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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 14, 1965, Bennington, Vermont River Valier Frozen Lemon Ade fresh f picked Straw berries w59c Home grown asparagus 2bunches 49c Salem s Luc ans super Market we can install one quickly any size you wish Why not Call us now Bennington Banner Blasingame 7-5 and Torre. Simmons Taylor 9 and Uecker. Loser a Simmons 4-7. Or a White 9th. 2nd game Mil. Too 002 oooo 2 8 3 St. Louis 010 700 13x�?12 15 i Fischer Niekro 4kelley 5osinski 6o Dell 8 and Oliver Torre 4. Purkey 4-4 and Mccarver. Loser a Fischer 1-1. Or a Shannon 1st. San fran.010 too oooo i 3 0 Pitts. Loo Ooi Fox a 2 7 0 Perry Bolin 8 and Bertell Haller 8. Law 5-5 and Page Baroni. Loser a Perry 6-5. Or a Mccovey 14th. Houston too too oooo 0 5 2 Phila. Too 031 Fox a 5 to 0 Raymond Coombs 6lee 8 and Brand. Short 6-6 and Dalrymple. Loser a Raymond 2-3. Or a Gonzalez 6th. Today a newspaper boys tomorrows leaders. Statistically that show it stacks up. In View of this your new paperboy is on the first chapter of what will probably be a Success Story. Not that he a destined for the Hall of Fame but he might be. For example Dwight d. Eisenhower Herbert Hoover Eddie Rickenbacker Thomas Edison Joe Dimaggio Walt Disney and Bob Hope All started As newspaper boys. Newspaper route experience helps Mold those special character ingredients so necessary for Success in any Field self discipline punctuality getting along with people responsibility. And All the Hundred and one other character makers that Are built into the management of a newspaper route. The new paperboy is skilfully guided by men trained and experienced to bring out his talents. This combination could Well be the most important training in his life. In the Long Range picture the Money he earns on his route almost seems like a fringe Benefit. Although Only one boy in ten Ever gets a crack at a newspaper route our circulation department people Are always glad to talk it Over with youngsters and parents. If you have a son or know a boy who might profit from new paperboy experience Well be Happy to hear from you. Basic training third Quarter horse show in s. Woodstock june 26-27 Bennington Banner monday june 14, 1965-9 major league standings South Woodstock a final plans for Vermont s third annual Quarter horse show sponsored by the sheriffs mounted posse to be held june 26 and 27 at the Green it. Horse association grounds route 106, South Woodstock vt., were approved at the posse s june meeting. Reports by the various committee chairmen indicate that this years show will be More popular than even last years that saw the shows classification jump from class d to class b. The Quarter horse show Indig Genous to the West and therefore not too familiar in the Northeast is becoming More popular due to the average spectators enjoyment of the thrills of barrel racing the skill and Speed of the calf ropers the trained reining horses and the so called a cow sense of the agile cutting horses competing for trophies or Money or ribbons. Contestants and exhibitors come from far and near and include some of the leading riders and horses in the United states. Or. Donald Wade owner of the North Wales farm Warrenton va., will enter Jill a lady last year s Reserve world s Champion cutting horse. From North Carolina John Jones owner of Hurd s red Star no. I 1965 Point horse will compete with Jill a lady. Topper no 1964 National Champion Western Riding horse owned by mrs. Antionette Kelley of Buttonwood farm Chester will be there As Well As horses from Mont Peler and South Woodstock. The judge this year is George Garrett from the . Philips ranch Plano tex., who will make his Only Eastern appearance in this capacity