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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Oct 21 1965, Page 4

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - October 21, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner thursday october 21, 1965 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials a watchful waiting a for what sen. Robert Kennedy a suggestion that the communist chinese be invited to sit in on the Geneva disarmament talks has dropped with a Dull thud in Washington. No one in official circles has been stimulated by it one Way or another. The state department to which it was nominally directed has maintained its attitude of impassive non commitment. Sot the Prospect is for Many More months of a watchful waiting during which . Policy makers presumably will congratulate themselves that our government does not recognize the chinese government and prevents it from entering into diplomatic discus ens with the West. What this policy achieves in a positive Way is hard to discern. A decade or so ago the proponents of non recognition argued that China would Wither and weaken in her isolation and finally come to terms with the West. The strategy set Forth by Secretary of state John Foster Dulles and others of his persuasion was to quarantine the chinese till they begged for Relief. This proposition was not very believable Back in the �?T50s, and it is patently false today. The communist chinese have not gone downhill in the past decade they have gone the government for All its difficulties better highways Are part of the answer the Highway departments program to improve 27 major Accident Sites on Vermont roads is an important first step toward making the states highways safer to drive on. Among the projects scheduled for completion in the next year and a half Are four in Bennington county. Three of . 7�?Ts Many dangerous curves in the Bennington area will be straightened out and the Junction of . 7 and Vermont 67a, the scene of 19 accidents during the past five years will be partially redesigned. The improvements will certainly contribute to greater Highway safety but they should be Only the first part of a general overhaul of . 7, a Highway that is too narrow for the volume of traffic that uses it and becomes increasingly dangerous As it becomes More crowded. Local governments might also take a Cue from the states action and make Long overdue improvements to some of the dangerous intersections and Accident Sites on local Highway systems. Bennington Village trustees for instance have yet to follow up their Promise to install a better traffic Light at the intersection of Valentine and main. They have in the past considered building a traffic Island at the three Way Junction of . 7, Ben Mont Avenue and Hunt Street but the Island which in conjunction with a traffic Light could make it far easier for motorists to make turns onto and off . 7 a at that Point one of the most heavily travelled highways in the state a has yet to appear. Is stronger and More secure than it has Ever been. Despite food shortages and a chronic overpopulation problem the chinese people Are better fed and healthier than Ever. And slowly but surely this enormous country is building up its heavy Industry and military technology to the Point where it is one of the worlds supreme Powers. Under these circumstances the United states a a watchful waiting is self defeating. All it does is win a period of temporary political Calm while the chinese storm gathers strength. If there is any Hope of an ultimate accommodation Between Washington and peking then nothing is to be gained by postponing the diplomatic overtures. Our country lost some if its bargaining Power when the chinese developed an atomic bomb. It will lose More when they develop a workable Hydrogen bomb. And it will have Little bargaining Power left when they have a Stock of nuclear weapons capable of destroying Western civilization. Far from being a Wise policy a a watchful waiting seems a timid and shortsighted Way to Deal with the problem. So we Welcome the efforts of senator Kennedy and other Public figures who Are now calling for a new approach to communist China. Although Good highways Are also Safe highways the bad curves narrow roads and poorly designed intersections can be Given Only part of the blame for the horrifying increase in the states traffic fatality rate. This year according to a recent report of the department of motor vehicles the number of Highway fatalities is 21 per cent higher than at the same time in 1964, and 41 per cent higher than in 1963. Oddly the number of collisions of All types has gone up Only 7 per cent Over the preceding year. Liquor and Speed Are listed As contributory causes in 38 per cent of the fatal accidents. Unfortunately cars that Are going too fast or that have a Drunken Driver behind the wheel crack up on Good highways just As readily As on bad highways. The motor vehicle departments report also Points out that 74 per cent of the Drivers in fatal accidents so far this year were vermonters. Vermont Drivers theoretically should be More familiar with their own highways and with danger spots than outsiders. Nevertheless they Are the ones who Are involved in most bad accidents. Highway improvements then Are Only part of the answer. The state police Force needs to be beefed up enforcement has to be More stringent penalties have to be stiffer safety education programs have to be expanded. In the final analysis however a reduction in traffic deaths will not occur until every Motorist learns to think twice before he tries to push his speedometer up another to Miles per hour or has one More drink before setting out for Home. Always 0-lad to Lom a neighbor a shovel a f a these Days dominicans . Must heed warnings about castrites Mil or is Chii Man Washington calling a Young american died in Laos the other Day by Marquis Childs Washington. A Young american was killed