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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - November 20, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Sunny warmer sunny warmer today High in Low 50s. Increasingly Cloudy tonight Low in mid 30s. Thursday Cloudy with Light rain developing. Yesterday s High 52, Low 25, at 7 . Today 27. Sunset 4 21, Sunrise 6 56. Venus May be seen Low in the West after a conjunction with Mars at 5 . Bennington / i 1p Bennington Vermont wednesday november 20, 1963 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 19,338 7 cents the Chita Zolidis controversy i running debate Over horse race drugs by Bob Hagerman racing stewards at Green Mountain Park about a month ago suspended two owner Trainer so mrs. Barbara Kees and Sam b. David a when evidence of the drug Phenyl Butanone appeared in urine samples taken from winning horses owned by the two. The suspensions totalling 30 Days for each was upheld late last week by the Vermont racing commission. It can be safely presumed that the suspension touched off reaction and counter reaction throughout local horsemen s circles. But the debate in Vermont Over the drug is no different from the one raging for years at race tracks racing commission offices and turf organizations across the nation. Phenyl Butanone is a potent drug whose therapeutic and pain relieving qualities Are used in the treatment of various maladies of Bones and joints. But even this Brief definition is used advisedly because it is the very definition of the drug where much of the controversy lies. And the debate Over definition itself Only has meaning in its relation to the rules and regulations governing medicaid and drugs which various state racing commissions have adopted for the supervision of parimutuel racing. With important exceptions. Editors note the drug Phenyl Butanone More commonly know by the Brand name Buta Zolidis is one of the most talked about in horsemen a and racing circles. This first article in a two part series describes the National debate Over this drug and How some racing officials Are dealing with it. Tomorrows article will Deal with the apparently extensive use of the drug at Green Mountain Park state regulations governing drugs and the Vermont pacing c Pommiss ions administration of those regulations. Which will be mentioned Here the 25 or so states which have parimutuel racing have conformed to the medication rules adopted by the National association of state racing commissioners narc. For a number of years the policy adopted by the association had banned the administration of any substance which would stimulate or depress a horse or Deaden pain or in any Way affect the Speed of the horse. For purposes of application the use of any such substance was banned for the 48-hour period preceding the race which the horse was to enter. At its 1960 convention the association confirmed this policy. And at its 1961 meeting the association again upheld the general ban but dropped the 48-hour Rule and instead substituted the requirement that trainers file reports with racing stewards when even drugs or medications were administered. Whether Buta Zolidis should be considered a prohibited drug however was the topic of lengthy discussions at both conventions. And even after the adoption of the uniform medication Rule it was still largely up to each state As to How it would construe the Rule. The need for and the application of the Rule is easy enough in the Case of drugs which Are used with the obvious intent of stimulating a horse to a performance which he a normally Quot would be incapable of or of de pressing a competing horse so that its performance will be far below the unfairness both to the betting Public and to competing entries of races with a chopped up Quot horses needs no comment. But a Large Gray area appears when one begins to talk about drugs which presumably Only alleviate some physical discomfort thereby allowing the horse to achieve the racing performance which he could be expected to exhibit if he did t have the discomfort in the first place. Does the administration of drugs which affect performance in this context work to the advantage or disadvantage of the Best interests of racing on the one hand Are those who see running debate Page 14 col. 5 2 russian get rough treatment in Congo High level talks on Viet Nam begin Honolulu a High level talks on the United states future policies in Viet Nam and All of Southeast Asia began today in Pacific military command Headquarters near Honolulu. The Day Long session brought together top drawer military men and diplomats from Washington and Saigon to map out future strategy in the fight against communism in Southeast Asia. Secretary of defense Robert mystery Man Iii 0 a Barg Liborn Lase Washington