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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1970, Page 4

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Bennington, Vermont Bennington Banner saturday october to 1970 Montpelier memo editorials the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont 05201 three faces of welfare there appears Little doubt that next to the sales tax the growing Cost of welfare is the Issue that is guaranteed to elicit the greatest response from the majority of vermonters this year. Both seem to touch nerves among the electorate. The sales tax is the weak Point in gov. Deane Davis Armor deserved or not the welfare Issue however can be counted a plus for him because of his announced intention to Root out welfare the villain in the welfare argument is of course the Aid to needy families with children Annc program which is the one where most of the abuses real or imagined can be located. Any politician who promises to put loafers Back to work and track Down illicit boyfriends and or erring husbands is bound to make Points with voters struggling with the double Burden of an inflated Economy and heavy taxes. There is no doubt that welfare costs grow every year but before anyone gets the idea that rooting out a a abuses in the Annc program is automatically going to reduce state taxes it might be Well to take a look at what these welfare costs cover. According to the budget submitted for next year by social welfare commissioner Joseph t. Betit More than one third of the proposed budget of $21.8 million in state funds would go for medical assistance to needy persons including the amount made available for such health costs to Middle income people not on welfare but who Are unable to afford medical and nursing Home costs. He also asked an additional $1.4 a editor s no doubt the episode in Houston Texas this week when the states governor was shouted out of the room by some 1,000 College students will be dismissed by the majority As one More incident of the bad manners of the Young and of their refusal to show proper respect for duly constituted authority. The governor reportedly announced that ways must be found to a straighten out these undisciplined Young certainly Texas found a Way to a straighten out one Young person and this is what the students were protesting about. He was a Young Black in Houston recently sent to prison for 30 years for Possession of one marijuana cigarette. Before we bring a generation of Young people around to a respecting persons and institutions there has to be something there to Merit that respect. The number of jobs and the condition of the pocketbooks in Vermont May be Down but that old sales tax continues up and up and up. Figures for the first Quarter of fiscal 1971 july through september 1970 show the amount derived from the sales tax was almost a million dollars More this year than in 1969, the first year the tax was in effect. Projected for a full year this Means an extra $4 million in the state coffers. Any Day now gov. Davis can it May take gof Long time to digest that Barre dinner Sunrise to Sunset front Aspen to Quechee r million for needy children in hospitals and a similar amount of increase for aged people in hospitals and nursing Homes. Betit in making his budget request said nursing Home costs have climbed 20 per cent Hospital costs 17 per cent and drugs 4 per cent in the past year. Another Large item in the welfare budget is the program of Aid to the aged Blind and disabled which Betit estimates will require $7.4 million in state and Federal funds next year. The controversial Annc program will use $10 million next year of which one third is paid by the state and the other two thirds by the Federal government. So it appears that out of the total $21.8 million in state funds needed to support welfare costs Only about $3.3 million will be going into the family assistance budget where so Many taxpayers feel the bulk of the abuses lie. It appears then that the children whose needs for food and shelter and clothing must come out of this program Are not the chief villains in the Cost of welfare. Unless vermonters Are willing to let the old the Blind and the disabled fend for themselves and to refuse medical and nursing Home care for the sick and infirm there is Little Hope of making any sizable Dent in the welfare budget. It May be Good politics to talk of saving Money by getting rid of those people who allegedly chisel on welfare but its not particularly Good arithmetic. Stop that wearisome bailing out of the boat or at least we can afford to buy him a motor boat or a new pail. The . Senate this week passed a Bill to authorize a 23,500 rive Way Park along the lower reaches of the Connecticut River near East Haddam and old Saybrook Conn. This is a part of the proposed Park area to preserve the natural resources of the 400-mile Connecticut River that flows through the heart of new England. The legislation just approved prohibits a uses of the rive Way which would be incompatible with its ecological nature or the traditions of its people a according to its sponsor sen. Abraham Ribicoff of Connecticut. Lets see now into which category of compatibility can we fit a half dozen nuclear Power plants already built being built or in the planning stages along the Banks of the River the last roses of summer Are somehow the loveliest of All. Mrs. Dexter Davis who has the greenest thumb on the Banner staff has brightened spirits in the office All through the summer with Floral arrangements from her Garden. Her latest offering of blooms includes roses