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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 4

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner monday May 20, 1963 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials South shows quiet Progress too who will have the last word new York state politics an unusual report of the Quia kind of racial Progress that is going on in the South was described in an article headed a education is answer to South a problems in yesterdays new York Herald Tribune. Such a report is unfortunately unusual because most news of this nature concerns a a incidents of shootings strikes demonstrations arrests and other symbols of the More newsworthy tensions. Subject of the article is gov. Terry Sanford of North Carolina who is quoted As saying a we Are More interested in solid accomplishment than in generating in Brief what gov. Sanford did was to ask his legislature in 1961 to increase the states budget for education by $100 million above the amount sought by his predecessor Luther h. Hodges now . Secretary of Commerce. Gov. Sanford the Only governor in the nation without the Power of veto got it. What a More he was re elected. To demonstrate his sincerity in his Campaign slogan of a Quality education a gov. Sanford is currently making the rounds of the state fulfilling his pledge to speak personally at each of North Carolinas 174 school districts. As a result according to National school authorities who Are unidentified in the article North Carolina was judged to have outdistanced All other states in its rate of advancement during the 1961-62 school year. In View of the fact that North Carolina ranks 46th in the . In terms of per capita income can an astronaut be As famous As Lindy by one of those coincidences that Delight confirmed drawers of compari Sions astronaut l. Gordon Coopers space journey came off four Days before the anniversary of that most famous flight of All time Charles a. Lindbergh a nonstop Solo Jaunt across the Atlantic. Setting one beside the other illumines the startling strides made with heavier than air Craft in 36 years. On May 20, 1927, Lindy left Roosevelt Field on Long Island in his monoplane the spirit of St. Louis in an Effort to win a $25,000 prize for the first nonstop hop from new York to Paris. He reached Lebourget air Field 33 hours and 29 minutes later having travelled 3,610 Miles. The same route was duplicated two years ago by a b58 bomber in Only 3 hours and 19 minutes. Now major Cooper has circled the entire Earth 22 times in 34 hours or Only a half hour comment foes of billboards Are from Missouri St. L Ouis Post dispatch opponents of billboard regulations along interstate highways have told a Missouri House committee that such controls would be unconstitutional unlawful immoral and about everything but fattening. Yet despite such Buckshot testimony the opponents have managed to clarify the Issue. It is no clarification of course to say that billboard regulations would be immoral and unlawful. Eighteen states Are doing very Well with billboard control Laws. It is More of an exaggeration than a clarification to say that 2,600 Union craftsmen would lose their jobs just because billboards would be restricted and not prohibited along a Mere 1,000 of Missouri a 34,000 Miles of state roads. We doubt if the by 11 there might be some kind of lesson Here for vermonters who frequently Point out this states Bottom of the barrel standing in per capita income. In addition to Sanford a strenuous efforts on behalf of better Public education he has taken genuine Steps Forward in race relations naming a biracial Agency to develop new Job opportunities for negroes and instructing state department Heads to employ persons on the basis of ability alone. Gov. Sanford a viewpoint is summed up in this quotation a we need our own and a new kind of emancipation proclamation which will set us free to grow and build set us free from the drag of poor people poor schools and from hate from demagoguery. This kind of proclamation can be written in one word it must be the kind of education which seeks excellence reaches All looks to the future. The South has its problems but the South has the gov. Terry Sanford is 45 and cannot succeed himself As governor when his term expires next year. As a Strong Kennedy supporter he defected from the ranks of Lyndon b. Johnson backers at the 1960 democratic convention to support Juk and because of his record of achievement in Public education and race relations he is surely to be heard from again most Likely in Public office on the National level. Longer than it took Captain Lindbergh to make his epic Atlantic crossing. That a technological Progress for you. Whether major Coopers flight will inspire the prolonged adulation showered upon Lindy in the euphoric pre depression Days is another question. In a comment upon the Public attitude toward space feats science Magazine Points out that the United states has never regained the emotional Peak reached with its first successful flight. A the lasting propaganda value of placing a Man on the Moon has been vastly overestimated a says science. A the first lunar Landing will be a great occasion subsequent boredom is cynical As it May sound there is something to this. How Many people remember the name of the second Man to Fly nonstop from new York to Paris How Many remember the name of the second american to make a sub Orbital rocket flight aeronautical science is Long human Fame Short and each clamorous space feat tends to eclipse the last. Boards along any of these roads support 2/� jobs to the mile. The most obvious contradiction of till came from a former legislator f. E. Buck Robinson executive director of the Missouri Motel association. He said he was appearing As a representative of John q. Public. It was precisely John q. Who was missing from this meeting. The opponents represented hotels