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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 13, 1966, Bennington, Vermont 4�?benn Inion Banner monday june 13, 1966 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials a fair trial comes first the . Supreme court decision in the or. Sheppard Case constitutes a Clear warning to All the courts that the demands of the news Media must not interfere with the administration of Justice. In ruling that the activities of newsmen at the 1954 trial prejudiced the jury and invalidated its a a guilty verdict the supreme court upheld the rights of the individual and the lower courts obligation to safeguard them. It served notice that judges must maintain a Check on courtroom news gathering and trial publicity or risk having their courts decisions overturned. For that reason the outcome of the Sheppard Case is important Over and above the Issue of the Many a innocence. The supreme court did not concern itself with the guilt Issue but dealt wholly with the question whether or. Samuel la. Sheppard had received a fair trial 12 years before. The High court found much evidence that he did not. The state trial judge who had sat on the second degree murder Case in 1954 permitted a special table for the press to be set up inside the bar customarily reserved for the defendant and his counsel. The judge let most of the seats in the courtroom be taken Over by newspapermen radio main and Valentine still needs attention Bennington Village trustees made a minor change in local parking regulations last week but continued to postpone action on a major traffic problem. The change was in the time limit for parking in front of the Post office on Elm Street. The new regulation which will limit parking in five spaces to 15-20 minutes will take effect after an ordinance has been prepared and voted on by the Board. The purpose of the new regulation apparently is to assure a rapid turnover in the parking spaces directly in front of the Post office and to prevent Allday parking. A congestion problem there was brought to the boards attention by postmaster Stanley j. Pekalski several months ago. It was also reported last week that trustees Are now studying several types of Light poles that might be erected at the intersection of main and Valentine streets to make the traffic signals there easier to see. A problem has existed at this intersection for some years. It has been brought to the attention of trustees Many times by concerned citizens and editors of it its an irate spokesman for the Bennington league of women voters dropped in Friday to Tell us that contrary to a statement made in an editorial thursday the league does take action a in support of or in opposition to selected governmental the league is non partisan we were informed in the sense that it does not and television broadcasters so that the trial was More in the nature of a Hollywood production than a quest for truth. Further the prosecution gave the news Media information that was never offered in the trial and that under the rules of evidence could not be admitted in any Case. At the same time a broadcasting station was Given space next to the jury room and allowed to broadcast while the jury was deliberating. The supreme court found that All this publicity coupled with a a carnival atmosphere a had an effect upon the jurors. It ruled that the state judge sitting on the Case had failed in his responsibility to ensure the defendant a fair trial and the news Media had Over exploited the Opportunity. The one dissenter from the supreme court verdict Justice Hugo l. Black evidently Felt that the first amendments free speech provisions allowed enough latitude for such goings on. Doctrinaire a a liberals and some representatives of the news Media May agree with him. But on balance an individuals right to a fair trial comes ahead of the Public a right to be a witness of All that goes on at the trial. In its decision the supreme court puts the priorities where they belong. By frequent serious collisions. The problem is that the traffic signals Are attached to poles on the Side of the Street where they Are difficult to see and where motorists especially from out of town Are not accustomed to looking for traffic lights. The motorists View of the lights is often blocked altogether by delivery trucks parked at the curb and in summer by foliage. While it is encouraging that trustees Are planning to place a signal ahead warning signs on either Side of the intersection the signs Are not a satisfactory substitute for making improvements to the intersection itself. Trustees should either suspend a Light or two lights Over the intersection or get rid of the signals altogether and put a Stop sign on the Corner of Valentine Street. Immediate action is All the More necessary now that the summer tourist season is almost Here. Hundreds of out of state cars will be passing through the intersection every Day. And on at least one Day this summer some Driver who is unfamiliar with Bennington will not notice the red Light until it is too late. Trustees should set aside some of their less pressing congestion problems then and give improvements to the intersection of main and Valentine top priority during the coming month. Support or oppose candidates or political parties. We had always thought that the league maintained strict impartiality on both candidates and issues and the editorial suggested that the local group ventured into forbidden territory by publicly supporting unification and