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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 23, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Fair sunny and warmer High in the 80s. Hair and mild thursday. Low tonight in the upper 50s. Yesterdays High 78 Low 49. Today at ., 55. Sunset 8 37 . Sunrise 5 11 Bennin Bennington Banner thursday june 23, 1986 Anner weekly founded in 1811, daily 1903 no. 20,101 to ends manhunt launched for Lane in suspected homicide Impromptu concert the ancient Continental Fife and drum corps of Delmar ., sponsored by the Delmar Village volunteers fire department is shown on the March by the Battle Monument sunday afternoon. The corps in colonial garb is noted for its original music and was on its Way Home after performing at the Brattleboro High school alumni Parade. Buzz Olsen is the director and has been playing with the group since he was 12 years old. I hey marched around Monument Circle twice and stood on the Green for a Brief concern photo by Salvatore Santarcangel Airport expansion project runs into financial problems police launched a massive manhunt this morning for a 25 year old Bennington Man who is wanted in connection with the apparent homicide of mrs Rose Thibodeau 42, of Bennington police said they were looking for Ronald Francis Lane and at press time the search was concentrated in the East Road area where Lane s car had been found abandoned. The body of mrs. Thibodeau was found thursday morning at 8 30 By state police. She was the apparent victim of strangling and her death was believed to have occurred sometime tuesday. Mrs. Thibodeau lived at 115 Gage St., and her body was found on Buck Hill in Shaftsbury near the Corner of East Road and East Street. A warrant has been issued for Lane s arrest. Police said they had been looking for mrs. Thibodeau since tuesday when she was reported missing. An autopsy on mrs. Thibo Deau s body will be performed tomorrow in Rutland by state pathologist or. Richard Woodruff who will determine cause of the death. Relatives and friends of the dead woman were called to the state police Barracks in Shaftsbury this morning and from there they went to the scene to identify the body. In the meantime state s atty. R. Marshall Witten and police questioned a number of persons at the Barracks in connection with the suspected homicide. All area police were alerted and roadblocks were set up this morning to locate Lane and police indicated he May be armed. Lane has a number of previous offences and was paroled last october from the state prison in Windsor where he had served 19 months on a grand larceny charge. It was his second prison sentence. Born in 1941, Lane was the subject of a spectacular suicide attempt in 1958 when he drove a car off the embankment at the Entrance of the Chiselville covered Bridge in Sunderland. The car plunged 50 feet into the River below but Lane escaped serious injury. He was despondent at the time because of his inability to pass a Drivers License test. His first term at the prison came in 1962 where he served a year for breach of peace. Born in Worcester mass., the 2year-old youth has been under observation in the past at the state Hospital in Waterbury. He also has spent time at the Brattleboro Retreat. His most recent sentence at Windsor came in 1964 when he stole Money and a Rifle from his employer Leon Jacobs of the West Road and escaped with a girl Friend across the state line at Whitehall He held police at Bay with the Rifle in the new York Community threatening to shoot before he gave himself up. The victim was mrs. Rose Betit Thibodeau of 115 Gage St. A daughter of Adjutor and Bertha Monroe Betit she was born in Bennington May 25, 1924. Her survivors include three children Kevin who is at Art school in Kansas Carolyn and Joseph Thibodeau at Home. She had been employed at various plants in the area including Ben Mont and Thomson mfg. Co. Hgt Hoh Hagerman Steps leading to the constructs of an Extension of the main runway at the Bennington Muni pal Airport were set in motion Lere wednesday As a result of \ meeting of various local Public officials and state aeronaut commissioner Edward f. Knapp. But the actual construction Vork was not seen As beginning until probably next Spring or in a Mer and several imponderables a notably financial ones a remain to be worked out along the Way. Bennington voters at the annual town meeting in March approved an appropriation of $45,-000 to be matched with state and Federal funds for carrying out the runway Extension the estimated total Cost of which according to the appropriation article is $180,000. Reviewed at the meeting wednesday afternoon were Basic plans for the Extension worked out by Knapp a office in con on the inside columnist George Connelly says big graduations Lack intimacy Page 4. Town of Hoosick Rescue squad names two life members a Page 6. Sales clinches softball title a Page 8. Junction with the Federal aviation. Authority Faa through which