leave it to the Industry and Industry denouncing the association As a a permanent lobby a on one occasion sen. Paul Douglas d-ill., charged that the air Force was spending $g26,000 to Fly delegates to a convention. Between the air Force and the defense contractors Money is plentiful. Top air Force generals move on retirement into High salaried positions in the aircraft visiting editor . Agricultural productivity is admitted despair of Khrushchev of Fly by by Ralph Mcgill Atlanta a. Science is the real a a Farmers of today what does it mean communist China after the disaster of her great leap Forward years began in 1961 to take capital from Industry and give it to agriculture. She now reports there is improvement but not enough. Russia frankly imitates the United states. Her farm problems improve. But she still has shortages and requires too much labor and makes too Many mistakes in her approach. Her scientific methods Are chaotic. A of any Man today who grew up on a farm North of the Cotton lands remembers the Job of getting in Hay of pulling fodder on cold mornings and of shucking Corn for the cribs. Before the balers Hay was brought in piled High in wagons and then forked into lofts. It was hot sweating work. The fragrance of Hay in tile Early morning and the Beauty of Cut Fields with the rows of Hay drying in piles disappeared with the climbing of the Sun. Today Hay is still the most widely grown crop in this country. There Are Many other forage crops. Science has touched them All. The successful coupling of science with . Agriculture is a Story to fill Many books. Every Day brings new discoveries. The Federal and state experimental stations have paid Rich dividends a and they keep them coining. The approach of science to forage offers an illustration that enables one to comprehend How every crop animal seed Plant and process have been and Are under scientific observation. John e. Baylor Extension agronomist at Pennsylvania state University has described How experiments there produced results that became a statewide program. Today livestock Farmers in about 35 states Are using some form of testing service. At least 30 Are employing chemical analysis. What Grandfather did no to know a and what the russians understand Only a Little and the red chinese even less a is that .11 forages vary widely a even with a single species. The Farmer needs to know the True nutritive value of what he feeds. Agronomist Baylor notes that Hajis grown on More than 60 million acres each Vear which produced in 1962, 121 million tons of forage. Corn and sorghum for silage accounted for 80 million tons of animal feed last year. Scientists determined for example that cows grazing Only the top halves of pasture plants Are at least 40 per cent More productive than those eating the lower halves. Research has determined that it takes a Pound of Grain for each eight pounds of milk produced to make up the difference in nutrients Between the top and Bottom halves of plants. Cows grazing on the top halves and also having Grain added to their feed produce twice As much milk in two or three months As cows eating the lower halves and not receiving Grain. Chemical analysis is the most reliable test. Agriculture scientists seek and measure the Energy value of feeds. Science has determined for example that the protein Content of feeds in livestock have value Only to the degree they Are digestible by the Dairy cow or beef animal. Only about 46 per cent of protein in Timothy by Way of illustration is digestible As against 62 to 70 per cent in the better clovers. Bluegrass and Sudan grass Are found to have about 57 per cent digestible protein. Dramatic Large scale programs which often Are like science fiction in their magic and mystery. Meanwhile Nikita Khrushchev has told his people the truth about the . Farming. Soviet Farmers Are using he said seven times As much labor to produce Grain As the ., five times the labor to grow potatoes six times As much to grow beets 14 times As much to grow cattle and 16 times As much to raise pigs. Letters Corn the old dependable has a protein Content of which a High 76 per cent is digestible. Oil meal from soybean and linseed have High Quality digestible protein at about 85 per cent. Fish meal is listed at 81 per cent wheat bran at 83 per cent. Alfalfa a tall feed crop contains a protein digestibility percentage of about 73 per cent. A Farmer who knows this and feeds it will do much better than one who does t know and feeds Timothy or some other forage with a Low protein digestibility count. Failure to know Means that the livestock producer or Dairyman must feed More expensive concentrates to make up some of the difference. These Are some of the More simple Basic examples of what science Means to agriculture. There Are of course the More letters to this column Are Welcome. Those of More than 200 words Are subject to condensation. Is nature s and addresses