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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 23, 1966, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner thursday june 2 1� the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont edit or in in a worldwide Check on drills it was five years ago that an estimated 7,000 deformed children were born to women who had used the new tranquil Izer thalidomide in the Early stages of their pregnancies. The discovery of thalidomide a malign Impact started an International Effort to prevent such a disaster from taking place again. The Effort has now culminated in a world health organization Clearing House dedicated to that end. The Clearing House will correlate data on Adverse drug reactions so that at the first sign of trouble anywhere warnings will go out to All those dealing with the drug. The monitoring system patterned on procedures instituted by the . Food and drug administration is expected to be so Swift that in the words of a health education and welfare specialist a if a woman in Rome took a drug like thalidomide on monday every woman and doctor in Salt Lake City would know it by that was far from the Case in 1961 and 1962, when thalidomide was generally prescribed in Many foreign countries even while the evidence of its effects was piling up. The reason was a Lack of communication among physicians particularly across National boundaries. A West German doctor who pre editor s notes scribed the drug on the representations of its manufacturers that it was a harmless tranquil Izer could not have been expected to know How suspiciously it was viewed in the United states. The fact that thalidomide never reached the american Market was of course due to the stubbornness and courage of a food and drug administration pharmacologist or. Frances Oldham Kelsey who resisted the manufacturers persistent attempts to win the Federal Seal of approval. This was an unusual Case of Devotion to duty which unfortunately was not paralleled abroad. With the thalidomide scare providing the impetus the 1962 session of Congress passed a new Law controlling prescription drugs. In that year the department of health education and welfare issued new and stricter drug testing regulations. Now these protections for americans Are to be incorporated into an International system that will in turn feed Back information useful in safeguarding health Here. As president Johnson observed in approving the world Clearing House a this is one of Many instances in International technological cooperation where everybody gains and nobody we done to blame rep. Joe Caracciola for his annoyance expressed in a statement in wednesday s Banner with Richard s. Snelling Republican gubernatorial candidate. In Manchester sunday Snelling described the Legislatures passage of a Highway Bill providing funds for reconstruction of . 7 As a hastily done a and said he doubted the need for a four Lane Highway in southwestern Vermont. Joe a member of the House highways committee worked hard for passage of the Highway Bill in response to demands from this Section of the state for better roads. In his reply to Snelling Joe pointed out that the Highway program was not hastily planned from the Point of View of those working on it and that traffic counts now indicate that a four Lane . 7 is needed. He also made the Point that the Highway Bill was approved by a Republican dominated legislature and that it was unusual for a gop gubernatorial hopeful to criticize the work of a majority of the legislators from his own party. After All these Are the people whose support Snelling must have if he Hopes to get elected. Reuben Levin sex Bennington Village attorney dropped in at the Banner yesterday to remind us that Back in 1957 he Drew up a City charter for Bennington Village. According to Reuben other parts of the town would have been permitted to join the City if they voted to do so but nobody would have been a a forced to join. When voters were asked to approve formation of a City form of government however they rejected the proposal 511-506. Now that unification has been Defeated for the second time some local citizens Are suggesting to Levin that he dig the charter out of his files and turn it Over to Village trustees for reconsideration. Although we re sure Reuben would love to be known As the father of his City we done to think that turning Bennington into a City would have any advantages for anybody. All of the various municipal entities we now have would remain intact and the confusion and inefficiency that plague us today would not be eliminated. A merger of two school districts just does no to happen Over night As a report by Raymond c. Roy Bennington a new director of elementary education to the recently merged school Board indicates. Roy estimated that it would be three to five years after the merger becomes official next month before All four elementary schools would have a common curriculum. The new curriculum must also be coordinated with the it. Anthony Union High school District which makes the task just that much More complicated. Some women think they Are doing All they can to reduce if they read an occasional article on the subject. A the Imperial Magazine. Then there is the texan so Rich he allegedly has