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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1971, Page 1

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Bennington, Vermont ii ill ii ii ii Iii Muziii he Llull Ullin i ii the return of Rube Goldberg it might look like a Quot Rube Goldberg Quot creation but in reality this b g machine can produce 120.000 computer cards a shift on which a clip of microfilm is mounted. Rut it was t easy. Admits hirer Hoag Abeel president of film card corp., one of Bennington s newest industries. The machine after it teas first moved from sen Jersey Lay k. Miller Idle for Alt test six months while Laoag and his associates redesigned certain critical parts. Of that the microfilm card machine is performing to specifications. Film card corp. Hopes to develop a data retrieval system for the Small businessman. Naturally they la use film card s product. New Industry traces origins to Oss i by Kelton Miller Bennington a newest Industry is off and running and if its new president and general manager Oliver Hoag has anything to say about it the film card corp. Will revolutionize the information storage and retrieval Industry. Located in the same building that formerly housed the Simsen Industry on be Mont Avenue the new Industry now boasts three full time employees two desks and a monstrous Rube Goldberg machine that its owners say will turn out during each 8-hour shift 120,000 electronic data processing cards on which a Frame of microfilm is mounted. The idea of storing information on a piece of microfilm attached to a computer card is not new. The aperture card system was originally developed Hoag says by John i Angan to answer information storage problems which overwhelmed the office of strategic services during the Early 1940s. With the outbreak of world War ii the then infant intelligence Agency Oss was in desperate need of every bit of information it could gather about enemy occupied territory. In the summer of 1942 i Angan was made chief of the pictorial records division of Oss and it was his Job to acquire As rapidly As possible All photographs of strategic military value for use in Allied intelligence. One of the methods he used was to Appeal to the american tourist for the use of any snapshots which might have been taken in what was then enemy occupied territory. The response was overwhelming and within a few months the Agency acquired More than a half a million photographs. From this outpouring the Oss culled about 100,000 valuable pictures and then set about cataloguing and filing the new pictorial in formation. Since the photos came in All shapes and sizes i Angan had to devise a method to reduce the pictures to a uniform size and couple this with a retrieval system which would provide instant location of the necessary information. The use of microfilm combined with a computer card seemed to be the answer. By trial and error Langan located an area on the com see film card Page 2, col. 4stevenson Butz would sound death warrant Quot for Rural . By Bernard Brenner Washington up sen. Adlai e. Stevenson of Illinois charged Friday that Earl l. Butzu a admonition to Small Farmers a adapt or die Heistand perish a could become the a symbolic death warrant for Rural american if he becomes agriculture Secretary. Joining growing opposition from farm state democrats Stevenson cited the statement w hich he said Butz made when he was serving As an assistant to agriculture Secretary Ezra Taft Benson in the 1950s. A to confirm a Man who said i this would be to sign Seal and deliver a symbolic death warrant for Rural America a Stevenson told the Senate agriculture committee eyes unified state education system Burlington up a unified state supported system of higher education encompassing the University of Vermont and the state colleges was proposed Friday. Frank Smallwood of Norwich chairman of a special committee on higher education unveiled the proposal which the panel will submit next month for approval to the trustees of the University and the state colleges. If the trustees Okay the plan at their respective meetings in Early december the merger proposal will go to the 1972 state legislature. The proposal one of two alternatives under consideration was hailed As unique and far reaching at a news conference in Burlington also attended by president Edward Andrews of the University of Vermont Provost Robert Babcock of the Vermont state colleges Peter Smith of the Vermont regional Community College system Republican state representative George Little of Burlington a University of Vermont trustee and attorney Jonathon Brownell of Montpelier under the plan existing boards of trustees and the administrative offices of the state colleges would be abolished. The legislature would be asked to create a a Vermont University which would include the present University of Vermont state agriculture College the four state colleges and the newly developed Community colleges. The new University system would be governed by a 21-member Board of trustees or committees third Day of hearings on Butzu a nomination to succeed Clifford m. Hardin. Tony t. Dechant president of the National Farmers Union told the committee that Butz was the first Cabinet nominee his organization had opposed in its 70-Vear history. He added a i Haven to seen so much unrest in Rural areas in a Long sen. Hubert h. Humphrey d-minn., agreed with Dechant that some parts of the present farm program which Butz endorsed Are too loosely administered to effectively curb excess production. But John w. Scott master of the National Grange endorsed Butz in his testimony and sen. Jack Miller a Iowa challenged dechants criticism of existing farm controls. Miller noted that Dechant is a Mitchell prisons a a National shame Chari Otte . Up a americans prisons Are a turning out criminals faster than they can be rounded up and ant crime efforts will be frustrated until the a National shame of prisons is remedied. Attorney general John n. Mitchell said Friday. Quot we did t need san Quentin or Attica to Tell us we had a problem in corrections a Mitchell said with reference to uprisings at those two prisons. A the state of americans prisons comes close to a National shame. No civilized society should allow it to continue. A four out of every five felonies committed in the United states is