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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 16, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Clearing cooler Clearing this afternoon and cooler tonight. Low temperatures in the upper 30s and Low 40s. Friday Cloudy with scattered Shower yesterdays High 67 Low 57. Today at 7 ., 58. Total precipitation .05 Inch. Sunset 7 01 . Sunrise 6 33 The very distinct but Small Constellation the Little Arrow is found any Clear night Between the Eagle and the Tail of the Swan. Bennington Bennington Vermont thursday september 16, 1965 Anner founded weekly in 1841, daily in 1903. No. 19,865 to c ends four it nits die in Derby Auto Rush Derby it. Up a foul youths were killed late wednesday night in this tiny Canadian Border town when their car skidded off rain slicked route 105 and slammed into a tree. Authorities identified three of the youths As Timothy a. Seguin 17 Stanley b. Harris 20 and Michael d. Stafford age unknown All of Island Pond. State police said the fourth person killed in the crash was an 18-year-old Island Pond youth but his name was withheld pending notification of his parents who were believed vacationing on Cape cod in Massachusetts. Authorities said the car driven by Seguin was headed for Island Pond a town 17 Miles Southeast of this Community when the automobile apparently went out of control on a curve and careened off the Highway. All four of the youths were pronounced dead at the scene. Iii poor Rev War Dodd or a ores v u i Bright for red a tolerance Washington up a sen. Thomas j. Dodd d-Conn., charging a Quot tolerance of communism Quot said today sen. J. William Fulbright s attack on America s intervention in the dominican Republic ignored a mass of evidence supporting the action. A contrary to being a Quot grievous mistake Quot As charged by the Senate foreign relations chairman Dodd said the military intervention was an Quot unavoidable and he said it was regarded As such by Many latin americans. Dodd vice chairman of the Senate internal Security subcommittee which has studied communism in Cuba said Ful Bright Quot suffers from an i discriminating infatuation with revolutions of All kinds National democratic or Dodd said the Arkansas Democrat Quot has never made a single statement expressing concern about the establishment of a communist regime in Cuba or about the hemispheric Campaign of terror and subversion now being conducted by a communist consortium Quot he said followers of cuban Premier Fidel Castro in every country Quot enjoy the backing of both the soviet communists and the chinese Dodd is a close Friend of president Johnson and clashed with Fulbright Only a couple of weeks ago Over findings of a foreign relations committee inquiry into the . Role in the dominican crisis. Replying to Fulbright s criticism wednesday of administration policies Dodd said in a prepared Senate speech that a number of self styled liberals who Are Quot not pro co in Muni its Quot share Fulbright s attitude that communists Are Dodd said he regarded communists As indians drive toward Lahore Rop governors rally Iii state control i ote of such Quot they Are communist revolution people Dodd said so bemused by the prevention to social that they permit Washington up a outnumbered House republicans with a big assist from 38 state governors have finally beaten administration democrats on an important Rol Call vote. Spearheaded by the gop leadership the House wednesday rejected a plan to strip governors of their Power to veto local Quot War on poverty Quot projects in their states. The vote 208 to 179, was too decisive to be a Fluke. It marked the first occasion since the voters gave democrats a 295-140 House majority that the republicans could claim a Clear Victory. President Johnson and his congressional lieutenants live Given ground this year when As with rent subsidies and wheat Price supports they found them selves coming up to a Rol Call with too few votes to assure Victory. But those retreats were behind the scenes specifically designed to avoid a Public drubbing of the sort administered wednesday by the gop minority and a hefty bloc of democratic defectors. Actually the defeat was More embarrassing than damaging to the president s legislative program. The Issue focused More on gubernatorial Pride than on practical operation of the Antipoverty projects and it did not stand to endanger any important part of the key great society program. The effect of the House vote was to Send Back to a House Senate conference committee their tolerance of communism to Blind them to the very real danger it poses to the survival of Dodd said he agreed with Fulbright on two fundamental Points a that communism Quot cannot be effectively opposed Quot in latin America by siding with landowners oligarchs and dictatorial a that the Quot Best Hope for the future in Many latin american countries lies with