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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 12, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner thursday september 12, 1963 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials the race should be called off with Senate ratification of the nuclear test ban treaty now virtually assured the next big question is How we can Best follow up this breakthrough with further Steps to ease cold War tensions. For it has been evident from the first that the treaty s greatest value lies in the Hope that it can pave the Way at Long last to significant new agreements on other East West issues As Well. In this connection it is curious that there has not been More talk of using this opening wedge As a Means of greatly expanding the few faltering Steps that have been taken thus far toward joint efforts in exploring outer space. Even More than nuclear testing this is an area in which both the . And .s.r. Have much to gain from cooperation and in which neither has anything of prime importance to lose. The gain from space cooperation on a Large scale would be primarily economic. In this country there is increasing scepticism both in Congress and at the grass roots about the Wisdom of spending the 20 to 40 billion dollars that May be gobbled up in the race to the Moon. Despite the enthusiasm that Russia s space achievements have engendered in the communist world it is Safe to assume that the Kremlin too would far rather put such vast sums to More productive use in the soviet Economy. For no amount of rationalization about the unforeseeable benefits of space exploration can alter the fact that the Moon Joe Cushing s Short line the return to use of Short sections of the Rutland Railroad brings to mind the operation of what was generally regarded As the shortest line in the world. In Eastern Massachusetts one Joseph Cushing owned a Large Grain and feed Mill about 200 Yards from the Boston amp Maine tracks. A Spur was built to his Mill and he bought an outmoded a pc Hugger and a couple of cars and hauled his Grain Over the Short Short line. I later he decided to give his Road a Frame and he titled it the Joe Cushing Railroad. He was induced to this step not comment gambling fax Revenue is quark Medicine the nation the people of the United states spend some $25 billion annually on gambling. In some social strata gambling is an endemic disease resembling alcoholism. Many of the people who could afford to lose done to Gamble they Are too smart. Many who Gamble can t afford to lose but that does no to Stop them. Yet with All the misery that the gambling fever brings in its train the politicians want More of it. J hey will do anything for tax Revenue a Standard of morality which in some other connections would land the offender in jail. New Hampshire has approved a state lottery and other states fire flirting with the idea. In new York City mayor Wagner is in favor of off track betting and has managed to get on the ballot a City referendum on the subject. The vote will probably be in favor since More new yorkers bet on the horses through bookies than at the track. The latter requires a certain amount of Leisure and Money besides the wagers the former requires Only a Telephone Call. But the referendum will be Only advisory since the state legislature must Sanction the in race is a fantastic extravagance for both sides. Like any major crash program it is enormously wasteful of both Money and scientific manpower. The potential military gains for either Side Are apparently negligible and the scientific gains will at Best be Small compared to the gains that could be realized from spending More modest sums in More orderly fashion for More constructive ends. In its present terms the Competition in space is Little More than a grotesquely prodigal quest for National prestige conducted at the expense of far More humanitarian goals. It May be of course that the soviets Are so confident of a a winning the Moon race that they cannot be persuaded to Call it off by joining us in making space exploration a rational Endeavor. Conversely the space lobby in Washington with the formidable array of economic interests which it now represents May be powerful enough to Block a cooperative Effort that would result in a Sharp cutback in appropriations for his purpose. But the attempt should nonetheless be made at a time when vast areas of the world Are still Ridden with hunger and disease and poverty the two pre eminent Powers should be Able to agree to put their excess resources to a better and More productive use than an exorbitantly costly race to a goal of dubious value. By sentiment but instead to be Able to take advantage of free passes. He issued Joe Cushing passes and sent them to the presidents of All the railroads in America. In return he received passes on their roads enough to have kept him travelling the rest of his life had he been so inclined. Strangers derided his Little Railroad but Joe would take the Voshers to his office Walls of which were covered with free passes to the leading roads in America. Maybe Ben Mont paper operating its Little train from Bennington to White Creek n.y., might take a Page from Joe a Book and Garner itself a whole bundle of free transportation. Novation before it can become Law. The City administration is democratic the state administration is Republican. For once the nation finds itself in agreement with the upstate Rural legislators. Assembly speaker Joseph Carlino who is not from upstate sent two investigators to England