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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - October 21, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Reds up wars Pace in Central Highlands Saigon up a vietnamese rangers and american advisers today were airlifted into a . Special forces outpost in the Central Highlands which had been under communist siege for three Days. The guerrillas apparently gave up the attack. The operation was marred by the crash of an american helicopter due to mechanical trouble. A . Spokesman said casualties were unknown. The Viet Cong trying desperately to regain lost territory near communist North Viet Nam s Frontier meanwhile attacked two More government outposts today in Quang Tri province. The raids were repulsed. The special forces Camp is located at plei me 215 Miles North of Saigon in Mountain forests of the Central Highlands. Wilson says tax opponents Are a phonies Saratoga Springs n. legislative candidates running on a a repeal the sales tax platform Quot without offering an alternative Are a political phonies Quot and should be viewed with distrust it. Gov. Malcolm Wilson said wednesday in a press conference sponsored by Saratoga county Republican committee. In his attack on the a irresponsible position Quot of such candidates the lieutenant governor said these a phonies Quot done to state what reductions in state Ald they might recommend or what substitute taxes they might impose As alternatives. At one time the communists came so close they were burned alive at the barbed wire defensive perimeter by flaming jellied gasoline dropped by american planes. Ninety guerrilla bodies were counted at the Camp. An american was captured by the Viet Cong and was officially listed As missing in action but before the report could be sent from Saigon he escaped and managed to return to . Lines. The adviser was identified As capt. Robert f. Hopper 29, whose wife lives in Winter Haven Fla. Details of his escape were not immediately did closed. Quang Tri is the northernmost province of South Viet Nam. The attacks today were against the Bao Cong outpost about six Miles Southwest of Quant Tri City and at la Vang Only one mile South of the pro Van Cal capital. The Viet Cong struck Bao Cong at 1 20 ., pounding defensive bunkers and trenches with mortar and Small fire. The guerrillas managed to sweep into one Corner of the Camp gain control of an artillery position and blow up an ammunition Magazine. After flares were dropped by Allied planes the guerrillas fled leaving behind five dead. The Viet Cong lobbed 60 mortar rounds into the la Vang outpost shortly after Midnight but withdrew a Short time later. Bao Cong is situated 9 Miles East of the a Long Valley where the Viet Cong wednesday lost 94 men by actual body count in a major offensive against a government outpost. It is about 400 Miles North of Saigon. Prime minister Ian Smith of rho Moi cps Desia announces after a three hour Cabinet meeting yesterday that a de decision a Sion in principal on a declaration of Independence from great Britain had been reached. Up Wilson blocks Independence move in Japan seas similarities with Vermont Tokyo up a gov. Philip a Hoff of Vermont said today he plans during a 12-Day Goodwill visit to Japan to find out what the japanese have been doing to conserve the natural Beauty of this Island nation. Hoff Here with eight other american governors to attend a conference with the governors of the japanese prefectures told newsmen he Felt the United states was not doing All it could or should do to conserve americans natural Beauty. Hoff also pointed out that since the 1930s, the United states had lost a third of its historical buildings through a Lack of maintenance. He said he noped to learn How the japanese Deal with similar problems. While the other governors Are sightseeing sunday Hoff will Fly to Yama Gat a City about too Miles North of Here to pay a Call on the governor of Yama Gata prefecture Tokichi Abiko. Hoff told up that Vermont and Yamagata seriously Are considering the possibility of establishing a sister state relationship. He said this would involve a cultural Exchange program. He explained that both Are mountainous areas with similar resources and emphasis on skiing. Gov. Abiko came Down to Tokyo to Greet Hoff when he arrived Here from the United states wednesday. London up a prime minister Harold Wilson today sent to rhodesian Premier Ian Smith his proposals to Block a unilateral declaration of Independence by the White ruled african Colony and Avert the bloodshed he fears it would bring. The British Cabinet approved Wilson a terms at an urgent meeting. Wilson then sent his message to rhodesian High commissioner Jack Johnson in London for relay to Smith in Salisbury. The possibility of More talks eased temporarily the crisis Over Independence for Rhodesia ruled by a White minority government. There Are about 220,000 White settlers in the co Lony compared to almost 4 million Blacks. There were reports that Wilson might Fly to Salisbury for fresh round of negotiations with Smith. Three British newspapers a the daily Telegraph the daily mail and the daily express a said Wilson was considering such a move. There was no official confirmation. Wilson drafted a reply to Smiths message wednesday in which the rhodesian Leader offered to sign a treaty guaranteeing the political and social Advance of the Colony a Blacks if Independence could be agreed upon. Disagreement remained on the timing for eventual government by Rhodesia a majority of almost 4 million Blacks and an end to racial discrimination. The effective reins of government now rest with 220,000 White rhodesian settlers who Are Given preferential voting rights by virtue of income and educational requirements. Smith has been vague about the timetable for improving