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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1971, Page 4

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Bennington, Vermont Sunrise to Sunset 4�?Bennington Banner saturday november 20, 1071 editorials the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont 05201 what s a voter to do a letter on this Page today and the accompanying explanation indicate the total confusion that surrounds voting procedures in Vermont. Its no wonder that so few people make the Effort to vote when so Many varying and sometimes conflicting regulations tend to discourage the voter particularly newcomers to the state. To be sure the Basic responsibility lies with the voter who is expected to Check on whether his name is on the list before each election if he wants to be absolutely sure of voting. In this Case the prospective voter was told her name was on the list and quite naturally did no to go any further to make an actual Check. The incident a and there Are probably Many others similar a Points up the Lack of communication among various local agencies that Deal with voters and poll taxpayers. The requirement that a previous years checklist be used seems to be absurd the birdwatchers blow the whistle the Federal governments general accounting office raised its collective head from its ledgers this week and delivered some timely a or untimely depending on your appetite a pre thanksgiving views. The Gao said its inspectors had concluded after spot checks that a great Block of the nations poultry processing plants Are unsanitary. This of course in t just a matter of government bookkeeping. The Gao has functions that extend far beyond ism punched card accounting and ledgers. Its larger role is that of watchdog it is responsible to Congress and has the duty of snarling when bureaucrats done to do what they re paid to do. Or do things they ought not to have done. In the Case of poultry the Gao barked after conducting its third investigation of processing plants having found things bad in 1969 and 1970. This time As before the Finger is pointed at the department of agriculture which currently has a $44-million budget for overseeing poultry processing. This supposedly pays for but its apparently the Law and the town clerks done to make the Laws they simply have to abide by them. The Secretary of state and the attorney general a office Are expected to interpret the Law for voting officials but their interpretations have often proved to be somewhat vague and occasionally contradictory. Its quite possible some legislative action will be required to Reform and hopefully to simplify the entire rules and regulations for voting. And if they do it should be up to the Secretary of state to provide Clear and uniform instructions to town clerks and other voting officials. Until a better Way is found one Basic fact remains the Only Way a voter can be absolutely sure of being eligible is to look for his name on the proper checklist and look for it Long enough before an election to allow for corrections by the Board of civil authority. The work of 2,000 inspectors in 1,200 federally licensed slaughtering and packing plants. But the costly inspection operation the Gao said in a 62-Page report to Congress Isnit paying off properly and the consumer and marketing service of the department of agriculture Isnit adequately enforcing Federal clean food standards on a Day to Day basis. Most of the unclean conditions cited in 1969 and 1970 still exist. The report complained of everything from dirt on the floors to cobwebs hanging from the ceilings. Altogether next thursday is shaping Upas rather a tense time. Cranberries in the absence of bulletins to the contrary can be presumed once again to have a clean Bill of health. But on turkeys the Gao critics did no to give any hint. Earlier Field men of the agriculture department had shot Down some late Model Birds on the Assembly line at one processing Plant because they Are loaded with a hazardous chemical contaminant. Unless there Are reassurances from the White houses consumer adviser the thanksgiving Choice May not be one Between White meat or dark so much As whether to eat gratefully or gingerly. Lindsay a weakness his own new York City the Forest and the Deer new York. One of the oddities about the race for the democratic nomination is that the candidates Are All being discussed in terms of every conceivable asset and liability except the one that is most important. Political Power is discussed and stands on the issues speech making is discussed and relative strengths and weaknesses in organization appearance on the tube and Charisma. But nobody Ever mentions ability. Take for example the John Lindsay Campaign which is just getting under Way Here with the candidate already making a Good Early showing in the polls Aid the theme being readied that John Lindsay is going to the voters out of the conviction that he has an important message to deliver about the needs of american cities. Yet the real question about John Lindsay As a presidential candidate is can he govern and even More to the Point is he interested in governing the old pros of City politics Here say that As an administrator John Lindsay is a Superb advocate. Being democrats As nearly All old pros of such City politics always Are they Are cautious in their criticism of a new convert. But they look Back to the Days of Lindsay a predecessor former mayor Robert f. Wagner with Wistful respect. Wagner they remember longingly really enjoyed running the City. Lind by Tom Braden say they