in Laos the other Day and the Choice made about what he wanted to do with his life says a lot for his generation and its commitment to the Stern realities of the age. Michael Deuel served in the Pacific As a Marine officer. When he was discharged in 1962, he looked for a Way to get Back to Southeast Asia. He was fascinated by the place and the people. It was As an adviser on refugees for the Agency for International development that he returned. He worked in primitive villages under difficult and often frustrating Circum Stai Ces. The helicopter cras1 Chat ended his life at 28 was the ind of senseless Accident that mocked the innumerable hazards he had lived through. His Headquarters in pause in the southernmost part of Laos where he supervised a refugee Village of several thousand Mountain tribesmen was in dangerous territory infiltrated by Viet Minh and Patchet lao. While he believed in what he was doing Deuel was no Galahad. He wanted to be where the action was where things were happening. One of his family s vivid memories is of his saying with passion a i Tell you one thing and that is i Edrit intend to be bored in my life a throughout the world thousands hundreds of thou Sands really of Mike Deuel s generation Are where the action is. They Are working and living in squalid villages in India on the slopes of the Andes in Colombia and Peru in Remote outposts beyond the farthest Edge of a civilization a these Are not Only the peace corps volunteers but Young people who have enrolled in Many private organizations such As a Cion in latin America. They Are committed to an extent that this country has rarely seen in a younger generation. So Are the Young people who have gone to the South to help in the civil rights movement to teach in negro schools where the level of education is appallingly Low to help make up for a Century of neglect and injustice. While their commitment must seem self defeating the students demonstrating against the War in Viet Nam have taken a stand and put their future on the line in an atmosphere of growing emotionalism. It would be remarkable if communists or crypt communists had not tried to use the student movement for their own ends. To denounce As communist inspired the whole movement which undoubtedly includes thousands of deeply convinced Young people will give the extreme left far More credit than it deserves a of in contrast to the army of the committed their commitment taking one form or another Are the beatniks the nihilists who reject everything. Their nihilism is conspicuous because of the badge of the Long hair the dirty Blue jeans the raffish behaviour. Again allowing for the inevitable leftist Effort to discredit the United states and create a false impression of wholesale resistance probably most of the avowed draft dodgers Are to be found in this category. To this observer it seems obvious that they Are a Small minority. They have taken out their boredom and their rejection of the terms of american life in a Long whine that is a distorted Echo of the a lost generation of the 1920s. For the Mike duels a the Young men and women who have gone out where the action is there Are challenging unfinished tasks at Home and in every Corner of the Globe. When the War in Southeast Asia is finally ended a ravaged country must be put together again and a people who have endured so much Given a Chance for a new life. Deuel was working in a Small Corner of that Large undertaking. A generation ago to have volunteered to teach in a primitive colombian Village or to work with backward peasants in Nepal would have seemed to say the least eccentric. A few of the a lost generation sat it out As expatriates in Paris. But today the choices Are so numerous for the committed that it is hard to understand even a Small minority rejecting any commitment whatsoever. By John Chamberlain new York . Thomas Mann whose Job As under Secretary of state for economic affairs makes him the third ranking official in his department made a speech the other Day warning against popular front movements that tolerate communists. Supposedly he was speaking to the politicians of the dominican Republican including former president Juan Bosch who Are acting All too complacent towards castrites and communists in such organizations As the far left fourteenth of july movement. But knowing that Tom Mann has one of the sharpest minds in Washington i find it impossible to believe that he was t aiming his words primarily at certain people in his own state department. The fact is that if a popular front government emerges in the dominican Republic next Spring it will be the fault of those who have undercut Tom Mann s advice on How to handle latin american affairs. We started out bravely enough in the dominican crisis. But one by one we have Cut Down the local watchdogs who could have been counted on to see that no genuine popular Frontiss gets control of the army or the police or the conduct of foreign affairs in Dominica. Poor general Vessiny Wesson whose crime was that he loved his country has been exiled not because the dominicans willed it but because a a Washington found him a totally committed anti popular front Man. Edward Derwinski of Illinois who has received regular briefings on the dominican situation As a member of the House foreign affairs committee is one who can t understand the abyss that lies Between Tom Mann swords and Day to Day state department behaviour. Says Derwinski a i can Only say that either our department of state officials Are ignorant of conditions in the dominican Republic lying to members of Congress or withholding information from Congress or perhaps a combination of the True enough the provisional government in Dominica set up under the organization of american states is not yet a popular front affair. President Hector Garcia Godoy the interim ruler of Dominica has done very Little to collect the arms which the re Bels were supposed to turn