and snapdragons in shades of Pink with the Rosy foliage of Euonymus and a bit of Ivy to set it All off. May the Frost stay away from her Garden right into Spring. By Betsy Samuelson Montpelier up few deny the fact that Public officials and politicians Are captives of the events which surround them an example of the truism which surrounds the uncertainty of predicting political or governmental happenings May Well be the controversial fundraising dinner republicans held last saturday in Barre. What was expected go Down in Vermont 1970 Campaign annals As a routine $50-a-plate event to provide an estimated $50,000 to the gop War Chest and to give the party faithful a Chance to hear their party s Virtues in comparison to democratic shortcomings is quickly developing into a full grown Issue itself. If democrats continue to seize it As an illustration of Republican political life the dinner could Well become a critical Factor in the remaining weeks before the nov. 3 election. Gov. Deane c. Davis said Friday he expects the dinner to have some Impact on the Campaign adding to his earlier remarks that some of the remarks made at the dinner could backfire and a Hurt the at the Center of the controversy was the presentation planned by their own admission by state gop chairman Russell Merrimac House majority Leader Walter Kennedy a Chelsea and Carl Kelton of White River Junction which was intended. The three said As a Good clean it consisted of bringing a Chimpanzee labelled a a Leo munching on a banana on the Barre municipal auditorium stage As part of a monologue reflecting a some of the lighter moments of the Campaign. In their joint release thursday they said no offence or personal slur was intended or implied but that if of Brien took offence to the staging an apology would be offered. Merriman indicated he Felt that of Brien was wrong in taking offence. Also at Issue was the remark by Kennedy which former gov. Philip h. Hoff said implied that he had been a drinking it served As an impetus for Hoff a Public acknowledgement this week that he once had a social drinking problem but facing frontally an underground letters Issue being used against him that he had a totally conquered it Kennedy a remark dealt with a a popular Man campaigning against sen. Winston l. Prouty a it. Newsmen indicated in their reports that Kennedy paused Long enough for laughter after noting that a a you be seen him plastered and before continuing a fall Over the gov. Deane c. Davis stated his objections to a some coarse statements Kennedy made but in his apology to of Brien before a Rutland audience entered his regrets on the Chimpanzee act. A a it was indefensible a Davis said a and i a of republicans so far have taken a hands off stance on the controversial remarks by cartoonist Al Capp who keynote their dinner. A recording of the portion of the speech that has aroused the greatest outcry taped Capp As follows a you seem interested Here in new York mayor John Lindsay. I understand that sex governor Hoff was once in partnership with him. I think that Lindaay was going to Send rapists and thieves Capp reacting to a Boston newspaper Story issued a disclaimer saying that his remarks were misinterpreted and that he made no racial reference in his comments. Hoff however termed the comment As the a worst kind of bigotry As he defended the Vermont new York youth project. Although the Republican state committee issued Capps statement Merriman declines further discussion of the matter saying it is something Between Capp and Hoff. The racial implication is there. The Only partnership Hoff and Lindsay formed was the youth project the program which grew exit of the 1968 Kerner Lindsay report which surveyed the National scone and concluded there were two americas a one White and one Black. The stated purpose of the project was to increase racial understanding Between Black and White youths from new York City and Vermont by having them participate in summer programs together. A of the program remains controversial in Vermont because of the belief by some vermonters that a a they were being brought into the state. Questions for sen. Prouty to the editor of the Banner the stability of the american system of government rests upon the common sense and sound judgment of the individual citizen. When american citizenship is negative in its political and moral virtue the nation is negative. When it is affirmative and aggressive and Wise the nation is firm aggressive and Wise. When a Man believes in himself he believes in his country and when a majority of citizens believe in themselves they Are the country and measure the country a Progress. The above deductions Lead me to project questions relative to the Prouty Hoff Campaign for . Senator. 1. Why does sen. Prouty dig up past unfounded rumours about Hoff when very recently he himself was involved in a somewhat questionable Deal with one of the major automobile industries 2. Why does sen. Prouty keep up an incessant attack against Hoff As a person while avoiding All political issues 3. Why does sen. Prouty keep on making an Issue of Campaign spending while refusing to limit the same 4. A Rumor a is it True that sen. Prouty slept through the recent hearings on the abm debate and had to be awakened in order to cast his vote 5. Why is Vermont a senior senator and Prouty a partner sen. George Aiken so very much absent from the Prouty Campaign in this very important year of the political life of the Republican party i believe that sen. Prouty has lost his sense of perspective and now finds himself engulfed by the corroding evil