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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 7, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner saturday september 7, 1963 speaking of sit ins Rod and Dun the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials is this so inflationary although some hard bitten businessmen persist in calling it an inflationary move that will damage the Economy this weeks increase in the nations minimum wage probably is endorsed by a majority of the country a workers. For it represents a Bare living wage hardly enough for a family to get by on even at the lowest Standard of living. For the person working a full 40 hours the new minimum wage of $1.25 an hour amounts to $50 a week and As president Kennedy pointed out As Long ago As 1961, a anyone who is paid less than that must find it extremely difficult to maintain himself and his critics of the $1.25 figure argue that it actually will reduce Job opportunities by forcing wages up All along the line thus causing failures and Lay of marginal employees in firms obliged to Cut costs. They Point out that this weeks minimum wage increase from $1.15 to $1.25 an hour will Cost employers an additional $365 million a year when they can ill afford it. They expect the Economy to be damaged thereby. The false perils of Shirleen Shirleen Greeno of Chittenden has at last made the Grade and is enrolled in High school and the hubbub Over this girl without a school is at an end. The step was not taken without objections on the part of Shirleene a parents. In the first place they Are protestants and did not want their child educated in a Catholic school. In addition they did not want to pay the $200 tuition plus transportation costs. The Cost objections have been overcome and now apparently so have those based on religious differences. It might comment old newspapers had land lives Kilgore Tex sews Herold i remember an earlier Era when newspapers like old generals did no to die. They did no to even fade away. That went to work like everybody else. Newspapers in those Days were not just read they were utilized. After the mistress of the House had washed the wooden floors she covered them with newspaper. We had Wall to Wall newspaper. How Many times did i come Home from school to find my poor tired Mother stretched out on the floor Reading an editorial. Kitchen shelves were covered with newspaper. Imaginative mothers like mine could create a scalloped Edge with Little dips every few inches utilizing headlines for educational As Well As dramatic effect like a Price of goods goes the rotogravure Section was selected for the Bureau drawer because its Brownish red col r matched our genuine imitation mahogany. The Bottom drawer was known As the maternity Ward. When our cat was expecting again mama shredded a newspaper with her meat chopper and padded the drawer. Women understand such things. At our House Kittens could read before they could w Alk. I inherited most of my hats from older Brothers uncles and forgetful strangers. The size was reduced to fit my head by folding a strip of newspaper under the inside leather band. It was not unusual for me to remove my theoretically such an upshot is conceivable but in practice an increase in the minimum wage has never had such damaging results in the past. The first National minimum wage of 25 cents an hour was set Back in 1938, and it has been raised gradually Over the years since then with no untoward effects. The 1961 act raising the then prevailing minimum wage of $1 an hour to $1.25 in two year Steps simply updates the progressive legislation in Accord with prevailing wage Scales. It also extends the minimum wage and overtime provisions of the act to about 3.6 million workers not previously covered most of them in the retail trades. If anything the current minimum wage Law is too limited. Even today it does not cover an estimated 16.7 million workers in private business a employees of Small retail stores laundries restaurants and Small construction firms As Well As farm help and Domestic servants. Since these people must pay going prices for food and shelter they ultimately should get a floor on their wages too inflation or no inflation. Come As some Consolation to or. And mrs. Greeno to know that theirs is not the first protestant child educated in a roman Catholic school. True it was some years Back but in our memory there was a time that a great Many protestant girls of Good family were not considered to have a Well rounded education until they had attended a Convent school for a matter of some years. They were thus assured not Only a Good classic education but were subjected to a rigid if kindly discipline impossible to be otherwise imposed. We believe that Shirleen will Benefit by her experience at St. Josephus Academy in Rutland and will graduate with a Well rounded education. Hat and find imprinted on my Youthful forehead the words a Cloudy and party hats were fashioned of cleverly folded newspaper As were generals hats and chinese hats and fsr hats and Kings crowns and it i boats and shaggy Trees and bandits masks and rain hats and megaphones and Telescope and Fly shatters for houseflies the racing form was Choice. A hand rolled Short fat strip of newspaper served As a Cork for Medicine bottles and wine bottles As Well As a packing for keyholes when privacy was desired poor people did not feel entitled to privacy. Keyholes were for looking not for Locking. We Cut our schoolbook covers out of newspaper. A child gifted with scissors could work it out so that a picture would appear smack on the front of the Book inspiring pictures like Dillinger coming out of the movies or Bernard Mcfadden napping