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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 11, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 10-Bennington Banner saturday May la 1963 ingrain or a a is by Charles j. Read or. Well we almost got through the week without a Scholastic baseball postponement but not quite. The skies opened up again Friday and washed out the plans of four area teams. Rained out were Bennington High school at Hoosick Falls . Central school Bennington Catholic High school at Rutland and Burr and Burton at Home against Ludlow. There have been no make up dates set for either the Beni or the chs game but the bulldogs will reschedule Ludlow for May 22. Carl Rice says from Manchester that things Are looking up As indeed they must be after dropping Way Down at by with not Only live losses in their first six games but a string of injuries and disciplinary problems which shocked the morale of the bulldogs. But Rice says first baseman Bill Kapusta and outfielder bitty Bowen Are off the injury list and Pitcher Mike Zambalis sarm is improving and he should be Able to throw strongly soon. Also he reports some of the boys who contributed to the lacklustre play in recent games have left the squad or Are beginning to see the sport in a new perspective. Next week if All goes Well with the natural forces we have two area games on tap monday Drury at Beni and Hoosick Falls Beni girls defeat chs by sle Riley Beni c at amount Beni a a girls softball team in the seasons opener Defeated Bennington Catholic High school 24-15. The cats and the Sabret Shad one tie inning but after the first inning the cats began to take the Lead and maintained it. There were Many Long hits by Beni including a Home run by Center fielder Bev Mould. The cats had their Best inning in the third and the sixth when six and five runs were scored respectively. Beni had Good Fielding by All players. Those who played for Beni were c. Jaquith a. Koziol k. Hollister b. Mould m. Cone l. Ayers m. Moninger a. Nape Tan c. Comstock s. Riley s. Tifft and b. Elwell. The Sabe Retts played a Good game All the Way. They put a scare into the cats in the Bottom of the seventh when they scored seven runs. Chs was supported by Many Long hits by Hallie Sausville Linda Harris Norma Gauthier and a Home run by Nancy Gauthier. Sabe Retts were n. Gauthier Sausville n. Gauthier l. Harris s. Haley j. Mcgurn b. Flood c. King l. Gauthier b. Taylor and p. Gratton. Beni 4263513 a 24 chs 4000047 a 15 at Hoosic Valley on tuesday chs returns Home to Host Middlebury Burr and Burton is at Chester and North Bennington is at Arlington in a clash of the undefeated of the Molly Stark league. Wednesday Beni will be Host to Burr and Burton in the Only scheduled game. Thursday Are a couple of Molly Stark contests with Arlington at St. Michael s and Whitingham at North Bennington and the hoosiers take on Schuylerville in Hoosick Falls. Then comes Friday and the Day Bennington baseball fans have been impatiently awaiting the first meeting of the sabers and the catamounts at alumni Field. Chs will be the Home team in this first Tussel. Guess who will pitch for the clubs also on Friday Burr and Burton hosts Wallingford and Hoosick Falls plays a non league game at Home . Remember baseball fans when you attend that Church of your Choice tomorrow to plead for some Sunshine for next Friday. Yanks just with hut. Kier actresses rotarians neither wind. Nor rain Beni coach Ziter. Left offers words of Wisdom to Catcher John Burgess As the lad the tools of ignorance in the wind and rain swept late innings of the game with Brattleboro wednesday. Won by the catamounts 5-2. Staff photo read . Baseball fans nuts about the lovable mets new York apr has Success spoiled the Yankee fans pity the poor Yankees. All they do is win win and win and yet hardly anyone mentions them around Here any More. It s mets mets mets. Everywhere you go whomever you encounter All talk about the mets. The amazing exasperating futile lovable mets. A they How about those amazing mets a a Are the mets for real a a will the mets finish out of the cellar this year a a can the