the parties of the so called democratic but Dodd said he had to take Issue with Fulbright on virtually every other aspect of his Quot somehow it seems to me that he has shut out from his mind All facts which failed to harmonize with the preconceived thesis that the dominican rebels were right and the Johnson administration was asked wrong Quot Dodd said. Back to Indian official Indian government photograph shows Indian troops advancing under fire on pakistani positions in the North i Trpo is West Kasur Section wednesday. Up talks not a failure says Thant 0 hints return trip to War area London up a United nations Secretary general Thant said today he did not consider his peace Mission to India and Pakistan a failure. He hinted at a return trip. It was disclosed that Thant suggested a meeting Between the leaders of India and Pakistan to Settle the conflict. Thant stopped Here briefly today in route Back to new York to report on his peace efforts in new Delhi and Rawalpindi. He conferred at London Airport with British foreign Secretary Michael Stewart. Asked by newsmen Here if he Felt his Mission had failed Thant replied pressed for details Thant said Quot you will discount tomorrow Quot referring to has plans to report to the . Security Council. Of he India would and be going Pakistan. Thant said Quot i do not Rule out this Quot i Hope to be Able to submit my second report tomorrow morning Quot Thant said. Quot before that i do not wish to make any comment of in his talks with Thant Stewart was understood to have assured the Secretary general of Britain a support for further u. Holt report in Vuk. Power due saturday West Springfield mass. Up a Railroad mergers again head the Agenda of the quarterly new England governors meeting saturday at Eastern states exposition. Am cig the items to be discussed were the Pennsylvania new York Central merger and release of a report of the electric Power commission by its chairman gov. Philip h. Hoff of Vermont. The governors will receive a Royal Welcome from comedian Bot Hope during a governors command performance on opening Day of the nine Day exposition. Hoff maintains the Lack of Competition from Public Power operations and the subsequent High Power rates has hampered Industrial development within Vermont and in new England generally. Other items to be discussed by the governors Are organization of the Region for joint action under the water restoration act discussion of the Public works and regional development act Federal inter organizational relations committee report a report on the new England exhibition at the new York world s fair and consideration of the new England representation at the 1967 International fair at Montreal. N. Peace efforts in the India Pakistan conflict. On his departure from new Delhi wednesday Thant admitted that his Mission had failed to produce a cease fire. But he held out the Hope that a cessation of hostilities could still be achieved. United press International Indian troops today stormed across the in Cogil canal defending the West Pakistan City of Lahore and were Only six Miles from the City itself Indian defense ministry sources announced in new Delhi. The Indian Advance on the City from which More than 600 americans were evacuated wednesday came As efforts to win a ceasefire ground to a virtual standstill in a welter of accusations and counter accusations by India and Pakistan. The . Embassy in Karachi said a u. S. Air Force plane today evacuated 30 american women and children from the pakistani capital of Rawalpindi and that another group went Overland toward Kabul the capital of neighbouring Afghanistan. Informed sources said it was Likely americans would be evacuated shortly from Peshawar which was bombed by Indian planes today for the second time. An Indian spokesman said Pakistan troops wednesday blew up a Bridge across the canal on the Road leading from the Border town of Wageah to the City Pakistan s second largest �?16 Miles inside the Borders of Pakistan. The canal is described As too feet wide and to feet deep. It was constructed by Pakistan in. 1954 to ensure the defense of Lahore in event of any possible Advance into Pakistan from Wageah. First reports did not say whether Indian infantrymen Only had crossed the canal. Three Indian armoured columns had been advancing on the City against heavy pakistani counterattacks and earlier today that front had been reported comparatively quiet. The crossing came shortly after Indian prime minister i a1 Bahadur Shastri told parliament pakistani conditions for a cease fire had ruled out any halt to the War Over Kashmir. Pakistani was stressing its desire for a Quot purposeful Quot settlement of the convict. Indonesian a bomb test a puzzlement Jakarta up a indonesians announced intention to explode an atomic bomb sometime in the near future a possibly through an underwater test a is puzzling diplomatic observers