apr photographs bundled inside a Roll of newspapers and thrust into his hands by a stranger in front of a Moscow hotel apparently were Yale Prol. Frederick c. Barghoorn a passport to arrest seconds later by soviet police. In the 16 Days that he was imprisoned on spy charges he told newsmen tuesday he was not mistreated and signed no confessions. He said his experience has not shattered his belief that cultural Exchange programs Between the United states and Russia Are a Good thing. But the state department still has not Given a go ahead Tor scheduled Exchange talks which the United states cancelled because of the Barghoorn incident. S. Mcnamara arrived tuesday night and termed the meeting a lust another in a series in which we will review our program of commitments in Viet Mcnamara said in a plane Side interview that . Assistance to Viet Nam in its fight against subversion will be discussed at the session As Well As the return Home of . Personnel in Viet Nam. Also scheduled to attend the meeting was Gen. Maxwell d. Taylor chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. Secretary of state. Dean Rusk was to arrive today. From Saigon tuesday came Henry Cabot Lodge . Ambassador to South Viet Nam. And Gen. Paul d. Harkins head of the . Military advisory group there. Lodge had talked to newsmen in a plane Side interview at Hickam air Force base. He indicated he will urge full support of the new South Viet Nam military regime As far As is practical and appeared satisfied with the new leaders. Lodge queried on reports that he knew of the coup against now dead former president Ngo Binh diem nov. I while Harkins was left in the dark snapped at a newsman Quot done task me things like the political military talks were prompted by the diem government s overthrow and were called by the defense and state departments. Leopold Ville the Congo apr congolese Security agents and gendarmes dragged two soviet diplomats feet first from their car tuesday beat them with clubs and hauled them off to jail. They were still held today. Soviet embassy officials said the diplomats were embassy counsellor Boris Woronin and press attache Yuri Miakota Nyoh. The officials said they had no word on their Fate. Eyewitnesses said Woronin and Miakota Nyoh refused to allow the congolese to search their car on their return from Brazzaville across the Congo River. The diplomats claimed diplomatic immunity. Soviet embassy officials said the congolese also had Cut the Telephone and electric Supply to the luxury apartment where the 100-Man soviet Mission lives and works. Sources close to the congolese government hinted that a highly compromising Quot documents had been seized from the two arrested diplomats. Gendarmes stood guard outside the embassy building tuesday night refusing to allow callers to enter. Relations Between the congolese government and the communist Block have been bad and some members of Premier Cyrille afoul a a regime recently were agitating for a break Bear kill ahead of last year Deer kill 7,644 Montpelier apr the Vermont Deer kill totalled 7,644 this morning still trailing the Pace of last years record High season by 1,944. The Bear kill reached 298, ahead of the 1962 kill by 55. Deer kills in the top five counties Windsor 1,503 Orange 1,-197 Rutland 1,140 Windham 832 and Washington 730. With the soviet Union Poland Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria the communist nations with which the Congo has diplomatic relations. An eyewitness to the arrest of the two russians said when they refused to allow a search of their car at the Brazzaville ferry Landing the congolese let All the air out of the cards tires. An argument lasting More than an hour followed. The soviet diplomats sat stiffly in their car. Police fight Venezuela terrorism Caracas Venezuela apr police firing bazookas flushed snipers from buildings in downtown Caracas today As officials strove to quell pro communist violence that has left nearly too dead or wounded. A woman was killed and six other persons including a policeman were wounded As fighting spread from the workers suburbs to Al Sinencio a District of modern business buildings. Coming on the heels of venezuelans worst Day of terrorism tuesday the new casualties put the two Day toll at 20 killed and 76 wounded. President Romulo Betancourt remained in his office throughout the night directing the Roundup of the terrorists by police the army and National guard. The number under arrest Rose to 150, and police said most were communist party members. Many were youths who wore Black pants and red sweaters As a sort of uniform. Among those held were 40 persons seized by troops tuesday night for sniping at traffic. With the return of quiet at Dawn business houses reopened and traffic returned to the