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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 15, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Vermont hardener jilting make p new plants by Pete m attorn Arlington. A Complete Plant must have a growing top and roots. A cutting sometimes called a slip consists of the growing top but no roots. When the cutting is Given a favourable environment roots will be produced. Rooting cuttings is one of the simplest ways of increasing plants with the Assurance that the rooted cuttings will in foliage manner of growth and Flower be like the Plant from which the cutting was taken. Rooting cuttings is practical for the Home Gardener. A favorite Plant can be increased at very Little Cost in this manner. While a few shrubs do not Root readily Many produce roots in abundance in a Short time if conditions for rooting Are provided. Among the easiest to Root Are the Willows and poplars. The shrubby dogwoods not flowering Dogwood such As the red twigged Gray and yellow twigged honeysuckle roses Euonymus Blueberry mock Orange Buddleia and forsythia All Root quite readily. A of Semi Hardwood cuttings can be taken just before new growth starts to Harden up. A Semi Hardwood cutting is part of the new growth that has stopped growing and is starting to get hard or firm. Testing it by bending a six Inch Section Between your fingers will indicate its hardness. If it snaps when Bent it is mature enough to use. Take cuttings from five to eight inches Long making the Bottom Cut diagonally just below a Node. Keep the cuttings moist by wrapping them in a wet Towel until they Are ready to be inserted in the rooting medium. This maybe Sharp Sand or a mixture of Sand and perlite or Sand and vermiculite. Both perlite and vermiculite in the rooting medium produce Fine roots. A of if a six Inch Azalea pot is used to hold the rooting mixture first put an Inch of gravel in the Bottom for drainage. Insert the cuttings so one Node is above the medium spacing the cuttings baby fiet grip grasp and one and a half or two inches apart. Water heavily to drive out All air spaces then cover the cuttings with polyethylene. If an Azalea pot is used set two Bamboo or wooden stakes upright in the pot and pull a polyethylene bag Down Over the stakes and pot. The stakes will hold the bag upright. Set the pot where there is Light but not in the Sun. No watering will be needed for the next month of the polyethylene is held snug. Most Shrub cuttings will Root in four weeks. Rooting May be hastened by dipping the lower end of the cuttings in a Root inducing hormone powder just before inserting them in the mixture. The polyethylene bag maintains a humid atmosphere around the cuttings which is essential for Success. Moisture cannot pass through polyethylene but air can. After roots Are Well developed Transfer each rooted cutting to a four Inch pot using a he Musy Sandy Loam. Be careful not to break any roots during the Transfer. In such a mixture the Root system will develop rapidly. If the Transfer is not made until late summer the rooted cuttings should remain in the pot Over Winter. Plunge the pots in the Garden or if a col Frame is available set them in it. The following Spring the Young plants can be set in their permanent location. In late August or september Hardwood cuttings of Broadleaf de evergreens such As azaleas hollies and Pieris can be rooted in the same manner. It May take a Little longer for a Good Root system to develop so it is Wise to leave the cuttings in the rooting medium until the following Spring. Sometimes Hardwood cuttings Are taken in late autumn or Early Winter. When this is done the Azalea pot containing the rooting medium must be kept indoors where the room temperature remains around 70 degrees. A of in the Northeast where Winters can be severe Hardwood cuttings of deciduous Trees and shrubs Are taken in late fall after the leaves have dropped. These Are tied in bundles of 15 to 25 and Are burled Over Winter lathe ground covering them with to to 12 inches of Sand. In the Spring before new growth starts they Are dug up and Are planted in a Row in the Node or Bud should be above the soil line about two inches. This is the Bud that grows As soon As the roots Are Well developed. Second Section i age eleven Bennington Anner Bennington Vermont wednesday september 15, 1965county agent s report Apple picker May mean Apple sauce shortage companions a these friends in horse land Are frolicking up and Down the Banks of the Batten kill River in Manchester in their pasture on the River Road. Prandini in Bennington county i tide Sam helps Farmers with Winier feed Supply Burlington a Uncle Sam will help Farmers in four More Vermont counties stretch drought shortened feed supplies this Winter. Bennington Orange Windham and Windsor counties join Addison and Rutland counties on the emergency livestock feed program according to Richard a. Moore chairman of the state agricultural stabilization and conservation committee. Eligible Farmers May buy commodity credit corporation acc Oats for about $41 a ton and Corn ground and sacked for about $47 a ton. Secretary of agricultural Orville Freeman designated the counties As emergency areas Arter the recommendation was made by the Vermont state disaster committee. Gov. Philip h. Hoff concurred