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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 18, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Rain and Cool rain and Coo liar today with his temperatures in 50s or Low 60s. Considerable cloudiness and Little temperature change tonight and sunday with scattered showers. The Constellation Northern Crown is visible High in the East Early e , Vermont saturday May 18, 1963 i Iii i. A. Established 1841. 60th year no. 18,183 Price 7 cents it in k of c convention Frank l. Wagner of hurling on left state of the knights of Columbus and David j. Gaffney second from left Secretary to the state Deputy registered last night for Hie 65th annual knights of Columbus convention at the k of c rooms at 331 main St. Leonard Anzivino. Warden of the Bennington Council and Charles Holden recording Secretary Render assistance. I he delegates to the convention will transact their business today and sunday and meet fora banquet and dance tonight. Staff photo Buckler a apologize or resign adjutant general9s remarks draw state senators ire Montpelier apr a. Gen. Francis Billado state adjutant general was attacked on the floor of the Vermont Senate Friday for allegedly calling some of its members a dirty Rotten stinking Billado was called upon to either apologize or resign. Sen. Hector Marcoux d Chittenden accused Billado of a belittling the people of Vermont who elect the legislature in remarks made thursday while lawmakers toured Camp Johnson the National guard facility at Winooski. A pm too much of a gentleman to repeat what he said a Marcoux declared. The dispute concerned the Senate a rejection last week of a proposed $550 annual raise for Billado. Sen. Charles l. Delaney a Chittenden said he was present at the Camp thursday when Billado a this tyrannical individual had the Gall to state that not one of the 23 senators who voted against this raise last week could pass a political science test according to his standards a and to emphasize this a his in Burlington Billado denied insulting the lawmakers. A i just covered the facts As they were a he said. A i said if the 23 senators had taken a test with . Military standards they would not have passed a if this person is not Happy with his Job a with the salary he receives a i would suggest he resign a Delaney added. Otherwise Delany said the Rocky. Bride to Fly Home on monday j new York apr gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller and his Bride of two weeks have airline reservations to Fly from their honeymoon in Venezuela on monday. Pan american world airways said the Rockefeller had been booked on its flight 442 from Caracas which arrives in san Juan p.r., at 6 30 . Local time. The line which said the ruse nations information came from its office in Miami Fla., said it had no information about the travel plans of the Rockefeller from san Juan. Bike collapses. Hurls buy against tree j a Manchester a Lynn Grib bin 14, freshman at Burr and Burton Seminary Here sustained a concussion and possible Skull fracture on . 7 Friday at i 15 . When the bicycle he was Riding collapsed and threw him against a tree. He was reported a resting comfortably at Putnam memorial Hospital Friday night. The boy son of or. And mrs. Paul Gribbin of Manchester depot swerved to avoid heavy traffic. The bicycle which had recently been welded fell apart when it hit the curb in front of the residence of George l. Mar key. First Aid was Given by or. . Harrigan and Gribbin was removed to Putnam memorial Hospital by Brewster a ambulance for further observation. State and local police investigated the Accident. $ a via a n f Vav Bill to Secretary of the army or other Federal official should be informed of Billadou a alleged statement. Sen. John j. O Brien d Chittenden joined in tile attack and added Billado a is Lucky i Wasny to there when he said what he said regardless of my o Brien is 66. Billado released a statement that night saying that because the Senate did no to raise his salary he was having a difficult time finding a replacement for his Deputy who has resigned. He said the Deputy a base can to be higher than his own salary of $8,800 and added he could not find a qualified Man to accept the Deputy Post at less than $8,800. Boston irs merger cancelled by Dillon Washington apr Secretary of the Treasury Douglas Dillon cancelled Friday his plan to merge the new York and Boston regional offices of the internal Revenue service. But he approved most other major features of an irs Field office streamlining. The realignment plan announced March 5, had brought protests from members of Congress from the areas affected. So two Days later Dillon announced that he would review the plan and give careful consideration to the objections raised. The principal upshot of this was Dillon a announcement that the plan to merge the new York and Boston regional offices with Headquarters in Boston had been called off. But he approved the plan to merge the Omaha neb., regional office with the Chicago regional office. He also approved the merger of the operations of four districts All in states with More than one District office. These four districts Are Syracuse ., merged into Buffalo Camden n.j., into Newark Kansas City mo., into St. Louis and Scranton pa., to be divided Between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia the original announcement estimated that the realignment of the irs Field organization would save $5 million a year. Fridays announcement estimated the Sav Ings at More than $3.5 million. Dillon said that after carefully weighing All the factors involved in the consolidation of the new