Here. There have been no indications of preparations for the explosion of a nuclear device although officials continue to declare that Indonesia will explode an atomic bomb shortly. New Orleans workers in Effort Tot Ai re a massive health problem new Orleans up a police and health workers waded through a Muddy polluted 300 Square Block Section of new Orleans today to Clear out rats snakes and hunger crazed dogs that kept 5,000 families from returning to their Homes. The area East of the Industrial canal was the hardest hit by flood Waters that spilled through four Breaks in the canal levee and claimed most of tie state s 63 dead from Hurricane Betsy. It was cordoned off by police and National guardsmen wednesday after City health officials said Quot alarming Quot conditions in the area made it a health Hazard. Or. Rodney Jung City health officer said the Floc i area must be cleared of its animal life both alive and dead before it would be Safe for habitation again. A door to door search for More bodies continued in the area. Special permits were required to enter the District to minimize looting. Police patrolled the of rangers arresting anyone without the special pass. Gov. John Mckeithen pre dict Louisiana s loss from Betsy would be at least $1 Ballon. Croo damage has been estimated at $100 million damage to offshore Oil Industry at too million and damage to Telephone company facilities at $12.5 million. A search went into its fifth Day in the Mississippi Piver near Baton Rouge for a Barge loaded with 300 tons of deadly chlorine sunk by the storm. Because of the search traffic was kept off the River. An Exchange of charges and counter charges erected Over Why the death toll was so High. Or. Edward Teller the nuclear physicist said in an interview wednesday that residents of the Low lying areas crushed by the Hurricane were not warned in time. Here to address a mid Cunti nent Oil and Gas association meeting Teller asked Quot Why weren t the people of the inundated areas evacuated your City had hours of warning. Why was t it anticipated that the levees of the Industrial canal might break in any storm the size of Hurricane Betsy tidal wave action can be the response was immediate and vigorous. Quot who is this Teller who comes in Here making unauthorized. Ridiculous and to responsible statements Quot an angry mayor Victor Schiro demanded. A Fine out where he is Quot he barked at an aide Quot i want to talk to Teller said Louisiana s civil defense was not prepared to Cope with the Hurricane let alone the nuclear disaster it is supposed to plan for. B52s make first Mekong Delta raid. I papal g renting Pope Paul i passes from left Francis Cardinal Spellman of new York Antonio Cardinal Caggiano of Buenos Aires Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski of Poland and Lawrence Cardinal Shehan of Baltimore As he greets the first working session of the ecumenical ii a Bama ally. Cen. Vows to press murder Council in Rome wednesday Upit Boule of mail russian-1 in prisoner makes religions plea draft shy a bookseller i Mpr Isone it i Vatican City up a to Cardinal Slipyi the ukrainian prelate confined 17 years by the russians for his religion today urged the ecumenical Council to proclaim religious Liberty for the Sake of those who still suffer persecution for the Faith. Cardinal Joseph Ritter of St. Louis backed the plea and warned Quot the eyes of the entire world Are on Rome at this the Council debated its controversial declaration on Freedom of worship for the second Day since opening the Assembly tuesday. Unexpectedly Strong opposition to the declaration persisted As seven prelates from six countries talked against it. Another nine Bishops urged its proclamation. Cardinal Slipyi who was re leased from behind the Iron curtain in 1964, said Quot Freedom from coercion is necessary not Only for the Church but also for every state lest Peoples be Laden with intolerable the declaration which states no Man should be forced to believe against his conscience or be prevented from worshipping according to his belief should be passed Quot in the Light of present Day persecution Quot the Iron curtain probate said. Cardinal Ritter called the declaration Quot a cause for action Quot and said Charit Justice and Fidelity Quot could Brook no delay in its chilean Cardinal Raul Silva Henriquez of Santiago joined support for the declaration but Bishop Emilio Tagle of Valparaiso Chile speaking on behalf of 45 latin american prelates attacked it As showing Quot undue kindliness to false he urged that it recognize the Catholic claim of being the Only True Church. Two american spearheaded the drive for religious Liberty when the historic debate opened in St. Peters Basilica wednesday. Francis Cardinal Spellman of new York and Richard Lames Cardinal Cushing of Boston called the Issue Quot the truth on which All human rights and society Are the american heritage has a