the work of a person with a criminal record. And two out of every three men released from prison Are Back in trouble with the Law again in a very Short in a prepared speech to a Charlotte a police appreciation Day luncheon Mitchell said a it does Little Good to train and equip our police forces if our prisons Are turning out criminals faster than they can be rounded up. Certainly we need firm Law enforcement but there a More to reducing crime than making arrests. Until we bring our corrections systems into the 20th Century All our efforts will be Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903, Bennington Vermont saturday november 20, 1971 22,316 15 cents overrides objections i pay Board awards pay i hike to Coal miners Washington up with its five Public members objecting i sharply the pay Board approved i a first year pay increase of at a least 15.8 per cent for the nations Coal miners Friday As a not unreasonably inconsistent with i its anti inflation guidelines. I it was Learned that the 15-i member Board also agreed with i its labor members solidly of polluting air moves j toward sea i United press International a stagnant air mass that blanketed the Eastern Seaboard from Canada to Alabama moved i toward the sea Friday ending i three Days of discomfort for i Many people and some disruption of Industry i in Birmingham ala., a Federal judge lifted a restraining order against 23 area industries that i had been contributing to the City a worst air pollution crisis. I . District judge Sam c. I Pointer jr., had issued the order i thursday the first such action i Ever under emergency provisions i of the 1967 clean air act. The order had resulted in the i virtual putdown of some plants i and thousands of workers were 1 Laid off briefly. 2 the pollution crisis was caused i by a huge stagnant air mass that i formed when a Belt of Cool air i slipped beneath the warmer air near the ground. A cold front moving in and in i some areas accompanied with showers began breaking up the stagnant air mass thursday. In Pennsylvania the Allegheny county Bureau of air pollution control ended its Alert late thursday. The National weather service posed on a definition of a severe inequities that would permit an exception to its ban on retroactive payment of wage boosts denied during the recent 90-Day freeze. A spokesman for labor which insists that All scheduled raises be paid retroactively called the boards decision a a piecemeal inadequate divisive but the unions hailed the pay boards approval of the first year of a three year contract signed by the soft Coal Industry and the United mine workers shortly before the freeze expired last saturday night. Tab 3 times higher the first year Tab is nearly three times higher than the boards Post freeze yardstick of 5.5 per cent for average annual wage and Benefit increases. Although the Board did not Rule on the remaining two years of the ump contract covering about 80,000 miners ump president w a. A a Tony Boyle said he considered the full three Vear contract binding because the boards present statutory authority expires next april 30. On the explosive Issue of retroactive pay the Board voted 9 to 5, with chairman George h. Boldt abstaining to permit a a severe inequity exemption to its retroactivity ban in cases of a employees w to were denied a new or improved fringe Benefit during the freeze such As an extra week of vacation earned because of length of employment. A wage increases for persons earning less than $2 an hour. This was a minor gain for organized labor. The Cost of living Council had ruled earlier that exemptions for Low income workers would apply to those earning less than the Federal minimum wage of $1.60 per hour. A workers who Are covered by a tandem or a me too contract. Under which smaller bargaining units generally Are allowed to match increases won by a larger labor Union and White Collar workers Are give wage gains comparable to those of their Union counterparts. A source close to the boards negotiations said the a severe inequity definition specifically excluded teachers and was adopted after the Board rejected 25 separate definitions submitted by the labor members. The Board did not however Rule out any retroactive pay increases for teachers the boards Public members two of whom abstained in the 10-3 vote to permit the miners increase declared that it was a a unreasonably inconsistent and predicted it was a highly improbable that the governments inflation cutting goals could be met if boosts of such magnitude were permitted. Nixon nixed advice to avoid Al Cio in new York City on Friday issued a notice of termination of its air stagnation advisory service for All of Southeastern new York Connecticut and Northern new Jersey. The state air pollution control Board Friday called off its air pollution Alert for most of East Tennessee which had been on an Alert for two Days. Only seven counties remained on the Alert. In new York City some residents had complained of smarting eyes As the pollution level Rose toward the danger level. Motorists were urged to Cut vehicular travel to a minimum and industries were advised to be ready to Cut Back on the use of pollutant fuels. But by mid morning Friday the cold front began moving in breaking up the stagnant air mass and moving it toward the open sea. Key Biscayne Fla. Up a president Nixon twice ignored the advice of his staff in confronting his critics at the Safiy Cio convention and declaring he would push ahead with phase ii economic controls with or without organized labors support it was authoritatively reported Friday. An administration official who declined to be identified said Nixon was urged to reject the invitation to appear at the convention of the 13.6 million member labor federation because of labors hostility toward his economic program. After Nixon decided to appear he was then urged to read a Short relatively conciliatory speech and depart the convention Hall. Again he refused throwing away the text to talk a straight from the a regardless of what you think a great majority of Union members a great majority of americans want to Stop the Rise in the Cost of living a Nixon told 2,000 delegates in decease of his wage Price restraints. The convention gave Nixon a Chilly reception. Most of his speech was greeted of silence punctuated occasionally by mild applause or mocking laughter following his appearance at the Miami Beach convention Nixon cancelled plans for a weekend in the Sun and headed Back to Washington aboard his air Force Jet the a spirit of �?T76.