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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 24, 1966, Bennington, Vermont W Protection group urged in g ton Banner Friday june 24, 196 a ill classifieds legals crossword television radio aiiiiaiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiic3iiiiiii�iiaiaiiiiiiiiiiiioiiiii Ian iiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiic3iiii for police i bridled Beauty a the Garden club of Manchester replaced Flower boxes along Manchester Center Bridge. Recently repaired the boxes have been affixed to the Bridge to discourage vandalism. Ringheiser South Yarmouth mass. Up a Many organizations s stand ready to defend citizens i whose rights Are infringed by the Pollee. But who protects police against false charges of rights violations in a speech to the Massachusetts association of police chiefs thursday George Watson of Watertown proposed a plan to help accused policemen. Watson suggested establishment of a nationwide preservation of respect for Law and order society that would provide Legal counsel for the defense of the police. Businessmen would finance the organization he said. He contended recent supreme court decisions had created a need for such a group. London up a British cigarette manufacturers will Cut Back on their advertising for a six month trial period the government announced Mon Day. The voluntary agreement reached with the Industry is part of the government s National Campaign against smoking. Rock of Ages Granite Barre Guild Seal. D. E. Carver. Call 2-4808. Display at 126 Washington Avenue. By appointment appreciated. Legal notices television officials blame Public for vast wasteland editor s note this is the second in a series of articles on the . Television into us try. By Aline Mosby new York up a a the a wasteland of television is on the viewer Side of the to that is the charge of one television news executive who recalls the blast a former head of the Federal communications commission that television was just one a Evaste a ooh it is Well when our cameras stayed on the Kennedy funeral hundreds of women phoned to complain they missed their soap operas a he said. A a it a when i asked to program directors filmmakers and advertising Agency chiefs Why the bulk of evening programs Are filmed comedy series they chorused a a that a what most people All alike columnist Harriet Van Horne Calls them a dreary dehydrated All alike programs. But Abc West coast program director planned people went to times a week. Harvey Bennett exp Twenty years ago movies 2 or 3 fifty years ago they read pulp novels. There s a need for escapism. People say Lull me entertain me. A lbs West coast program director Perry Lafferty the philosophy that a the majority of americans done to care for the things that Appeal to a smaller a for us to put on a series that would Appeal to that Small group does no to make any sense a he said. But do All viewers who look at those top rated shows like them All the time simply staring a the audience is watching a muses John Ball director of to for the j. Walter Thompson advertising Agency. A but we sometimes wonder How it is watching if the viewers Are absorbing the program concept. Or simply staring a to producer William Dozier who broke fresh ground with a Batman a offers a View that is non conformist for cliche Ridden show business. \ ration special 8 pc. Luggage ensemble including train Case 21�?� weekend Case 24�?� Pullman Case 5 pc. Travelling accessory set All for Only s2695 $1.25 weekly red Blue Grey Fienberg 447 main St. Bennington it. Chairs Green amp White 9 3.66 automated . Ii Piffier Liuying Power super duper Market depot Street Bennington it. Kante qualified men for metropolitan police in your nation s capital 6,010 benefits starting salary a regular periodic increases uniforms furnished 5 Day work week 13 to 26 Days vacation 8 Legal holidays sick leave medical 4 surgical care Merit promotional system retire on up to 70% of salary plus other benefits requirements s 8" i n. To t. 21-29 yrs. 148 lbs. Min. Wot. J. S. Citizen pass written test physically fit Good moral character . Diploma or experience metropolitan police department Washington d. C. Apply now vacancies special walk in exam where Glens Falls High school Sherman Avenue Glens Falls new York when tues. Eve., july 5, 1966 at 7 00 . Wed. Eve., july 6, 1966 at 7 00 . For further information Call re 3-3441 july 3rd thru july 6th a the Public does no to really know what they want frankly a he said. A they seem to like what they re getting. But nobody knows of they like something else until you be tried Ted Post director of a Peyton place and a Leader of the Academy of television arts and sciences believes that a giving the Public what it wants is an Alibi since the Public cannot know How much better it might be served. Profit motive a it is repellent to see democratic principles trotted out As a cover for network policies which Are pursued not because they Are principled