think enjoys speaking about it. There is some surface evidence to support their View. Wagner for example always attended the Board of estimate meetings which is where Tough questions about housing and other building get settled. Lindsay has attended twice in two years. Wagner made use of every Federal Dollar he could get his hands on. Lindsay who Speaks eloquently for More Federal dollars has left millions of them unused. Wagner seemed actually to enjoy the Long hours of battling the various interests into a Compromise. Lindsay leaves that to subordinates. He seems most to enjoy battling for the City a cause. True that the Job of running new York is tougher now than it was in Wagner a Day. There were 320,000 employees then to 400,000 now. But As far As new York is concerned the difference Only proves that More men on the payroll does no to mean better service. Housing Here has come to a standstill. So has Road construction. The sanitation department has revealed to have half its equipment out of service while garbage rotted in streets. The red tape and bureaucracy make the City a laughingstock with Federal and state officials. The police department is corrupt and Lindsay ignored Early warnings. The City a welfare hotels Are a scandal. Lindsay following the Road of rhetoric blames it All on inadequate Federal financing. It is difficult to say where the fault should be distributed. Is it sheer size is it the civil service was it the terrible mistake of the first transit strike which ended in the Union getting a big contract after violating the Law is it Low productivity among City employees is it the dependence of the City on state and Federal Grants nobody a not even the old pros a can deny that mayor Lindsay faces problems beyond his control. But surely it is argued he must accept some of the blame for the plight of new York. The Federal government can to be the Only thing wrong with the City. Administration is a soft science. The ability to choose Good men keep the politicians off their backs hold them responsible and know exactly what they Are doing Are a few of the guideposts. But Lindsay a first important administrative act was to put a layer of super agencies Over his department Heads thus at once insulating him from Day to Day operations and surrounding himself with a Campaign staff. A the minute i heard about his popularity with the men and that he kept a clean desk a a said one of the old pros about a Lindsay police chief since removed a i knew there would be a scandal. You can to be a popular chief and a Good one. But Lindsay did no to even know that until the trouble an advocate a a Superb advocate a is John Lindsay and the old pros say he would make a Superb senator. But that is not what he is running for. Letters another letter from a Home Quot your slip 5 showing officer to the editor of the Banner we thought your readers might be interested in the latest Issue of a news from Home a a which follows if this were a a Market report a a we could use the encouraging adjective a a bullish again this month. Nothing spectacular but Progress. Homes somewhat stronger balance Sheet situation has signalled the Long due stepped up Effort to close the a maintenance Gap which has been a problem to us during the past year. An inventory of repair and maintenance needs has been made. Some work has been done by Board members notably by our Jill of All trades Phyllis Agard. A Carpenter is also being hired to do the More difficult repair jobs on the list. The newly employed part time manager David Dorman will then do regular maintenance work As required. Specific new improvements at voting problems to Uit editor of the Banner i went to the polls tuesday evening and found i was unable to cast a ballot because my name was not on the checklist. Since i had gone to the town clerks office Over a month ago to Register to vote and was there assured repeatedly that my name was already on the checklist and that nothing further was necessary i feel i have reason to complain. Please could the personnel at the town clerk s office be More helpful in the future to persons trying to Register to vote. Mrs Anne g. Senft Park Street North Bennington. A Check with the Bennington town clerks office shows that when mrs. Senft stopped at the office counter to Check on voting the clerk who waited on her thought she was a new voter wanting to Register and sent her to the listers office which was handling these registrations. It was a Lister who told her she was already on the Check list As indeed she was having been picked up by the listers from the property Transfer Rolls. But die list on which mrs. Senft a name appeared was the new 1971 checklist or poll tax list. Under Vermont Law the town clerks office advises the checklist that had to be used for the nov. 16 special primary election was the 1970 checklist the one used in the last previous primary. That list did not include mrs. Senft a name. To get on the checklist to vote in the special primary she would have had to go to the Board of civil authority to have her name added to the list that was being used. Red. Beech court include a steel Fence with wide Gate put up at the Back of the Center Yard Between the North and South Side apartments shrubbery mostly lilacs planted just inside the High front Fence the beginning of landscaping improvements. This will improve appearances and add to the privacy of the courtyard. Several contributed the shrubs and Henry Vandine took on the big Job of translating. Thanks to these and other Volunteer workers. A team of Young men Mauhs students Are now at