mets make the first division a these Are some of the questions being asked everywhere. It s always mets. Almost never does anyone ask about the Yankees. In most places the Yankees Are being referred to As a the other these Are the great Yankees champions in 12 of the last 14 years. The team that boasts the legend of babe Ruth Lou Gehrig Joe Dimaggio. The team that still boasts such live Active Diamond heroes As Mickey Mantle Roger Maris Yogi Berra and Whitey Ford. All the new yorkers pent up love sympathy and pathos is reserved for the to Flor inadequate inimitable and infant mets. This phenomenon is difficult to fathom. All sorts of exp Anat ions have been offered. Psychologists will Tell you it s the average persons love for the underdog. Longtime baseball fans say its the Joy of seeing the National league Back in new York again. Others insist its the presence of Casey Stengel the 73-year-old manager. Whatever the reason the Yankees Are confused confounded and greatly concerned. A what does it take to be appreciated a a perplexed Yankee official asked. A the Yankees were the Only team not to desert new York. The Yankees have narcotics suspected in daddy Lipscomb a death Baltimore apr Gene big daddy Lipscomb a fun Loving Goliath of professional Gridiron for a decade died Friday of unknown causes after a night on the town in his new yellow Cadillac convertible. A there is definite suspicion that narcotics Are involved in the death a or. Rudiger Brein Tecker assistant medical examiner said after a preliminary autopsy. The examiner said there were at least three Needle Marks above veins on both elbows of the 31-year-old negro athlete. A homemade syringe was found near his unconscious form in a West Baltimore apartment and will be chemically tested. Or. Brein Tecker said the results would not be known before next week and until the autopsy is completed the cause of death remains undetermined. A nighttime travelling companion in whose apartment Lipscomb was found on the Kitchen Hinsdale raceway entries first race a Pace class a i mile $500. I. Cecily a Slowpoke l. Drayton 2. Or. Eddy d., p. Constantino 3. Georganna Wynnie r. Ryan 4 rap l. Shea 5. Polka Princess f. Dobras 6. Gay Maundy o. Burgoyne 7. Indian sue w. Faucher 8. Little Foddy Dewolf or a direct image Madison Knight Patch t. Sullivan. Second race a Pace class a i mile $500 i. Chandler Hanover b. Patterson 2. Fire Fly Clay o. Burgoyne 3. Marie Bay p. Constantino 4. Juno s Gem m. Robinson 5. Miss Concord r. Ryan 6. Rusty Royal b. Pike 7. Afton Lydia l. Drayton 8. Hobo e. Burgess a High Sierra w. Collins Lullaby be a son h Dewolf or. Third race a Pace class a i mile $500. I. Double Brewer v. Pizzano 2. Sawmill Gloria w. Faucher 3. Easter Parade j. Sylvia 4. Highland Nanna k. Page 5. Diamond spirit r. Copeland 6. King Katy p. Constantino 7. Little Chimes m. Robinson 8. Gait Way Vivian b. Patterson a Lucky sign a Tremblay. Fourth race a Pace c 3, i mile $600. I. Adi Pola Yates w. Collins 2. Hot Java w. Silk or. 3. Symboline r. Kellogg 4. Licorie j. Kolibab 5. Homestretch Justy 1. Foster 6. The Burro r. Copeland 7. Mountain master Mat Tison 8. Tells tip t. Carter a Woodlawn Jerry l. Shea Roan Raider Dewolf or. Fifth race a Pace class c 3, i mile $600. I. Meadow Yankee c. Matti son 2. Frisky Jon o. Burgoyne 3. Dimple Wil a. Foster 4. Zana Witt i. Foster 5. Virginia Gan the a Hogan 6. Gim Migan w. Sivret 7. Iva Long a. Day 8. Inca w. Silk or. A i mite j. Kolibab Roan Raider De Wolf or. Sixth race a Pace class c 3, i mile $600. I. Calumet Scott c. Mattison 2. Frisky freight e. Kinsman 3 Allan gallon p. Battis 4. Susan Reward m. Robinson 5. Stymie miss a. Day 6. King dares Harp 7. Atto mite a. Foster 8. 