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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1970, Page 1

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Bennington, Vermont Tourists flock in for warm fall weekend reports of Good if not great fall color in Southern Vermont Highlands coupled with predictions of warm sunny Days Are bringing the expected Rush of Leaf watchers to Bennington for Columbus Day weekend. Mrs. Viola Goodyear Secretary of the greater Bennington chamber of Commerce catching her breath after thursdays a a Madhouse at the chamber building on South Street said Friday that a everything is filled every Motel South of town last night displayed a a no vacancy sign. Mrs. Goodyear warned one Long distance caller Friday morning a a you la have to take your chances if you want to Many of Bennington a Trees remain Green although the chamber a director by Savage reports a a terrific change in the last two Days. A i can to recall when in be seen it so late a mrs. Goodyear explained. Meanwhile the annual antique show and Sale at the second congregational Church on Hillside Street is in full swing. Savage told the Banner that the fair was a a mobbed thursday opening Day. Ole Busload of tourists in fact was turned away briefly As another Load packed the show. Early Friday morning Well dressed Middle aged couples were already out window shopping on main Street. Cars filled the parallel parking places on both sides of the Street. Friday afternoon traffic dogged main South and North streets. Officer William Pulver had push Button control Over traffic at the intersection at Putnam Square. Pulver recalled last year s Iam up when cars were backed up As far As Harwood Hill. If the traffic gets that bad it is Likely that the state Highway department will switch from regular to sunday Cycle the traffic signals in front of the Monument Plaza shopping Center and Willow Road. Village police chief Bill Fox predicted that the weekend traffic will be heavy. Extra men will cover key streets to try to keep things flowing. For visitors who a rather Dicker at an auction than look at leaves there is an arts and Antiques auction today at the old first Church barn on Monument circe old Bennington beginning at la a.m., with inspection at to. The Vermont development departments foliage bulletin reports that the most pronounced color is in the Central Hills and valleys. The leaves have peaked in the North but Are still vivid the most frequently asked question at the chamber office mrs. Goodyear says is a can i get a room a residents with extra rooms they a like to rent can Call the chamber a office. And besides All these crowd attractors Bennington will be full of campaigning republicans today. Starting at 9 30 this morning with the official opening of party Headquarters on West main Street All candidates for statewide office will be in town gov. Davis and sen. Prouty attorney general James Jeffords treasurer Frank Davis Secretary of state Richard c. Thomas House speaker John s. Burgess running for lieutenant governor and congressman Robert t. Stafford. After a full Day of campaigning and neighbourhood Coffee hours the republicans Dine tonight at the Catamount elementary school and hear sen. Edward w. Brooke of Massachusetts. County gop chairman Paul w. Bohne or. To dinner chairman. . As traffic floods into town officer William Pulver keeps one hand questions by tourists. Summer like weather plus fall foliage and on the Putnam Square traffic Light Button while answering Many weekend events will make for some heavy traffic. Predicts end to is combat role militants praises opponent Milter eager to share credit United press International underground groups from the a purple Sunshine clan to the a Quarter Moon tribe rushed to take responsibility Friday for a wave of bombings on the West coast. Weatherman the most Well known terrorist group claimed to have set off the most damaging explosion which wrecked a courtroom in san Rafael Calif. The explosions thursday on the first anniversary of the 1969 Weatherman riots in Chicago also damaged a National guard armory in Santa Barbara Calif., and an Roth building in Seattle Wash. California officials attributed the explosions to Weatherman or similar groups and said a there s going to be in unsigned letters to news Media in both states the bombings were called attacks on a the crumbling american a no longer will the death culture freely use campuses As bases for imperialism a said a letter from the a Quarter Moon tribe claiming the bombing of the naval Roth building at the University of Washington. A we intend to disarm dismantle disable and destroy the military and pig might of America wherever we Are however we can a the Seattle letter said. In san Francisco United press International received a letter from the a purple Sunshine clan claiming responsibility for a bomb planted at the University of California Center for the study of Law and society in Berkeley. The Berkeley bomb was the wily one which did not explode. Police found and disarmed it. A the Power of youth in this country is emerging dope and Rock concerts strikes and Street riots rocks and bombs a the letter said. Burgess end two year term Praise for High Campaign spending truce plan John s. A a Jack a Burgess Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Friday called for an end to a guntram Meledy Campaign spending and the elimination of two year terms for elected state officials both of which he says spell trouble for Vermont a two party political system. Speaking before the Bennington rotarians Burgess dressed in a Blue pin stripped suit expressed concern about the a a perpetual Campaign for state offices. Non Stop campaigning he says produces a bickering a a deep wounds a and an atmosphere in which it is difficult for the democrats and republicans to work. And heavy Campaign spending of which he said a everyone is guilty a has generated a a Battle of the to sets and