streets. Merchants shut Down because of telephoned threats and motorists stayed Home tuesday when Ca troite communist opponents of Betancourt abruptly stepped up their Campaign to unseat him and disrupt the dec. I presidential elections. Increased terrorism also was reported from cities in the Interior. . Stock Exchange suspends 2 firms company a assets checked in a yens analysis communist Victory seen in Cambodia Aid move Vermont minister will leave . Jail today Ritland apr attorney Theodore c o r i o n is said today the Rev. Roger Macdonald of Rutland will be bailed out of jail today in Williamston ., along with four other new England clergymen still being held on charges of parading without a permit. A total of 15 ministers was jailed after an integration March in the Southern town last week. The others have since been released. Corsones said Macdonald faces trial Early next month la e added he did no to know when the Young minister planned to return to Vermont. Meanwhile three area residents who Are members of the a committee for the concerned Quot flew to Williamston this morning to a get both sides of the Story Quot about the Rev. Or. Macdonald a arrest. They were Kendall wild managing editor of the Rutland Herald attorney Paul Hackel and the Rev. Harold Wright of Proctor. Corsones former Republican state chairman also was scheduled to go and had planned to Fly the group in his private plane. However he said that when he Learned the Rev. M r. Macdonald had been released a i Felt he could bring the facts on the Case Back to the Community so i did no to think there was any need for me to go Down the others however decided to go on a commercial flight. They Are expected Back in Rutland on Friday Corsones said. Corsones said he could not learn immediately who provided the ministers bail but said a Good guess would be a civil rights group in North Carolina. The a i or Cli in Fie la by William l. Ryan an a news analysis communism has inched a bit closer to one of its Short term goals in Southeast Asia and the Long Range threat to that strategic area has been increased. What has just happened in Cambodia should be no Surprise. The United states has had More than two years to prepare for the announcement that Cambodia would Send the Yankees packing along with their Aid. Surprise or not the effect can be to Advance the cause of neutralise in the area. It can cause rulers to weigh cautiously the prospects for making peace with peking. The communists achieved a step in their Campaign to move in on Southeast Asia when a neutralise formula for Laos was adopted at Geneva. Laos Borders Cambodia on the North and separates it from China. The communists wanted the same formula for the other former French indo China states including South Viet Nam. The idea appeared to be neutralization first then expulsion of Western influence. Finally the communists would dominate and not necessarily by outright Conquest. Any unravelling of red designs in Asia is complicated by the ideological War Between Moscow and peking. Moscow helped evolve the neutralise formula for Laos but Southeast Asia is out of Moscow a reach. If it is to be dominated by a communist Power it will be by red China. More than two years ago Prince Norodom Sihanouk cambodians Chiel of state told a soviet newspaper that if his country had to be Allied with any foreign Power a it probably would not be with one in the West wide has never understood or supported this was despite american Aid. It bruises american feelings to learn that . Aid is not always entirely Welcome in Southeast Asia. It sometimes creates a As in Laos a problems of inflation and economic dislocations. There never seemed much Mutual Confidence Between the assisting americans and the cambodian regime. Always conscious of China and with the Oriental Long Range View of the future the cambodian regime wanted to be Neutral. The americans feared it would be a Neutral Quot on the communist Side. Cambodia is taking the plunge and divorcing herself from . Help. If this neutralise combined with that of Laos should Lead one Day to domination of the two countries by communists overtly or covertly the West would suffer a severe strategic setback. Montpelier Man found dead in Maine Woods Augusta Maine apr two missing men were located yesterday by Aerial search but one of them Paul f. Webster 27, of Montpelier vt., was dead. The other Kenneth Upton 45, of Portland a lost Hunter was found Safe in Amherst. Webster who had been working in the it. Desert area had been missing since nov. 3 from a Northeast Harbor hotel. A fish amp game department plane spotted websters car near bar Harbor. It was off the main Road in the Woods near Jack laboratories. Warden inspector Homer Edgecomb said there was a newspaper rolled into a funnel Between