his own unlisted phone company. Indiana Bell news. My sort of dropped out of the picture prof nor Al Lar Fie big graduation lacks intimacy Quot this must Bethe pox a it inquiry w Ashington calling pressure grows to end War by bombing lbs ponders reactions of China user by Marquis us ids Washington. On the top secret maps in the situation room in the White House Are the target areas in North Viet Nam. Because the president and the president a Lone determines the Range of the american bombers from Day to Day he studies these maps with the intense concentration he brings to every decision Large and Small. His press conference warning that the War May be enlarged seemed to mean just one thing bombing will strike the industrialized area around Hanoi the capital and Haiphong the port through which military supplies continue to come. This is what the joint chiefs of staff urge with a growing insistence. But a strike against Hanoi Haiphong will risk As has been clearly spelled out in a half Dozer memoranda passing across the president s desk greatly expanding the War. That risk is one reason the president and Secretary of defense Roberts Mcnamara have until now resisted the pressure of the joint chiefs. A of As with so Many aspects of this undeclared War the american Public has not been told the nature of that risk. It is clearly spelled out on the maps the president studies with such care. They show three air bases close to Hanoi and three around Haiphong. The largest base in the Hanoi area is Phuc yen which can handle Mig-21 supersonic aircraft. Phuc yen is 15 Miles North Northwest of Hanoi and 81 Miles from the nearest Point on red China a Border. That Means at supersonic speeds that China is Only minutes away. Tim other two Fields Are bae Mal three Miles South of Hanoi and Gia Lam two Miles South of the capital City. Each has a potential for taking jets according to intelligence estimates. Two air Fields for the defense of Haiphong Are Kien an and cat by. Potentially they can take jets but it is doubted that either Field can handle them at the present time. A third big Field Kep is in the Hanoi Haiphong Complex 32 Miles Northeast of Hanoi along a Railroad line. Kep can take jets and probably the advanced Mig-215. A half dozen times Bridges on the nearby rail line have been hit. The important fact however is that up to now not one of these bases has been hit. Before the Oil and other installations in and around Haiphong can be bombed a leaving out Hanoi with the potential of Large cd Villa casualties a the bases and the related ground to air missile Sites must in Large part be neutralized. But what happens at the first radar warning of an impending attack on the air bases the migs take off for bases already prepared just across the Border in red China a few minutes a Way. From there they would have virtually the same capability for attacking american bombers and fighter bombers. At that Point beyond a doubt the pressure from the military would be turned Cai to take out the chinese bases. And from the viewpoint of military logic trying to secure the american strike against the Hanoi Haiphong Industrial Complex this pressure would be hard to resist. That is the warning from those who fear the risk of an enlarged asian War. They believe that if China received a direct blow wiping out some of its air bases it would feel impelled to retaliate with a massive reprisal. What form the reprisal would take they do not presume to say. The administration line is that discontent Over the Viet Nam War reflected in the polls comes largely from the a Hawk Quot Side from those demanding expanded bombing on the get it Over with and get out theory. This coincides with growing uncertainty Over the Power struggle inside China. The speculation out of Hong Kong and Tokyo has a familiar ring. Reports of who s up and who a Down sound like the theorizing after the death of Stalin As his heirs quarrelled Over the successor ship. Much of that speculation was egregiously wrong. Khrushchev nine years after the death of the old dictator so misjudged the american position As to put nuclear missiles in Cuba. The thesis of China As a helpless giant May have a factual base. But to act on this Assumption would seem to be indulging in dangerous Wishful thinking. If a widespread Power struggle is under Way inside China it could be resolved in favor of the hard liners in response to an american attack on chinese bases. This is of course to say nothing about the reaction of the soviet Union. The extent to which soviet personnel Man the air bases and the missile Sites and train the vietnamese pilots is an unknown a a a Quot with the intelligence estimates of it a carefully guarded secret. It is no secret however that Moscow has put a considerable Public investment into the pledge to Aid and sustain the government of North Viet Nam. An end to the War by bombing has a popular Appeal As republicans notably rep. Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon Are demonstrating. President Johnson studying his maps can feel the hot breath of the bombers military and political a on his neck. By George g. Connelly new Haven Conn. Going to two commencements in a week made me feel like the old boy in George Kaufman s a you can t take it with but after Williams the ceremonies at Yale seemed impersonal like going from a Vermont country store to a Departmentalized Macy s. Maybe it was the cold gloomy Day or perhaps that just an overwhelming 2,433 individuals got degrees. Yale May be the Mother of men and of the Wulffe spoofs yet when ale deals with thousands there is a loss of that warm intimacy when each individual appears at the Call of his name to receive his diploma with a Friendly handshake from the president. A of the Yale band was Superb and the prayer by that old Freedom Marcher the Rev. William Sloan coffin jr., was in his Best fighting manner. Because he had been at Williams before becoming Yale s Shepherd i was prepared for a prayer that would Send the temperature up several degrees and the Rev. Or. Coffin never disappoints. He lamented our being a a nation of armed babbitts and cried out against a the Clatter of doves waging peace in the it was a terrific Jeremiah he did everything but Call names. Otherwise the occasion was a bit heavy. The faculty turn out was lean with Only two gowned in those dazzling regalia of foreign universities that so Delight aunts and uncles among the 9,000 patient viewers. I saw Only two Fellows of Yale s famed corporation a Juan Trippe president of pan am airways and William p. Bundy looking less ferocious than his Republican Bro ther of the Ford foundation. But no Dean Acheson no John Hay Whitney no William Mcchesney Martin no John v. Lindsay. At Harvard the overseers always turn out full Force with top hats and cutaways chief Justice Ray Wilkins James Phinney Baxter Charles Francis Adams Thomas Cabot and David Rockefeller. A of but there was president Kingman Brewster jr., More handsome than usual in his jewelled Collar of office. Only the Day before he had been named by James Reston As a presidential hopeful who could be another Woodrow Wilson and in his baccalaureate had blasted Gen. Hershey for drafting those a who cannot hide in the endless catacombs of it was Good to see so Many women recipients Good unless one believes in segregation. Not Only were they among the teachers and nursing candidates but Law and City planning As Well. To me it was surprising that More than twice As Many letters four Lane l a. 7 of Iii Hurt Bennington county quotes there Isnit a metropolitan area in the United states that has a comprehensive plan to accommodate its growth. The Best Prospect we have is that we will become a nation of los angelese. A James Rouse Baltimore real estate Developer. This Washington is the oily City in the country where the men would t think of going out without Reading the society pages and the women think of going out without Reading the front pages. Mrs. Arthur Gardner jr., Washington hostess. America is showing some signs of that fatal presumption that Over Extension of Power and Mission which brought ruin to ancient Athens to Napoleonic France and to nazi Germany. A sen. . Fulbright a in a speech on Viet Nam. Ark. There Are areas of prejudice that i done to think the Law should attempt to Deal with a when you get into people s private and social lives they can do what they want. And one of their freedoms is prejudice. A atty. Gen. Nicholas Deb. Katzenbach quoted in life. To the editor of the Banner this is my first attempt at this Type of letter so you must excuse my errors As i did those in your editors note of june 17. The a Arlington group referred to is composed of incorporator from Pownal Bennington Arlington Shaftsbury and Sunderland. Hardly a local Arlington group your tender obituary is a bit premature too since . 7 associates will not receive its charter before july. A further indication that you Are Rushing this group s demise is the fact that its members Are a putting their Money where their Mouths they Are not a group of timid Squaw kers whose feeble individual protests would Only gain derision from the expressway boosters. Our group firmly believes that the proposed four Lane limited Access Highway can Benefit wily the following 1. An expanded Vermont Highway department. According to the Wadi Street journal of june 8, a Highway building is a $7-Bil-lion-a-year Industry employing some 850,000 construction workers and state Highway department 2. Area members of the american Road builders association. A if More Cash Isnit found construction of Uncle Sam s originally planned 41,000-mile interstate Highway system will slow Down. The 1972 completion deadline will be missed by More than two years. Bad says Louis w. Prentiss executive vice president of the american Road builders Wall Street journal june 8. 3. Common Carrier truck and bus corporations. 4. Cities such As Rutland and others in Northern Vermont by speeding and limiting Access to these places from the metropolitan areas of new York and Southern new England. Expediting such travel by Means of a limited Access expressway can Only be at the expense of the Bennington county tourist Economy. 5. Canada by siphoning the tourist at High Speed through Vermont. A recent rebuttal to this was a statement that this four Lane expressway was planned with a terminal Point somewhere in Dorset if this is the Case How can the Highway department the Banner or any citizen of southwestern Vermont in Good conscience approve such Short circuiting a no eliminating Bennington county As an historic Scenic and tourism area is it a sane procedure to build a limited Access expressway that takes off from a Normal leisurely and interesting travel artery and terminates the same Way Why not sensibly improve . 