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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - November 20, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner wednesday november 20, 1963 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials medicare mileage with Congress muddling along and High priority tax and civil rights legislation probably doomed for this year it seems pointless for another controversial Issue to be opened up for debate in Washington. Yet that is exactly what is happening this week As the House ways and Means committee begins Public hearings on president Kennedy a medicare plan for the aged. The committee plans to hear a string of witnesses discussing the proposed Law plus the adequacy of the present legislation and of private health insurance programs. Almost certainly nothing will come of All this. The chairman of the ways and Means committee himself admits that his committee does not expect to act on the proposal this year. Then Why the hearings and Why did president Kennedy bring medical care to the fore last week when he praised a Compromise plan presented by the National committee on health care for the aged the answer seems to be that the president sees political mileage i mental retardation an expensive problem mental retardation being called to Public attention now during National retarded children s week is one of this nations most expensive problems. The Cost to agencies and families caring for the mentally retarded amounts to an estimated $1 billion yearly and the loss to the National Economy resulting from unemployable retarded adults climbs close to $5 billion. Yet a great part of this terrifying Price could be eliminated. The president has established a National panel on mental retardation which is working toward a plan to combat the problem All states and All govern comment redistricting Lases ire la widespread Rutland Herald while vermonters a writ the results of the Federal court hearing on the suit to compel redistricting of the House they May take some Small Comfort in knowing they Are far from alone in the uncertainties the arguments and the foot dragging. A few some what similar cases or complaints that have reached the Point of consideration by the . Supreme court have been quite widely publicized beginning of course with the Tennessee legislative distracting Case less than two years ago which is credited with stirring up most of the Urban voter activity appeals from redistricting decisions in new York Maryland Alabama and Virginia Are due to come before the High court this week. Hut these Are Only a sampling of the forbidden fruit hew York Herald Tribune one of the most encouraging items we be seen in a Long while comes out of England where a Farmer first tried to discourage the persistent pilfering of apples from his or Chard by putting up a sign a a keep out. Trespassers will be is Hen the apples kept vanishing he shifted tactics and signs. Up instead went one Reading a a thou Shalt not steal a and to the thefts ceased. It could i of course that the thief was the the Issue. He believes that medicare will be a useful debating Point in the 1964 presidential Campaign. And so he is pushing it now regardless of its prospects for enactment. If it goes through the administration can take credit for a social gain. If it is Defeated or blocked the administration can accuse the republicans of obstructionism. Either Way the president stands to score a Point or two with the voters. Yet we wonder whether the country As a whole will be the gainer. Granted that there is Merit in the presidents medicare plan for tying Hospital and nursing Home care to the social Security program and granted too that the Kerr Mills act has proved itself inadequate to Date the Wisdom of stirring up the whole health controversy at this time seems exceedingly dubious. We believe in improved medical care for the aged. We believe in it so much that we want to see it debated and enacted on its merits not simply trotted out to attract votes in an election year. Ment and private agencies within the states Are marshalling forces to meet the Challenge. Within the decade through rehabilitation research and better childhood programs for retarded youngsters to help them grow to productive adulthood we May see the problem curbed although it probably can never be eliminated. The strength of such a Campaign lies not with the agencies and not with the government alone. It is a Challenge to every citizen and taxpayer to every person with human warmth and sympathy for his handicapped fellow Man. A gift to the Bennington friends of retarded children to help support the work of the red Brick school in Shaftsbury would be a Way to contribute to the Community and the nationwide Effort As Well. Cases pending at some stage of Legal argument or decision. A new y Ork times Survey of All 50 states indicates that a total of 39 suits have been brought in As Many suites challenging existing legislative apportionment a and this despite the fact that in 20 states some of them included in the 39 at least some reapportionment action has been taken. Vermont where the Senate seats Wert shifted last year As a result of state supreme court order is included both in the 39 and the 20. Here it bikes about 12 per cent of the