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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 17, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4�?Bennington Banner monday May 17, 1965 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials a responsible action action by the House of representatives last week in approving a 150-member lower chamber despite stiff opposition from the conservative and Small town membership offered proof the general Assembly was willing and Able to re apportion itself. There had been doubts in the minds of Many residents up to now that the House would take Steps to re apportion itself and let the Job be done by the courts. This doubt stemmed in part from persistent reports the conservative group in the lower chamber has been Able to dominate proceedings and the earlier secret vote in the House when a majority of the representatives voted in favor of a 210-member House created True concern that a reasonable reapportionment plan could be passed. The delaying tactics that have been used the headline grabbing pronouncements from conservatives and the seemingly inept leadership provided by the moderates in the past four months All resulted in tarnishing the image of the Vermont House of representatives As a legislative body Able to do the Job it had been called upon to do. It was not an easy task for in essence the court order governing reap editors Floyd Harmony a Chart in saturdays Banner showing the amount of rainfall each month for the last eight years is graphic evidence of Why the weather folks say we re in for another drought again this summer. That rain last night was welcomed by everyone. Now if we could just have one of those once a week wed be in fair shape. Saturdays Story of Napoleon Pietryka s mechanical drawing classes at Molly Stark school reveals the trend toward High Quality vocational education classes in area schools. Time was when mechanical drawing was available usually Only to High school seniors. Now they re getting such instruction in the ninth Grade. Wed bet by the time those youngsters graduate they will be fairly Well equipped to enter the Job Market with qualified skills if they done to plan Togo on to College. Comment a Case for Blain English Washington Star a school teacher out in Ora Jaje calif., is spurring so her advanced Reading students on to bigger vocabularies. She asks them to invent More elaborate phrases for old sayings. Thus a dead men Tell no tales Quot becomes a lifeless males of the human race communicate negative false and the Rococo version of a nothing ventured nothing gained is a avoidance of speculative Enterprise precludes its an imaginative approach. The Only trouble is that Here in Washington we soem to have some graduates of that class who never got Over the experience. Now Thoy write govern in in Tese. In the Days mail for example appears this sentence from a congressional report a an integrated theory of the determinants of the distribution of personal income has lagged behind our capacity to collect and process vast amounts of relevant if not always the most relevant or a we can to see Tho Forest for the portion ment to comply with the one Man one vote supreme court ruling made it necessary for Many town representatives from smaller towns to pass on legislation that would strip their constituencies of the tradition bound and time honoured provision that every town regardless of size is entitled to one representative in the general Assembly. And dubbed the Quot suicide legislature there was every reason to believe that no Rural legislator reasonably could be expected to View with enthusiasm a plan that would erase forever the Small town flavor not to mention the domination the Small towns enjoyed in the Vermont House. Earlier last week we stated our Confidence the House membership would act responsibly and reasonably in compliance with the court order. Their action on Friday affirmed this Confidence we expressed. It was a historic vote one that puts the legislature on the Road to True representative government one that will bring profound changes in the operation of government in Vermont. We know the history books will record that vote and observe that when the chips were Down the Vermont legislature did not shirk its responsibility. The escape last week of five men from Waterbury state Hospital and comments made by the hospitals superintendent or. Rupert Chittick this weekend pinpoints the need for better facilities at the Hospital to handle the criminally insane. With emphasis at the state Hospital More and More away from the locked door concept it is imperative As or. Chittick notes that some appropriation is made to either hold these dangerous criminals under maximum Security conditions or permit their Transfer to the state prison. Some weeks ago we deplored the vandalism at the state line cemetery across the Border in neighbouring Cambridge ., and expressed the Hope the vandals would be found. An item in the Banner saturday reported the alleged culprits have been arrested the result of cooperative police work Between Vermont and new York officials. What would have happened of this sort of thing had been fashionable among the men who made the statements that get into history books what would general Mcauliffe have said at Bastogne or John Paul Jones aboard the Bonhomme Richard what those