0�?Ts Glenn j. Winters a i mite j. Kolibab Woodlawn Jerry l. Shea. Seventh race a Pace class c 2, i mile $700. I. Laurens Brewer a. Foster 2. Mighty Hayes a. Cassidy 3. Stamp Holder m. Cole 4. Westbury m. Robinson 5. Maj Knox Knox straws Cocos Milans a panamas Adams clothes shop a shoes too free parking in rear of the store or a Prince a Hogan 6. Or. Braden Volo m. Virag 7. Wil Ford d.n., w. Collins 8. Groton boy r. Pease a Justice Hanover w. Faucher Peter , w. Silk or. Eighth race a Pace class c i i mile $800, i. Dellmor r. Pease 2. Or. Fix a. Day 3. Hay h., c. R. Jordan 4. Yam up p. Battis 5. Jerry skin j. Winters 6. Del Adios Harp 7. Foot doctor m. Robinson 8. Rebel land Chick a. Wilsey or. A Davey Maple Croft r. Sewell or. Ninth race a Pace class c 3, i mile $600. I. Whisby Pete w. Silk or. 2. Or. Turney j. Hutch 3. Peachy Spangler l. Ellis 4. Billy Brooks w. Collins 5. Irma a girl r. Pease 6. Parkie Hal j. Field 7. E. M. Time a. Nason 8. Knight Stone c. Mccarthy or. A Derb Silver Hells c. Mattison i mite j. Kolibab. A. J. Or is new York apr Jim Hack Many a Home run in the eighth inning gave the new York mets a 3-2 Victory Over Cincinnati Friday extending their winning Streak to five games longest in the mets two year history. Hickman a shot settled a pitching Battle Between the reds Jim of Toole who was trying for his sixth straight Victory and the Metsy Carl Willey. Willey brought his record to 3-1 with a five hitter. O Toole touched for seven hits took his second loss in eighth decisions. Cincinnati too 200 000�?2 5 0 new York too 002 olx�?3 7 i o Toole and Edwards Willey and Sherry. We Willey 3-1. La of Toole 6-2. Home runs a Cincinnati. Edwards 2. New York Hickman 4. M my floor told police a there had been drinking going on and they had been with a couple of girls in the Early morning hours. The companion Timothy Black 25, was being held by police for investigation in connection with the death. He report edly had submitted to a lie Detector test. Lipscomb a 6 feet 6 and 288 pounds played defensive tackle for the los Angeles rams Baltimore Colts and Pittsburgh steeled in the National football league. Lipscomb was one of the few players to reach the top Grade in professional football without going to College. He went into the marines out of Miller High school in his native Detroit. The rams picked him off a Marine team at Camp Pendleton calif., in 1953. After two Vears As a Reserve they let him go and the Colts took him for $100. Big daddy was a regular on a defensive Crew variously called the a Savage six and a six tons of fun who helped carry the Colts to successive championships in 1958-59. Lipscomb was voted All pro both times. The Colts unexpectedly traded Lipscomb to the Steeles on the first Day of practice for the 1961 season. Lipscomb had his personal problems off the Field. He was twice divorced the last time in 1960. He had two children by the second wife Cecelia. For the past four years he had lived in Baltimore with Sherman Plunkett a former Colt now with the san Diego chargers of the american football league. Plunkett his wife and Jim Parker All pro offensive lineman for the Colts confirmed identification of Lipscomb a body at the Hospital. Black said they went out Riding in Lipscomb a car about Midnight took two girls drinking and went to Blacks apartment. After a couple of hours they took the girls to their Homes. Black went to eat breakfast in a lunch room and Lipscomb went to the apartment. When Black returned he said Lipscomb was in a chair slumped Over the Kitchen table. He tried to slap him awake and Lipscomb fell to the floor. Black called a municipal ambulance. Lipscomb was pronounced dead at lutheran Hospital shortly before 8 . Cards shut out Pittsburgh zip St. Louis too too 001�?1 5 0 Pittsburgh too too 000�?0 9 i Simmons and Sawatski Friend and Pallaroni. We Simmons 5-0 la Friend 3-2. Home run a St. Louis Altman i. Open sundays 9a.m. I . Full Lin of sunday papers Joe a Delicatessen salads Caid cuts bakery Madkour s Central mkt. Stock 22,000 fish this week in. Area the annual Stream stocking program of the Vermont fish hatchery on the South Stream Road is rolling in High gear supt. Robert Kier told Bennington rotarians Friday noon. Kier said the hatchery which will Stock More than 100,000 Trout in streams in Bennington and Windham counties and in the Danby Wells and Windsor areas this year distributed More than 22,000 Trout this past week. A 20-year Veteran with the Vermont fish and game department Kier told rotarians How the hatchery a program operates. He has been assigned Here for