population to elect a majority of the House the same percentage can control Connecticut a other new England states seem somewhat less lopsided for House control in Maine it takes 40 per cent of the population in Massachusetts about 45 per cent in new Hampshire 44 and in Rhode Island 4 7 a though the last named has a Senate whose majority can be elected by Only is or cent of the people. Local vicar but wed rather think there a a Streak of Honor in All men waiting Only to be appealed to. Though we re still glad our Bank locks its vault. Every really successful person we have Ever heard of no exception worked More than the required hours per Day loved his or her work and continued working anti liking it Long after they needed to. A Lapeer Mich county Cress. Fischetti adj Ottlo Are you a mushroom or a Toad it Stool Quot visiting editor a remarkable Sermon reproached May Cool some Southern Hothead by Ralph Mcgill Atlanta a. In november of 1856 a disturbed presbyterian minister or. Nathaniel a. Pratt preached a Sermon at his Church in the Small town of Roswell a. His congregation included slaves in the Small gallery at the rear of the Little White Frame Structure which nonetheless had doric columns supporting a greek pediment. His subject was a the perils of the dissolution of the the Church still stands and this month 107 years later the present pastor or. William Crowe repeated the essential paragraphs of what was in the custom of the time a Long discourse. Cession when the Issue was submitted to the state legislature. The Hartford convention for our time is Little More than a footnote. It was More meaningful in 1856 because some of the Hothead were justifying their own actions by it. In 1814-15 delegates from Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island new Hampshire and Vermont met secretly in Hartford to consider grievances against the conduct of the War with great Britain. Trade has been badly Hurt the delegates adopted resolutions calling for restrictions on the executive and the Congress but Only two states Massachi a mum St Shi 1k&w Small slip has Oka off of. Fms Ltd backup re a rth the arrest of processor Semtyk xxx Aas Mok my Siy of Roswell was settled by Connecticut born Roswell King in about 1837. He earlier had moved to coastal Georgia and on a horse Back journey to North Georgia to inspect Gold claims noted that the Falls of a Creek flowing into the nearby Chattahoochee would provide Power for a Cotton Mill. The settlement began As a place of summer Refuge for King s coastal friends from the Mia Mic fogs of the sea marshes which were regarded As the source of yellow fever and malaria. Among those coming were or. King and James s. Bulloch. It was Bulloch s daughter Martha by a second wife who married Theodore Roosevelt at Bulloch Hall. And their son Theodore became the 25th president of the United states. Or. Pratt s Sermon was a courageous one. Not All his parishioners wished to hear the heated controversy of slavery which was bringing on the civil War discussed from the pulpit. But or. Pratt believed Christian principles should be made relevant to the issues which trouble christians. He himself had acted with decision. Two slaves had been Given him years before. He accepted them educated them and then having prepared them for life freed them and their membership in his Church. Both later became missionaries to Africa. Or. Pratt strongly opposed dissolution of the Union. Having first urged his congregation largely made up of prosperous Mill and landowners to a commit their Public As Well As private lives to god a the minister said a the first we Ever heard of the right of secession was during the proceedings of the Hartford convention and no people received the doctrine with More indignation and contempt than ourselves. In fact if any state possessed the Power to secede from the Union whenever it thought proper to do so our Constitution would be a mockery and our boasted strength As a great and powerful nation would be despised by All foreign the strongly put Sermon ran counter to the growing hysteria and emotional compulsion to destroy the Union already prevalent in fist of the deep South states. This madness was one of the factors that helped create a substantial vote against be letters to the editor letters to this column Are Welcome although letters of More than 200 words Are subject to condensation. Signatures and addresses Are required on All letters. I All letters will be printed providing no question of libel or taste is exceeded to the editor of the Banner Bradford Smith s penetrating discussion nov. 12 of religious exercises in the schools omits two significant Points. 1. The change in the meaning of the word a Congress to include a and the this change in meaning amends the Constitution because it makes the first amendment read a Congress and the states shall make no Law overriding the Constitution is the sole prerogative of the states. 