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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 2, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Showers maybe variable cloudiness cooler tonight with Low in the 40s. Variable cloudiness and cooler Chance of a few showers in the Mountain saturday. Yesterdays High 82 Low 49 today at 7 ., 50. Sunset 7 27 . Sunrise 6 17 Benning Bennington Vermont Friday september 2, 1966 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903, no. 20,161 to cents . Planes Cut red Supply lines Saigon up �?. Air Force pilots flying through thunderstorms and Clouds which hid communist missile Sites once again Cut North Viet names Railroad Supply lines to red China an air Force spokesman reported today. Two planes and their pilots were lost. In the South an eve increasing Campaign of Viet c Ong terror to disrupt the sept. 11 elections took a growing toll of dead and injured despite increased government precautions and stepped up american vigilance against threatened murder attacks. A Viet Cong mine exploded under a bus 24 Miles North of Saigon today killing 12 persons a eight civilians and four soldiers a and wounding to persons. It was the deadliest Viet Cong strike since a bomb took a toll of 30 or More lives at Hue last month. Another Viet Cong terrorist squad posting As prospective voters blew up a polling place 27 Miles North of Saigon today injuring at least five vietnamese. The raiders entered the office at Lai Thieu on the pretext of seeking voting instructions and placed a mine which exploded later. Intelligence sources in Danang reported huge communist troop buildups in four Northern provinces of South Viet Nam and warned of possible major attacks during the actual elections. The sources said terror squads killed five Village chiefs near Hue earlier this week and were planning wholesale assassinations to disrupt the elections. Premier Nguyen Cao by paying a Surprise visit to the Bien Hoa airbase 30 Miles Northeast of Saigon repeated his pledge to step Down As South Viet names chief As soon As a civilian government could be established after the sept. La elections. And in an apparent reference to French president Charles de Gaulle a statements in neighbouring Cambodia by vowed he would a never negotiate with the Viet Cong. A there Are people who talk about negotiations a a he said in a 25-Mlnute speech. A but those who have the idea of negotiating with the Viet Cong Are wrong a completely wrong. They understand nothing at All about in the South ground action picked up As . And South vietnamese troops battled Viet Cong guerrillas near Saigon and in the Central Highlands. At least 20 communists were killed and 22 were reported captured. . Spokesmen said an air Force fi05 Star lighter and a prop driven a1e sky Alder went Down in the Southern Panhandle area of North Viet Nam in attacks against the rail line that funnels supplies from communist China to Hanoi. Both pilots were listed As missing. It was the second Day in a Row the United states had lost two planes in raids against the communist North. Combined with the 115 planes reported Down in South Viet Nam it brought to 466 the total number of planes shot Down during the Viet Nam War. Communist terrorists continued their Campaign to sabotage South Viet names sept. La elections blowing up a polling office in a Village 27 Miles North of Saigon. At least five Vlen amese were injured by the blast. In other War developments �?. B52 Strat fortresses today bombed a suspected Viet Cong troop concentration and Headquarters area in Phuoc Tuy province about 35 Miles East Southeast of Saigon. �?. Air Force and Marine pilots flew 339 sorties against communist targets in South Viet Nam thursday spokesmen said. �?. Army 1st infantry division troops ended ther 11-Day old operation Amarillo thursday 28 Miles North of Saigon. American troops reportedly killed 102 communists in the action while suffering a a Light casualties themselves. A two air Force sky raiders bombed and strafed a Viet Cong concentration near qui Nhon 290 Miles North of Saigon killing a a number of communists and destroying 35 buildings. The air Force fi05 Slaughters flew through thunderstorms and a missile Clouds to Cut North Viet names rail line in to placed the spokesmen said. The area Between Hanoi and red China is heavily ringed with antiaircraft and surface to air missile Sam Sites. Other f105s struck a pair of Highway Bridges 18 Miles from Hanoi severing one and damaging the other the air Force spokesmen said. In the ground fighting . And South vietnamese infantrymen killed 18 communists in a sweep through a Viet Cong stronghold 12 Miles West Northwest of Saigon. Twenty two guerrillas were captured. Elements of the 2nd brigade of the . 25th infantry division killed nine of the communists and seized enemy documents weapons and medical supplies. New and old commanders e. Eldon James of Hamtpon va., right out going commander of the american legion introduces James e. Davis former governor of North Dakota to the convention delegates thursday in Washington. Up . Officials Cool to de of Aullen a proposals Washington up a the United states will not set a Date for withdrawal of . Forces from South Viet name As proposed by French president Charles de Gaulle unless a Date is also set for removal of North vietnamese troops. This was the reaction within the Johnson administration today to de Gaulle a speech in Cambodia. In that speech the French Leader said peace talks could Only be held if the United states first committed itself to withdraw its troops within a fixed time. The . Response has not been put into a Public statement. So far the administration has chosen to reply to de Gaulle with diplomatically Correct and exceedingly Cool silence. It May be that no Public statement on his speech will be issued. De Gaulle the administration noted said nothing about what communist North Viet Nam should do to bring peace. There was no mention of withdrawal of North vietnamese troops from the South. The question has been asked in Washington could this be because de Gaulle had been told by Hanoi that it was not prepared for peace moves his speech was made after a meeting with Hanoi a representative in Cambodia. The administration noted that de Gaulle himself expressed doubt that the time was a a Ripe for