school kids need to do in California when they get done enlarging their vocabularies is to reverse the whole game. Let them practice making Plain sentences out of fancy ones. That a a Talent every office can use. The whole business reminds us of a cartoon a while Back which showed a school official dealing with an Urchin in his office. On the official s door was lettered the title life adjustment counsellor. And the Man is saying to the youngster a listen Punk. Shape up or ship wives Are similar to fishermen in that they brag about the ones who got away and complain about the one they caught. A the Kennett Square a news and advertiser Fischetti new York state politics Len Pohs a Ming what it it Nave Pone but it have enjoyed it in perspective the restless new radicals by Eric be v a Reid Washington. Thirty some years ago the republicans lost the allegiance of americans a intellectual Community one very heavy blow among others that ended the Cycle of Republican dominance. Now a the movement which originally meant the civil rights cause and now seems to include foreign policy As Well spreads from one agitated Campus to the next and the question begins to be raised whether or. Johnson and the democrats will suffer the same loss. A of the More militant protestors and organizers talk of turning their Back on the whole a a establishment in which they include the liberals and big labor and organizing for National political action around negroes students and the impoverished in City and Rural regions in order to renovate America and save it from War bigness structural unemployment and the dehumanizing cipher existence which is the threat contained in an in the lighter Side creasing by automated technological society. It is not Only doubtful that they can do this it is extremely doubtful. The Structure of our politics which condemns third party efforts to fractional growth will see to this. The centers of social agony of which the new rebels Are so conscious Are very real but they Are scattered there exists nothing like the generalized agony of the great depression and while the poverty programs of the democratic regime almost certainly do not go nearly far enough they will give enough sense of motion Hole out enough Hope so that the cutting Edge of the revolt will constantly be blunted. A of it is now the fashion in the a new radicalism to say that the american proletariat of the previous generation but in the sense of the word these Young men have in mind the american proletariat has always a failed a for reasons that have to do with geographical movement into undeveloped regions a growing Economy and a non european tradition and want to Stop smoking try Champagne and caviar sour Aba ? How o you escalate peace Ano threaten my Way of life by Dick West Washington up a one of the main purposes of this column is to provide services to readers that they might otherwise miss. Or avoid. In that connection i have from time to time passed along helpful hints to persons who May be trying to quite smok Long. Today i have a new one a the Eartha Kitt methods which i thought might be of Benefit to anyone still struggling to break the habit. Miss Kitt who is currently playing an engagement Here told me that she gave up cigarettes last january. She said she was Able to do this by keeping on hand a Supply of Champagne and caviar. Every time she Felt a desire to smoke she poured herself a Glass of Champagne and downed it with a Dollop of caviar. After a week she had the habit licked. Although the system worked for miss Kitt it obviously has certain drawbacks that should be called to your attention. For one thing it makes quitting smoking enjoyable. Anyone using the Kitt formula will be tempted to Start smoking again just so he can have the pleasure of quitting. In fact i imagine it would be pretty easy to get into the habit of quitting smoking. In that event you would be Back where you started. B u t look at the fun you would have along the Way. Another service that i try to provide is background information on important issues. Along that line i recently wrote a two part series of the various origins and meanings of the word since then i have come into Possession of some additional material that makes an illuminating footnote. It was sent to me by Fred Woltman a retired Newspaperman now living in Sarasota Fla. Woltman enjoys t h e distinction of having been repeatedly labelled As a Fink Back in the Days before Funk calling reached its current state of popularity. It happened when he was covering communist investigations for the new York world Tele Gram and Sun in the late 1940s and Early 1950s. On several occasions he was denounced in the communist daily worker As a Freddie the considering the source and in View of the fact that his work won him a journalism prize Woltman took that As a compliment. Which is an example of Fin Manship with backlash. As my final service for today i bring you a Means of cutting off Long winded speakers. It was invented by rep. Emanuel Ceiler d-., chairman of the House judiciary committee. At a recent hearing where the testimony was running to excessive length Ceiler sounded an effective plea for Brevity. A like egyptian mummies a he said a we Are pressed for quote when i developed heavy Hydrogen i thought that eventually it might have practical use in something like Neon signs. A Harold