the status of the Black population. The British government wants the program to get under Way. Three americans win Nobel prizes for work in physics and chemistry Stockholm up a two american scientists and a japanese whose research is contributing to the development of electronic computers today won the Nobel prize for physics. Another american won the prize for chemistry. The physics winners were prof. Julian Schwinger of Harvard University Richard p. Feynman of the California Institute of technology in Pasadena calif., and prof. Sin Tilro torn Onaga of Tokyo. Prof. Robert Burns Woodward also of Harvard won the chemistry prize for his Quot meritorious contribution to the Art of organic Schwinger 49, Feynman 49, and Tomonaga 59, split the physics award for transforming the so called Quot Exchange play Quot Between elementary particles into hard mathematical facts. Cuban seven determined Cabal exiles yesterday in mount Carmel Conn., attached a Vine to the front bumper of their car after it invasion broke Down. They Are marching from Boston to Washington to seek american help for an invasion of Cuba up their ground work was Laid Down More than two decades ago when the United states and Japan were still fighting world War n. They reached their conclusions independently without cooperation. The three will share the $56,400 prize Money. The swedish Academy of sciences which makes the awards said Woodward 48, Quot has carried out a number of difficult syntheses of complicated organic compounds within the last two it said his Quot Peak achievement Quot came in 1961 Quot when he succeeded in bringing about the Complete synthesis of the Green colouring matter in leaves of plants in announcing the physics award prof. Erik Rudberg of the Academy said the work of the two american and japanese scientists would probably affect the development of electronic computers and other electronic equipment. He said the Resech will Quot mean a revolution in the thoughts and pictures of solid state he said it was extremely important for the physics of elementary particles. Schwinger and Feynman were both born in new York. Woodward was born in Boston mass. Today a award boosted the total of american Nobel prize winners for chemistry to 14. Germany Heads the list with 21 prize winners. Morrissey nomination Back in committee on teds plea Washington up a the Senate today sent the controversial Federal judgeship nomination of Francis x. Morrissey Back to the judiciary committee a at the request of sen. Edward m. Kennedy a mass. Kennedy has been the leading Senate supporter of the nomination and Morrissey is a longtime Friend of his family. The senator his voice breaking at one Point in what sounded like a sob told the Senate he Felt the Boston municipal judges qualifications would be upheld by the committee once questions about the nomination were fully aired. A let me say simply that when a Man has been unfairly attacked and unjustly accused i cannot in Good conscience desert him Quot Kennedy told his colleagues. A i am satisfied that a full and Complete record made with care and deliberation will uphold my judgment to the satisfaction of any fair minded Man such a record will result in his confirmation by a greatly increased majority and that he will be a credit to the Federal supporters Omorrissey claimed earlier today they were certain of winning confirmation. The Morrissey backers said they had the full support of vice president Hubert h. Humphrey. They hoped Humphrey would be present today for the showdown vote to break a tie in event one should occur. However Humphrey had a . Campuses react to counter anti Vietnam War demonstrations Boston up a a groundswell of resentment bubbled up in new England today Over anti let Nam demonstrations and draft card burnings. Laconia . Citizens wrote a letter to soldiers in Viet Nam expressing support and gratitude to them. A what you Are doing for us now in Viet Nam is something which has earned our eternal gratitude Quot the letter said. The letter will be hand delivered to the War zone at Cho Lai by pfc William Bullough in of Gilford ., who left today to return to South Viet Nam. He had been Home on emergency leave because of the recent death of his Mother. Several new England colleges held pc Viet Nam policy demonstrations wednesday. At Lowell technological Institute the 2,500 member student body along with alumni was asked to sign another open letter in support of american soldiers in Viet Nam. The letter will be presented to Lowell tech president Martin j. Lydon and the Board of trustees today. It will be sent to Gen. William c. Westmoreland in Viet Nam. The letter said a we know you have read about the demonstrations by students against our policy in Viet Nam. A while we believe in Freedom of expression we want you to know the great majority of Stu dents Are in favor of president Johnson a policies. A we the undersigned students of Lowell technological Institute want to thank you for the part you Are playing in defending our country Quot it said. The letter was drafted by three sophomores Richard Ber Natchez 18, of Fitchburg Joseph Samson 18, of Pittsfield and Alfred Vervaert 18, of Lowell. Seventy five varsity Letterman in seven sports at Babson Institute at Wellesley held a rally wednesday night a to make sure our boys in Viet Nam read some positive news for pamphlets were distributed by Yale University students in new Haven calling for a rally to Back Johnson a Viet Nam stand. Student leaders said a we feel there is Little support at Yale for groups which have attempted to impede troop movements and encourage other students to obstruct the gov. John h. Chafee of Rhode Island a Marine officer during world War la criticized Young men who have been a burning draft cards or trying to Block troop a brother How id like to have