where betting shops have been Legal since january 1961. In England the investigators found people will bet on which Raindrop goes Down the window first. Now that the scope of betting is enlarged britons Wager $2.8 billion annually on horses alone or about 65 per cent of the British defense budget. In some places the average betting is $5 or a. To a week among people who earn $33.60 to $42. And the reason for increased gambling according to a number of recent reports is mainly the availability of gambling premises. A tax on betting May be politically painless but it is the least efficient Way of raising Money the Revenue which the state derives is never More than a fraction of the amount bet and is More than offset by the direct and indirect social costs that gambling entails. In the United states a spokesman for the salvation army declared the Wagner plan would a Hurt the Little person. Without providing him any Public Tho proposal to License off track betting shows the bankruptcy of ideas and morality in municipal government. Fischetti a our Loving Public a forester classifies american outdoor habits Quot i vet it not get it i want my seat ii a Shin Glim ailing query How is Kennedy doing toward being rated As a a a a Strong a president maintenance Man by Marquis Childs Washington. To be president of the United states at a time when revolutionary forces Are at work in american life and All Over the world is to be the principal target in the political shooting gallery. That is where John f. Kennedy sits today with the slings and arrows of outrageous Fortune coming More and More his Way. One symptom of the discontent is a rising chorus of complaint that he is not exercising Strong leadership. Therefore the Congress is sluggish indifferent and the presidents program is ignored or diluted this same cry has been raised in one form or another against almost every president since the adoption of the Constitution with the built in delays and obstructions of a system of divided Powers. The tendency has been to blame the chief executive for failing to overcome the obstacles of a system that has been described As producing a a Harmony of Mutual a of the charge must be considered from several perspectives. First is Kennedy a temperament. He is Cool cautious inclined to play the game of politics by Man Euver and bargain. He could not of he would make himself Over in the image of a Theodore Roosevelt Baring his Teeth and thundering against the overlords of the great trusts. His intellect is a reflection of his temperament. An increasing volume of complaint comes from the Liberal and especially the labor Wing of the democratic party that he personally is not putting enough drive behind the program to reduce unemployment rebuild the cities increase social Security benefits and in general lift the level of american life by government intervention. But he has always taken a detached and even sceptical View of the Powers of government. The presidents commitment on civil rights is All out following the first Birmingham crisis. He waited for the obvious reason that he hoped to avoid accentuating the split in the democratic party. By sharpening the division Between North and South he jeopardized his whole program. So far As legislation is concerned the president has sent to Congress proposals covering every Field. He has accompanied these with eloquent messages on the need for change. One criticism is that he has piled the legislative work Load so High that Congress has come to treat his requests with indifference. A of another criticism on Capitol Hill is that the Kennedy approach is too personal. The family temperament is to win and to win for All Kennedy. The president brought into the White House followers of Long standing loyalty. This personal apparatus remains intact. The judgment too often is what will be Good for the presidents personal popularity and his re election to office by a majority far larger than that of i960. This ignores so the criticism goes the party and a presidents responsibility to Lead and reshape his party As an instrument for carrying out avowed objectives of platform and Campaign speeches. That is easier said than done As other presidents confronting the same criticism have discovered. The democratic National committee today is an adjunct of the White House acting on sporadic direction from the Kennedy apparatus. Still another criticism is that the president lacks a political philosophy. If he had a comprehensive philosophy to which he was deeply committed the pieces of his program would fit into a framework and in articulating his philosophy he would Advance each measure. Instead he improvises. Submitting a proposal for tax reduction to be accompanied by tax Reform he seems willing to let the reforms be sheared away by the Power bloc in Congress. Divisions within the parties and the divided Powers within the business Mirror government written into the Constitution have a lot to do with the presidents dilemma. He is frequently told that he should take a stronger line with Congress a stand up to the committee chairmen Tell them off. The president Points out that there Are to heavy democratic majorities in both Senate and House. Is he to Start a War within his own party what would be the consequences for 1964? a a of a As the president nears the end of the third year of his first term partisanship dictates How his report card is filled in. One of the most objective and knowledgeable of observers on Capitol Hill says he has used the techniques of leadership available to him As Well