York and Boston regional offices he had decided to rescind that portion of his earlier order. Asa result the regional office in new York City will continue to supervise the District offices in new York and the regional office in Boston will retain jurisdiction Over the six new England District offices. Polaris missile test a Best yet Cape canaveral Ela apr a Polaris a3 missile Friday scored what a Navy official called a its Best flight yet on an 1,800-mile strike Down the Atlantic tracking Range. It was the third straight land launching Success for the advanced weapon which is designed to add More than 1,000 Miles to the present 1,725-mile Range of Polaris submarines. The Navy spokesman described the flight As an important Milestone in the a3 test program because it proved out design changes made cos a result of several Early failures. Ten of 14 previous firings failed. Much of the difficulty entered in the second stage thrust control system. Refreshed astronaut describes spectacular views from space Fine physical condition my r it a i n l a a . Mercury chiefs weigh 7th lest augers Well for Moon trip a it a a n with safety to determine limit aboard Kearsarge most of Mercury s lessons have apr refreshed by iov2 hours of been Learned. K of i opens convention Here today some 75 delegates to the 65th annual knights of Columbus state convention and their wives arrived Here last night and this morning from All Over Vermont for two Days of work and play. After discussing the organizations business and policies All Day today the delegates will meet at a banquet tonight at the Paradise restaurant with gov. Philip h. Hoff and the most Rev. Robert f. Joyce Bishop of Burlington. Some 300 k of c members and their guests Are expected to attend the banquet. They will return after dinner to the k of c rooms at 331 main St., where they will dance to the music of the keynotes a five piece band from Hoosick Falls The main order of business sunday will be the election of five new state officers. Delegates will choose successors to the present state Deputy Secretary treasurer advocate and Warden. The new officers will begin their one year terms july i. While their husbands Are attending business sessions today the ladies will be taken on a tour of the Green Mountain race track. They will set out for Pownal about la ., eat their luncheon in the track a clubhouse and return in time for the evenings festivities. The delegates will attend two masses one saturday at 9 In sacred heart Church and the second sunday at 8 In St. Francis de sales Church. Each of the states 27 councils will be represented by two official delegates at the convention. In addition the state officers and nine District deputies will he present. Sleep Alert and cheerful Gordon Cooper said Friday he was most impressed by marvelous views of the Earth during is 22-orbit space flight wednesday and thursday. From an estimated to Miles up Cooper actually picked out his Home District of Clear Lake at Houston Texas he told or. Richard Pollard. In the grandeur of the Himalayas he could see smoke Curling from villages As he whirled past at 17,500 Miles an hour at Heights from too to 166 Miles. Weather conditions were Ideal Over most of the world and the sights of the United states and Asia were especially Gootis he said. As he went through checks by a medical team that marvelled at his physical condition Cooper again and again commented on the View from space. Or. Pollard reported Cooper Friday was in All respects a a completely Normal human being who showed no ill effects from his adventure in weightlessness. The More they examined him the More pleased were the doctors. They had anticipated having family on u a los Angeles apr astronaut Gordon Coopers wife and two daughters took off for Hawaii Friday for a reunion with americans new space hero. A a in a very Happy to be in los Angeles a attractive trim mrs. Trudy Cooper said at a Brief news conference during a one hour Stopover. She and the daughters carnal 14, and Janita 13, arrived on a Jet Airliner from Houston tex., and left on a american flight to Honolulu. Cooper arrives there saturday aboard the Carrier Kearsarge which picked him up after his 22 orbits of the Earth. To Deal with a Man in a fainting condition when he first came Down. The very absence of aftereffects was emerging As a principal result of the flight raising Hopes for eventual manned space trips to the Moon in this decade. Cooper disclosed that during his naps aloft he even dreamed but said he could not recall the dreams. Air Force surgeon Charles Upp 01 Detroit mich., said Cooper reported feeling More of a sensation of Speed than had any of the previous astronauts. As Cooper went through his Busy Day sometimes on a tiling Board for physical examinations sometimes recording his experiences and impressions on tape his manner was one of cheerfulness and eagerness. He was looking Forward to a reunion with his wife Trudy and daughters Camala 14, and Janita 13, in Honolulu this afternoon. They were flying from Texas to Honolulu for the reunion As the Carrier Kearsarge sailed lazily toward Hawaii and a jubilant Welcome for americans latest space hero. It will be the first in a series including a reception at the White House tuesday and a ticker tape Parade in new York wednesday. Coopers leat�?22 orbits in 34 hours 20 minutes 30 seconds was marvelous in itself. But it apparently sounded the finale of the Mercury space program and opened the door to something far More fantastic Man on the Moon within this decade. The Oklahoma astronaut 36, whose laconic a a Roger and a a Okay replies in a tense situation made him sound much like