but because they Are profitable a he said to production costs have zoomed so High that sponsors pay lbs from <135,000 to $175,000 for a half hour show today. Therefore they feel they must reach an enormous audience to get their Money s Worth. High Cost is one of the three big changes in programming since to began. The second is that one sponsor no longer can afford to foot the Bill for a show it takes several. The third change is that nearly everything is currently on film a half hour filmed show Cost $7,000 to $9,000 to years ago. Today the Price is $150,000, lbs program director Mike Dann says a you can bring in a South Pacific on Broadway for what we pay to put on a variety show labor costs have soared. Stagehands salaries Are 40 per cent higher than to years ago. A Star charges around $125,000 an appearance lbs paid one million dollars to barbra Streisand for three a specials. Talent scarce lbs Lafferty complains that a a handful of producers and writers get astronomical salaries because there Aren t Many Good furthermore he said a audiences won t accept today what they did 15 years ago a just people talking on a living room set. They want action which takes More time to shoot. Today s shows have More elaborate sets special effects and longer shooting schedules. Mark Goodson producer of a a what a my line a says that it pays to spend these millions a because the audience reached today is so a today s program is a lower common denominator than to years ago because to a More widespread audience a he said. A in the Early Days there were 2 million sets and you had an elite minority. Now if you re an advertiser who to reach 60 million people you want to get the biggest widest Broom there is. That accounts for the mass programming and the disgruntled attitude of the disenfranchised do watchers buy does it necessarily follow that sponsors will reap huge sales of their automobiles and hair Spray if they get huge audiences Hollywood to director Barry Shear says no. A the Good programs will arrive when networks realize they can reach 10,000 educated people with Money who la buy the product instead of the mass audience who won t buy a is opinion. This idea is supported by a 1965 Louis Harris poll which concluded that most to programs Appeal to teen agers and people Over 50 who have Only a Grade school education live in Small communities and make $5,000 or less a year. A spokesman at Young and Rubicam advertising Agency explained that a there Are not Many sponsors like Xerox who said most sponsors Are like general foods Selling food products which wants to reach the maximum number of viewers. Therefore a it can t be Wise to put on an adult Type show that reaches seven million Homes if for the same Money they can have a n o t h e r a a mass show that reaches 14 kids run to the theory of one network program executive is that youngsters Rule an american family and thus control the to sets. Therefore he reasons put on shows for the kids and the adults sitting helpless in the living room will have to hear the commercials. One sponsor that disagrees is hallmark greeting cards which Sells its products to the masses via a a Long hair show a the hallmark Hall of Fame a that won 25 emmy awards for serious drama. Joyce Hall founder of the firm says a a in a rather hold the attention of 20 million people than just reach 30 million and make a bad impression. Sponsors Are wrong not to recognize that the ratings do not say whether the viewer likes the show or merely accepts what is does the a a mass want a change in programs network executives say the a a mass filmed series Are vital because the profit pays the expenses of the costly Public affairs programs such As the gemini shots which the executives say do not pull spectacular ratings and Are not easily sold to sponsors. Public affairs preferred yet last february the lbs a a feedback program polled the Chicago area and reported 72 per cent of viewers prefer those Public affairs programs to entertainment shows. Asked if they would like to see More information programs and less entertainment 59 per cent said yes. Actually you Are getting More news and information shows today a about iou hours a week plus news a a specials in prime evening time As compared with 41/2 hours to years ago. Abc devotes about 25 per cent of its time to news and information lbs 20 per cent and Abc 18 per cent. In tvs baby Days to news programs lasted Only 15 minutes. Two and a half years ago the networks changed to 30 minutes and now networks talk of news one hour in color and news relayed live from Europe and Viet Nam by satellite. A warning Shaftsbury town school District the Legal voters of the Shaftsbury town school District Are hereby warned to meet at the elementary school building in Shaftsbury Vermont on tuesday june 28, 1966, at 8 ., East to transact the following business article i. To hear the reports of the school Board and other officers of the District and take action thereon. Article in to elect by ballot