has taken the elections away from vermonters and Given them to Madison Avenue. Jobless rate is up St. Albans highest Montpelier up Vermont a unemployment rate Rose slightly last week to 2.9 per cent of the insured work Force. The rate compares with a 1.2 per cent jobless rate a year ago and represents a one tenth of one per cent increase Over the previous week. Brattleboro at 1.4 per cent had the lowest unemployment rate in the state while St. Albans at 5.9 per cent checked in with the highest. The total jobless rate including both insured and uninsured workers was 4.1 per cent compared with 4.4 per cent a week ago and 2.7 per cent a year ago. Continued mild fair and warm with increasing cloudiness and More fog. Highs today in upper 70s, lows tonight in 50s. Sunday continued warm with highs in lower 70s. Following her Brief remarks the speaker of the House answered questions concerning state Aid to education and welfare. When asked by the Banner to be More specific about excessive Campaign spending Burgess almost did no to get a Chance to answer. Or. Walter e. Lagrange rotary president stood up and said smiling that time was up. Apparently it was an attempt to shield his guest from what he must have thought was an embarrassing political question. Smiling also. Burgess persisted however saying a everyone was Quilty. But some More than the speaker of the House took time out Early in his remarks to compliment his democratic opponent Kelton Miller of Bennington. He described Miller As a a very excellent freshman senator who was influential in the passage of what he termed the key environmental Bill last session . 417. Burgess said he regretted a in More than one Way that Miller had not chosen to return to the state House. Burgess a Brattleboro rotarian said he was a thrilled Quot to speak in Bennington. He recalled that his family first settled in the county in 1755, that his Grandfather was bom in North Bennington and that he is related to half the people in the county. Burgess said he had chosen to Drift slightly from the a want aseptically apolitical atmosphere of rotary luncheon talks and speak on campaigning in Vermont because of a recent events a the legislator urged the rotarians to Back in the next session of the legislature any proposals for constitutional change of the two year term to a four year term. Directing his attack against radio and to political advertising Burgess said Vermont was a Small enough state for the voters to judge their candidates by a personal acquaintance and their legislative records. And he said vermonters were a too smart to be fooled by the saturation technique of political campaigning on radio and television. During the question and answer period Burgess pointed out As an example of the Rise in Campaign spending that the Republican candidate for . Senate incumbent Winston Prouty would probably spend Over $100,000 on his Campaign this year As opposed to $59 six years ago. On another matter Burgess said he favored an educational system similar to the California Regent system to establish state policy for higher education in Vermont. Now he says there is virtually no state policy. He predicted Only such an Overall body could prevent a blood letting competitions in see Burgess Page 2, col. I Burlington up National democratic party chairman Lawrence of Brien praised president Nixon a Vietnam truce proposals Friday As a a useful and constructive step he noted however the democratic policy Council adopted a similar proposal last february. In a speech on behalf of local democratic candidates of Brien said he welcomed Nixon a proposals. A we must not give the Thieu by government in South Vietnam a veto Over our actions a a he said. A ambassador David Bruce must be Given great latitude in negotiations with the communists at of Brien said he views the economic situation As the chief Issue of the 1970 elections. A rising unemployment rising Cost of living High interest rates. On the Economy i see Only dark Clouds in the immediate future a he said. Hoff lashes newspapers for opposition tactics Montpelier up a of its steering committee and democratic senatorial contender charged the free press was More Philip h. Hoff attacked two ver concerned with electing ment newspapers Friday for us republicans than with printing ing a a reprehensible tactics in the truth. Their opposition to his candidacy a the free press has abrogated addressing the Vermont press any claim to being an objective association the former Vermont and impartial vehicle for the governor said his statement was expression of Public opinion a triggered by a recent editorial in Boff said. A in its Zeal to elect the Vermont sunday news and candidates who espouse the the Burlington free press con newspaper s Point of View it has Deming his link to the new overstepped the reasonable democratic coalition a Liberal boundaries of journalistic group As a result in my Campaign pee press news editor Walter for the . Senate i am opposed not Only by incumbent sen Winston s. Prouty but by publisher William Loeb and Tedford said he often disagrees with the papers editorials Over which he has no control. A but As a Veteran newsman i think the Warren my lure free press Edi i a a. News coverage has been just As Tex two editors who seem determined to dominate the political scene and to use the most reprehensible methods to do Hoff said the new democratic coalition was formed two years ago a to help our party face the critical issues of our he said he was no longer a member fair As humanly possible a he said. The situation Hoff remarked a looks As though it were done in collusion with sen. Prouty said Friday he was a a shocked by the editorial entitled a Hoff and the radicals a Rogers expects Hanoi attention o Brien has Washington up Secretary of state William p. Rogers said Friday he believed the communists would give president Nixon a new peace plan a serious consideration because of favourable world reaction