websters face and the exhaust pipe of the car. Websters parents or. And mrs. Russell g. Webster who had come to the area to help search said their son had left Home in mid june. New York apr two new York Stock Exchange member firms were suspended today following a Complex Chain of reactions that threatened major repercussions in business circles. The Exchange named Ira Haupt amp co. And . Williston amp Beane inc. The suspension followed a statement by the Exchange that it was checking the financial position of two member firms. Late tuesday a new Jersey dealer and refiner of fats and vegetable oils Allied crude vegetable and refining co. Of Bayonne hied bankruptcy in . District court at Newark. Within hours the Exchange disclosed its investigation saying at that time that a a refining company holding Large positions in commodities As a customer of two member firms a had encountered serious financial difficulties. Trading of cottonseed Oil futures that is buying and Selling of cottonseed Oil for future delivery was suspended on the new York produce Exchange following Sharp Price changes. Many member firms of the new York Stock Exchange also conduct a commodity business. Members that carry customers accounts must maintain a minimum net capital of $50,000. Meanwhile the produce Exchange halted cottonseed Oil futures trading indefinitely Quot due to the filing of a petition in bankruptcy by the Allied crude vegetable Oil and refining co. Which held by far the largest single open interest in this the produce Exchange statement added that Allied crude vegetable a was unable to meet margin Calls and therefore the Board text this action trading suspension was unavoidable and in the Best interests of the cottonseed Oil Allied crude vegetable is a Large dealer in the foreign As see Stock Exchange Page 16, col. I authority is. Liberty in Eastern Europe this is the second of three articles based of Walter Lippmann a sex week tour o f Europe. The third n ill appear tomorrow. By Walter Lippmann yesterday speaking of communism in Eastern Europe i said that As the tensions have become relaxed let because the Lear a1 nuclear War is subsiding the discipline which holds together the Eastern Alliance has also become relaxed. It is necessary however lobe cautious about drawing conclusions i rom this fact. The easiest mistake to make is to suppose that a tendency in one direction say towards More individual Freedom will develop in a straight Merrill for governor some la run Montpelier a a move to draft Perry Merrill Vermont a Long time forests and Parks commissioner As a Republican candidate for governor in 1964 is being spearheaded by a group of Southern Vermont legislators. Although those backing this movement refuse to be publicly identified at this Point it is generally known that most of them Are strongly opposed to the candidacy of . Ralph a. Foote. The 68-year-old Merrill would not comment on the report yesterday except to say he knew of no such move. Foote said he had t heard of the plan either. Merrill a backers cite him As one of the states most Able administrators who in his 44 years of service built a Forest and Parks system from nothing into one of the Foremost Iii the nation. Asked for his comment former gov. F. Ray Keyser jr., also regarded As a potential candidate said he Hadnot heard of the movement but added a i think its an interesting idea. I d like to see those who Are interested get in the race. Then we can have it out and after tin primary Well close ranks and Back the nominee. This is healthy for tile listed year after year in a a who a who in America Quot because of his Public service record Merrill works a Long Day and climbs mountains with the Best of them to Survey new areas for recreational development. Holder of a masters degree in forestry from Yale University Merrill received his a from Syracuse University in 1917 and spent the next year in a on the inside Bennington town treasurer starts to adopt procedures recommended by state auditors a Page 5. Milkmen again help fund drive of Bennington friends of retarded a Page 6. Harpsichord outshines artists at Bennington College a thank you Quot concert a Page 8. Tiny West Arlington woman expert operator of heavy machinery a Page 9. Photos of chs and Beni basketball squads a Page 12. Stockholm Sweden on scholarship studying scandinavian forestry practices. He also has an honorary doctors degree from Middlebury College presented in 1954. Not known for his oratorical ability Merrill works quietly in soft tones. Known nationally As Well As state wide he is president of the National association of state Parks directors and was formerly chairman of the new England Forest fire Protection commission. He also has served As chairman of the new York Vermont interstate commission on the