As they could be used what we Are seeing is the senescence of representative government Here and in almost every democracy. But the Long View aside the president must achieve More in his second term a granted he has a second term a if he is to stand in history As a a a Strong president. . Dollar still Liveris but somewhat brighter by Sam Dawson a business news analyst new York apr moves to strengthen the american Dollar Are scoring some initial successes in world Money marts. The Dollar has advanced slightly against the Swiss franc and the German Mark. A greater score has been made against the British Pound Sterling which has dipped to a two year Low in terms of american Money. While the . Treasury Gold stocks have shrunk a Little More this summer Britain a Gold and convertible currency reserves also fell in August off about $19.6 million. Eign securities from foreigners with the same goal in View. Since american capital has been the great Pool from which europeans could draw since world warn any drying up of these available funds will be Felt. None of this necessarily forecasts any great upsurge in the dollars position. Nor does it cause any real alarm in european Money capitals. It does show the close ties Between Western currencies and economies. Some britons in particular Are saying that the efforts to strengthen the Dollar Are the cause of the pounds weakness temporary As they expect it to be. Its a neat trick to strengthen one country a position without weakening another a. That a one reason so much interest is attached to the meeting in washings ton later this month of the directors of the world Bank and the International monetary fund charged with policing the financial dealings of the Western world As Well As encouraging their economic growth. Europeans have been watching the american financial moves. First was higher interest rates to keep bendable american dollars at Home. Second was the proposal now being debated in Congress to tax american purchases of for the British Pound this week dipped below the official rate of $2.80 to the american Dollar. Part of the decline can be traced to Britain a balance at Trade problem. British imports have been rising and now top their exports thus weakening the Pound. Much of this is seasonal representing purchases of raw materials. But the British blame part of the fall on the american financial moves. Quote there Are always College professors every fall who after surveying the freshman class sat it would have been better if nothing at All had been taught these youngsters for the first thing to be done at the College level is a remedial Job. You have to get the wrong notions out of the Heads of these youngsters before you put the right notions in. A or. Jerome b. Wiesner science adviser to president Kennedy in testimony before a House committee. I have a dream that one Day this nation will Rise up and live out the True meaning of its Creed a we hold these truths to be self evident that All men Are created equal Nev. Or. Martin Luther King jr., addressing the a March on Washington. A the following classification of americans based on their behaviour in the National f Ore Sis was made by . Huber assistant regional forester for the Southern Region . Forest service. It is reprinted from the National server. B y . Huber about 75 per cent of the users of Forest recreation areas Are careful tidy and thoughtful people. They respect the rights of others. They leave their camping unit neat and clean and Are careful with smokes and campfires. About 20 per cent either do not know anything about camping or act As they do at Home and leave a Heck of a mess. Once while a Ranger i met a Man in a recreation area throwing rocks at Beer bottles set up on a Flat Rock some 50 feet away. I asked him a do you do that at Home a he said a yes i do. I have a Rock in my Back Yard where i break Beer checking the Many a License i found he worked for the Post office in a nearby town. He just had t been educated. This 20 per cent who Are careless Cost the taxpayer millions of dollars each year through the thoughtless abuse of the recreation resources. They Are the ones who cause erosion on trails by taking Short cuts. They carve their names on Trees handrails and even on rocks. They Are the ones who drive jeeps and motorcycles in Scenic areas closed to such use. They Are the Hunters who leave cattle Gates open and shoot the Farmers cow. They destroy Beautiful flowering Trees to get hot dog roasting Sticks. They Are the ones who with supers human strength put two one ton Concrete tables together. They Are the ones who take Home wild plants dig up topsoil leave trash All Over remove Road barriers to get their cars closer to Camp and who leave campfires unattended to cause Forest fires. Finally we have that other 5 per cent the malicious destructive people who having nothing of their own a not even Good sense a destroy everything they can. These vicious people steal bathroom fixtures including mirrors and what they can t steal they break. They shoot at and tear Down signs and carry others away to show How Clever they bal Boyle s Mote Hook Are. They pull up plants and shrubs and throw them aside. They steal anything that is Loose in a Campground including garbage cans. They bother everyone in the Campground by raising a a Caine until late hours. They break windows and write on structures. They Are getting real Clever with this As they buy Spray paint cans of vivid colors to leave their deeds to posterity. Ifs this Small percentage who throw thousands of Beer cans along