one member of the school Board for 3 years and to fill any other vacancies required by Law article ii to see of the District will authorize its school Board to borrow Money from time to time or anticipation of taxes to meet current expenses before taxes Are collected and Issue interest bearing orders thereon. Article in to see what sum the District will vote to pay its officers for the ensuing year. Article v. To see what tax the District will vote on the grand list to defray the expense of the schools for the coming year. The school Board recommends $3.85 plus $7.00 for the Union High school. Article i. To see of the District will vote to hold its annual meeting in 1967 on the last tuesday in june. Article Vii. To see of the District will appropriate $500 to the Bennington friends of retarded children and $500 for United counselling service. A a a yes vote on this article will mean an estimated increase of approximately 6 cents on the Dollar of the grand list article Wil to transact any other business found proper when met. Lloyd Spaulding chairman Olive Williamson Jesse l. Strong school directors Ezekiel s. Cross Roy g. Whitman Merton r. Snow selectmen june iem7-24 monuments cemetery lots 5 personals Bennington lanes open every Day at 6 . Moonlight Bowling every Friday night. Red pin Bowling sat. Amp Sun. Nights. Wedding invitations announcements cake decorations imprinted napkins and matches Guestbooks. Bennington bookshop 416 main St., phone 2-5136. Strayed lost found firewood Given away. Dry Maple rep plugs to be Given away monday through Friday 8 . To 5 . Excellent fuel for stove or fireplace. Hale company inc., East Arlington Vermont. Automotive agencies to test drive the 4-wheel drive Toyota at Spike s. Call 442-9884. Automobiles for Sale la automobiles for Sale la june slender izing special a 5 weeks 2 visits per week $20. Air conditioned budget plan. Stay trim studio 442-4771. _ strayed lost found 9 found Golden retriever Vicinity of Woodford Mountain. Also Small female Beagle Collar Shaftsbury. Call humane society shelter 375-2898. J he who one for Road gets trooper for Chaser. Monument motors authorized Volkswagen sales and service 1964 Pahel double doors. $795. Dial 447-7561 route 7, South of Bennington Bennington Vermont Berkshire sports cars inc. Your area Austin Healy. My and Mercedes Benz dealers. New and used cars. 207 state Road North Adams Call 664-6388. Bul Jiaqi Sotl Chevrolet Cadillac inc. 1964 Chevrolet Bel air 8 Power Glide station Wagon $1795. 1963 Cadillac convert Ible $2895. 1964 rambler 770 6 overdrive 2 door Hardtop $1495. After we sell we server 239 main in ton 442-5 451 notice having sold the rear portion of our land to the shopping Center we will continue to operate with a Large inventory of late wrecks and parts at another location. Our office will be of be blocs Cor amp trucks Hunt St. Across from Johnson Oil. For parts Tel. 442-2308 leblanc5 Auto wrecking hum St. 442-2308 Banner want and dept open Mon. Thru Fri. 8 30 . To 5 . Closed saturday local rates word rate i charge computed below for 12 words on additional words phone ? 2684 time 1 d a 2 Day a 3 d a y a 4 Days 5 Days 6 Day s the c Harge $ i 14 $2 04 $2 70 $3 12 s3 75 $4 32 Banner c r so 90c $. 68 $2.16 $2 40 i $2 35. $3.24 i reserves the a right to edit revise or to any advertisement. Classified disp1. 17 per line charge 16� p line Cash. Minimum 56 lines. The Banner does not knowingly accept help wanted advertisements in violation of the Federal wage hour Law which states that employees engaged in interstate or foreign Commerce or in the production of goods for such Commerce. Must be paid not less than i $1.25 an hour and at least time and one half for hours worked after 40 in a work week or in violation of the child labor Laws which sets 16 years As the minimum age for most jobs. Office 425 main St. Bennington dial 442-2684 deadlines close set and style ads noon before publication display ads two working Days before publication by Harles m. Schulz peanuts i 60t a letter few linux he said met Rcw that 5ame Kip i met last Yea. Ano he said he 6ave Aure talk around the Cample last night v that a stupid far. F he said he Tulp a the Kips about a a the great pumpkin a and afterwards Thev elected him Camp president it cd t he said Gong Tosta for an extra week and to 6ttct it Tomone Bacic Here n he Archt to Doc bit he did t to me that Blockhead Fly. By Johnny Hart look. Look of. Ebe the see the woman seb the detergent filthy filthy wince with commercial clothes. Disgust c i she is watching the detergent commercial. Ftp w a. Tor Blondie by Chic Young austrian corps Vienna up a Austria called for Young volunteers to Start its own peace corps. The government tuesday issued an Appeal to Young people who would like to serve two or three years in a developing country. They would be paid about $40 monthly. Mon., tues., wed. Ond sat. A to . To 6 . Thurs. And Fri. A to . To 9 . 7f<nt6 Street a a Tara

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