for Vermont s third annual Quarter horse show. Garrett is a nationally known competitor As Well As a Quarter horse judge. The show starts at to . And i . Both Days. Admission is $1 children 50 cents. Refreshments Are available and parking is free. Baseball leaders National league g. A. R. H. Avg. Colman can 38 127 15 45 .354 Aaron Mil 47 179 35 60 .335 Torre Mil 48 164 27 55 .335 Allen Phi 56 211 37 69 .327 Mays of 57 203 42 66 .325 Clente plt51 204 33 66 .324 Krepol by 55 194 22 62 .320 Pinson Cin 56 235 41 75 .319 Rojas Phi 49 154 28 49 .318 j. Alou of 57 231 40 73 .316 Clad non pit 55 206 36 65 .316 Johnson la 37 117 18 37 .316 american league g. A. R. H. Avg. Cavallo Cle 51 189 23 69 .365 Horton det 41 150 23 54 .360 Jones bos 35 116 20 41 .353 Hall Minn 51 186 31 61 .328 Mantua bos 52 187 19 61 .326 Ranson bal 38 144 20 46 .319 Ward Chi 48 184 29 57 .310 Landis pc 34 107 15 33 .308 Mcaule det51 198 35 61 .307 yet risk bos 40 141 28 42 .298 Home runs National league Mays giants 20 Mccovey giants 14 Torre braves Swoboda mets Cal i Ison phils Stargell pirates All 13. American league a Horton tigers 13 Conigliaro red sox Thomas red sox colavito indians Kaline tigers All 12. Runs batted in National league a Banks cubs 50 Mays giants 46 Johnson reds 41 Mccovey giants 40 Robinson reds 39. American league a Mantilla red sox 49 Howard senators 43 Horton tigers 38 colavito indians 37 Kaline tigers 37. Pitching National league Ellis reds 9-2 Drysdale dodgers 11-3 Veale pirates 7-2 Koufax dodgers 9-3 Maloney reds Jay reds Johnson braves All 5-2. American league a Pascual twins 8-0 Fisher White sox 6-1 Buzhardt White sox 5-1 Grant twins 5-1 Aguirre tigers Lolich tigers Stottle Myre yanks All 7-2. Major league baseball scores United press International american league Chicago too too 101�? 2 6 i Wash 010 too oooo i 5 0 Howard Wilhelm 8 and Schaffer. Rychart 3-5 and Brumley. Winner a Wilhelm 1-2. Hrs a lock 4thskow Ron 7th. Balti. Too 010 oooo i 4 0 Boston too too oooo 0 6 i Pappas Miller 9 and Orsi no. Monbouquette Radatz 9 and Tillman Ryan 9. Winner Pappas 6-2. Loser Monbouquette 5-7. Minn. Too 110 020�? 4 6 i Detroit 102 Ooi Fox a 5 9 0 Kaat Perry 4silgman 6kelp Peteln 7pleas 7 and Battey. Aguirre Lolich 9 and Freehan. Winner Aguirre 7-2. Loser a Kaat 5-7. Hrs Horton 13thkillebrew lit Nossek 1stallison 10th. New York too 300 oooo 3 6 0 los Ang too too oooo 0 5 0 Ford Ramos 9 and Howard. Newman r. Lee 9 and Rodgers. Winner a Ford 6-6loser a Newman 7-4. 1st game Cleve. 102 010 oooo 4 12 i . Too 101 5ox 871 Hinsdale entries first Trot woo. Pitk of Howk Ovid a to to fool proper Lin Poriol Mon von mite Happy Don x pet is chord m s Quinton Hardy s gag Sec Ono Pace $5 a it non winners. Pint do pm Fri Volo c p in on pot Innmon Royal senator l tile Mon f Ole Tim pm tint. Woo Luh pain Hanover Monk i Dartin i Quot motor fio Mon Day lit Boron Wro Druco Jim x i in Artos x Julia Rose Abbott Avail de i a Dania de Indiana state x Gay Duke print Fedor pc Orth Tiol. Jinn to vie a my Fot y Vrol Oati Oak Shady Jeu mid i Ken Flash Ano pick k f up x Lone Yates Petri j tor x Purdue Laddie Fath rate. Ss0c d try Cair Mapoy Mike Adam. Bedbug Joe a Cay yonder Manolio. Tons tub re x and r0 i#cr0tt Porer Jon x too b is x the Trot 5300. Una e Warence Judae Silver Rodney Guy be it Bloom to Ida first for Gat Runnymede Clara silly Gay be Ventha Pace woo hoi merry Laura Adin g Endale Jerry Happy majesty l the Gypsy Mart Lerna s dream x Lees Captain broken sword eighth Pace 5600 Dan s Buzzard Lucknow s Sally Royal majesty Spanish Rice Claire direct Gold Bor or. Leo Chet Polaris Hanover ninth Poce j500. Bay state Joan Smokey w Needie s Bonny Sonny coca Wicomico Ace Vickey to Irish Conder x i Kenney Chiver sudden x in riels or Amxo also