roads and trails who deliberately drop heavy rocks on Concrete tables to break them who use shingles from pavilions for kindling Wood and who deliberately set the Woods on fire. The thoughtless and careless 20 per cent of our recreation users can be educated. Children can be taught to protect the natural resources and they in turn will Tell their parents. Youth groups such As boy and girl scouts boys club and the campfire girls Are All doing a Good Job of training our youngsters in Good outdoor manners but Many organizations such As Pat women a clubs civic clubs etc., could spend More of their efforts in teaching children How to behave in the outdoors a and to learn to appreciate the wild animals Birds fish Trees and Flowers of americans outdoors. The malicious 5 per cent can Only be changed by Public opinion becoming so Strong against them that they will be forced to desist. It May be necessary to close some recreation areas if vandalism and Rowdy ism continue. Local civic clubs town councils or the Chambers of Commerce May have to help provide police Protection to keep areas open. The taxpayers Money can no longer be spent on recreation improvements where malicious persons destroy them a fast As they Are built. Yet the Public is always Welcome on the National forests. Yes to a your Loving Public we turn the other Cheek for recreation is one of the major uses of the National forests and the forests Are for Public use and enjoyment. $3 haircut boomed by Barbers Union hopeful by Hal Boyle new York apr some 50 years ago Thomas Riley Marshall made the most memorable remark Ever to Issue from the lips of a vice president of the United states. A what this country needs is a Good five cent Cigar a he said learn edly. Applause rang from one end of the nation to another. No american statesman Ever had stated an economic fact More clearly. Half a Century after he made his observation it remains As True As Ever. No such applause however is Likely to Greet a landmark remark made this week by Vincent Pace candidate for the presidency of the International Barbers Union. What Pace said was in effect that if the Barber is Ever going to make a a decent wage a the Price of a haircut will have to be raised to $3 a or maybe even $3.50. Dismal though the Prospect May be to the average pocket Book it is Likely that we will see the $3 haircut far sooner than we will the return of the five cent Stogie a dream that has died in All but the stoutest hearts. A shudder runs through the memories of All lovers of a the Good old Days at the Mere thought of forking Over $3 or More a haircut. Car for a Nickel get a shirt for a Dollar a hotel room for $2, a pair of shoes for $5 or less and a suit with two pairs of pants for under $20. But of All these vanished bargains he recalls the two bit haircut most fondly. Getting a haircut then was a kind of ritual and the Barbera a shop was a Friendly neighbourhood forum. Letter Money like people is Strong and confident in youth. But in Middle and old age Money like people becomes feebler less sure of itself and suffers from poor circulation. It can t do what it used to. The erosion in the value of currency is so gradual that we sometimes tend to Overlook what is happening to it As we fail to note the gradual decline of an old Friend because we see him every Day and thus become accustomed to the wearing away process. Now and then a sudden event inescapably dramatizes for us the inroads time and change make upon our monetary values. Such an event is the Prospect of a $3 haircut nostalgically every Man Over the age of 50 looks Back to a time when certain sums of Money could do certain things for him. He remembers when a haircut was 25 cents a shave 15 cents a Shoeshine a dime a when you could ride on subway or Street Railroad Danvers to the editor of the Banner this is an open letter to gov. Hoff As Well As to my neighbors. Years ago when the Rutland Railroad was still in operation but the Shaftsbury depot had been closed there were several accidents at the untended Railroad crossing up Maple Hill near the abandoned depot. When a Small boy and a woman were killed at the crossing i Felt impelled to address an open letter to the Railroad and the governor of Vermont asking that an automatic warning Bell and Light be installed there. The letter was published in the Banner but nothing came of it however after a time the trains stopped running so there were no More accidents. Now that stretch of the Railroad is going to be revived. And yesterday afternoon when i saw a flock of children playfully straggling Home across the track from where the school bus had dropped them i thought with horror of what might happen if no warning signal is set there before the trains begin running again. Most of them have never seen a train on that grass grown track and it will take time to teach them caution. Besides the crossing is dangerous not Only to pedestrians but to vehicles the Road takes a Sharp turn at the crossing and the vision of the track from both approaches is limited. The Only warning of an approaching train would be the noise it makes which May be carried away by the wind or drowned out by a motor. The last victims of an Accident there were in a car. I Hope that gov. Boff who has expressed his concern about the accidents on our highways will see to it that the operators of the revived stretch of Railroad Are required to install adequate warning signals at the Maple Hill and other similar Crossings on the line. Irving Fineman. Shaftsbury

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