of political life a hypocrisy. A if the Devil Ever laughs it must be at hypocrites they Are the greatest dupes he has they serve him better than any others and receive no wages and what is still More extraordinary they submit to greater mortification to go to hell than the sincerest Christian to go to Paul Eagan 110 Norton St. Prouty endorsement misleading Quot we heft eyeball to mull Utt our Lurhl Storc and Auric to the editor of the Banner recently sen. Winston l. Prouty claimed that he was endorsed by the railway labor executive association and tried to suggest that this group represents the working men in Vermont who operate our railroads. Nothing could be further from the truth. The facts Are that the executive association is nothing More than a paper organization in Washington . Which exists primarily for lobbying purposes. That organization has fewer than 50 members in Vermont. Over 95 per cent of the Railroad men in Vermont belong to the United transportation Union or the Railroad Gerks Union. Both of these organizations have endorsed and vigorously support the candidacy of Phil Hoff. We will do everything within empower to elect Phil Hoff to the . Senate and we resent sen. Prouty a attempt to mislead the people of Vermont. G. R. Patalano Secretary Vermont legislative Board United transportation Union Bellows Falls Danny Michaels Railroad Gerks Union St. Al Hans. At his news conference attacking the underground drinking Issue Hoff conceded that the underlying fear of Blacks among some vermonters was present this fall. A ifs quite a part of the Campaign and i freely acknowledge it a he said. Davis served to disassociate himself from the Capp comments. He said he had no part in the selection of Capp As a speaker or bringing the cartoonist to the state. But still the governor is quoted As telling of Brien that a if that is the offensive matter i apologize for a of tried to dinners Merriman has downplay the ramifications. Questioned about it Merriman called it a a wonderful and later a i feel it was a he said he has received comments from both sides with some people expressing unhappiness with the event while others believed it was one of the party a Best. Merriman a predecessor special gubernatorial assistant Elbert g. Moulton did take a stand. Moulton said he Felt there were occurrences that were a i believe the governor made the right decision in expressing his the governor concedes the dinner will have a part in the fall Campaign. A i expect it will affect the Campaign somewhat a he said expanding an earlier comment in which he indicated that the dinner s ramifications could Hurt his party. A of political watchers believe that Kennedy has severely impaired his chances to gain the House speaker ship he seeks. Montpelier reports say that some Republican legislators who previously pledged support for the longtime Chelsea legislator have already told him they can no longer vote for him. By the same Token any Hope Kennedy had of democratic support has evaporated in Sharp contrast to the Strong support House speaker John Burgess a Brattleboro received from members in 1969. The Post election assessments will be written beginning nov. 4. When the evaluations Are done it could Well be that the oct. 3, dinner is a key event listed As a Factor in the election results. There go the Birds to use editor of the Banner our Lovely autumnal season offers us Many signs of the end of summer and approach of Winter. One of the most dramatic is the migration of some of our feathered friends to warmer climes. May i share with your readers some poetic thoughts on the subject there go the Birds and there goes my heart. I have few words with migrations Start. There go the songs rapturous thrills of the feathered throngs As gods nature wills. There go our summer Days contented and free prepare us our ways lord for All yet to be some Birds will remain. Companions of Grace with prayerful refrain commune face to face in Eye a feast of our seed and sing As they please and autumn will feed us her Beauty for ease Rock r. Rogers Arlington. Why no Trade with Rhodesia to Ute editor of the Banner England is trading with communist Cuba and North Vietnam Rhodesia has not traded with Cuba or North Vietnam. Why does England use our state department As f puppet to place sanctions on Rhodesia a the same sanctions As on communist Cuba in the meantime the United states is forced to buy Chrome Ore from Russia at about twice the Price at which Rhodesia Sells it c. C. Moseley Glendale. Calif. By George b. Gordon Jamaica. Last night i was Reading an article in the latest Issue of sports illustrated telling of the multiple miseries of the citizens of Aspen Colo. Here in the High air of the Western mountains came one of the first of some 84 ski resorts built partly on National Forest land across the nation. Aspen writes Roger Rapo port is now becoming what one resident Calls a the Waikiki of the projects Are under Way in Aspen to add some 45,000 new Beds to available tourist accommodations. There Are already twice As Many visitors As the ski lifts can handle. Entrance highways Are already flanked by condominiums subdivisions gravel pits Iron Ore heaps Cement plants and Airport Industrial Parks. One imminent project is a trailer Camp with a sewage treatment Plant that will Drain into Castle Creek which is the water Supply for the City of Aspen. When local residents tried to Stop the destruction of their source of water the judge had to inform them that the Law said that you can to Stop pollution until it starts does that sound familiar somehow the Aspen chamber