eligible. Hamler Lalii Iris Fine from a for april article new York up a Wilt Chamberlain unlike most authors who must contend with verbal criticism about their writing was fined $750 by the National basketball association sunday for an article he wrote last april entitled a my life in a Bush the 7-foot-l Philadelphia 76er Star Drew heavy criticism from Aba president Walter Kennedy who termed the article a detrimental to the Best interests of the Kennedy and others connected with the Aba contend the article contained a Many inaccurate statements of fact All of which Drew conclusions from an erroneous pre Chamberlain himself was dissatisfied by the Way the Magazine treated the article and last april made a statement that he was contemplating action against the publishers. The Aba not wanting to interfere and possibly prejudice the Case took no action at the time against Chamberlain. But the huge Center failed to take Legal action so the Aba levied its Fine. Siebert Bell 6weaver 7 and Azcue. Buschhorn Drabowsky 4pena 6mossi 7 and Bryan Lacheman 8. Winner a Mossl 2-1. Loser Bell 1-2. Hrs Harbison 5th. 2nd, 61/2 innings rain Cleve. 040 010 0�? 5 to i Kansas City Ooi too a a 2 5 2 Stange 1-0 and Carreon. Of Donoghue Hunter 2stock 5 and Lacheman. Loser of Donoghue 3-8. Or a Hinton 5th. National league 1st game los Ang. Too 400 Ioos 5 9 0 new York too too 101�? 2 7 0 Osteen r. Miller 9 and Roseboro. Fisher l. Miller 4parsons 8 and Cannizzaro Taylor 8. Winner a Osteen 5-6. Loser a Fisher 5-6. Or a Swoboda 13th. 2nd game los Ang. Too too 102�? 4 9 i new York too 102 oooo 3 to 3 Whillhite r. Miller 6perranoski 8podres 9 and Roseboro. Cisco l. Miller 4bearnarth 7kroll 7parsons 9 and Cannizzaro. Winner a Perranoski 2-1. Loser a Kroll 3-5. Or a c. Smith 7th. 1st game Cinel. 010 002 004�? 7 12 0 Chicago 431 too Fox a 9 to i Arrigo Duffalo 2craig 7 and Edwards. Koonce Abernathy 9 and Krug. Winner a Koonce 5-4. Loser a Arrigo 2-3. Hrs a Krug 1stsanto 12thwilliams 8th. �?�2nd game Cinel. Too 300 040 7 5 0 Chicago too too oooo 0 5 2 Jay 5-2 and Pavletich. Hendley Mcdaniel 6brog Lio 8humphreys 8 and Bailey. Loser a Hendley 0-1. 1st game Mil. Too 101 020�? 4 to 0 St. Louis too 010 oooo 2 4 0 Saratoga entries let Trot. Mile Ikon or Parish t to. Clever in. Gerry Aries Kitts inv Telbert Hanover. Handsome lad. Nancy Melody. A of eligible Karin Vicki 2nd pare mile Neon Poplar Lark Niagara Flash. Widows r j. Lumber lad. E. H. J. Everett Diamond. M atty Goose Colome Box also eligible Choc Kovite Nelly. 7, c. To do Pace. Mile Jrimia Good b e. Imper a1 hat. Rav state Isabel. Mercedes Wick Isdr a Styrt. Tiny Rose Croft. Jarrettown Cill. La Haven Diablo a so eligible g Acie Pride Surprise Eden. 4tft�?pare mile. Ikon Shad Dale i tone Ricochet Todd Frisky p Pale face Louise Purdue Knight Yeado go Den Frisky Quinton boy. Also eligible scotch Beati. 5th�?pare mile Ikon porno Ted. Senator r Seket Malor a Angel. H. Payne vie. Rim Haven Zeph r Conestoga l to. Or. Mardee Volo tag also eligible mom Clementine Kwh Pace mile jfi5n Gold direct mils Rev Mien Canadian rhythm. Tamara Ann. Pan Dree Hall. Ensign win Sharps of. A a Cess Lou. Also nit of dares. Miss somebody 7th pare. Mile. Jr50 my my. Phllip Model. Afton Nick. Linda s Dee Golden Mist. Golden Frost Lusty Lawrence. Marion e. Volo. Also eligible Painter gut. Rth Trot. Mde i non Toast. Lone Elm Smokey. Devilish song. Topaz Victoria general Sampson. Duke liner. Ginger springy ooh. Doras Joy. Terra flight. Nth Pace mile of. Fandango. Congress King la Gal haste nifty Mike adorable Wick. Topaz. Pete. Lincoln hipper Wayne c Saratoga results Lite Trot. Mile Koo. Jonathan d. Lamb or Roll in 7.40 Charl Idale Bryan Theroux k 30 4 to the merchant the Nevi 5 30 2nd a Pace. Mile Koo Nab Bennetti 8.70 4.30 2.rh or. Cranberry isl Moseri 2 90 2.40 widower s action it Hamilton t 2.70 Dally double 3-r paid �?