2. No Law prohibiting religious exercises in the schools is on the statute books of the United states. Congress is expressly forbidden by the first amendment to make such Laws. The supreme court is not a legislative body. It can make no Law. Law making is the prerogative of Congress or of state Legislatures. Therefore there is no Federal Law to break. One could be held in contempt of court for violating its decree but one cannot break a Law that does not exist. Moreover the ninth amendment reads a the enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others held by the this amendment taken in connection with the tenth suggests that the court in a catching up with what the Public has been thinking a has exceeded its constitutional rights. People concerning the american Way of or. Hoover said it was ironic to see communist speakers demanding the Opportunity a to Parrot the Moscow line to Young americans under the Guise of academic let us All remain Alert and make sure that this tragedy does not befall our own nearby colleges. Darrell r. Luinetti. South mended to the editor of the Banner staff members of the Bennington Banner Are to be commended for their thoughtful and conscientious coverage of educational problems and needs within the state. It is through informed Public opinion Only that changes in Vermont s education system to meet present Day demands can be accomplished. Mrs Kenalene j. Collins. Readsboro representative h. D. Goodale. d speakers to the editor of the Banner in these trying times our colleges and universities Are particularly vulnerable and Are one of the prime targets of the communist conspiracy. Communist spokesman have appeared on nearly too campuses from coast to coast during the past two years. J. Edgar Hoover commenting on this said a their purpose is to create confusion raise questions and spread doubt among our Young Robert Hutchins once described the modern University As a series of separate schools and departments held together by a Central heating system. In an area where heating is less important and the automobile More i have sometimes thought of it As a series of individual faculty entrepreneurs held together by a common grievance Over Kerr president of the University of California. I Don t like to see mobs of any kind a anti segregation demonstrations or ant integration demonstrations. James Meredith first negro to enrol As a student at the University of Mississippi commenting on the civil rights March in . Syrup Salt amp vinegar cookery crazes setts and Connecticut approved them. Legislatures of nine refused them and denounced the delegates and the resolutions As a sowing seeds of dissension and they were vigorously criticized throughout the country and As or. Pratt noted nowhere was this More vigorous than in the South where when he preached so Many voices were sowing seeds of dissension and disunion. To have the same Sermon preached in 1963 is a Public service appropriate and timely when irrational Hothead again Are Busy sowing seeds that can produce Only grief and economic and moral loss. North Bennington. There s one thing to be said for today s woman a she s far More enterprising than her grandmother. Time was when the Clever homemaker who had a special Way with pickles or maybe Jam or Jelly or something else in the food line guarded the secret of her recipes with her life. Today the same woman finds a National Market for her goods or writes a Cookbook telling All to anyone who wants to know the secrets desperately enough to invest in the Book. We Don t have just Plain old comprehensive cookbooks anymore a the age of specialization has even reached its tentacles Here. To produce a meal today you May have to consult a dozen sources with one volume on soup and another on nuts plus All the courses in Between. A of cookbooks have become quantitative. You can find those that Deal with cooking for two or for 200 there Are even some on preparing meals just for ones self. The latter advice holds no charms for me because if left alone id cheerfully exist on crackers and cheese before i d bother with solitary banquets. Status has crept into the world of cookery. Nowadays we have to keep one exotic recipe ahead of the neighbors if we expect to be Able to hold up our Heads with Pride. The Best hostess used to be the one whose table groaned the loudest with Hearty fare including the largest number of pickles and relishes and Side dishes plus five kinds of cake for dessert. Now status is achieved by having one dish with the greatest number of strange ingredients All of which together Are expected to produce what the cookbooks Call a Subtle translated this often Means that the dish in question tastes like curried pot Holder but nobody dares admit it lest he be accused of having an unappreciative palate. Subtlety in flavor depends a lot on your Point of View which can be illustrated by the famous Story of the British gentlemen visiting America for the first time and As the House guest of a proper bostonian family. True to the new England tradition on his first morning the breakfast menu included codfish cakes Crisp and thin. The English import chewed manfully on his for a time but finally confided to his hostess a i m sorry to mention this but i think you should know that something died in the a of the Book stores abound with All manner of cookbooks filled with recipes guaranteed to impress ones guests a or pos a arid today Sibly to drive them forever from your table. Company meals Are All very Well but How about All those millions of meals we have to produce for our permanent guests who also happen to be our children Seldom do you find any cooking