the anticipated 50 per cent Federal share of the project costs would be forthcoming. The project Calls for the Extension of 3,400 feet of the main East West runway that presently is 2,350 feet in length. Where earlier plans had apparently called for the entire Extension to be made at the Western end the new plan now Calls for 275 feet to be added to the Eastern end and 775 feet to be added to the Western end. In additon be acquired to the property to for the runway extensions themselves Knapp explained land would also have to be acquired in the approach areas beyond each end of the runway. Involved at the Eastern end would be property of two owners Fairdale farms inc. And John s. Throckmorton whose Home on Walloomsac Road stands in a direct line with the runway and the approach strip at the Eastern end. For the Extension at the Western end land would have to be acquired from its present owner f. Ellwood Allen. Acquisition of the needed land Knapp said was the first step in carrying out the project and at his suggestion town selectmen indicated they would have town counsel Norton Barber begin negotiations for its Purchase. Knapp reported on a meeting he had just had with Throckmorton who he said was understandably unhappy about the Prospect of losing his Home. Knapp said he had tried to explain that the runway Extension was important to the economic Progress of the town and that voters had directed that the project be carried out. He noted that even if none of the Extension of the runway itself were to be carried out at the Eastern end Throckmorton a House and property would still have to be acquired and the land graded Down in order to provide the necessary Glide pattern for planes coming in for a Landing. The Throckmorton property he explained is not needed for the present runway which is used for the most part by Small single engine planes which he said can use a steeper Glide pattern in approaching the runway. But with the Extension he went on larger twin engine planes would be using the runway and these need a longer shallower Glide path. At this Point Kenneth r. Clayton a member of the town Airport commission noted that some twin engine planes Are now using the Shorter runway but Are doing so a with added just last week Throckmorton appeared before selectmen with a complaint about planes coming into the runway at a very Low level Over his House. The Point on which discussion was largely entered was the funding with which the project would be carried out. The $45,-000 appropriated by the town would represent 25 per cent of the estimated total $180, Cost. A a under present legislation the state would provide another 25 per cent and the Federal government 50 per cent. Knapp noted he was hopeful that a Bill to be introduced in the 1967 legislature would be passed under which the state share would be increased to 40 per cent and the local share reduced to to per cent. From other Points brought out in the discussion this difference could become critical if the project is to be completed without any additional local appropriation. In reply to a question Knapp agreed the project estimate had see Airport Page 12, col. 3 at press time his car was found abandoned on the East Road and the search was being concentrated in that area. Films axed Tokyo up a communist China today withdrew from circulation in Japan two films that show disgraced peking mayor Peng Chen entertaining japanese youths in a in1 and China. Peng a victim of China a current anti government purge was ousted from his position As chairman of the peking municipal communist party late last month. Major victories scored Over communist f orces James p. Boyd left former aide to sen. Thomas j. Dodd testifies wednesday before the Senate ethics committee Investi-4t hearing gating char8es of misconduct against the Connecticut senator who sits at right listening. Up Saigon up a american troops guided by a turncoat communist lieutenant and South Vale names marines on Thier own scored two major victories Over the communist today piling up a total of 680 enemy dead. It was the first big South vietnamese offence since Start of the political crisis three months ago. American air Force and Navy planes carried out More devastating attacks against communist North Viet Nam wednesday. They bombed four huge Oil installations North at Hanoi and sent ammunition Laden boxcars exploding like a string of firecrackers. Huge b52 strategic bombers struck communist troop concentrations 60 Miles Northwest of Saigon Early today while swarms of . And vietnamese planes hurled rockets flaming napalm bombs and bullets bomb squad detonates chemical Schenectady A a four Man army bomb squad stationed Here was sent to Harpur College in Vestal wednesday to remove and detonate safely a highly explosive liquid stored too Long in the schools chemistry Laboratory. The liquid isopropyl Ether can safely be stored 18 months officials say but the six one gallon jugs of the liquid had been on a shelf 20 