in the recommendation. Rutland and Addison counties had been put on the list in july. By Law the Secretary can make acc feed grains available under severe drought flood or other emergency conditions. The Price shall not be less than 75 percent of the feed Grain support. In most cases the acc feed Grain will be purchased locally through dealers but will be controlled by the ass county offices. These offices will decide which producers Are eligible and will make the grains available. Farms in the counties concern they need hand lasted baby shoes nature designed Little baby feet. Why change them with hard stiff Soled shoes let baby s toes grip grasp and flex. In bungees. The baby shoe that s smoother underfoot. With special leather soles that give the flexibility that baby needs. Salvatore a main St. Benn., it. Spring St. Williamstown mass. The Best fuel Oil Burner on the Market installed by away this away fuel Oil Burner is the most efficient on the Market today. Its unique Boston Type head permits the finest of adjustments for a clean highly efficient flame installed As a conversion unit or As the heart of a new away Quality Pak Furnace it is your Assurance of quiet Money saving operation. Call for factual information. Away planned and installed we plan and install All types of fuel Oil installations or conversions. You can be certain of an excellent Job because we do our own work. And Back it with a written guarantee. Have a heating problem let away solve it. Today. Away Max Oil service Max Perrotta mgr. Ban Mont Avo. Dial 2-6800 de Are asked to Contact their local ass office for further details. By John c. Page county agriculture agent in a world where a lot of people Are starving and Are constantly hungry we can feel fortunate that we live in an area where we Are not worrying at present at least where our next meal is coming from. One big reason for this is the mechanization of agriculture. Some operations in agriculture Are mechanized to an unbelievable degree. In our Corn planting and harvesting operations today nearly everything is mechanized. The Farmer never touches the Corn with a hand tool on some farms today. A of on the other hand some areas of agriculture have stubbornly resisted mechanization. The one we see around Here is Apple picking. Some parts of growing apples Are mechanized. We Spray with huge a Garden chrysanthemums in Are autumn bloomers Garden chrysanthemums generally Flower in the late summer or Early fall when most annuals or perennials have stopped Blooming according to or. Samuel c. Wiggans of the University of Vermont a Plant soil science department. They Range in color from various shades of purple red Pink Orange Bronze and yellow to Snow White. In size they May be found As clusters of Small round pompous three quarters of an Inch to one Inch in diameter to individual four Inch diameter decorate lives. Plants May Range from about to inches to Over 6 feet in height depending on the variety and the conditions under which they Are grown. Even when completely neglected Garden chrysanthemums will grow but the plants will be weak and produce Only a few blooms. For a Good show of Flowers they should be grown in a Fertile Well drained soil where they Are exposed to full sunlight. Planted in Small groups in the Flower Garden chrysanthemums make a real show of color from late August to mid november depending on variety Day length temperature and soil moisture. The Flowers Are Long lasting both on the Plant and is Cut Flowers. In the fall after Frost has killed the tops of the plants they should be Cut off at ground level and removed from the Garden. This helps to prevent the spread of Plant disease As Well As removing possible Over wintering locations for insect pests. In areas where the Snow cover May be sparce or even completely absent during some of the cold Winter months the plants must be protected with a mulch to prevent Winter killing of the underground stems or rhizomes. The mulch should be inexpensive non toxic and be reasonably attractive and inexpensive. Good mulch materials include Straw Marsh Hay Evergreen branches ground Corn cobs buckwheat hulls or even Glass Wool insulation. During the last three years Hardy Garden chrysanthemum trials have been carried on by the Vermont agricultural Experiment station in South Burlington and by cooperating growers elsewhere in the state. Approximately too varieties Are being grown this year at the Ulm horticultural research Center. Visitors Are Welcome at the test Garden from 8 . To 5 . Monday through Friday. The horticultural research Center is located just off . 7 about one mile South of interstate 189 Exchange in South Burlington. S 7 Rex All super Plena m is Mui 1 with now the training table Vitamin used by All 14 National football league teams. The same Vitamin selected for use by the . Olympic team. K exc super Plen amins America s largest Selling Vitamin Mineral product supplement your diet with this famous balanced formula of la vitamins and 8 minerals. 