of Commerce has stopped All advertising. The director of the chamber is now telling would be new residents and developers about tight Money zoning problems. Transportation troubles hard Winters Short Summers destruction of natural features and Aspen streets crowded with hippies. There is now says or. Rapoport no place literally for a local resident or working Man to go anywhere in Aspen. Studio apartments rent for $160 per month or you can rent an 8 x 30 foot trailer for $200. Building even a moderately Low Cost House in Aspen is no longer possible with excessive Costa of construction and worthless dry Mountain land Selling at astronomical prices. Did you Ever hear the like of that meanwhile they propose some 24,000 new vacation Homes at Aspen Over the next 15 years. Wow to say that residents of Aspen and visiting skiers too have a problem is putting it mildly. The manager of the ski Complex says that they Are already overcrowded. They will have to begin to limit the number of people using ski lifts. Residents Are up in arms at being literally pushed off the map by swarms of unneeded and unwanted visitors. Popular anger recently ended up in the dynamite no of a phony dutch Windmill erected in a subdivision called Holland Hills. After the explosion there were so Many logical suspects among the local people All of than might have set off the dynamite that the sheriff was powerless to handle the situation. One City councilman for example said in Public that it was much More of a crime to have built the Windmill than to have blown it up an interesting byproduct of All this was the recent Purchase of some 500 acres of wild land by the Aspen physics Institute. The land said one of the directors will remain a just As we found there is still More news of this kind from the West if you still want to hear about it. According to the new York times the efforts of the Sierra gub 100,000 members to halt a proposed $30 million a recreational development by the Walt Disney productions inc. Have been stopped by a decision of the Federal District court. It is held in the decision that the Sierra gub does not have the Legal standing to bring suit against envelopment of a new Disneyland High in the mountains. This Means of course an Appeal this time to a higher court. It was not the development of another ski Complex added to the present 84 of them on National Forest lands that riled the Sierra gub. It was the idea of bringing Over one million visitors every year into what was once an unspoiled wilderness area. And we Are getting Short of unspoiled areas even in the High sierras. The new dime land is at 8,000 foot Altitude and soils Are even thinner and tree cover sparser than on our own Vermont mountains. A nine mile surfaced Highway through Century old Sequoia Groves plus a High voltage Power Urie would be other parts of this Mineral King development. A of All this of course is far away across a wide continent and has nothing to do with our problems by Vermont. Or does it after i got through with the times i picked up time Magazine. There i saw a Lovely color picture of our own Quechee Vauney country. Under this picture was a caption put there by a i Imago based development corporation a when we re finished this win be at the end of the double talk in the advertisement were the words a we make Money work a that finished me . Brother you Start talking. Fear is Root of evil to Ute editor of the Benner would you kindly print the fou owing letter As a reply to one printed recently from a mrs. Mae Laflamme. Dear mrs. Laflamme perhaps if you were to love god a Little More than you fear him you might spend less time worrying about Long hair noisy parties and dirty books. The Issue Here is that Many americans Are suddenly aware of and Are critical of the corruption racism and hypocrisy threatening what this country was founded on and you accuse them of being communists atheists and non lovers of America. If you fire the teachers and administrators because you done to like what they teach you la have us just where the russians Are. I am a firm believer that truth and Good always win out but suppression As you want it prevents people from measuring the Good against the bad. All the evil in this world of ours is bom through Many a fear including the assassinations of Christ Lincoln and Martin Luther King. One last thought. I would not want to see this country turning to the right nor would i want to see it to the left. I do want to see our country Strong enough and Wise enough and with enough compassion to listen to All the grievances of All her children. Mrs Adele b. Callaway West Road Dorset. A time for change to the editor of the Banner Man is wrong in his Pursuit sowing wrong unholy fruit wrong in motive wrong in plan Are these the qualities of the Modem Man Man has shown us he wants to change this if he could Only not disown such then with his love he could change so much and instill to each the Faith we need. This would sow the beginning seed the lives we live Are comparatively free according to religion race and Creed. How can we possibly be satisfied until each of us has honestly tried until we be been frustrated enough to cry Well change this country you wait and see and have real Freedom for you and me. Well then be started on the american dream this is the Way America should be. But lets not Stop and pretend the end we can be the Brothers of All men and Start the process of life again and never never cheat a Friend for this is what will cause the end St Joseph College Gary w. Osha

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