in the Snow. Garbage was gift wrapped in newspaper. Dogs were taught human manners via the newspapers. Children too apparently Best treated like dog were slapped on the head with newspapers As a Token preview of sterner measures to come if you did no to respond. I must say though that no father i met was Ever cruel enough to swat a kid with tin sunday paper. This might leave him stupid through the following thursday. The women of the family Cut newspaper into dress patterns for formal dresses the society Page for sportswear the used ctr Section. If any parts of the newspaper survived they were sold to the junk dealer who sold the lot to the newspaper publisher All of which proves that the printed word is i indestructible. Fischetti Hunting season almost Here Torr a m shirt Quot ton ailing churches Are the controlling Factor in Fate of civil rights legislation by Marquis Childs Washington. In the aftermath of the emotional outpouring of the civil rights March it is evident that one Force and one Force alone can persuade the Congress to pass far reaching civil rights legislation. The churches of America have it in their Power to convince doubting legislators of the need to bring social Justice to millions of citizens deprived of their american Birthright. In Short this is a moral rather than a political Issue if it is to generate support sufficient to overcome the bitter end resistance of the Southern bloc with its conservative Northern allies. The Maisch itself Laid the base for this support. Conspicuous from beginning to end were the representatives of Catholic protestant and jewish faiths. They spoke eloquently in support of the goal of the marchers and clerical figures Many of them carrying placards were interspersed throughout the vast crowd. This was followed by the strongly worded statement of the world Council of churches. It was a grave warning to christians who support segregation a by act Ioner inaction and thereby betray Christ and the a Fellowship which bears his the Council made up of the principal protestant and Eastern orthodox congregations was saying in effect that those failing to work to end segregation Are As guilty of undermining their Faith As those actively supporting segregation. Pope John Xxiii in his great encyclical Pace in Terris called for recognition of the rights of every individual of whatever color or race As a child of god. When Pope Paul i met with president Kennedy he publicly expressed his concern for the civil rights program. Except for a few splinter extremist groups religious support for integration covers the whole religious spectrum. Legalistic approach subject to giggling Over the scope of Public accommodation to be covered by Law. Sen. Kenneth Keating r-n.y., says that a far stronger base would be the 14th amendment to the Constitution adopted just after the civil War. This is in Broad terms a guarantee of the rights an privileges of citizenship to All. In the View of Keating and others it would be a Channel for the deep moral conviction motivating so Many hundreds of religious leaders. The administration Lias indicated that support for Public accommodations could rest on both constitutional pillars. Wide support from religious leaders can Supply another a Quot a so v element essential to Success of the civil rights cause restraint and responsibility. Demonstrations getting out of hand defying Law and order can Only alienate the moderates and persuade the doubters that civil rights is the equivalent of mob Rule. The danger of violence spilling Over from the negro ghettos in the Large cities and the crime rate among Young negroes a the alienated the dispossessed the uneducated without jobs a Are a threat to the whole movement at this critical juncture. Finally timing is an important Factor. Majority Leader Mike Mansfield talks hopefully of bringing up the civil rights Bill in the Senate by mid october. On the borderline by Roy Marsden with the approach of fall and the opening of Hunting season on Birds and Small game it is time to begin to think and act in the matter of preparing your Camp so that your work will be done before the season does actually open. My son Doug and i spent last weekend at Camp in Peru looking around for the Small jobs that need doing taking care of a couple of minor tasks that were obvious and generally enjoying the Nice weather that prevailed. As Bear season opened sept. I we just had to take our rifles in hand and spend a couple of hours in the Woods so that we could say we helped open the season this year. No Bear were sighted although we did learn that they Are around in our territory and Are partial to choke cherries. It was fun to be out but a bit too warm to make for enthusiastic Hunting. Quite a number of Trees have started colouring up some flaming red some Brilliant yellow some the Shade of Ripe grapes and others of assorted colors. Somewhere along the Way i heard that those Trees which first show signs of color in the fall Are the weaker Trees and that if particular notice is taken of a certain tree from year to year that turns Early its decline can be easily seen. Since having been told this i have watched the Maple Trees especially and have seen that the ones colouring first Are generally a sorry sort of tree that has one or two More seasons of life left. A of i was asked recently whether or not there had been a change in the size of Light allowed in Hunting Raccoon. Research discloses that effective aug. 23, 1963, a kerosene Light May be used to take skunks and raccoons and a flashlight of not More than six cells not greater than size d May be used while locating in and taking from a tree any Raccoon treed by a dog. There is another change that