the past three years. All Trout raised by the hatchery Are the products of eggs imported from several other states Kier said. He described the growth stages of the Trout and the various feeding and disease control procedures follow hts by the hatchery until the troll after about 18 months have reached Legal size minimum of six inches and can be stocked in area streams. The hatchery employs four men and utilizes trucks equipped with aeration tanks to distribute the fish throughout the Region. Some of the larger streams in the area Are stocked with 2-year-old Trout measuring from 8 toll inches Kier said. He told his audience that the hatchery s Cost in raising the Trout is about $.25 per Pound or about 16 cents per fish for 6-Inch Trout. Stocking operations he explained Are carried out on a a orders received from state fish and game department biologists who follow a scientific stocking plan for each Stream. Actual stocking of the Trout is in three periods Between april 15 and oct. I with most of the stocking of Small streams in this area completed by june i after which the Stream s Waters become too warm. Kier estimated the hatchery has about 500,000 fish in production at this time. Consistently presented Good interesting and winning teams. A the Yankees Are the world champions. Yet we find ourselves in a position of being tolerated rather than admired. What a happened to the baseball fans in new York have they gone nuts a they be gone nuts Over the mets. Close. By t no Phillies Cigar Philadelphia Phillies Hoak goes Down in his Knees As he attempts to get grounder by Frank Thomas of the mets in fourth inning of game in new Yorkus Polo grounds thursday. The Phillies third baseman missed and was charged with an error. Withers Ville. Opportunity for trip to the Preakness new York apr the traffic will be exceedingly heavy saturday at Aqueduct when 16 horses take off in the 88th running of the famed Withers mile for a purse of $62,000 and a possible trip to the Preakness. Twelve of the 3-year-Olds entered Are eligible for the Preakness to be run a week later at Pamlico and among those not nominated Are two owned by George Widener. They Are crewman and top Gallant the probable favorite entry at 5-2, both being pointed for the Belmont stakes june 8. Rated behind the Widener pair Are the Maine Chance farm s get around second Choice at 3-1, and Patrice Jacobs Bonjour third Choice at 4-1. Bonjour is the Only one in the huge Field who ran last week in the Kentucky Derby first of the triple Crown series. He finished sixth after winning the Derby trial at one mile. He also won the Gold cup at Bowie. This Withers which has been won by such turf immortals As Man of War Domino Colin sir Barton count Fleet and native dancer is wide open. Crewman has been beaten twice this year in failing to display the form he showed last fall in upsetting never Bend in the Garden state stakes. Get around is a big question Mark since he never raced As a 2-year-old. But the son of citation almost beat Chateaugay last month in the Blue grass stakes at Kee Neland. Ten Days later Chateaugay won the Derby Over elks baseball tryout today a baseball try out for the elks team of the interstate league will be conducted today at i . At alumni Field it was announced by manager eve Chaffin and elks exalted ruler Ralph Bennett. Any boy age 13-16 years old in the Bennington area is eligible to play in the interstate league which will begin in latter june after the High school year. Chaffin has named Herb Rice and Bob Kier to his coaching staff for the 1963 season. Never Bend Candy spots on my Honor and others who now Are at Pamlico for the Preakness. Others entered Are Joseph Roebling a pack trip Jacinot stables Spanish fort Elmendorf farms b. Major Bright Elm stables Rocky Ford r. F. Ben singers in the pocket october House farm s near Man red Oak stables King Toots mrs. A. J. Giordanom shot dust the sunny Jim Fitzsimmons entry of Wheatley stable s insurrection and Ogden Phipps Henry the eighth and another entry mrs. D. Morgans sky wonder and Philip Godfrey s sum Durn kid trained by Bud Lepman. All carry 126 pounds. If All go the