the late actor Gary Cooper made a trip that approximated in length the distance to the Moon and Back. However it would take some 6 Houra to reach the Moon in contrast to Cooper s 34-hour flight. The average Speed in space flight to the Moon would be about half that of Earth orbiting. Coopers Speed in orbit with centrifugal Force counteracting Gravity was not affected this Way by the Earth pull. Brainerd Holmes director of Nasa manned flight said there was less than a 50 cent Chance there would be another Mercury test. Cooper was the last prepared astronaut to Fly and Holmes indicated the United states was ready to go ahead with the next step in space exploration a the two Man gemini program. The first twin astronaut shot is at least 18 months ahead. Beyond it and predicted within this decade is a manned Landing on the Moon a and Safe return. The astronaut proved his Mastery Over the machine by bringing Faith 7 Back to Earth with a masterful Job of manual guidance. See astronaut continued Page 2 breathing time White House reached tiles reception w Ashington apr president Kennedy decided Friday to give maj. Gordon Cooper a Day off monday before he faces a space hero s reception in Washington. The White House announced that ceremonies honouring the astronaut and his family were rescheduled for 12 15 . Tuesday giving Cooper All Day monday to relax. When Cooper splashed Down in the Pacific thursday night after his spectacular flight through space Kennedy Grabl Ted up a phone and told the Coopers he was looking Forward to seeing them at the White House on monday. The president talked first to mrs. Cooper at her Home in Houston tex., and then was put through to her air Force husband aboard the Carrier Kearsarge which picked him up after a near Bullseye re entry. A i just want to congratulate you that was a great flight a Kennedy told Cooper. A we look Forward to seeing you up Here a thank you sir said Cooper. In announcing a 24-hour postponement of the Washington reception presidential press Secretary Pierre Salinger said the White House and the space Agency Felt a we should allow him More breathing a the schedule for maj. Cooper was just too tight a Salinger added. Cooper is due to Fly to Honolulu saturday for a reunion with his wife and their two daughters and then by on to Cape canaveral Fla. Sunday for a news conference. Cape canaveral Fla. Apr with Gordon Cooper Safe and son ii speculation focused again frilly on the Chance of another Mercury space flight perhaps an open end affair with safety the prime limit. Project Mercury flight officials meeting with newsmen recapped the hazardous moments of Coopers. 22-orbit flight. An hour and 20 minutes before his critical reentry into the Earth a atmosphere thursday doctors at Cape canaveral ordered Cooper to take dexedrine Pill. They weren to sure he needed it a but after his iv2 hour sleep peril and considering the stress hot Ace controlling his own reentry they prescribed it just to be a e. Flight director Chris Kraft also Tole newsmen that if Coopers two faulty inverters which convert direct current to alternating current had failed on his first orbit the j would have terminated the High Early. The inverters went lad late in the voyage. But most of the questions dwelt on the possibility of another project Mercury flight in the face of statements that Cooper s would be the last. Kraft said he was not in a position to say whether another Flig i would be set up or even desired. It would depend upon How much could be gained from it. By t it was his opinion he said that of there were another flight it should be set up As Coopers Fligh t was but it would be open ended allowing the astronaut to stay in orbit As Long As was Safe. Coopers spacecraft Faith 7 had a orbit Good enough to keep it Alfor 96 orbits. But his Carbon do Ujie filtering system was being depleted and would have prevented a very Large Extension of the flight. Wlton additional Power a fresh Carlin dioxide filter and More Watt a Cooper could have stayed Alop for up to six Days with the re so of the supplies he had if the was no trouble which of Cox use there was. The Cooper flight was set for o in 34 hours because experience on r Many a ability to perform in space was not largely known to . Experts. The Cooper flight has Given official i Here a degree of confident in human beings ability in space. The Cooper flight could not have Bee planned on an open end Basi it Kraft said because there was Little experience in space. But now that Cooper has shown the ability of a mar in space Over a Long period such a Mission could be planned Kraft said. He asserted that some of the equipment needed for a three Day flight was available but said it might take five or six months to fit a spacecraft out for such a flight. Cooper is due to return to Cape canaveral at 11 30 Eastern Standard time sunday. He will hold a news conference at 3 . The name Day and will visit the Biden in the White House Rose Garry n at 12 15 . On tuesday. A o plans to Confer j.f.k., Alabama governor att a ceremonies today Birmingham Ala. Apr voluntary moves for racial peace by two Alabama cities a linked probably to Birmingham s troubles provided Friday an ironic setting fora saturday meeting Between gov. George c. Wallace and president Kennedy. The governor angered by Dis traffic control procedures outlined at race track Montpelier a Public safety cmdr. William h. Baumann Friday made Public his order to the Taconic raring Ami Breeding association for police Protection the Assoc lit Ion must provide at its Green Mountain race track in Pownal. Under the state Law establishing parimutuel racing the association As Licensee is to provide Protection at the track and on the Public highways adjacent to it As determined by the Public safety commissioner. Baumanns order is now in the hands of the tracks chief Security officer major Ray Smith for implementation. Baumanns order includes a the track shall be responsible for policing traffic entering and departing at its two . 