Factor in the framing of the declaration on religious Liberty before the Council. But without the powerful backing of Many see Council Page 16, col. 5 new Haven Conn. Up a a Greenwich Village bookseller who opposes american intervention in Viet Nam was convicted fined and sentenced to prison wednesday for evading the David e. Mitchell in 22, formerly of new Canaan Conn., and now editor of new York s Quot end the draft committee Quot newsletter was convicted by a jury of Quot wilfully and knowingly falling to report Quot for military induction. He was sentenced to a prior term of 18 months to ave years and fined $5,000. Quot i want this sentence to serve As notice to or. Mtchell and others of his ilk that Defiance of orders of Congress will not be tolerated Quot . District judge William h. Timbers said. Hayneville Ala. Up a a Lowndes county special Deputy sheriff was indicted wednesday for manslaughter in the Shotgun slaying of a White civil rights worker from Keene n.h., but Alabama atty. Gen. Richmond Flowers said he was not satisfied and would press for a murder charge. The indictment was returned against Tom Coleman 52, who originally had been charged upon arrest with first degree murder. Flowers declaring he was Quot shocked and amazed Quot said he would contest the lesser manslaughter charge. Quot i am not satisfied with the indictment and will take All necessary Steps to see that the accused is correctly and properly charged with first degree murder Quot Flower said. The jury also returned an indictment against Coleman charging him with assault and Battery in the wounding of another White on the inside civil rights worker. The jurors including one negro began their deliberations tuesday. Coleman was charged with the killing of Jonathan Daniels 26, of Keene and seriously wounding the Rev. Richard Morrisroe. 26. A roman Catholic priest from Chicago. Saigon up a u. S. Air Vorce b52 bombers making their first raid in the Mekong River Delta today saturated a suspected Viet Cong concentration 90 Miles Southwest of Saigon. Allied ground forces pressed a continuing search for guerrilla in the Jungles 30 Miles North of the capital. The Guam based b52s swept Over Vinh Binh province raining their bombs on a Flatland of flooded Rice Fields. It was the third b52 raid in As Many Days and the 25th of the War. The big Allied drive North of Saigon went into its third Day. American vietnamese australian and new zealand infantrymen slogged through mud and dodged Bamboo spiked in a a raps challenging the Viet Cong to fight on their own ground. A u. S. Military spokesman said the Viet Cong were avoiding major Contact but harassing the Allied troops with sniper fire. More than 1,000 vietnamese paratroopers elements of the u. S. Army s 173rd airborne brigade and the australians and new sealanders swept through Jungle and an abandoned rubber Plantation six Miles North of Ben cat in the Viet congas Long Nguyen dragon s curse stronghold. Up correspondent Ray f. Herndon with the american Force reported that the u. S. And australian troops worked North on both sides of provincial route three. The guerrillas Cut the Rock surfaced Road with trenches and planted Booby traps under Mounds of Rock and dirt. Heavy Rains turned the Road shoulders into bogs of mud. City h Ide strike a newspaper on the new York walks out times an editor la. Changes in our Page 4. Comments on alliances a Hoosick Falls Village Board has a buy session a Page 8. New York up a the american newspaper Guild went on strike today against the new York times. The walkout could result in six other major metropolitan dailies suspending publication because of a publishers pledge to stand United against the Union. Nigh Long negotiations failed to break a protracted contract impasse and the Union was ked out promptly at 8 Edt its previously announced strike deadline. Negotiations suspended for three hours this morning were resuming with the question of whether the six other papers would continue publishing unresolved. Only the new York Post a non member of the publishers association of new York City was certain to be unaffected. Three new York morning dailies the times the Herald Tribune and the daily news appeared today before the strike began. The afternoon papers the world Telegram and Sun the journal a Mer lean the Long Island press and the Long Island Star journal met first edition deadlines. They were bound by the publishers pact to Stop their presses if the Guild strike closes the times. Ivan Veit a vice president of the times said the times might not be Able to publish again tonight because some Craft Union members refused to Cross Guild picket lines. Quot at the moment it looks like we can to do anything because the first contingents of the Craft unions did not Cross the picket line at our West Side Plant see newspaper strike Page 16, col. 5

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