Urey Nobel prize Winner for his development of heavy water on his part in the creation of the Hydrogen bomb Rocky a tax programs keyed to 1966 candidacy psychology among the poor which has rejected the notion of a Lumpen proletariat. The Story of Europe is not our history it is our pre history As the Frenchman Malta in has expressed it. The closest thing to a mass movement of the poor is the negro revolt of the last few years. This has awakened the conscience of the country especially the Young will help poor Whites As Well As poor negroes but rests on a very fractional Bast. No the new Young radicals will find themselves obliged to work with and through the a a establishment the liberals labor unions the democratic party and its Leader or. Johnson no matter How much they May dislike or distrust him. I doubt that they do Well when they include american foreign policy in their High priority list of objections. They Divide their own ranks. And while it is not Only their right but their duty to protest our foreign policy if they Are honestly convinced of its stupidity or wickedness it is not convincing and not enough merely to say that we must get out of Viet Nam and Stop Messing around with troops in the Caribbean. When they say this they Are at Bottom merely projecting the a Mirror they Are assuming that if Only the United states refrains from Strong action in such areas peace and Progress will creep Over those scenes. They seem to assume that order and democratic advancement constitute the natural state of things on this Earth and that this would be evident of Only we did not Muddy the Waters. If they believe this they fail to understand Asia latin America communism and the dynamism of their own generation. To Many of them believe that under president Kennedy we were moving into a general detente with Russia and that or. Johnson with his Quick trigger has now dangerously changed the direction. But of we were attaining a kind of detente under Kennedy it was because of the chinese threat to Russia and it was because or. Kennedy took the most dreadful Rush of All in the missile confrontation. It was or. Kennedy who presided Over the Bay of pigs and he who greatly stepped up the Viet Nam intervention though Johnson took it Over that Northern Border. Had Kennedy still been president late in this april it is More than probable that he would have done precisely what or. Johnson did in the dominican Republic. The student movement is going to make More sense and accomplish More in the Domestic realm of its endeavours. Restless youth is the source Spring of americans constant renewal without it we should Wither away. Youth has the equipment to measure in one direction Only ahead it sees the great distance Between today and the realization of our ideals. The older generation looks across and sees How much better we Are than most other societies and backward and sees the great distance we have come in Progress. It is foolish to say that one set of surveyors is right the other wrong. Both Are right. They Are merely different. It will always be thus. By Kirtland i. King United press International a any The greatest spending program in the state s history will be in full swing when the 1965 legislature closes its doors and goes Home. Democratic legislative leaders Hope to wind up the current session at the end of this month. They Are anxious to conclude their work because they know the longer the lawmakers stay in Albany the More ideas they get and most of those ideas Cost Money. A a we be done about All the spending the state can afford a one fiscal expert said. A the taxpayers have All they can sen. Joseph Zaretzky democratic majority Leader cited the rising tax costs when the plan to legalize of track betting was Defeated. Zaretzky said that within the next five or six years the legislature would not Only legalize of track betting on horse races but on greyhounds As Well. A the taxpayers of this state have been hit hard enough and the time will come when you will be willing to tap this a of track betting a source of Revenue a he said. Mayor Robert f. Wagner who originated the off a track Bill agreed with Zaretzky. A of the governor and the legislature put a record tax increase on the statute books this year. The most controversial was the 2 per cent retail sales and use tax and while Rockefeller estimated the Levy would bring in $330 million during a seven month period starting aug. I most experts feel the income will be much greater. In addition to the sales tax the 5 cent tax on cigarettes was doubled and automobile licenses will Cost 50 per cent More in 1966. The governor said there would be a Small surplus at the end of the current fiscal year but inasmuch As the state can figure on a full take from the sales Levy and the 50 per cent higher automobile fees next year the Outlook for 1966-67 should be Rosy. A it might be possible for the state to lower taxes next year a a a ranking member of the Senate finance committee said. A if this comes True the guess is Rockefeller will propose a Cut in personal income democratic leaders however Are not so certain about reducing income taxes. They contend the chief benefactors would be a those most Able to a of a a Cut in income taxes help the Little fellow As much As those in the higher income tax brackets a sen. Samuel Greenberg d Brooklyn said. A the Small taxpayer