and their own deteriorating military situation in Indochina. Rogers also said in terms More explicit than anyone within the administration had used before that the . Combat role in Vietnam would be virtually ended by next May i the deadline for withdrawal of 150,000 additional american troops. As for the Middle East Rogers told a news conference the administration had serious doubts about the soviet unions Good Faith considering egyptian violations of the arabs israeli cease fire. Following the communist denunciation of Nixon a peace proposals in Paris Rogers said he had not expected Hanoi and the Viet Cong to a accept the plan but the administration Hopes the communists will agree privately to begin discussions on an All Indochina cease fire and other elements of the american plan he said. Rogers said the administration had the a a feeling that world demands for peace combined with continued worsening of the communist military position in Indochina would persuade North Vietnam and the Viet Cong to begin negotiating in Earnest. While the United states was negotiating from a a position of strength a he said the president president orders new crackdown key Biscayne Fla. Up a president Nixon Friday ordered a new crackdown on terrorist bombings and pledged vigorous enforcement of the anti bombing legislation now nearing final congressional approval. White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said the president acting by Telephone from his Bayside Retreat Here ordered Fri director j. Edgar Hoover to launch an immediate investigation of three West coast bombings thursday. A the president pointed out that these bombings Are further evidence of the need for speedy congressional action on the bombing legislation that he has submitted a Ziegler said. The Bill increasing the penalties for bombing and authorizing the death penalty when fatalities result has been passed by the House and is awaiting almost certain approval in the Senate. A the stands ready to immediately sign the legislation and has alerted the Fri and other agencies to immediately implement this legislation after it has been signed a Ziegler said of the president. The president planned to spend a relaxing weekend flying to grand Cay in the Bahamas the private Island preserve of new York millionaire Robert Abplanalp Nixon a wife Pat and his daughter and son in Law Julie and David Eisenhower were in the party that went to the Island too Miles out in the Atlantic. The president is expected to step up his travelling schedule during the three weeks remaining before the nov. 3 congressional elections. Aides were working on a schedule that will include several trips with heavy political overtones which will give him a Chance to share a platform or an open car with key gop candidates. Nevertheless had offered for the first time a plan involving total withdrawal of american forces from All of Indochina. Nixon proposed wednesday night an immediate cease fire throughout Vietnam Laos and Cambodia with both sides standing fast where they Are. Rogers acknowledged that positions held by the opposing forces at the time of the ceasefire would have some a political but he said the communists would be better off accepting the present situation than wait until their prospects had deteriorated further. He emphasized however that serious political discussions could come Only after a ceasefire and standstill were in effect. Demand proof that Diplomat is alive by Terrance w. Mcgarry Montreal up the Canadian government demanded proof Friday that kidnapped British Diplomat James Cross 49, was still alive. There were signs that behind the scenes talks might take place to Swap Cross for jailed French Canadian separatists. The Montreal office of Quebec Justice minister Jerome Choquette said the government a wants proof that or. Cross is Safe and Well Quot and had requested his kidnappers have him copy in his own handwriting the following phrase a a it is now five Days since i left and i want you to know Darling that i miss you every if the terrorists could deliver the suggested phrase in Cross own handwriting it would be proof that the Diplomat was still alive. There were unofficial reports in Montreal that preparations were being made to set up a room at the Airport for a telecast. One of the kidnapper so demands was that jailed separatists whose Freedom was asked in Exchange for Cross life be allowed to appear on television from the Airport before departure for either Cuba or Algeria. French language radio station , through which the kid Napers have been communicating said it had received information from persons claiming to be mediators Between the government and the kidnappers that negotiations were underway. The station said it was not sure the Call was authentic but was a the most serious phone Call we be Choquette a office would make no further comment on its demand for a letter from Cross containing the specified phrase. But it appeared to strengthen the reports that the government was moving toward an agreement with the kidnapper so on the grounds such assurances would be unnecessary if the government did not intend to take further action to Rescue Cross. The governments demand was immediately broadcast by Celms which the kidnappers designated earlier As the Channel to reach them in negotiating for the Diplomat. In Ottawa a spokesman for external affairs minister Mitchell Sharp said Sharp had called British foreign Secretary Alec Douglas Home at noon a to inform him of the present situation a but would not give details. Asked whether he could con see Kidnap Page 2, col. 3 october is. Picking apples from a wild tree loaded with pm but not being tall enough to reach any. A Page of a october is pictorial definitions will be found today on Page 5. Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903 weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903 21,075 15 cents

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