36 tablets 2.59 Quinlan a 463 main Street store dial 2-6256 Chines we have some mechanization in the grading and boxing operations. But the picking is done by hand. We could even now get apples picked mechanically but they would be bruised so that nobody would buy them. If the labor situation gets much worse in picking apples you May be getting your apples in sauce rather than Nice red fruit. Many Orchards in the state Are now Short of people to pick. You can to wait for help. The apples have to be picked when they Are Ripe or they Are lost. Picking apples is hard work and a lot of people wont work hard today. Good Apple pickers make Good pay for their seasonal efforts but even this Isnit enough to get the crop off in some Orchards. All Orchards hire local people on a part time or a full time basis for picking and grading operations but there is never enough to get the Job done Well and some of the apples Are lost each year. Right now the larger growers in the area need pickers badly. Even those who have migrant labor never have enough to get the Job done. To in some areas of the country this problem is met by changing the school year to allow students to fill the labor Gap and earn some Money which Isnit too plentiful. There is some question As to whether or not this would help in this area As there Isnit much indication that our Young folks want to work weekends or on off Days from school. In be talked with a couple of boys who have tried it and they ended up discouraged because they Only get 10-12 bushels picked in an afternoon while an experienced picker averages up toward too bushels a Day. Perhaps our Young folks wont stick with the Job Long enough to find out How to do it right and still get the volume up. Perhaps they done to spend too much of their time picking apples too. In any Case some of our Orchards do need pickers who will do the Job without bruising the fruit and perhaps some of the More ambitious folks would like to give it a try. We should also remember that at Harvest time a lot of people have to do other jobs than pick and Orchard men need help in moving grading packing operations As Well As for picking. To Quot. On the trip i took through the South three years ago i visited the peach growing area of Spartanburg . I saw a Hundred or so Young boys and girls working at the Harvest of the peach crop. I talked with some of them and they were saving Money for College in most cases though some boys had their sights set on a car. The lady in charge a recent widow told me that there was a Long waiting list of Young folks who wanted to go to work and those who i Dull suggests or River \ Alley become a lab Hartford up a Interior Secretary Stewart Udall says the Connecticut River Valley could become an Eastern Laboratory for state Federal cooperation in conservation and recreation. This was one of Udall a observations monday afternoon after a five hour cruise up the River from old Saybrook As the guest of sen. Abraham a. Ribi coff gov. John n. Dempsey and other officials. Speed Riggs famous tobacco auctioneer recommends no in my urns they put Back the taste others take away i Fiir is m Lucky strike Lilly is were working weren to about to create a vacancy. That was in the hot Carolina Sun too. In the packing Plant each was Given a Job and the workers were allowed to Trade jobs of they could handle them. She said the older kids would Trade up by swapping with the younger ones and occasionally she had to Start Over to keep the younger ones from getting discouraged. They seemed to be having a Good time while working and earning their Money. A of someday we May get a Way to pick our apples mechanically and when the Day comes Well probably have trouble getting someone who wants to run the Apple picking machine. Who knows a it ii in ii Folia Mun loin a Jilin Burlington Vermont foliage May hit its color Peak a Little Early this year according to Extension forester Raymond t. Foulds or. Of the University of Vermont. The drought shortened the growing season in Many areas bringing color Early he reported. Addison Rutland and Bennington counties Are expected to have particularly Early seasons. Northern Vermont however had ample rainfall in August and May be close to Normal in Many sections. Color will vary with each Bend of the Road Foulds explained. But in drought areas the color May not be quite As Brilliant As usual. Some Trees Are changing color already for any of a number of reasons. Soil moisture and natural differences can affect dates. Salting of Winter roads also May shorten the growing season he said. Some authorities feel that Carbon monoxide from car exhausts can be a Factor. Even on hillsides Man made factors May be at work. Luxury Lowboy the Winfield Wark i sane Gg-715 21 tuba Overall diameter 265 a in. Picture Ria Victor of Quot i is a color to orca solid Copper circuits a Glare proof Ria he Lite tube a super powerful 25,000-Volt Chassis orca automatic color purifier a Ultra sensitive vhf uhf tuners a one set vhf Fine tuning Ria Victor As Low As $124.95 to i radio shop inc. 08 main St. Dial 2-3820 451 main St. Children s character sweat shirts Long sleeves sizes 6 to 12 White yellow Blue 3-Cycle electric Model Ade-54 automatic dryer Normal drying Wash Wear drying no heat fluffing a triple Safe Safe smooth drum Safe Low tempera Tures safety door a extra quiet operation a easy to clean lint trap a available for electric or Gas. Abc a uht it american motors a makers or a Miler Automo ius Ano que Aht t appliances Only 159 95 furniture co 519-525-529 main Street Bennington phone 442-5346 Gopen Friday evenings

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