motels restaurants labor unions caves and advertising organizations All groups with a particular monetary interest in billboards. And they clarified the Issue by making it so Plain that this was a struggle Between special interest and Public interest or even More plainly Between billboards and scenery. Moreover the Public should note that these interests Are seeking to exploit 228 Miles of interstate Highway built with Public funds and also 870 Miles which have not even been built. Did the Public finance these new superhighways to allow them to be Given the likeness of Penny arcades Fischetti full pm Rocky reported planning to enter . Primaries 0 by Kirtland i. King United press International Albany. Governor Rockefeller plans to test the political Impact of his second marriage at the polls in the 1964 presidential primaries. The governor according to a reliable source feels the Only Way to determine How the voters look on his recent marriage to Divorcee Margaretta Fitler Murphy is through the secrecy of the ballot. In tvs Yew vote of the week citizen participation today requires interpretation As Well As the facts the French have a Savine for Lff the More it chances m More it stays the same by Ernest a Ostro the essence of democracy is participation by the people if not in government directly As is possible in a Community like Bennington a then at least in the de Olsion making process which underlies government. In order to make decisions intelligently the people must have the facts. But in these Days the facts alone Are often not enough. The factors which spell Success or failure life or death for the . And our allies Are All too often so Complex that interpretation is essential to understand what is going on. But interpretations by their very nature cannot be free of the personal views of the interpreters. Hence the Issue becomes How do you know who a telling the truth and who a lying a of the Only reasonable answer to that one is to lists to the honest men and to the liars and then to make up ones mind. This is not always an easy process especially when business children lawns the Golf course the Trout Stream and a thousand other lures present themselves. But there is no Choice Tor the conscientious citizen. What makes democracy work in this country is the individual americans sense of his own responsibility for what his Community his state and his nation do. Those who do not share this responsibility Are in a genuine sense parasites a Riding on the coattails of their fellow citizens. An example of concern for and participation in the events of our time appears in Page i of today a Banner a latter from 45 area residents to soviet Premier Khrushchev asking him to Compromise on a nuclear test ban treaty. Now this letter has about As much Chance of changing Khrushchev a mind As a in the lat terms words a a shrimp has of learning to whistle. But these citizens concern for the world in which they live is an example of democracy in action. They reflect the decent opinion of Mankind and of a Large portion of this Community. One May Well argue that their approach is wrong but at least it is an approach. To paraphrase John Donne the Bell is tolling and it is tolling for us All. A of the Bell has been tolling loud and Clear in Birmingham and other parts of the South in recent weeks. As president Nan Nedy said on his weekend tour to Alabama a the efforts of negroes to secure their rights is in the highest traditions of american at the same time the National association for the advancement of coloured people a act announced a drive against Northern school segregation which stems from segregated housing patterns. The Issue in the Campaign which will touch at least 25 Northern states is this most larger communities Are divided into school districts. Each District has a school which serves the children residing in the District. Because housing is largely segregated in Many areas in the North schools tend to be similarly segregated in fact if not in Law. The a act taking its Cue from the supreme courts 1954 decision outlawing Public school segregation feels that segregation tends to a retard the education and mental development of negro children in the courts words. Of course the court referred to Legal segregation As opposed to segregation stemming from housing patterns. A of there has been considerable controversy Over the idea that schools Are morally if not legally compelled to go out of their Way to avoid segregated classes. The most Basic Contention in the whole civil rights Battle is that the color of a Many a skin must make no difference in the rights and privileges accorded him. Integrationist go beyond the reasonable premise that actively separating White and coloured children is harmful to the position that the schools must actively mix coloured and White children does this not place equal emphasis on color in relation to education the segregated housing which custom prejudice and avarice perpetuate in the North As Well As in Dixie and surely to be detested and battled by men of Good will everywhere. One wonders whether this approach to which let it be said a Good Deal of attention is being paid will not in the Long run prove More fruitful that a conscious artificial integration for its own Sake. Quot he question is really what is the aim to eliminate color or religion or Creed As a basis for determining a citizens rights and opportunities or the perpetuation of the White is White and Black is Black principle with Only the provision that they Are so equal that they must also be balanced the latter it appears is not real integration but a sort of segregation of equals. New Hampshire a preferential primary is next March to. Rockefeller it was said has not decided whether to make the test there or at some later Date. The governors position is the same As after his first marriage ended in divorce a year ago last March. The decree was Given the