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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 23, 1966, Bennington, Vermont 2 a Bennington Banner thursday june 23, 1966 around Vermont hankers answer commissioner Barke up a barrels three Bank presidents have issued a joint statement to the commissioner of banking and insurance that they have always maintained a policy of a taking care of the borrowing needs of the the reply was to a letter from commissioner James h. Hunt who had requested that serious consideration be Given to expanding the availability of Federal housing administration and veterans administration Loans. The statement was signed by presidents George Milne of the Granite savings Bank and Trust co., Loren Allen of the people s National Bank and Charles Beck of the Barre Trust co. Beck said that a a very substantial percentage Quot of his Bank s available funds were in Fua and a Loans and that the Barre Trust co s most recent report indicated that the a combined total of the Loans far exceeded that of any other Type of Loans except conventional Home mortgage set ii. Aiken announces loan Brattleboro a sen. George d. Aiken announced today approval of a $5,100 loan to the Brattleboro 4-h club to help finance improvements at nearby 4-h Camp Waube Nong. The senator said the Farmers Home administration advised him the Community has also put up $5,000 As its share of the Cost of a swimming Pool and a modest building program. A this loan is not to be confused with the Grant program under the same Law Quot the senator explained. The Law in question is the Aiken Rural water Law of 1965. This is the third Vermont project to be approved since the Aiken Law was enacted. The other two were Grants for water systems needed in the Addison Bridport a Shoreham area and at Derby Center. Bov Dies from Accident injuries Burlington up a a 5-year-old new Haven boy died today from injuries suffered in an Auto Accident june 16. Rodney spies son of or. And mrs. Frederick spies died at Mary Fletcher Hospital. The child s Mother Madeline was still in the Hospital in serious condition suffering from a broken neck sustained in the crash. The child s death brought to 40 the number of traffic Fau Tai Hies in Vermont this year. Man undergoes mental tests Essex Junction up a a 39-year-old Man began undergoing mental tests at Waterbury state Hospital today after shooting and wounding his wife and two sons. Robert g. Gold pleaded innocent by reason of insanity wednesday to a charge of assault with intent to kill. Police said Gold shot his wife Margaret 33, and sons Robert to and Stephen 6, wednesday. Mrs. Gold suffered Bullet wounds in the Chest and face and was reported in serious condition. Robert was shot in the head and right shoulder and was in critical condition. Doctors said Stephen was also in critical condition with a wound near the left Eye. Over in n York Minim Mil Vav age boosted to is .50 Albany a gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller wednesday signed into Law a Bill raising the states minimum wage from $1.25 to $1.50 an hour As of Jan. I 1967. The measure provided that it further let a raised to <1.60 when the National minimum reaches that level. Congress is exacted to raise the Federal minimum from $1.25 to $1.40 on feb. I 1967 and to $1.60 a year later. In signing the Bill Rockefeller said the increase to $1.50 would raise the wages of almost 650,000 workers and the further increase to $1.60 would Benefit some 785,000 More. The legislature wednesday approved Bills repealing two sections of the state s 53-year-old a full Crew Railroad Law thereby leaving the firemen by far the largest segment the Only group protected. Gov. Rockefeller is expected to sign the measure. The legislature then recessed until monday intending to kill some time Lief re acting on the $283 million new York City Compromise tax package. Legislative leaders agreed that action on the tax package a the major Roadblock to adjournment a would be put off until next wednesday the Day after the june 28 primaries. Legislators up for re election naturally do not want to go into a primary having just cast a vote to increase taxes. Tax evasion dots Dawson 2 years Albany a former Cohoes democratic Leader William j. Dawson 47, was sentenced wednesday in . District court to two years in prison for income tax evasion. Imposition of any sentence on a second count of tax evasion was suspended and Dawson was placed on probation for three years starting on his release from confinement and on condition that Back income taxes tie paid within 90 Days after the amount is determined. Dawson who said he was a a stunned by the sentence will Appeal to the . Court of appeals second circuit in new York City. He was released wednesday pending the Appeal on a $2,500 bail. Faisal is concerned noted architect claims Quot heart needed Don n in Berkshire Duval Heads new education office Pittsfield a Rolland g. Duval superintendent of the Adams Public schools has accepted appointment As regional coordinator for a new office of the state department of education which will open Here this summer. Duval who is a native of Adams and a graduate of Adams High school will be chief administrator of the first of six federally financed offices set up in Massachusetts to bring services to school systems situated far away from the state s main education