months. College officials called Vestal police who called the Seneca ordnance depot which requested the Schenectady unit to Send its bomb squad to the College the jugs were detonated in a Sand and gravel pit outside of Vestal. Against communist forces fighting for their lives. The South vietnamese killed More than 300 communists in a Battle just below the Border of North Viet Nam routing a battalion of Viet Cong 400 to 600 men and trapping them against the sea. A Fleet of vietnamese Junks moved in from the sea to Cut off escape. The american paratroopers and cavalrymen scored their Victory in the Tuy Hoa coastal area 240 Miles Northeast of Saigon where they have been battling North vietnamese units since the weekend. They killed 53 today after moving in against a unit pinpointed by the defector. Massi re search area police set up a number of roadblocks in Bennington and Windham counties in an Effort to locate a 25-year-old youth believed to be involved in the death of mrs. Rose Thibodeau. This Village police car checked traffic on Ben Mont Avenue. Hagerman gov. Holt sees Low salaries cause of state Job vacancies Montpelier up a gov. Philip h. Hoff said today that he would Call a special session of the Vermont legislature if the increasing number of vacancies in state Job positions becomes an a insoluble problem the governor at his weekly news conference added however that he was a unwilling to Call it a crisis at this Hoff said a pay increase for state employees must be acted upon a very promptly a and that it May have to be done before the next legislative session convenes. Study of the state personnel system is now being conducted for a report to the legislature. Hoff said that the governors emergency Board could meet and offer a temporary solution but hat the Board did not have enough funds to solve the Overall problem. Compounding the situation said Hoff is the Lack of work space and improper working conditions. Present cramped quarters do not allow for efficiency and satisfaction for employees he added. The state personnel department has vacancies for 459 positions. The primary problem has been caused by the relatively Low salary offered by the state government As compared to the wage paid by Industry. Highway commissioner Russell Holden wednesday told the Highway Board he has 79 vacancies. Most of the vacancies he said Are in the Highway Engineer and technician categories. Holden said that unless likes la outside Dauxerre France up a jail officials got a note wednesday from a prisoner who escaped last week. A life is Good out Here a said the postcard received by officials at Dauxerre jail. It was signed by Jean Moreau who escaped while serving a three year sentence for theft. The officials also received a package from Moreau containing the prison uniform he Lead worn. They said they Are keeping it for his return. Speaks a new alliances French president Charles de Gaulle addresses students and faculty members wednesday at Moscow University and referred to a the new Alliance Between Russia and a French spokesman later explained de Gaulle was speaking Only of scientific technical and cultural Fields and did not mean that a political a11i-Anrp will be is cried. Up some of the positions Are filled maintenance of state highways is going to suffer next Winter. Holden requested temporary adjustment of salaries of state employees until a report of the state personnel system is made and action is taken to upgrade salaries. Commenting on the state Highway Board s proposal for a $14,-000 traffic control program for the . 302 and 2 intersection Hoff said the state a could Well pick up the Cost of the entire program. The Highway Board recommended wednesday that the City pay $8,000 of the Cost. The governor said the number of state employees using the Road places it a uniquely in the state orbit even though the intersection is located in the Montpelier City limits. Hoff said the states participation in the program did not set a precedent for it to become involved in other City Road problems. De Gaulle Hies to Novosibirsk in sign Ria Novosibirsk u. S. S. R. Up a president Charles de Gaulle today flew to this teeming siberian Industrial Metropolis on a one week 6,000-mile tour of Russia that May take him to its top secret Central asian rocket launching base. The French Leader accompanied by Madame Yvonne de Gaulle French foreign minister Maurice Couve de Murville and other French officials flew the 1,800 Miles from Moscow. De Gaulle was believed to be one of the first if not the first Western Leader to visit Novosibirsk a City of one million that has become one of the soviet Union s key Industrial centers since world War ii. De Gaulle was accompanied on the flight by soviet president Nikolai Podgorny. Officials said they continued informal political discussions in the plane on questions already taken up in de Gaulle s two Long formal conferences with soviet leaders in Moscow

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