work under the a Bennington program making improvements and beginning renovations at our properties. They have rebuilt the Back porch and repaired cellar stairs As Well As doing some electrical work at the be Mont property. They Are rebuilding the Back Steps at Beech court and will install overhead insulation at the Beech court Southside apartments. Later they will work on apartment renovation along with other projects. Mike Silver a student at Johnson state College and Mauhs graduate is a work supervisor. David Jareckie of the High school faculty and the Bennington program gives oversight and meets with Homes Board and executive to develop and coordinate the program. Or. Donald Humphreys is one of the chief consultants for the Board. The tenants association sponsored a halloween party for Beech court children on oct 30. It has also begun getting out a newsletter with mrs. Ellen Coyne As the editor. Well let you know the name chosen for this newsletter in our next report. Apartment no. 12 at Beech court will be divided into two sections i an office for Home inc. And 2. A Small efficiency apartment for our part time manager David Dorman. We regret that Einar Michaelsen has resigned As vice president because of the pressure of work. The Board expressed its great appreciation of his services in past months. Max h. Webster for the Home directors Box 732 Bennington. By George b. Gordon Jamaica. Most vermonters and almost All Deer Hunters take our forests for granted. The forests will always be there they think and there will always be plenty of Deer a unless that is we try to bring our sadly undernourished Deer Herd into balance with their Winter food Supply by shooting off our Large surplus of Barren does and hornless Bucks. A balanced Deer Herd can result from one or both of two courses of action. Either we shoot off enough Deer so that there is enough food left for the survivors or if we have years enough we can Cut off enough big Trees and manage our forests in such a Way As to increase the sprout and seedling Hardwood growth which wintering Deer must have to survive. Biologists working with damaged Deer herds in a score of states Over the past 50 years agree that the Hunter must be used As a tool in Good Deer management. If a Yarding area has food for Only to Deer but actually has 20 Deer on it during january february and March to of those Deer will die from starvation or will fail to produce any fawns next May. This is a proven fact. But try to get the average Deer Hunter to accept it. The biologists prescription is to kill off the surplus animals by Legal shooting before they starve. Try to get this idea across at any stove Side gathering though and you will be Lucky to escape alive. The professional foresters who manage our state and National forests have another idea maybe even better than the above. They claim that a Forest can be logged off in such Way As to produce enough sprout and Hardwood growth to feed an expanding Deer Herd. This of course takes a few years of time while the ground feed grows up. It does More than Benefit the Deer a it will help increase the grouse and Rabbit population which is also being starved out on areas which Are Over grazed by wintering Deer. Most logging on both private and Public Forest lands has Over the past 50 years been done by what is called the selective cutting method. The logger cuts Trees within certain size limits specified in his contract. He leaves standing any tree that will not produce a Good sound saw log. If the Price of Pixie or Hemlock is Down he cuts Only the More valuable hardwoods especially in recent years yellow Birch White Ash and Cherry. The result of such cutting has been a Forest of mixed growth and Many age classes left on the ground. Half or More of the original ground Shade is left by this method of cutting and unless open Sun reaches the Forest floor Light Loving Trees like White Ash yellow and White Birch and in lower ground some of the Oaks cannot produce sprouts or seedlings. Shade tolerant Trees like Beech and some hard Maple May produce Young Trees under these conditions which will grow into saw logs in another 60 years or so. Some of us saw another Type of Forest cutting the other Day when Veteran forester John Maslack of the Forest service took us up to the Rochester District where the Eagle Square corporation is logging off areas of both private and Public lands on Michigan Brook. Here we were shown Many acres of mixed Hardwood and softwood Timber being Cut by a a shelter Wood or partial Clearing method which opens up the Forest canopy enough to support dense growth of Young Birch Ash and hard Maple and discourages the less valuable Beech. We also saw nearby areas which had been Cut by this method a few years ago and which Are now covered by Young Trees As thick As the hair on a dogs Back. It was Clear that this partial Clearing cutting a removing All of the mature Trees after a series of cuttings Over some 20 years a will result in Woodlands that will support a much heavier population of both big and Small game than is possible under the old selective logging. Both the Forest service and the contractors Are to be congratulated on finding what is probably the Only permanent solution of the game management problem a improving the Forest and at the same time the Supply of sprout and seedling growth under the Forest. We Lack space Here to list some other benefits of the shelter Wood method of Forest management and its effects pm food supplies for game. But we did note some angles for Brief mention a it costs More to Cut Over a Forest by