the settlements he proposed and that he also said France huh inc lilies Vermont Iii Campaign itinerary Boston up a vice president Hubert h. Humphrey plans a swing through new England in mid october to pitch for democratic candidates As campaigning escalates. It was announced thursday night that the vice president will be in Vermont and new Hampshire oct. 12-14 and in Massachusetts and Connecticut oct. 15-17. His new England trip is part of a two month Campaign swing beginning labor Day that will Young chinese zealots vow to train for struggle against . In Viet Hong Kong up a Young communist chinese zealots calling themselves a gravediggers of the old world a vowed today to undergo combat training for a fight to the end against americans in Viet Nam and a traitorous soviet the pledge from China a red guard youths came As peking assured the North vietnamese thursday it has a made every preparation to join them in struggle against the United states a until final Victory is in an article published in the Peoples daily the official Organ of the chinese communist party the red guards said they were ready to extend their anti Western Campaign in China a into the International area for a two pronged attack against America and Russia. The leaders of the soviet Union and the United states a have committed monstrous unpardonable crimes and should be punished and executed by the revolutionary people of the whole world a the red guard article said. The teen agers who have on the inside District 49 candidate would help Over taxed Small towns a Page 2. Straw hat circuit winds up season in Southern Vermont a pages 6 and la. Terrorized China for two weeks in their bid to wipe out All foreign influences a expressed their determination to learn from the liberation chinese army for training themselves to become combat troops like the army the red guards also announced that they had decided to a strengthen their organization for putting it on a combat they Are unafraid of and unafraid of basis. Sacrifices the chinese government message of support for Hanoi came in a Cable sent to president to Chi Minh on the 21st anniversary of North Viet Nam s existence As a nation. It was signed by party chairman Mao tse Tung and other chinese leaders. It said China a 700-million people have a made every preparation to fight the . Aggressors anywhere at anytime and give them joint blows together with the North vietnamese people until final Victory is the struggle of Hanoi against the United states a has proved . Imperialism is a paper Tiger a the Cable said. Carry him to 38 states As president Johnson s messenger. Johnson himself is expected to continue to confine most of his out of town campaigning to weekends. Humphrey s tentative Agenda does not list ail the speeches he will make but some sources have estimated he already is committed to close to too. Humphrey will criss Cross the country but generally will avoid the old South where he still is regarded As a flaming Liberal. He will be following or will be followed at times by sen. Robert f. Kennedy d-., who has a heavy Independent Campaign scheduled. The vice president rated lower in popularity than Kennedy among democratic voters in some polls looking toward 1968, insists he is not troubled by an overlapping of their travels. He is encouraging the brother of the late president to help All the candidates he can. Humphrey takes the View that there is a plenty of room in the democratic party for both of them. Each has invited the other to his Home state. Humphrey believes racial issues might play a part in some of the voting this fall but in the context of local racial violence rather than on a National Issue such As open housing. Humphrey will begin his Campaign Tours sept. 8. . Members or let Thant to reconsider was not mediating. Was he it was asked protecting himself against a Rebuff from Hanoi the French Leader spoke of the 1954 Geneva accords As the Only system a that could spare Indochina from becoming a Field of confrontation for rival dominions and ideologies and an open invitation to american United nations up a a concerted move to persuade a reluctant u Thant to continue in office As Secretary general took shape today but was not expected to snowball until the general Assembly meets sept. 20. The United states officially opened the drive thursday within a few hours of Thant a statement that he would not be . Arms hearings planned Washington up a sen. J. William Fulbright a plan to hold hearings a open and closed a on the . Military buildup in Thailand is putting the Johnson administration on the spot. The problem involved is whether in a telling ally to Congress and the american people the administration will jeopardize military operations vital to the War in Viet Nam. Fulbright a move thus struck to the heart of a dilemma As old As the nation itself the conflict Between the Peoples right to know and the need in certain circumstances for military and diplomatic secrecy. The senator chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee contends that Congress As the representative of the people has a constitutional right to a advise and consent when it comes to foreign policy. Fulbright noted that the presence of Large numbers of . Troops some reports mention 30,000�?and the construction of major air base facilities in Thailand have become More or less Public knowledge. A we ought to know what we Are getting into a he said adding that he has since regretted his failure to hold hearings two years ago after the Gulf of Tonkin incident i the major . Buildup in South Viet Nam. There have been published reports that . Planes based in Thailand have bombed communist North Viet Nam and the to Chi Minh Trail in Laos. But these have never been officially confirmed. . Officials while not admitting american activities in Thailand have asked newsmen to keep them a secret. The thai government is said to have agreed to these activities on the understanding that they would not be made Public. Available when his five year term expires nov. 3. Among his reasons frustration Over the . S inability to act As peacemaker particularly in Viet name was his Basic belief that no Man should serve More than one term in the top . Executive Post. . Ambassador Arthur j. Goldberg said he did not agree with that premise. He told a news conference