first mrs. Rockefeller about six months before the new York gubernatorial race. During news conferences last year Rockefeller was asked Many times whether he thought the divorce would Hurt him politically. His Standard reply was he Felt his marital status was a private affair. He said however he hoped the people would not use the divorce in determining whether he should serve another term. The Only Way o obtain an accurate conclusion in added was by getting voter reaction in secrecy. The curtained voting Booth provided the Means. Rockefeller Defeated Democrat Robert m. Morgenthau by More than 500,000 votes. The plurality was less than his 1958 figure but not significant enough to blame the drop on any particular Issue. Only one or two political leaders would say after the election that the divorce played an important part in his margin of Victory. In Erie county which includes the City of Buffalo a Republican Leader said privately he Felt the governor s decision to end his marriage of 31 years Cost him a a some votes. There were Sev eral other factors however that caused a swing away from the Jop governor. A after you have been in office a few years you Are bound to make some enemies and Rockefeller was no exception a the Leader said. A while his divorce May have Cost him some votes the number Wasny to Large enough to be in discussions now going on wherever More than two politicians gather a a person can hear All sorts of predictions. Publicly new York gop spokesmen Are unanimous in saying the marriage will have no bearing on Rockefeller s political future. Many however have conflicting off the record ideas. Democrats feel it Means the end of Rockefeller As a presidential threat. What happens to the new mrs. Rockefeller a four children is usually brought into the argument among political leaders. Earlier this month Gen. E4> Ward Greenbaum attorney for mrs. Rockefeller said she and her former husband or. James Slater Murphy had agreed to share custody of the children. He said there was nothing in the divorce decree which mrs. Murphy obtained in Idaho concerning the custody. A they agreed to approach the problem from the Best interests of the children allowing for a continuation of the companionship guidance and affection of it oth parents a Greenbaum said. A a initial custody was left to or. Murphy in new York because he older children Are enrolled in school there. Later they will spend time with their one published report said the Rockefeller were fixing up a new York City apartment with ample space for children. The discussion is certain to continue for Many months and Survey polls will be taken but As a Rockefeller supporter said a the governor is very inter-1 ested in polls. But he believes the Only True Way to find out about something like this is to let the people decide for letters to the editor Why a fax freeze to the editor of the Banner a Shaftsbury at a special meeting of less than a fifth of our voters just passed the greatest potential tax Giveaway in Southern Vermont history. By a Large majority we froze the tax assessment of Eagle Square Plant for the next to years. Writing this letter now May seem like a taxes under the Bridge a but what happened should be a matter of written Public record and other taxpayers should have time to think about what a in the cards for them now that this philanthropy has become a precedent. Respected members of our Community mostly with a managerial background talked in favor of the Giveaway. They were Herbert Leonard Bill Dailey John Clawson Kenneth Thomson Paul Warfield and Arthur Faris. Their comments ranged from Long and carefully prepared speeches to Brief comments. \ Ery Little was said against the freeze except by Charlie Breen Bud Schomaker and myself the last also in a speech. The following Points against the tax Giveaway might be considered by the Many Shaftsbury philanthropists who were not at that very special meeting 1. A Eagle Square now pays $14,000 in taxes to Shaftsbury. They Are already increasing their productive capacity by 1-3 without any tax increase. Should they choose to use our gift conservatively and expand another 2-3 in the next few years Shaftsbury will lose As much As $150,-000 in taxes even assuming that tax rates do not Rise greatly. 2.�? were Eagle Square paying its fair share of taxes just like the rest of us however it would not Cost them nearly As much As we re losing since in their income tax bracket their taxes Are a highly deductible item. 3.�? Shaftsbury just voted Down the Union school probably largely because of the expected school tax increases. Yet Eagle squares potential tax might very Well More than have paid for Shaftsbury s whole Union school increase. If we want to help local Industry a As Well As ourselves a we can do it far More effectively by putting our Money into Public schools rather than private factories. 4.�? by expanding their work Force Eagle Square is expanding both product and profits and is in even a better position to pay their equitable share of the tax Burden. I a there Are lots of Small struggling local businesses. Nit Eagle Square is not one of them. It is in fact but a subsidiary of Stanley tool co., perhaps the largest Industry of its kind in the United states. For them the tax is but a fraction of one executive salary. But for our town of Farmers workers and Small businessmen paying their tax is a Large Burden. Yet we done to think of giving those Farmers and struggling businessmen tax concessions to help them expand. 