purse will Gross $62,000 with $40,300 to the Winner. The race will be televised by Abc from 6 45-7 . Edt. Bill King is indians Best Hanover . Apr Bill King Captain of both football and Lacrosse has walked off with four j Dartmouth awards including the highest Honor the Barrett cup As the outstanding senior. The All East quarterback from Richmond va., was the featured athlete at the 85th annual wet Down or passing of the classes Celebration last night. King 22, a history major who will spend next year teaching in Greece and then go to Law school also won the Watson trophy As outstanding athlete of the year the Dartmouth cup As outstanding senior athlete and the alumni Lacrosse award. Other a t h i e t e s honoured included soccer Robert Mattoon Kent Conn. Outstanding distance runner Peter Well Littleton Colo. Hockey a Robert Tucker St. Paul Minn. Archibald prize As Best All round athlete a David Smoyer Princeton n.j., Ellis inspirational award a John Phelan Needham Mas. Wrestling Lee Bateman Glenview Iii. Rifle marksmanship a John Fisher University Heights Ohio. Rugby a Donald Burris Minneapolis Minn. You bet i did patrolman William Pulver of 175 Branch St. Appears to be saying As he displays the 22vz Inch four Pound Brown Trout which won a local fishing contest. It was caught last week in the Walloomsac River. Francis Buck of pleasant Street won second prize and tied for third were Daniel Mcc Arthy of Coolidge Street and Kenneth no Johnson of Gage Street. Staff photo Buckler colonial invitation Boros leads with 66 fort Worth Tex. Apr Julius Boros former National open Golf Champion whose last tournament Victory came Here in 1960, putted fabulously Friday for a 4-under Par 66 and took Over the Lead at 36 holes in the $60,-000 colonial National invitation tournament. Borosz 137 gave him a two stroke Lead Over Doug Sanders the Pace setter at the end of the first round with a 67. Sanders posted a 72 for 139. Boros used the same Putter he had three years ago in winning the colonial. He said he brought it Back into service when another Putter was stolen at the masters last month. He started out poorly and had bogeys on the third and fourth holes. But from then on the big Man from mid Pines. N. C.,came swinging along with the putts dropping in. After his nine one putt greens and Only 27 putts for the round. Boros said a it was the Best i have in a Long then the 43-year-old pro added. A i am getting old and this heat bothered me he was speaking of the temperatures that soared toward too degrees on the Long 7,021-Yard colonial country club course. Most of the players complained of the intense heat. Jack Burke who had a 67 for a 141, said a it made you Jack Nicklaus the tournament favorite managed a 69 and moved into a tie for third place with three other players at 140. Bruce Crampton the tall aus Bennington drive in theater sat. A Sun May 11-12 mme delicate condition technicolor St Arris it Jackie Gia is Gleason to uss Thi Pigeon that took Cromie cinemascope it tarring Cha re Tok Els \ he Stos Mart is Elli Trajan Bobby Nichols and Tony Lerna were tied with Nicklaus. Crampton had a 69, Nichols a 67 and Lerna a 69. Arnold Palmer the defending Champion soared to a 75 and his 149 for 36 holes gave him a mighty jump to hurdle if he is to repeat. Gary player member of Golf a big three with Nicklaus and Palmer shot a to and had 144 total. A it i7 North Moosic of York Quot tonight a hip top do no. Quot the kid and Thi Clown Quot Lohn Lupton amp Mike Mcgreevy i t Unessee i Illiams first big comedy Quot a period of adjustment Quot Lane Fonda is Anthony franc to a a fabulous quest Tor secret treasure Quot the secret of Monte Cristos Rory Calhoun \ Patricia i med Harte theatre Bennington it. Phone2-4990 a last times tonight 6 30 a a 4 3 a Quot critics Choice Bob Hope Lucille Boll 2nd feature Quot Phil berth it s a riot in it 1 i plus 5 cartoons watch for question to to playing May 15 amp 16 Walden theatre Williamstown mass. Shoves at a tis and 9 20 a French bit risque Joseph e. Levine pf.,. Quot capital adults Only starts sunday May 12, for 5 Days Only

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