the United states a persists in the Hope that the Secretary general will accede to the desire of the . Membership that he consent to the Extension of his term of elaborating i the statement Goldberg said he hoped this would be another full five year term a for something Short of a full term a but a we urge him to stay for As Long As he the other big Powers in the Security Council the top Organ of the United nations withheld comment for the time being. Britain France and the soviet see u Thant Page 14, col. 6 Secretary general j Thant announced says thursday to the United nations that he will not be a candidate for a second no term when his present five year term expires nov. 3. Up Sukarno makes hid to regain lost Power Jakarta up a indonesian president Sukarno in a dramatic bid to regain his lost Power today urged the country a political and military leaders to a drag around in the mud the opponents who have a a slandered him. Sukarno whose Many titles had included a great Leader of the revolution a declared in an emotional address at a conference of All governors and regional military commanders Here a if there Are elements who legislation ends Canadian rail strike Ottawa up a railway workers in the maritime provinces led a Back to work movement today easing fears that strikers across the nation would ignore parliamentary legislation making the walkout illegal. Parliament made the we Klong National rail strike illegal thursday night by passing a controversial Bill sponsored by prime minister Lester b. Pearson. The first of 110,000 strikers showed up for work this morning in Prince Edward Island new Brunswick new Public defender will seek change of venue for speck chairman cheered chairman Mao tse Tung Center standing is cheered As he arrives wednesday at the a Gate of heavenly peace a in peking to attend a rally held by 500,000 Youthful red guards. Up Chicago up a Public defender Gerald w. Getty says accused mass killer Richard speck could not get a fair trial in Chicago at this time. He hinted he May seek a change of venue. Getty made the comments after thursday s court hearing when circuit court judge Herbert c. Paschen granted a string of defense motions but failed to Rule on what May be the most important. That was Getty s request that the defense and prosecution join in selecting an eight Man panel of mental experts to examine speck before the trial. Speck 24, is charged with murdering eight Young nurses in their apartment on Chicago s far South Side last july. When newsmen asked Getty whether the Young Seaman could get a fair trial Here he replied a not at this asked whether he would seek a change of venue he said a i certainly intend to make that then he hedged and said a i d just As soon not comment on that at this tight Security rules were imposed on the courtroom for speck s third appearance since an unsuccessful attempt to take his own life Only three Days after the murders. Speck himself was escorted from his jail cell by a strapping 6-foot-10-Inch Deputy sheriff. Authorities said the stringent Security requirements were needed because of five Telephone Calls and one letter alluding to a threat on speck s life. Found land and Nova Scotia. In the latter province however there were signs that some men would stay off the Job As the Holiday weekend of heavy train travel began. In Halifax 50 train employees reported for work then walked off again in protest again what they said was a Lack of sick benefits in Pearson a Bill. The key provision of the Bill was an 8 per cent wage increase now and an additional to per cent in 1967. The rail men who had been earning an average of $2.23 an hour struck last Friday for a 30 per cent wage increase. Even before parliament stamped final approval on the Bill Union leaders said they would comply with the emergency legislation and informed their men the strike was off. But they said they could Only a a Hope that the men themselves would comply. And even if the rank and file did comply doubles were expressed that trains would be operating before the weekend. The earliest resumption of service was expected to be provided by Canadian National railways commuter lines. The commuter trains should be running under a almost Normal conditions sometime today a car spokesman said. Short session Washington up a the Senate met for is seconds today and adjourned for the labor Day weekend. It will reconvene at noon Edt tuesday. Slander the great Leader of the revolution pull him Down into the mud and then drag him around in the Gen Suharto the army strongman who has virtually been ruling Indonesia since Sukarno unwillingly turned Over Broad executive Powers to him last March winced visibly when Sukarno directly asked him a what Are you doing a a what do you All do a he spouted at other leaders seated around the edges of the ballroom sized ceremonial room in the state Palace. A will you act or wont you i am asking you this earnestly a Sukarno demanded. A the great Leader of the revolution just happens to be during his Appeal Sukarno also defended socialism. He denied there was political instability and economic chaos in Indonesia. The conference billed As a an Opportunity for indonesians military and governors to meet its new Cabinet a was believed by most observers to actually be a formal nose count of support by Suharto in readying himself for a possible final showdown with Sukarno. Conservatives Hope to out poll liberals in n. V. Saratoga Springs . A More than 300 alternates and delegates of the conservative party will gather Here tuesday for the party s convention when a platform will be adopted and a slate of candidates to run in the november election will be selected. The party formed four years ago by dissident republicans with almost the sole purpose of cutting Down governor Nelson Rockefeller s political career is expected to denounce his programs including medicaid and Aid to education. Paul l. Adams 51, Dean of Roberts Wesleyan College in suburban Rochester is expected to be the party s Choice for governor. The conservatives have never polled More than 300,000 votes but Hope this year to out poll the liberals who for the first time in a Hirany years Are running their own candidate instead of endorsing the democratic Choice As has been their custom. It

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