in after the coalition government has been formed and these arms hidden in the Hills and under floors in the City of Santo Domingo Are a tacit reminder from the left that come Spring dominicans had better elect a popular front government the words it Quot of Tom Mann and the deeds of the department in which he is third ranking member Are poles apart when we consider the famous or infamous Otepka Case. It will be remembered that Otto Otepka As a top state department Security evaluator raised some questions about the ability of William a. Wieland who was the department s adviser on cuban affairs Back in 1958 and 1960, to defend the . Against the emergence of popular front situations in the Caribbean. Wieland according to Otepka s statement gave false testimony when he claimed a Mere superficial acquaintance with the character of Fidel Castro. A 1962 internal Security subcommittee report signed by five democrats and four republicans insists that Wieland knew Castro Well enough to inform friends in 1958 that Castro a is a communist and a is surrounded by but Wieland withheld this information from his own department. While Tom Mann warns the world that popular front governments Are a menace his Superior Dean Rusk continues to de fend the Pur Blind William Wieland and to make life miserable for Otto Otepka for having helped the Senate internal Security subcommittee understand How we permitted a popular front takeover situation to develop in Cuba. Otepka was dismissed by state for cooperating with his congressional interrogators and is still waiting for vindication on an Appeal of his Case. A your staff should work for you and the state departments staff should work for the Secretary of state a so Rusk told the Senate subcommittee in testy fashion when challenged about the Otepka dismissal. But surely Congress which must have Access to facts if it is to legislate has a right to information about the activities of All branches of government. And Why if Tom Mann makes a a a policy speech against encouraging popular front governments should an Otto Otepka continue to be kept in the dog House for a deed that is entirely consistent with Mann s very sensible words Lett erg to the editor taxes in Shaftsbury to the editor of the Banner As one of the oldest property taxpayers in Shaftsbury i wish to express briefly some of my opinions relative to the so called a a hassle going on in town Over property taxes. For Many years the voters in town have elected Many types of listers some serving Many years others for lesser periods and they have managed to produce the required amount of tax Money to operate the town without the assistance of our state tax department. Whether we have a High grand list and a Low rate or a Low grand list and a High rate Means Only that the taxes produced can be used for current expenses. Over the years our town listers have performed their Job very Well and generally were voted in each year if qualified. They were a Little More lenient to the hard pressed Farmer to the owners of old Homes with Large families and to elderly people with restricted income. Tills in itself was an undeclared War on poverty that we hear so much about today. With a Large percentage of our citizens today Over 65 years of age and living on Small incomes it does not seem reasonable or just to double or triple the amount of taxes these people and others Are now paying. It seems that while some agencies Are making War on poverty our town listers with Aid from Montpelier Are warring on our very right of survival. Figures revealed during the present listing of property in town showed a difference of from $500 to $1500 Between the state and town on the same property. The town assessment generally the largest seemed to always prevail. In other words a just who is going to save the patient when the doctors the recent exemption of cattle from taxes must have made even our town listers very Happy. The reduction of taxes nearly $4 on every poll taxpayer while heavily loading up the property taxpayer no doubt made the poll taxpayer also very Happy. Tax commissioner Gerald Witherspoon recently told the Lions club in Burlington that the local property tax Burden is at its Peak in most communities and he added that Vermont Resi dents carry a heavier portion of their local government through property taxes than residents of any other state. Then if this statement is True any More property taxes levied on the people would be an injustice. I know the people of Shaftsbury have a Strong resentment Over what is happening in town. We have had weeks of frustration and confusion. Over 90 of our taxpayers employed the services of Bennington lawyers to protect them in their rights against allegedly illegal methods of our listers. The result was that grievance Day had to be held All Over again and it appears that the Cost of the appraisal of property for this year will run into thousands of dollars. We waited for Over too years for a new Deal in Montpelier and at last we got it and there is More to come according to rumours. It appears that town meetings and town government will soon be a thing of the past and Montpelier will take Over unless the people fight Back to preserve our rights. We should strongly condemn the use of a tape recorder by our town clerk and listers at grievance meetings in our town. This has been done evidently to subdue the aggrieved taxpayer in their claim for a lower appraisal of their property. After All elected officials Are Only servants of the people and never their master. William Barber who Iii a recent general election lost out going to the general Assembly by Only two votes agreed to let his friends write in his name on the Republican ballot at the primary tuesday. Please keep his name in mind until nov. 23, general election Day. I believe it is time for a change in Shaftsbury and Montpelier again. Smith t. Harris. Shaftsbury. A hypocrites a to the editor of the Banner anti