was hit and hit hard this year by the Rockefeller sales on top of the $3.5 billion budget the legislature voted with Rockefeller a approval legislation to submit the $1 billion pure water Bond Issue to the people in november. The governors political advisers feel a proposed tax Cut in 1966 will be a powerful weapon in his Campaign for a third term. That is Why they pushed so hard for approval of the tax increases this year. Rockefeller took two major Steps this year neither of which would have been popular during an election year. He abandoned his so called pay As you go fiscal policies by suggesting the pure water Bond Issue and the raised taxes. A next year it will be different a one of his associates said. These Days sen. Dodd challenges met Nam press coverage by John Chamberlain new York. Sen. Tom Dodd the Connecticut Democrat has been taking out after the press because it a has created a Public image of the situation in Viet Nam a which is in certain respects inaccurate in other respects imbalanced and in still other respects inadequate or even these harsh words Are from a Dodd speech at the Cleveland press club. They produced an Adverse reaction among some newspapermen mostly Sotto Voce. A Midwest editor hearing about the speech on a visit to new York Shook his head and said a sen. Dodd has been Reading the Eastern Dodd however As this columnist has Good reason to know never Speaks on foreign policy without considerable meditation based on a combination of personal experience and exhaustive research. His remarks on the treatment of news about Southeast Asia followed a trip to Saigon where As an aide who went along with Dodd put it a things look 20,000 per cent More hopeful than they do when you read about the War in the United since a visiting senator would naturally receive red carpet treatment in Saigon the �?o20,000 per cent figure is undoubtedly subject to discount. Even so Dodd has had an amazing record for being at least 90 per cent right in his prophecies in the foreign affairs Field. Thus the senator was among the first to say outright that the Ghana of prime minister Kwame Nkrumah the a redeemer a was a communist country. He was criticized severely for this but his information proved quite accurate when in 1963, Nkrumah openly supported the communist led insurrection in the Congo. Dodd defended Moise Tshombe when the u.s., yielding to pressure backed the shortsighted Campaign to oust Tshombe from his Home province of Katanga. The senator later found himself in a position to say a i told you so when the Congo summoned Tshombe As the Only available congolese Leader of any ability to take charge of the country As a whole in its efforts to pull itself out of a quagmire and fight off communist supported subversion. A of Dodd has All along set his face against what he Calls the a policy of he objected when we pressured the government of the Netherlands into ceding West new Guinea a a territory that was in no sense part of Indonesia a to Sukarno. Our a toward Sukarno expressed in terms of Money Grants totalling almost a billion dollars has resulted in the seizure of Usia offices and the confiscation of american owned Industrial establishments inside Indonesia. The a policy of conciliation toward Nasser a Egypt also denounced by Dodd has bought Only contempt for us in Cairo. A since the close of the War a says Dodd a we have pumped into Egypt almost one billion dollars in Aid including $715 million Worth of pm 480 food shipments. Without these shipments the Nasser regime could not possibly have kept alive. Nasser has repaid us for All this in Coin very similar to because of his record for accurate analysis and prophecy anything that Dodd has to say about the Progress of the War in Viet Nam and the reporting of it in the american press is certainly Worth thinking about. The senator have been talking about the whole american press when he let Fly with his criticisms the other Day in Cleveland. For he has had his own newspaper informants on the state of affairs in Southeast Asia notably Marguerite Higgins who was born in Hong Kong and has a special feel for Asiatic realities and the Dodd version of our a smashing victories Over the Viet Cong in the Mekong Delta has certainly been printed in some newspapers. But even though some press people have reacted negatively to the inclusiveness of Dodds criticism he has yet to reveal anything except a Cool head a and when he criticizes someone it is not out of animus. Humor both sides offside it seems that a professor recently flunked a Star football player. His coach went to see that professor hoping for a Reversa of his verdict. The professor re fused to change his Mark Telloni the coach that not Only was Thi player a poor student but tha he had cheated on an examination he went on to explain that tin footballer had sat next to that brightest student in the class Ani that the answers of the two Wen almost word for word the same a could no to it be a the coach asked a that your Bright boy cop led from my boy instead of vie versa a a no a said the professor a the answers on the two paper were identical until the last one on that last question the Brighi boy had written i done to know the answer a and your boy wrote a i Don t know the answer either a a Victor o. Jones in the Boston Globe. \ t i

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