advice on meals for children nor Are there any books available on another area that cries for attention a cooking with children. It seems to me that Here is a Fertile Field for some inventive Cook. The definitive Cookbook on How to prepare meals for children and Bear it might possibly have one chapter on a combining Peanut butter and imagine Tion in equal the most imaginative thing i Ever did with Peanut butter was Cut sandwiches in the shape of a Rabbit. The guests at this feast were not specially impressed. So Long As an immediate Check made sure someone had t slipped Over my substitutes in the filling they could t have cared less. The Only advantage Here is that cutting and shaping the bread takes your mind off the goo inside. It would be Nice to have a chapter noting the profound thought that a raw carrots Are not the Only vegetable in the world a or Are they a i dream of a Section called a Macaroni Flavoured with nothing at All a or maybe a nine creative ways to pop another helpful chapter could perhaps discuss a gourmet tricks for dealing with Here is a real Challenge for somebody to entice our children out of this Bland rut of their eating tastes and i wish said somebody Joy of her task As for cooking with children Here is a place where All manner of recipes can be invented strictly by Accident. One of the most successful salads i Ever achieved just happened when a three year old in the Kitchen found the Nutmeg can and said salad left untended. On the other hand a vigorous application of Pepper does nothing at All for custard pie. A of not Long ago i heard of a new sauce whose a Subtle flavor was produced by adding instant Coffee to Chicken soup and this sounds suspiciously As if it might have come about by one of these child cooking experiments. Young children love to play with pie crust in its unbaked stat and after some time spent rolling and patting same you can pop into the oven a tasty item Best described As a dirty which brings us to the interesting thought that any Day now you May find on the Book store shelves the very latest thing in cookbooks with a title something like a mud pies with a foreign touch a by Sally Smith aged 4 Mcnamara speech warned reds not to get too nutty by James Marlow associated press news analyst Washington apr the Kennedy administration has expressed serious doubt about the russian leaders Good judgment in testing the nerve of the West particularly that of the United states. Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara put it this Way in a talk monday night a i do not regard the present communist leaders As wholly reckless in action. A but recent experience in Cuba and on a lesser scale in Berlin has not persuaded me that i can predict with Confidence the sorts of Challenge that communist leaders will come to think prudent and in addition this Mcnamara talk before the economic club of new York had an unusually Tough tone for the Kennedy administration which has tried to avoid Sabre rattling. The Secretary compared american and russian military Power and flatly claimed nuclear superiority for the United states. He said the communists have sought to avoid a big War with the West. This does t mean they won t try smaller challenges of they think they can get away with them. What if they try them As they did in Cuba and at Berlin Mcnamara gave them a warn Long the Best Way to Stop them from the smaller adventures is to assure them such Short of All out War tries would meet a prompt effective military response. In Short Stop them cold and let them decide to Back off or keep pushing into the big War they want to avoid. Much of Mcnamara stalk was devoted to american nuclear superiority for example a the soviets Are estimated to have today Only a fraction As Many intercontinental missiles As we but he acknowledged the russians Are a big threat to Europe with their hundreds of inter mediate and medium Range ballistic missiles. The russians recently acted up creating tensions in Europe and Here when they blockaded american troop trucks on the autobahn in East German before letting them through to Berlin. This was a sudden and ugly show of soviet Force after what had seemed slightly improved american russian relations. The Kennedy administration May have intended the Mcnamara talk to be a reminder to the russians not to get too nutty a As they were in Cuba and seem to have been on the Auto Balm a or push too hard. At no Dace in his talk however did Mcnamara suggest that War with Russia would be a one Way Street with the so Viets on the receiving end alone. He stressed the need to recognize that a strategic nuclear War would under All foreseeable circumstances be bilateral a and highly destructive to both or f foreign models an International or Man fell into conversation with an american tourist in Paris. A i see a he said a a you be bought a lot of trinkets. Did you buy a Van Gogh or a Picasso a the tourist Shook his head. A no a he replied a they re All left handed Drivers Over Here and besides i already own two Public relations journal. Executive life a . Official complains he can never relax a fall Day i made difficult decisions on my jobs and then i ate at a restaurant with 28 flavors of ice a Kailua clerk. By Elizabeth Dwyer a

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