War and civil rights demonstrations Are certainly annoying and they May indeed be giving Comfort to our communist enemies but those including president Johnson who would Stop them might Ponder the following statement a no manufacturer of arms or engines of War nor any Man whatever who makes things belonging to War or even such things As might Lead to wickedness in times of peace is to be found among them. There is not a single slave to be found among them for All Are free and mutually serve each other. They condemn owners of slaves not Only As unjust inasmuch As they corrupt the principle of Equality but also As impious because they destroy the Law of nature which like a Mother brought Forth an nourished All alike and made them All legitimate Brethren not Only in word but in deed but this relationship treacherous covetousness rendered overbearing by Success has destroyed by engendering enmity instead of cordiality and hatred instead of it was written almost 2,000 years ago by Philo about the essences in Palestine during the time of Jesus of Nazareth who must certainly have been influenced by them. Now it is understandable that those who love peace and Freedom Are a Little impatient with the failure of such Christian doctrines to have taken effect after 2,000 years and Are resorting to demonstrations to that end. And it is particularly fitting that Young men and women should do so seeing that their elders have failed although they piously applauded the speech of Pope Pius before the United nations. Was not that an anti War demonstration a hypocrites a Jesus would have called them. Coleman a trial should make you angry afraid Irving Fineman. Shaftsbury. Thanks to the editor of the Banner the children of Caverly join me in thanking All who helped to make our oct. 16 rummage Sale a Success. We Are especially grateful to the girl scout troop no. To mrs. Mar Clenroy mrs. Bruce Lavigne Leonard Black mrs. Doris Boutin mrs. Roger Cole mrs. Donald Humphreys radio station Watn and to the Banner for their excellent coverage. Theresa m. Bashaw administrator Caverly child health Center. Pittsford. To the editor of the Banner this letter is the expression of my feeling of deep outrage when i first heard the appalling news of the acquittal of Thomas Coleman for the Shotgun murder of a Young episcopal seminarian named Jonathan Daniels who was in Alabama As part of the episcopal churches a continuing ministry of my anger mounted As i read the sordid details of the trial the courtroom packed with friends and relatives the use of negro witnesses Only the indecent haste in getting it done the failure to Walt for the testimony of father Morrisroe to permit the testimony of the Young a acc workers who witnessed the crime or to use As evidence the character reference furnished by the Dean of the episcopal theological Seminary the use of Maroon coloured shorts As evidence the Parade of civil and Church leaders to give their Blessing to the squalid ritual of exoneration of a local citizen. And above All the snickering the winks the sly suggestiveness the methodical attempt to assassinate the character of a Good Young Man already dead. So an All White jury returned a verdict of not guilty based on the defense a claim that the murder was in self defense. Coleman is free. Father Morrisroe is still in the Hospital. Jon Daniels is dead. It does not matter what you feel about Daniels presence in Alabama or even what you feel about civil rights action in general. It does not matter where you live or what religious beliefs if any you profess. If you Are a human being who values Freedom and equal rights for yourself and for others you should be feeling sick angry outraged and afraid. When a Basic human right that at a fair trial before ones Peers is so cynically and lightly tampered with when the evils of the present system of jury selection Are so clearly underlined when the Justice department takes no Steps to ensure Justice when the Church is used to put its blessings on a mocking miscarriage of Justice when human beings Are in effect Given a License to kill other human beings with impunity and even with a smirking Pat on the Hack when these things happen it is time for anger it is time for fear it is time for tears. There Are things that can be done if you care enough. Get in Tough with your congressman and urge him to seek enactment of a uniform juror selection Law for All courts. Express yourself to the president a he appoints Federal judges in the South. Express yourself to attorney general Nicholas Deb. Katzen Bach. The department at Justice is responsible for the enforcing of existing Laws. The attorney general needs to be told that he has fallen below the duties of his office. He sent no observer to the Coleman trial. Where direct and creative anger was called for he issued instead a Meek and mumbled comment that such a verdict was the Price that sometimes has to be paid for the jury system. And let it be known to the country at Large with whatever forms of communication Are available to you that All White jury systems and All White court houses serve As a licensing Bureau for killers of civil rights workers and Blocker of equal rights for All men. The life of Jonathan Daniels is no More or less important in the eyes of god than that of any Man. But the cause for which he gave that life should be of deepest concern to All men who believe in Justice for All who want to breathe the air of a free society who want their children to live in a free world. If enough of us care and care deeply enough to do something about it the death of Jon Daniels will not have been in vain. If enough caring people across the nation speak out and take action his death May still be meaningful. From his death and the trial of his killer May come a new Way of life in the courts of the nation. Frederic j. Haskin Rector St. Marks episcopal Church. Newport

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