Lake Champlain Basin and initiated the Champlain festival commission in 1959 on the 350th anniversary Celebration of the discovery of that Lake. He served As chairman for the two states on that commission. Just returned from a weeks conference in Alaska much of Merrill a time is spent travelling Back and Forth to Washington. He once said a to get anything done you have to know an awful lot of Merrill a record Over the years say his supporters proves that he gets an awful lot done with a minimum of noise and show. Canine inspection Charlie Caroline Kennedy s pet Welsh terrier makes a first hand inspection yesterday of what might have been a Post thanksgiving table scrap feast in his canine dinner bowl. Rut Charlie was due for disappointment. The president accepting the big Bird today at the White House ceremony decided to Send it Back to its farm Home to help Breed better and bigger Birds for the nation. Charlie was Loose on the White House grounds during the ceremony. After almost everyone was gone and the Bird All but forgotten he simply had to satisfy his animal curiosity. A photo line until countries like Poland and Hungary for example have As much and the same kind of b Edom which exists in this country. In actual fact the line of development is not straight but Zigzag and while on the whole the direction is away from the absolute totalitarian police state this main trend has Many Forward and backward movements rather like the booms and recessions of the business Cycle. A of i became very much aware of this when i arrived in Poland after i had been in Hungary. Quite obviously these two neighbouring communist countries Are in strikingly different phases of their development. Hungary is buoyant w Ith the exhilaration that comes from the opening up of a closed society. The apparatus of the police state and the apparatus of the communist party Are still there and it is not thought to be sate to speak too frankly except when walking in the open air. But the frontiers have been opened to tourists going both ways and there has let Een except in the Case of Cardinal Mindszenty a political amnesty. A Lair amount of fresh air from the outside world is making the hungarians feel better. Coming into Warsaw after Budapest one realizes quickly that after the opening up there is Likely to be a pause. Since world War ii i have been twice before to Warsaw most recently in 1958. Poland was then in the aftermath of a successful defense of polish autonomy against the Imperial and centralizing demands from Moscow. At that time the atmosphere in Warsaw was buoyant As it is today in Budapest. It is now no longer so Moyant and there is something that might be described As a tog of depression. Poland is not going Back to stalinism. But As one communist dignitary admitted when i asked him about what had gone wrong there is a pause. The windows Are not being opened wider. Indeed they Are closed somewhat. For said the communist dignitary the poles a made such a big jump ahead in the late 1950s that now we must Walt until the others catch a of the Man who said that is a leading theoretician of the communist party. I do not think that what he said is the True explanation of the contrast today Between Hungary and Poland. I think rather that we Are confronted Here with a problem which is Universal a the problem of authority and Liberty a the problem of How much Freedom a people can enjoy without destroying the authority which is needed to govern them. Or in reverse the problem is How they can have governments with authority to govern them Well and still enjoy and expand their personal Freedom. Poland had i believe achieved More Freedom of speech and of ideas than was compatible with the kind of governing authority which a communist planned Economy requires. When you open up the windows of a closed society the drafts bring in not Only fresh air but also infections of various kinds. The problem is not confined to the communist world. It is i venture to think a Central problem in the movement of renewal and Reform and modernization which was initiated by Pope John Xxiii. It is likewise i imagine the underlying problem in our own Public controversy about a conservatism Quot and in the communist states which Are totalitarian in their original essence the problem is now acute. On the one hand human flesh will no longer endure absolute authority and the sacrifices it demands on the other hand with unlimited Freedom the fabric of authority which is needed to govern May become urn ave led and be pulled apart. I have no doubt no sell that for example or Khrushchev a personal inclination is towards list Ruli Atio nand the opening of doors and of peace. But he is haunted in tile Contin see i i Ann Page 16. Col. I

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