7 in the Bennington county area to correspond with the beginning and terminating sections of the route minus the expressway hiatus As proposed this Highway must cause both a serious drop in the grand lists and the regional Economy of this county. The tax loss from the condemned areas a strip through the county of approximately 600 feet in Width and the tax base loss caused by deterioration of . 7 business properties must add a substantial local tax Burden. In t it time for All the people of the Bennington county area to realize that this needless project will affect every citizen not just business people unless they do awaken deserve scant sympathy when the usual screams against tax increases begins at too late a Date this group is not reactionary nor interested in obstructing the Progress of . 7 improvement. We Are interested in promoting a sane course of improvement by a method that will do the least damage to the Economy and the Beauty of Bennington county. John p. Griffin. Bennington. Received Law As Medicine degrees�?164 to 73. A doctor Friend who is also a lawyer contends fewer Are going into Medicine because of medicare. This i doubt since my association with students indicates their idealism and desire for Challenge outweigh material motives. Many doctors like Trade unions discourage recruitment or apprenticeship. Until very recently a wealthy state like new Jersey had no medical school and new York and Massachusetts for most of their Long history have depended upon private to Supply their doctors. A of a distinguished English doctor James l. Gowans research professor of pathology at Oxford received an honorary degree As did Henry Moore the sculptor the Rev. John Courtney Murray one of the Liberal advocates in the ecumenical Council and Henry Luce and Leonard Bernstein. No one could walk out on a group like this Bernstein received the greatest audience acclaim As he came bouncing across the stage. Because alumnus Henry Luce Early in his career had received a Yale honorary degree president Brewster declared he was Given another because he had published so much. It was interesting that father Murray should be honoured by Yale when St. John s and other Catholic institutions have turned Down opportunities to have him lecture. Virginia and Cornell Are the Only places i believe that do not give honorary degrees. One must respect their sense of upholding the integrity of the earned degree. Yet just As honorary Phi Beta Kappa exerts a Good influence on the College and the recipient so the degree is a Means of honouring achievement not unlike Napoleon s legion of Honor. Of a few Days before commencement my friends said they were going by Woolsey Hall to look in on the special ceremonies for the Cia graduates would i care to come because i had visions of the great j. Edgar hoovers minions lurking behind pillars taking envious notes i went along Only to discover the graduates coming our wearing the insignia of their degree a chefs White Cap. For this was the commencement of the culinary arts Institute because i am a devotee of souffles i talked with one who had majored in that delicacy. You remember in 1946 when gov. Thomas e. Dewey ran against Harry Truman he was running for the second time. Dorothy Thompson cautioned or. Dewey that a souffle never rises twice. The graduate in the White Cap assured me that Dorothy was right. Misinformed allies to the editor of the Banner having recently returned from Western Europe i am appalled at the ignorance and misinformation of our allies with regard to our fight for survival in South Viet Nam. The peace Niks beatniks and draft card burners did an excellent Job in misrepresenting the will of the vast majority of the american people. It seems to be fashionable especially among the intellectuals of the upper Middle class to ridicule and deride America to magnify and exaggerate the occasional errors in diplomatic judgment and rejoice in setbacks of our armed forces. The state department and the . Information Agency have failed in their duty to inform those ladies and gentlemen that without the vast military strength of the United states the entire free world would fall like a Ripe Plum into the hands of communism. We need support and not ridicule. Only those that were forced to live under the Heel of the soviet occupation immediately following world War ii really appreciate and support our Effort in Viet Nam. I am also appalled at the rising tide of nazi arrogance and the revival of teutonic nationalism in Germany to witness the gathering of 7,000 is officers at the funeral of the convicted murderer of american soldiers and prisoners of War is general Sepp Dietrich All singing the Horst Wessel marching song while standing ramrod like and extending their arms in the Hitler Salute. Where and How did we fall Hans Palmer. Manchester Center. Humor turnabout Steno what a the matter with that Guy file clerk he is complaining to his wife that his Secretary does t understand him. International teamster. V j a

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