gunners should know about. This year Marks the first split season on waterfowl in our state and in part goes like this ducks and Coots open season oct. La to oct. 27, inclusive and from nov. La to dec. 8, inclusive. And now for a refresher on the opening Day of each Hunting season shooting begins at 12 noon Eastern Standard time All other Days it is Sunrise to Sunset. Bag limits on ducks is 3 daily and 6 in Possession and on Coots is 8 daily and 16 in Possession. The daily bag limit May not include More than i hooded Merganser 2 Wood ducks 2 mallards or Black ducks singly or in the aggregate of both kinds. If the arithmetic in the proceeding paragraph sounds shaggy i am trying to get across that the daily bag limit May not contain More than the number cited of each aforementioned species. On geese excepting snows and Brant we have a 70 Day season split to run from oct. La to oct. 27, inclusive and nov. La to Jan. 2, inclusive. The daily bag limit for geese is 2. For Brant 6 is both the daily and Possession limit. Done to forget before you take up your Shotgun and go Duck Hunting Stop at the Post office and spend $3 for your Federal migratory Bird Hunting stamp. This is required in addition to your usual Hunting License. However you can Hunt rails Gallinule snipe and Woodcock without this special stamp. A to a a if you Are in the category of Hunters who put their rifles away after Deer season one year and done to take them out until the next Deer season is upon them it is time to get out of this habit take your Rifle out of storage and go to some Safe place and a Burn a Little the Rifle Range at Bennington Rod and gun club in Shaftsbury is a Safe place to sight in your guns. Ill admit the Range is in rather poor shape but it offers a Bench to shoot from and a too Yard distance to shoot Over. The Backstop is Large enough Hale Mountain to accommodate the largest of Arm held firearms and a Little practice there might mean the difference Between Venison or Bear meat in the pot or on the Hoof. By the Way the annual meeting of Bennington Rod and gun club will be held at the Shaftsbury clubhouse next monday at 8 . And you Are invited to attend. If just to per cent of the sportsmen who read this column will come to the meeting there will be standing room Only. See you there. A Sarte a the Sun tanners Counselor Klus Vic want Bright original ant Chintz Cory. This War mob or anti Etc turn Stutt with Usa Crossty out Ano to China subs Tutti simply won t of the question is whether this support will be translated into concerted Effort to convince the waver ers that a majority of americans of every kind and color and not just the leaders of a few pressure groups want action. In Many states a in the Midwest in the Plain and Rocky Mountain states a the proportion of negroes to White is Small. Unless congressmen from these regions hear from the folks Back Home who have a real conviction of the need to Correct ancient wrongs they May get the impression that no one cares very much. The most controversial Section of the administration Bill Calls for desegregation of Public accommodations. Rumours persist of a Deal Between the majority and minority leaders that would eliminate it or water it Down so that it would have Little effect. Passionate advocates of civil rights would be disillusioned if this would be the outcome of the current struggle. The Legal base for the Public accommodation Section is in the administrations concept in the Commerce clause of the Constitution a the right of the Federal government to regulate Commerce Between the states. Since mrs. Murphy s boarding House has no measurable effect on interstate Commerce it would be exempted. But to Many that seems a Shaftsbury. Almost a half Century ago the Smith lever act setting up an elaborate system of agricultural Extension work marked a great Forward stride by government in its Aid to Farmers. The legislation capped Many previous efforts growing out of the Industrial revolution in the last half of the 19th Century the depredations of the Cotton Boll Weevil in the �?T90s, and the growing agrarian unrest compounded of hard physical labor on the land and the feeling that Rushing urbanization was resulting in the City dwellers getting an inequitable slice of the american pie. Basically the act established closer cooperation Between the . Agriculture department and the nation s land Grant colleges by extending educational Aid to people on the land who were not privileged to attend College in the Field of scientific agriculture and Home economics. Historically the idea of educating along these lines is generally accorded to the agricultural fair first established in the . In Pittsfield mass., in 1807 by Elkanah Watson where he showed his imported Merino sheep. The Extension idea found ready favor among Farmers throughout the nation. So rapidly did it expand that the current Federal appropriation for the program is $71 million annually which is considerably augmented by state and county funds. The agent assumed tremendous new importance during the two world wars a position of importance which has not shrunk any since. Basically the act of 1914 sets up the agent As an agricultural expert qualified to Aid the Farmer regarding improvement of crops and livestock frequently he is called to advise in matters of marketing budgeting and planning. Recently there has been added to his list of chores the a Sun Tanner a the Well fixed retired business executive. The Man chosen for his qualifications As an agricultural expert must need hold the a Sun Tanner so hand a advising him on matters that most Farmers Are born with a knowledge of. This does not necessarily place a crushing Load upon his neck nor does