6. A by beginning this Charity at Home we set the precedent for other plants. Soon it will be Only the poor who Are paying taxes for the Rich for the privilege of working for them. 7. A Stanley tool is moving to Shaftsbury for one reason primarily because it is More profitable for them to be Here than elsewhere. We re glad to have them and will help with everything but Charity. Lots of others need it More. 8. A it appears that the workers at Eagle Square Are in favor of the tax freeze. One wonders whether they Are willing to negotiate a 10-year contract freezing their wages. If not then Why ask the town to contribute by freezing assessments a few other questions could stand answering a. What were Eagle squares profits last year b. What were the taxes on the Plant in new Britain conn.? c. If Eagle Square does not expect an appreciable increase in their assessments Why plan this whole special freeze operation d. If Stanley tools has studied the relative Plant efficiencies for three years and if the reorganizing of Eagle Square has been going on since january Why was t the Giveaway an article at the regular town meeting two months ago when the whole town could have voted on this most important mattered Levin. West Shaftsbury. Another look at Ilin. To the editor of the Banner a that Bradford Smith of Shaftsbury is a Well informed Man capable of intelligently discussing world affairs is not debatable. Yet in his quest to name . Bus the solution to world strife and his constant efforts to promote peace i would like to remind him of a few facts he has failed to bring Forth. In his column of april 23 he offered the Carnegie endowment for world peace and implied that we should place our Faith in this sort of group As one Well qualified to Lead us out of our ignorance. That this is an example of a Good peace group is Well known. Unfortunately it is also an example of an infiltrated peace group. For while such honorable men As John Foster Dulles were conducting genuine efforts toward peace they allowed Alger Hiss not Only to become a member of that organization but president of it. As far As the . Goes let me say this As director of the office of special political affairs Hiss used his influence against a direct order of Secretary of state James f. Byrnes to find employment at the . For a group of soviet agent then in the Federal government who were feeling the heat of the first loyalty Security investigations. When called before the Senate subcommittee in 1952, 27 of these key men in the . Hid behind the fifth amendment. A Federal grand jury reported a startling evidence of infiltration at the . By a an overwhelmingly Large group of disloyal . Citizens a the men Hiss had recommended. I cannot talk myself into believing that this was the Only instance of infiltration of the . By the communists in this country nor can i be swayed into believing no other country is guilty of the same mischief. Or. Smith is concerned Over some signs put up around the . Advocating the removal of that organization. This is the work of hot Heads and although they have gone too far they do have basis for severe criticism. That organization should be called . Instead of . Because we Are the Only country honouring our commitments to it. None of the soviet bloc countries nor Russia herself has paid its Way. Still we cannot make the policies for the rest of these leeches yet they maintain their authority. When it Best serves the interests of several nations they quickly abandon the . For unilateral action Britain and France is. Egypt Russia against Hungary India against Goa and the . Against Cuba and Russia. I say that this wave of liberalism that has swept this nation and the world has destroyed in great amounts our ability to act for ourselves. Too much has been left to a a others without a sincere Effort on the part of citizens to insure the Best interests of the country. The Mere screaming of a switch Hunter does not take away the facts it is but a natural retaliation of the ignorant. If we make sure of the soundness of Little Fellows in politics the big Fellows will take care of themselves for they will be the product of our labors. We must take our eyes from the pie in the sky projects that Are liberally sprinkled with such adjectives As a bigger better and higher and temper what we need with what we can afford. We must have the fortitude to Wear the medal we won in Cuba. This will insure the United states ability to carry the rest of the world As it has done from its birth. Lawrence e. Harrington. Bennington. Dis Quot listed to the editor of the Banner a it appears to me that you might be just the least Little bit prejudiced in favor of a Union school. In your position knowing the full facts i would be ashamed to publish the vote on article 6 at the past Union District meeting Banner May 14. It might be in the Public interest to know 47 people remained on the negative Side of the Hall approximately twice that Many left in disgust some Felt it Wasny to Worth the Effort to get up and move so remained on the affirmative Side of the Hall. Those in the rear hear any Way. The Moderator of make a decision on the voice vote. It was that close o the a a nose had it. It was one of the few meet Ings that i have Ever attend that voting was not done by Bai lot when requested. In closing i remain just on of the woodchucks not Quallie to stick my nose into school a1 fairs a just qualified to pay the Bills. Richard Corcoran. Mechanic Street North Bennington. Humor from the porch the City family was Lookin Forward to renting a Summa Home up in the mountains an was corresponding with a propel to owner who had his House up to rent. A before we agree a to head of the family wrote a Rya must assure us that your Hou has a Good a from the porch a came the reply a you can see Matthew service station and the Perkins farm but other than that there not much but mountains and Lake to look a . Palat in family weekly. Good training dad was trying to get his indo Lent son to take Roth course at the University but he a encountering stubborn opposition. A this is the Type at train ing that separates the boys Iron the men a the father said in i clinching argument. A yeah a agreed the youth Dis Mally a and the boys from to a Robert Hearn in family weekly

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