this shelter Wood method which includes cutting out old no Merchantable Pine Spruce and hardwoods and some lopping of Brush along Forest roads and trails. This Cost is balanced by the much increased future yields of More valuable Ash and Birch plus increased game populations. A National Forest estimate figures indicate that the annual growth of Timber can hardly amount to More than a net value of $1.80 per acre per year. This Means a Forest owner cannot pay More than about a Dollar per acre per year in taxes and stay in business. A Woods Crews who have worked Over the Forest areas we saw for past years agree that the Deer and grouse populations Are increased wherever improved logging methods have resulted in dense Young Hardwood growth. We shall have More to say about forestry and game management in future columns. These Days is Nixon s phase ii meant to fail by John Chamberlain new York. Criticism of Nixon a new economic policy phase two is unwelcome for quite understandable reasons. When things have not been going Well the general inclination of a battered Public is to give a new policy a Chance. But what if the new policy Isnit actually new or. Hendrik Houtakker a former member of the presidents Council of economic advisers who teaches at Harvard recently told the members of the new York Coffee and sugar Exchange that the Nixon economic policy makers previous to the big Cave in of aug. 15, had made a thorough investigation of government a incomes policies in West european countries and had discovered that a none of the variations had succeeded in making a full employment consistent with a reasonable degree of Price if a government embarks on something that it knows from its own studies is not going to solve anything for the Long run is it justified in doing it the answer Here is that a motion economics can be important psychologically. I am old enough to remember with some vividness the hoopla that accompanied Franklin Roosevelt a unveiling of the Era which had its codes its Price fixing its a a flow under wages. The Era was a Long run Flop. Although its administrator general Hugh a Iron pants Johnson regarded the nral a Blue Eagle Symbol a holy Bird the sanctified fowl never really flew. It was killed by strikes before the supreme court gave its labor Section a formal coup de Grace. With Tough old George Meany Boss of the Al Cio in a position to approve or to Block the decisions of Nixon a phase two pay Board it is easy to predict that the history of the Era will be repeated. Nevertheless the Era did help Franklin Roosevelt to turn a dispirited nation around. People who had no understanding of economics were heartened by the filet that they had a president who was willing to do something anything to restore Confidence. And now it can be argued that Nixon has no Choice other than to try something that by its ultimate failure will demonstrate to the Public that it is the monopolistic sector of big labor that has kept its sensible monetary and fiscal policies from working without producing unemployment. A motion economics is not real economics but it May be necessary politics. Prof. Milton Friedman keeps saying that High Union wage agreements even in excess of productivity do not cause inflation. This is True As far As it goes. But when wages run ahead of productivity they Force the employers to raise prices. And when the customer shows a reluctance to buy at the higher Price unemployment results. A flustered government unable to face a rate of unemployment that runs to five or six per cent has Only two options. It must either inflate the currency to take sluggish goods off the Market or it must Call a halt somehow to uneconomic wage increases. Nixon has not dared to take George Meany on directly. The complicated Blase two gadgetry is in its essence an Effort to make an end run around big labor. The end run wont gain much yardage As Long As George Meany a political defences a and they Are powerful enough to have their Way under present Law a remain what they Are. But while Vixon is Tempo izing about taking on the big Industry wide unions that have made collective bargaining a one sided affair the right to work movement has taken another Forward step in Congress. This week. Rep. Sam Steiger a third term congressman from Arizona is introducing a National right to work Law. More important than the introduction of the Bill is that it has 17 co sponsors representing both parties. The Bill wont get past the House labor committee this year but once the rank and file of labor really sees that its official leadership is Adamant about pursuing wage policies that leave the government no alternative Between unemployment and inflation the cause of voluntary unionism will surely snowball. It was Only last year that the House of representatives passed a right to work Law for the postal workers. Liat was the beginning. Voluntary unionism would not Lead to Union busting. It would however free critical Union men to open their Mouths against a leadership that does not care about unemployment or inflation As Long As members of a labor elite Are a getting humor no Sale a fast talking Salesman trying to sell a new car t Prospect. A this car is so fast declared a that if you left her eight of clock in the even you a be in Chicago by four in a a in la think it Over a said Prospect and left. Next Day he returned and s a look i done to want your Ca Lay in bed All night racking brains and i can to think of reason Why i should be in Chic at four of clock in the Mornier a family weekly

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