�?� he stopped off at Mayport naval station outside Jacksonville Fla., to pick up his daughter and son in Law Julie and ens. David Eisenhower. The White House said Nixon called his wife Pat shortly after his of i Cio speech and decided to return to the capital to escort her to a performance by cambodian dancers at the John f Kennedy Center for the performing arts. The White House had said earlier the president would remain in Florida at least until sunday. Officials insisted there was no emergency or crisis that prompted his abrupt return to the capital. Montpelier memo Igi Nally constituted by members member of a National Democrat of the existing boards but even tic party policy committee and tally named by the legislature said a i done to think we should get 69 Jelly Mill fire creeps into High court the governor and the Board. The executive officer of the Board would become Chancellor. State colleges Provost Robert Babcock and University president Edward Andrews discussed the proposal with gov. Deane c. Davis last week and indicated the chief executive approved the proposal partisan but if people affiliated with a democratic policy committee take off against a Republican administration then it ought to be made Clear Ulfat democrats Are in control of Congress and this As the controversy Over Butz grew toward becoming a major Challenge to president Nixon both men indicated that while Republican governors Rose to the there May be dissension on their nominee s defense and sen. Respective boards the concept ,e05fe Mcgovern. D-s.d., would be endorsed. Urged organized labor to loin the opposition. State rep. George Little r at French lick ind., the cop Burlington said there is a governors conference adopted a reasonable Chance of getting the Resolution backing Butz and proposal through this legislature attacking a partisan political every year has an idea and this harassment of a presidential is the year for probable showers showers probable this afternoon and again sunday. Highs through sunday around to or higher lows around a to. Snow flurries further North possibly moving South by monday. By Betsy Samuelson Montpelier up the fire that destroyed a West Dummerston tourist establishment two years ago could Well result in the writing of major precedents for Vermont a criminal Law. The Vermont supreme court is deliberating two critical Legal issues which arose from court proceedings stemming from an investigation of an Early morning fire october 1969 at the old Jelly Mill restaurant and gift shop. Defendants in the ensuing court action related to the fire Are All but eclipsed by the issues raised before the state High court. The decision of the five justices May set the standards governing the suppression of evidence in criminal trials. The state is appealing last years ruling by judge John Morrissey of the Vermont District court in Brattleboro which effectively blocked their witnesses from testifying in a proceeding against a Vernon Man accused of Selling and installing unlicensed fire detection equipment. Beyond tradition assistant attorney general h. Russell Morss told the High court last month that Morrissey a ruling went beyond traditional practices of suppressing evidence extending to the silencing of Oral testimony in a court of Law. Morrissey a decision followed an earlier decree which outlawed the use of an inquest transcript of proceedings which investigated the restaurant fire. The judge said the matters discussed in the proceedings were off limits for the trial. The defendant had contended his rights were violated during the inquest which was supposed to be secret but which in fact included the presence of sheriff William Graham of Windham county. The Legal argument masked a dispute Between the defendant and the state Over the handing of the transcript to the attorney general for review. Some Promise the defense says it had been promised that state authorities would not get the transcript. The state answers the Issue of secrecy at an inquest by differentiating the District court proceeding from that of a grand jury investigation and notes that Only the court stenographer is required to take an oath of silence. Other officials Arentt bound to secrecy. The state says the Only Way a defendant can invalidate the transcript is to show his rights were prejudiced by grahams presence something not yet demonstrated. Indeed the state argues that one defendant despite advice from counsel appeared voluntarily at the inquest and apprised of his rights testified at the proceeding. The court As it has in the past May skirt the temptation of establishing the requested guidelines for the conduct of an inquest a primarily an investigatory tool for county prosecutors. Different Story but it could have More difficulty sidestepping the issues of suppressing evidence prior to a trial. The defense argues Morrissey a action was in line with recent Federal court procedures which through . Supreme court decisions have been applied to state courts. Indeed Ralph Chapman of Brattleboro representing the defense argued that if the state court should Rule that Vermont tribunals Lack the authority a such a ruling would come As a great Surprise to the Bench and the state responds by saying that Morrissey exceeded his District court authority in Block ing the use of the transcript prior to the initiation of the trial. Vermont it said had no statute governing such an action. Moreover the state reminded the court that it refused to set such a precedent in 1970 when it ruled on a pre trial move to keep a county court from reviewing certain materials in a murder trial. Court reminded As Morss reminded the court that ruling retained the longtime philosophy that matters relating to the admission of evidence would have to be argued in open court. If the High court however upholds Morrissey a action then Morss asks the five justices to establish the procedures for the pretrial suppression of evidence. Tile guidelines he says include the Type of evidence that can be covered and the court jurisdictions that can review see Jelly Page 2, col. 3

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