office in Boston. Bennington firm engaged by City Pittsfield a Ellwood Allen associates of Bennington it. Has been engaged by this City a conservation commission to prepare a preliminary plan to determine the Best use of wild acres wildlife Sanctuary. The 60-acre Sanctuary was Given to the City earlier in the year by wild acres Sanctuary inc. The preliminary plan would be used in filing an application for Federal funds for Long Range use and development of wild acres. Music barn artists announced Lenox a Berkshire music barn has announced the artists who will appear for its 12th season. The series which runs from july 9 through aug. 20, will feature such artists As Lionel Hampton and his band Singer Nina Simone the Dave Brubeck quartet and pianist composer Theolonius Monk. Folk singers will include Josh White Pete Seeger Len Chandler Judy Collins Theodore Bikel Oscar Brand and Odetta. Also appearing will be flamenco guitarist Carlos Montoya. Concerts at i held boys club have been scheduled featuring the i ovine spot i the Myrkle and the Yemen a future in planning the restoration of cities by Phil Newsom up foreign news analyst King Faisal of saudi Arabia is a Man who replies softly to the threats and insults hurled against him by president Gamal Abdel Nasser of the United Arab Republic. Faisal Calls Nasser he also describes his visit to Washington As a Friendly social Call upon president Johnson. But there is More to it than that. Close by saudi arabians Border with Yemen an air strip is being rushed to completion in answer to Nasser a threat to bomb saudi arabian Border towns from which Ald flows to yemeni rebels seeking overthrow of the Nasser supported Republican regime. Recognized Yemen in 1962 the United states recognized the new yemeni regime three months after the overthrow of the Imam and it has sought to stay Clear of the conflict which has brought saudi Arabia and the United Arab Republic their closest yet to an outright clash. But the United states and Britain Are supplying saudi Arabia with $400 million in modern arms and the United states has reaffirmed a pledge of full support for the maintenance of saudi arabian territorial integrity. The United states also has sought to stay Clear of a developing feud Between the grouping of islamic Powers which Faisal seeks to achieve with Jordan Iran and saudi Arabia As a base and the a revolutionary Quot states represented by Nasser. But no matter what the diplomatic complexities when Washington boomed its 21-gun Salute to Faisal it not Only honoured a head of state it was a Welcome to one of the most outs Okenly pro american leaders in the Middle East. Wealthy c country Faisal has no need for . Cash. His Oil revenues alone last year came to More than $618 million. His concern in Washington was his charge that Nasser has reneged on a Promise to withdraw his forces from Yemen and his fear of a Power vacuum when in 1968 Independence comes to the federation of South Arabia which Nasser Calls South or occupied Yemen. In his foreign policy Faisal seeks to bar Nasser from the arabian Peninsula. He denies that his efforts to link the moslem monarchies in any Way contemplate a military Alliance. He declares it to be an attempt to bring moslem together culturally economically and spiritually. Called tool of . Nasser says Faisal is a tool of the United states and Britain and describes his actions in the Middle East As an Effort to wrap a turban around the anticommunist Alliance Cento linking Britain Turkey Iran and Pakistan in close relationship with the United states. At Home Faisal is one of the worlds last absolute monarchs ruling in a harsh land of desert Oil and contradictions. Under mexican Village hexed Laws of the Koran and moslem custom a convicted thief May lose his hand a murderer his head and an adulterer be stoned to death. Women still Are heavily veiled. But Faisal a admirers say he is moving As fast As he can in a land whose Laws and customs go Back through centuries. As proof they Point to the gradual emancipation of women advances in education new roads and television. New York up a what does a City need to be a great City a heart a says i. M. Pei architect and planner who has charted the restoration of the centers of Boston Washington d.c., Philadelphia Cleveland and is now working with the Oklahoma City Urban renewal authority on a Long Range plan for that City a future. And How does a City get heart Quot like the Chicken and the Burlington Church becomes episcopal Cathedral tonight Burlington a tonight at 7 30 St. Paul s Church Here will be formally set apart As the Cathedral Church of the episcopal diocese of Vermont. It is expected that most of the religious and Community leaders of the greater Burlington area will be present at the service or Send representatives. During the course of the service the senior Warden of St. Paul a Richard Wadhams will formally offer the Parish to the diocese a representative of the diocese will accept the offer the Rector of St. Paul a the Rev. Robert s. Kerr will be formally recognized As Dean by the representative of the diocese and the Dean will install the honorary canons of whom there Are nine the Rev. F. Richard Beale Rector of Immanuel Church in Bellows Falls the Rev. Robert Clayton Rector of Zion Church in Manchester Center the Rev. Frederic Baskin Rector of St. Mark s Church in Newport the Rev. Stanley