Are required. All letters will be printed providing no question of libel or taste is involved. Dog bust moult to the editor of the Bonner a the Sanctuary a Refuge for homeless dogs on an old Hill farm comes again with asking hand. I who am the staff first would thank All who have helped in the year past. I would like you to know How responsible i feel in the use of the things you have sent and How much Comfort they have Given. We need Foci of any so told blankets or piece sold sheets and towels. Just about anything can find a place Here and will be used with care and appreciation. Cold noses and warm hearts remember. Louise Wood. The Sanctuary route 2, Wilbur Road Martinsville ind. 46151 Praise indeed to the editor of the barter the banners sept. 16editorial Nugget a can you Bear this a is such a Gem i can to refrain from passing on these words of admiration to the unknown writer. Walter hard or. Editor Vermont life 6 Baldwin st., in Fontnow a a classifying to commercials Industry. Anyone seeking a Case study of what Gen. Eisenhower was talking about would have to go no further. Whether directly or indirectly the air Force lobby has had comparatively Little influence on the Fate of the treaty. Three senators deserve special credit for resisting these pressures. Two Are democrats senators Stuart Symington of Missouri and Henry m. Jackson of Washington. Both As members of the Senate preparedness sub committee listened conscientiously to the extensive military testimony on the test ban treaty before that committee much of it of a highly technical nature ignoring the diplomatic and political meaning of the treaty. Both came out for ratification. A of to the third Senate minority Leader Everett Mckinley Dirksen that abused expression a a statesmanlike can be applied. Resounding to the arguments of one segment of the military he might have opposed the treaty and if he had done so the outcome would have been dangerously in doubt. It is the second time a the first was the financing of the United nations a that Dirksen has supported the administration on a difficult Issue. The test ban debate is proving that on momentous occasions principle can prevail. By Hazel m. Wills old Bennington. With some time on my hands in be recently been playing a Little game making a list of words used especially in television commercials. Recognizing that a relatively Short time on a program is allowed for such messages one is impressed by them As capsule signs of our times. Three so a Mark them speech superlatives and something far nothing. In cooking every product is instant certain medicines Are fast fast fast a Lively crowd dashes about the results Are a four times As Quick the viewer is left to guess As Quick As what. Even at the breakfast table one reads on a Cereal package of a run away toy offered to children with one Box top. Well when according to a recent newspaper article it is promised that in 1970 a londoner can take a supersonic Jet after breakfast Fly to new York for a business appointment and get Back for the usual English late dinner any adjective such As leisurely or tranquil can Only be experienced or found in or. Webster s big Book. The superlatives leave this viewer equally breathless a grand Superb giant wonderful Rich Golden marvelous colossal Are among those most frequently heard. Incidentally when i meet up with a a jumbo shrimps on a menu and though i thoroughly enjoy them i am a bit bewildered. All my life i have considered the word shrimp As connoting smallness or Pun iness. On the other hand jumbo has denoted extraordinary size. Well figure that one out. A combination of Speed and superlatives leaves a housewife like me breathless and sceptical especially when viewing a pan immersed for a second in water to which a certain detergent has been added. After this Brief dunking it comes out Glit Terin Gly Bright. I Challenge them to do it with the Skillet which has served my family for to these Many years. Speaking of pans there is another kind sometimes prefixed with the adjective dead to denote a facial expression. By association of ideas this brings certain grand Motherly wrinkles to mind. Id like to see that timeworn feature emerge smooth and glowing As it is on that fresh Young face by the use of a certain soap. All right Madison Avenue boys there a a real Challenge never met because in today a speedy times pans or ital Hoxie s of Chook faces Are not supposed to last Over a few years at the outside. Then the consumer must Rush out to buy a new one. A buy a new one there a the purpose of All this advertising. And How easy it All is nowadays easy payments no Money Down years to pay the present policy of government financing is reflected Here. Ifs All pretty easy. And on some programs All one has to do is make a right guess to obtain a yacht a car or a trip around the world. It is a Joy to be assured that a certain cigarette is a a real and not