7 entrances. On racing Days two men will be stationed at each Entrance one directing North their marriage is Over a match that thrilled the sports world in 1949 ended Friday when the former Zoe Ann Olsen left divorced Jackie Jensen right former Boston red sox baseball Star. Mrs. Jensen a former olympic diving Star charged extreme cruelty in her Reno nev., divorce suit she will get custody of their three children. Photo was taken last Winter at a ski bound traffic the other southbound traffic. In addition the track will provide two men at the Junction of . 7 and Vermont 346 to control traffic at the intersection. A to assist flagman in stopping vehicles at the Boston and Maine Railroad tracks which Cross both Entrance roads the track will provide two men at the Northern crossing and one at the Southern crossing. A there Are to be Only two lanes of traffic on . 7 and Only one Lane each for entering and exiting traffic at each Entrance. To maintain this pattern Baumann recommends use of barriers in the wide entrances. The department will allow the control officers to delay traffic on . 7 for Short intervals of time while the race track is emptying. A the track will provide a traffic control officer at my school crossing adjacent to the track a should the time of the racing Day coincide with any Pownal school a racing Day is defined As the period from two hours before the Start of the first race to two hours after the completion of the last race. A the association shall provide a sufficient Security officers on the grounds to copt with any situation that might arise a the order also noted that the department of Public safety will have a detail of one or two uniformed police officers at the track and these will be in radio Contact with other state police units. Baumann added that orders have been Given to troop commanders in Rutland and Bellows Falls and to sub troop commanders in Shaftsbury and Brattleboro regarding maintenance of adequate Highway patrols on major arteries leading to the track. He said this would not involve any shift in state police personnel or equipment but was an implementation of a plan developed earlier in anticipation of the race track s opening. Uniformed officers assigned to the track he said will be sgt. Richard c. Curtis who will be in charge and trooper first class Arthur Yeaw As assistant. Dorm honors Frost Washington apr a $290,-000 loan to finance construction at Windham College Putney,vt., of a dormitory named for the late poet Robert Frost was announced Friday by the Community facilities administration. The Hall will House 64 students. Frost who died Early this year turned the first shovel Ful of ground at the site of the dormitory in june 1961. Patch of Federal troops to the state confirmed he will attend Tennessee Valley authority ceremonies at muscle Shoals where the president will speak. An aide said Wallace would officially Greet Kennedy who has sent about 3.000 soldiers to two Alabama bases for possible use in Birmingham racial troubles. Wallace announced his decision while two North Alabama cities and a county government were taking historic Steps to avoid the strife and violence that has accompanied a desegregation drive Here. Anniston a City commission appointed a biracial committee. The Madison county commission voted to remove segregation signs in the courthouse Ai Huntsville. And Huntsville hired its first negro policemen. Birmingham remained peaceful. But police officials warily maintained Street patrols and eyed the approaching weekend with apprehension. It was last saturday night that bombings of negro buildings touched off wild rioting by negroes. Shopping continued to pick up in downtown stores offsetting unconfirmed reports of a White Boycott. In announcing his decision to attend the tva program Wallace did not mention Kennedy. He said merely he had accepted an invitation. The White House said there were no plans for Wallace and the president to Confer. Press Secretary Pierre Salinger said a no one even brought up the idea. Quot Wallace an unbending segregationist had labelled the stationing of troops in Alabama As military dictatorship he has repeatedly challenged Kennedy a right to use the soldiers in Birmingham. Huntsville one of the cities which Kennedy will visit hired 24-year-old Robert Carl Bailey As its first negro policeman. Anniston about 60 Miles East of Birmingham. Put four negroes and five White citizens on a biracial committee. About 2,000 of the Federal soldiers Are held at it. Mcclellan in Anniston 60 Miles East of Birmingham. Kennan leaving his Post Washington apr George f. Kennan will resign As ambassador to Yugoslavia Andre Turato academic life this fall the White House announced Friday. Kennan envoy in Belgrade since March 7, 1961, took a leave of absence from the Institute for advanced studies at Princeton n.j., to take the ambassador ship. The White House said a no decision has been reached with respect to ambassador Kennan a suet eco Neiffer was any effective Date Given for Kennan a resignation. The White House simply said Kennan a has informed the president that he feels it necessary to return this autumn to his academic a former ambassador to the soviet Union Kennan is a specialist in soviet affairs

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