Irving Rector of St. Luke a Church in St. Albans the Rev. Daniel Osborne Rector of St. Mary s Church in Northfield the Rev. A. Raymond Smith Rector of St. James Church in Woodstock the Rev. Alexander Smith Rector of St. James Church in Essex Junction the Rev. J. Lynwood Smith Rector of Trinity Church in Shelburne and the Rev. Donald Webster Rector of Trinity Church in Rutland. The Dean will Lead the Bishop to his Cathedral or official chair in the Sanctuary. The choir and music for the service will be under the direction of Herbert Austin a.r.c.m., a.r.c.o., organist of St. Paul s. The preacher at the service will be Bishop Butterfield. The diocese has never had a Cathedral since it was organized in 1794, but St. Paul s has been the scene of important diocesan functions Over the years. The 1965 convention voted to investigate the possibility of St. Paul s becoming the Cathedral and so insure the Bishop of an official altar and pulpit. The 1966 convention accepted the report recommending that St. Paul s be set apart and the service tonight will Mark the completion of the process initiated in 1965, and will be the first diocesan wide service held in the new Cathedral. Egg i done to know which comes first a Pel said. A the a heart of excitement museums opera galleries restaurants something going on All the time. The heart of civic responsibility doing things the heart of people concentrating their talents and skills. A for the people who make the heart beat. A unless you have both you Haven to got a City. Most cities in America need to do a lot of pump priming to get the people Back into the hearts of their cities so that the City itself can be the Magnet not Only for its own suburbs but All the satellite cities around a City can build buildings. A wealthy City can build a handsome opera House. But unless there Are people to support it there will be no opera. Heaters museums galleries music business and Commerce flourish Only where there is a concentration of people and activity adds the Canton born architect. Today Many cities find that their hearts Are being shattered by slums and traffic. A slums tend to crowd the City centers a explains Pei. A the poor congregate As close As they can to their jobs they crowd into a blighted pocket where buildings have already begun to deteriorate and rents Are cheap. The area goes Down Hill and the surrounding areas Tumble Down after it. A the result those who can afford it leave businesses follow them. The main part of the City is left alone rot gnawing away at its Pei a solution re weave the area Back into the fabric of the City. A a slum is like a cigarette Burn in a coat. You done to Cut it out and Patch it you re weave the Warp and Woof of the Fabrice. You tie the area Back into the main arteries so it is not isolated provide the amenities of life Parks plazas airy vistas then build housing to bring the Middle class people because Central City property values Are High even with the writ Down of Urban renewal funds the land must have a High concentration of business and residential units. Pei a solution for this is High Rise office and apartments combined with Low buildings and Homes arranged to please the Eye and relieve the overcrowding of land that characterizes most slums. This also provides housing at various Price Levels resulting in a mixture of City dwellers. A old Eastern cities Are Lucky a he says. A they already have centers and focal Points. They need Only to re weave their slum areas Back in put in housing Parks and Trees to attract people Back. A the new cities of the Southwest built after the car and its mobility Are in real trouble. Their punters Are usually scattered separated from each other by freeways. They must bring life Back to their main centers build apartments in their downtown so that there will be a life after dark to nourish the cultural and business life of the Lour oct w est London up a Hollywood producer Anthony maim told a London news conference tuesday he will make a Western out of William Shakespeare so King von no i rust a 11 Rossma ii holm1 00,000 Home owners already do you should look into it its easy. Send Coupon below for free 46 Page Catalon and know How you can save by owning a Grossman Home Jtj cur and mail Toda Jef Cim -55&-w-23 Liport you buy any Home investigate g no is a n s Braintree mass 02184. In Bennington Vermont j Alapa Mexico up a authorities in this state capital faced up this week to the kind of problem you hardly find any More what do you do about a a a sorcerer who is accused of sexing a whole Village peasants from the Village of St. John the evangelist told the Veracruz state attorney general a sorcerers curse has already driven one youth out of his mind. They fear it will spread to the rest of the villagers one at a time unless something is done. The villagers say a local sorcerer named Sotero Hernandez put the whammy on them because they let him dig up a villagers body. He say Why he wanted the body and anyway the Dis interment have been Legal without a Federal health permit. Hernandez gave them three Days to change their minds the villagers say. He warned that a you will fall into my Power one after another one of you every Day a unless they gave in. When the deadline was up a Village youth lost his mind and began acting like a Lunatic they said. 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