it mean he must shirk his regular duties to the Man he was originally constituted to Aid. Mostly it Means still another change in the varying farm Economy. When an executive retires what does he want if he has dwelt in a Metropolis and does no to covet the warm hurly Burly of Florida he wants peace and quiet and has a predetermined idea hell find both in Western Massachusetts or Southern Vermont. If he settles in either of these Scenic spots chances Are he wants a group of old buildings spread along the floor of a Valley with a breathtaking View of girdling Hills. There Are plenty such to be obtained but not nearly so Many As there were for the habit of retiring Here is contagious. County agents of Berkshire and Bennington counties can Best Tell the Saga of or. Newly retired. The findings of John Page of Vermont and Frank a. Skogsberg of Massachusetts Are so closely parallel they can be recounted As one. Here a the Way it goes of a in order to acquire the privacy View and buildings he has always dreamed of the country Dweller to be inadvertently acquires considerable land. First of All he spends much Money restoring the House beaut ring the grounds and modernizing especially heating and plumbing. Sometimes a Well must be drilled but that is not always the Story As the two areas Are Well supplied with Springs and Brooks. There remains the land frequently too acres or More. This is a problem. The newcomers handling of this situation follows a definite pattern. He decides hell a a let some Farmer Cut the Hay. If Hay is Short chances Are some Farmer will. If Hay is plentiful chances Are even the owner cannot even give it away. If wisely advised he will pay to have the grass mowed and let it rot to form a natural fertilizer. If he lets it stand and fall Down it will be the devils own Job to Cut it another year. Also Brush will Start to creep in along the Walls and fences. In five years it will have taken Over the in by Sumner Kean tire Field and Cost about $50 an acre to be readied for the plow. Land reverts to this condition quickly when cattle Are not kept on it but cattle Are something the newcomer does not want. First he does not want the responsibility and second he does not know anything about them or their care a and if truth were known he a a bit afraid of the brutes. All right then what does a Man do who wants to Settle in the country for his Sunset years and has accumulated a Bunch of land in the process according to the county agents several practical courses Are open most desirable by far would be to lease the land to a capable Farmer who will cultivate fertilize and crop it the return from this will be Small but the land will be kept up and kept from reverting to Brush. Another is to hire the land tilled and raise beef cattle which show a fair return and do not require the attention required by a Dairy Herd. Still another course is to become a tree Farmer and Plant the land to conifers which in time will show a fair return As lumber or Christmas Trees. The last and easiest and least desirable is to let the land go to Brush and eventually Trees which can become marketable lumber if Given a modicum of care. The Point is say the county agents there must be a genuine liking for the land and its animals to make retirement to the farm a Success. A Man must like cattle sheep or horses like to handle them and see to their Well being. Chances Are hell never have much fun in his farm retirement unless he does some farming beyond cultivating his Lawn. The agents see no cause for despair in the invasion of these once Rich farming area by the Well fixed retired. In nearly every Case the newcomer improves the buildings making them More taxable and in nearly every Case he is an interested helpful citizen. These men engaged in the promotion of agriculture in two Large neighbouring agrarian counties believe that much can be accomplished with their most recently acquired Chick if he but consider the problem of the land and put it to its Best use under its new status. They Point to the ways in which they can help and in addition to advising on the land and its Domestic beasts Are also glad to Point to such related Federal agencies As the . Soil conservation service which offers technical assistance on the building of farm Ponds proper ditching and draining and other practices to retain the Fertility of the land. Many Auslander by trial and error come to the same conclusions drawn by the agents. In some cases the learning is expensive. A broker accustomed Only to Stock Market bulls does not enjoy being bunted Over a Fence by one of the Black Angus variety. Neither does he enjoy learning after a few years of neglect that his Fields present an expensive program of reclamation. As Long As Berkshire and Bennington counties have the scenery and Rural Homes to make them desirable retirement havens the retired newcomers should Contact the county agent. The Farmers Friend can also be the Sun tanners Counselor even though the framers of the Smith lever act in 1914 never anticipated that this would Ever be a significant part of his Job in Bennington and Berkshire counties. Humor tight squeeze a texan went into a bar and said a give me the tallest Glass you be got and one the texan squeezed out almost a pint of juice then said a i d like to see anyone else get that much juice from just one a Little fellow nearby said a let me have a tall Glass and the Lemon Rind you just threw he then squeezed another full Glass of juice from the already used Rind. A Man a exclaimed the texan. A How did you do it a a Well you see a replied the Man quietly. A i m with the internal Revenue a a Ohby Pickett in Parade

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