those Guys in my Rifle company Quot Chafee said. . Atty. Raymond j. Pet Tine of Rhode Island warned there would be a no tolerance for draft card burners in his jurisdiction. Marine corps commandant Gen. Wallace m. Greene jr., in a speech in the nations capital wednesday called upon denounces of . Policy to Volunteer for humanitarian work in Southeast Asia. Quot let them prove themselves As Good Samaritans by crossing the Road to lift up their Brothers to tend the sick to feed the hungry to clothe the naked to shelter the homeless Quot Greene said. Quot let them do this first rather than pass by on the other Side of the Street with a placard on their shoulder a song on their lips and hypocrisy in their at Watervliet speaking engagement scheduled in new Haven Conn. This afternoon. Humphrey met wednesday with Morrissey a no. I spokesman sen. Edward Mkennedy d-mass., for a head count of support for the Kennedy family Friend. They concluded sources said that they had lined up ample votes for confirmation. Kennedy has thrown All of his influence into a Campaign for Senate approval of Morrissey a longtime political aide of his father Joseph p. Kennedy and once a worker in the office of John f. Kennedy when the late president was a Massachusetts congressman. Senate Republican Leader Everett m. Dirksen has sided with the american bar association Aba and other Legal groups which contend that Morrissey a Boston municipal court judge lacks the Quot intelligence capacity Legal training and experience Quot needed for the Federal Bench. Edward Kennedy has committed his prestige and Dirksen has committed his legendary Powers of persuasion to intensive vote getting drives among their colleagues. There were reports the Johnson administration was helping Kennedy in his quest for Victory. Kennedy charged that Dirk sen has made the Morrissey nomination a partisan political Issue because the gop Leader claims the support of All 32 Senate republicans including sen. Leverett Saltonstall r-mass., who usually stands with Kennedy on state matters. A renal employees Start 30-hour shelter test actress Marie Mcdonald Dies a possible suicide hidden Hills. Calif. Us a actress Marie the body Mcdonald 42 was found dead today by her husband in their Home and the coroners office said her death was a Quot possible detectives said the Malibu sheriff s substation received a Telephone Call at 5 30 Put from film producer Donald Taylor that his wife Marie was dead. No further details were immediately available. There was no immediate indication As to the cause of death. The actress career in recent years has been plagued with troubles among them treatment in Las vegas in 1958 for reportedly accidental overdose of sleeping pills treatment at Sydney Australia in 1963 in a psychiatric clinic and conviction later in the same year on charges of forging two prescriptions to obtain the pain killing drug Percodani. The blonde miss Mcdonald one time vocalist with the Oigt Chestra of the Tommy Dorsey has been involved in Legal controversy during her years in Hollywood. She once claimed she was kidnapped and raped by two men in 1957 and released in the desert More than too Miles from Hollywood. Law authorities investigated the Case but her alleged kidnappers were never apprehended. Miss Mcdonald has been in on the inside letter to the editor comments on the Shaftsbury tax situation a Page 4. Funds approved for flood Wall study on roaring Branch a Page 5. It. Laurel school in Manchester holds annual meeting in new building a Page 6. Solved in litigation with various sex husbands. She sought increased child support in recent years from sex husband Harry Karl the shoe magnate now married to actress Debbie Reynolds. Watervliet Watervliet Arsenal employees filed into a Brick walled basement room today to begin 30 hours confinement under conditions simulating those they a encounter in the event of a nuclear attack. The 20 men now in the fallout shelter beneath the arsenals administration building have volunteered for training As shelter managers. During the 30-hour period ending at 2 30 . Friday be instructed in methods and techniques of surviving nuclear blast Shock and residual radiation while living exactly As they would during a genuine emergency. The exercise directed by the arsenals civil defense co Ordi Nator Charles p. Barrett is being held to train shelter managers both for the Arsenal and for the participants Home communities. The group will subsist on the Standard civil defense provisions of crackers biscuits and chlorinated water and will sleep on Bare cots. operate radiological detection instruments and simulate medical treatment precisely As they would in the event of a real attack. Joseph Marlin of Troy and John h. Davenport of Schenectady Are the shelter management instructors. Marlin is within the shelter instructing the group in emergency methods and techniques while Davenport operates the equipment transmitting messages similar to those that would be broadcast by local state and government officials and cd representatives during an attack. Back in the swing president Johnson practices putting at Bethesda naval Hospital after he Learned that he will be Able to leave today. The chief executive took a Long walk and stopped for a few minutes on the second Green of the hospitals course. Up showers not so warm today High in the 60s. Cloudy with showers tonight Low in the 50s. Showers ending Friday. Cooler. Yesterdays High 79 Low 42. Today at 7 ., 43. Sunset 4 59 . Sunrise 6 16 The morning by just before Sun up is dominated by the Constellation Orion the great Hunter Taurus the Bull and cants major the big dog. Bennington Bennington Vermont thursday october 21, 1905 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 19,895 to cents

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