��?�00.30 3rd�?Pace. Mile. Jr50. Parading Pence Bromley 3 90 3.10 2.90 Jester chief Bogardus 7 to 5.50 True Kitty flare Riel urdu 4 50 4th�?Pace. Mile. Or it. Lady wonder Heeney 4 so 3.00 2 to dash for rash Childe 3.40 3.10 Afton Castle Spencer 7.20 5th�?Pace, mile j75h. Stone chief to Connors 11 40 k Salt of a Oldie Marie to Dawkins 7.90 valorous Igray 7.20 0th�?Pace, mile or too . Ithe Over track i. Joshua Idan Reri 3.10 2 50 2.rh Drummond chief Larente 2.40 2.30 Runnymede Sparta Marten 3.40 7th�?Trot. Mile. J2.500. Mossie Scott Foster 5 70 4 to 3.10 swamp Root ohm r of 5 20 Genius 1 Jones i 4 of the Pace. Mile. Or too Tilv. 1, the Over trick Dunham Hanover dancer j _ 2 50 2.10 2 to Shady Dale Scot Lin Arthurs 2.10 2.10 Meadow Stacey 1 Chretien 1 2 10 9th�?Pace. Mile. To 200. A Raetzer Bromley 5 to Matt Sampson 4 of fat Thomas Brook Iver it of . Haavie s t my madams clothes shop Quot shoes too _ free parking in rear of store Kann Naana plumbing and heating Supply co. I 303 depot St. Bennington it. Dial 442�6308 swim trunks swim trunks economical re it soon. Local horse wins Houston express 7. Owned by Richard b. Thurber and Ralph a. Thurber or. Of Bennington nips Stoney 2 driven by Ozzie Cole in an overnight event at Saratoga raceway thursday night. The Bennington owned horse turned the course in 2 11 and one fifth and was driven by Bill Arthurs. Compare All others and you la buy color to e. T. Williams 0pp0si1 e old soldiers Home phone 2-6858 available at Oneida Market 736 main Street Philadelphia 5 Houston 4 night Lary 1-1 or Kroll 3-4 Milwaukee 4 St. Louis i is Maloney 5-2. Los Angeles 5 new York 0 Pittsburgh at St. Louis night sundays results a Veale 7-2 is. Carlton 0-0. Los Angeles 5 new York 2, 1st Chicago at Houston night a los Angeles 4 new York 3, 2nd Jackson 3-8 is. Bruce 4-7. Philadelphia 5 Houston 0 tuesday s games Chicago 9 Cincinnati 7, 1st new Ork at Cincinnati night Cincinnati 7 Chicago 0, 2nd Philadelphia at Milwaukee Pittsburgh 2 san Francisco i night Milwaukee 4 St. Louis 2, 1st Pittsburg. At St. Louis night St. Louis 12 Milwaukee 2, 2nd Chicago at Houston night mondays probable pitchers san Francisco at los Angeles new York at Cincinnati night i let us estimate the Cost of installing a new heating Plant in your Home or business h. Greenberg amp son inc. 321 main St. Bennington it. Dial 2-6324 big and Little Maho me is new York up a Bill a Horney the leading apprentice jockey during the Santa Anita meeting and now Riding at Aqueduct is five foot tall and weighs too pounds. His twin brother is five foot ten and weights 165. Automated . Bigger ii tiring Power per duper Market depot Street Bennington it. Joseph a. 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Only games scheduled tuesdays games los Angeles at Kansas City night Minnesota at Chicago night Boston at Detroit night Washington at Cleveland night Baltimore at new York night National league w. L. Pct. Go los Angeles 38 22 .633 Milwaukee 31 22 .585 3 i Cincinnati 31 25 .554 5 san franclsco31 26 .544 51/2 Pittsburgh 29 27 .518 7 Philadelphia 28 28 .500 8 St. Louis 27 30 .474 9v2 Houston 26 34 .433 12 Chicago 24 32 .429 12 new York 20 39 339 171/2 saturdays results san Francisco 4 Pittsburgh 0 Chicago 3 Cincinnati 2 Gas Short of hot water of you Are inconveniently Short of hot water a new Oil fired hot water Heater is the answer to your problem. A you la have All the hot water you want torrents of it by opening a tap. Plenty of hot water for bathing. Dis washing and laundry. Its fully automatic. A costs Only pennies a Day to operate. For clean heat service

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