As one might suppose one of those Candy Sticks with which children fancy themselves grown . Well the Madison Avenue boys in this supersonic age must earn their superlative salaries. One of them does have the heart to ask a mothers Are you tired a this grandmother certainly is. By contrast the locally sponsored advertising shows an entirely different Tempo. It is a Relief to hear Over the radio a Calm instead of a bated breath to read in the papers a statement of fact As to the merits of a certain article. This restraint sometimes reminds me of the vermonter who in speaking of his wife said to a Friend a a she a been a Good wife All these years. Sometime before i die in a afraid ill break Down and Tell her is it this inherent new England restraint which keeps the local advertising on a different level from the National or is it As i would prefer to think a certain Confidence of neighbor in neighbor for the merchant Selling to pretty much the same customers year after year his Success depends on Quality As Well As Quantity for repeats. Consumers Are beginning to rebel against inferior goods according to another recent article i read recently. One factory reports Over $1 million Worth of goods returned because of defects. A Little incident in my husbands campaigning illustrates what i want to say. We came one night to a Little garage in the Village of Topsham Well named As it is perched on a Hilltop. While getting Gas Bill asked if we could put an election card in the window of the service station. As it was getting dark he Felt he should explain who he was. A a that Sall right put her in. I be been watching you Down to Montpelier. You la Confidence is in the known statewide or on the local level. You uan become a soak without sipping Solo by Hal Boyle new York apr things a columnist might never know ii he did t open his mail bubbly peril Many a Man thinks he is Sale from becoming an alcoholic if he never drinks alone or if he consumes Only Beer and not hard liquor. Or. Jackson a. Smith Nebraska psychiatrist warns that both these assumptions Are false. Few lobsters have old age problems. Only one in a million baby lobsters manages even to reach maturity. Perry Como and Enrico Caruso had this in common both worked As Barbers before becoming singers. A of big earthquakes Are unusual but Little ones Are commonplace. Our Globe has literally thousands of them every Day most of them too Small to be detected except by a sensitive Seismograph. Charles Darwin once said that Man with the possible exception of the elephant is the Only creature that Sheds tears in sorrow. But some people cry when they eat. Apples and chocolate Are among the foods that sometimes cause the shedding of tears. Attention skin divers who Wear false Teeth your problem is discussed in a . Department of Commerce publication entitled a underwater Here a bad news for pedestrians the country now has 85 million motorists. Our quotable notables a to me old age is always 15 years older than i am a a Bernard Baruch. A of geographical oddity there s a Huntley 111., and a Brinkley Ark. Parental Puzzle comedienne Marion Powers says one of the great mysteries of life is How the boy who Wasny to really Good enough to marry your daughter can let come the father of the smartest grandchild in the world. Israel is one land where you can always find a doctor when for every 420 people a the worlds highest ratio. Pest population it is estimated there Are 170 million rats in the United states a not counting the ones you can probably name personally. In in or a fable for our times in the a sealed boxy Experiment used in schools today a student is Given a Box which May be empty or May con Tam a number of things. The student May shake smell or weigh the Box but May not open it and is asked to infer something about its contents. Or. Richard k. Toner of Princeton recalled this Experiment at the annual convention of the National science teachers association in Philadelphia. It reminded him he said of a Black Box that once fell from the sky onto a College Campus and baffled All the efforts of the colleges scientific experts. A physicist measured the Box and weighed it but found its density corresponded to nothing in any of his tables. He melt it and x rays would not penetrate it. A chemist managed to Chip off a piece of the Box but found it insoluble. Every Laboratory test was made and All failed. Finally a psychologist said he would like to try to the amusement of the physical scientists. The psychologist Drew up a chair next to the Box sat Down and Drew out a notebook and Pencil. A Well now a he said a a what a your name a a Bruce a the Box replied. A insiders a e Sletter. Self tort a before this trial begins a the judge cautioned the jury a a in a like to Point out for the Benefit of any Perry Mason fans that in this court the District attorney sometimes i i

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