by sponsoring petitions requesting a revote on the Issue this month. After the rebuke we got Friday we shall be careful never to misinterpret the purposes and functions of the league again. Fischetti of i May soy so i Iet buddhists i a. Buddies by Ger Ald raft by Sunderland. The current auctions in South Viet Nam remind me of that Dusty old yarn of world War ii England. It seems a beardless eighth air Force colonel was sitting in a pub one night bragging to his British opposite number about How he had improved the discipline in his outfit. Suddenly the colonel s jeep Driver stuck his head in the door. Quot hey Chuck Quot he yelled. Quot i just met a babe who lives out in the country a ways so i need the jeep if i m not Back in a couple of hours Don t the door slammed behind him. The britishers s eyebrows went up like a pair of miniature barrage balloons but the yank nodded happily. Quot see what i mean now two months ago he would t have bothered to Tell who a this who Aust to med the tour ? these boys Barry shifted gof Power Westward w a Eastern Label would ruin Romney by Joll in Chamberlain new York. The Republican convention of 1968 May turn on the simple question of whether a majority of the delegates regard Michigan As an Eastern or a Western state. This of course is just another Way of saying that Michigan s Republican governor George Romney is still something of a mystery As he contends with Richard Nixon for the front running position. A Quot loner Quot in the automobile business when he was head of american motors Romney did not hesitate to anger the High brass in general motors who thought he was breaking the rules of the a club Quot when he began knocking the pm product As Quot Gas guzzling general motors is not necessarily an Quot Eastern Quot concern but when Romney was disputing the excellence of the pm cars the big Detroit company was generally thought of As Eastern because of its financial links recently relinquished to the do Ponts of Delaware. Romney further annoyed general motors by remarking that it should be broken up into its constituent companies in order to preserve automotive Competition. The Trust busting Romney had a flavor that would have a it pealed to old time progressive republicans such As Borah of Idaho the various la Toilette of net Ark state polities Rocky Lindsay feud Over City s finances h0m� of Tuz ski by Kirtland King United press International Albany . Time has strange effects on political friendships. Only a few months ago gov. Rockefeller was appealing to John v. Lindsay to give up his seat in Congress and run for mayor of new York. Lindsay was telling the people what a great governor new York had in the person of Nelson a. Rockefeller. Of Lindsay encouraged by rumours that former mayor Robert f. Wagner had decided to Call it quits made up his mind to run for the top Job in City Hall. Rockefeller pledged financial support and assigned two of his top assistants to help the Republican mayoral candidate in the Campaign. The governor said he was willing to take an Active part in Lindsay selection drive. Now their political Friendship began to weaken. Lindsay said he did not want help on the political stump from the governor understand How he could be classed As an Quot outsider Quot especially when new York City depended so heavily on the state for financial assistance. City voters elected Lindsay backed by the gop and the Liberal party Over Democrat Abraham beam. A few Days after Jan. I Lindsay got a look at the new York City financial problems. Things were worse than he expected. The City was going to need help. Rockefeller took a look around the states Treasury and came up with an extra $100 million. But the Money fell far Short of what was needed. Lindsay said the City would need a new tax program to raise $512 million but the state legislature and the governor would have to cooperate. The Man classified by Lindsay last fall As an Quot outsider Quot and a Man who took no Active part in the mayoral suddenly becomes the the City a fiscal plans. First the mayor indirectly accused Rockefeller of dragging his feet on the local tax program. He said the governor was doing nothing to break a legislative deadlock. To the controversy Between the Republican controlled Senate and the democratic Assembly has prolonged the 1966 session and prevented the lawmakers from going Home for the important pre primary contests Many of them face. No one is Happy about the situation. Rockefeller backed the plan adopted by the Senate which it is claimed will enable the City to raise $407 million. But the Assembly walked. Assembly speaker Anthony Travia after a conference with Lindsay said the larger House of the legislature would not go along with the Senate tax Bills. Rockefeller had enough. He broke his Long silence on How he Felt Lindsay was performing in his new Job As mayor. He accused Lindsay of running out on an agreement which would have assured passage of the Senate tax program. And the governor added anyone who thinks the City will have to Cut services substantially because Lindsay wont get All he wants is Quot misinformed and totally these Are Tough words for one Republican to toss at another. A of Democrat Travia not unhappy about the Rockefeller Lindsay argument said Quot i think the Basic cause at this time delay in acting on the budget Bills is the feud Between Rockefeller and Lindsay. It must be a feud. It must be a it could be a feud. But most Likely a Way of life. Lindsay has More than three years to go As mayor and his chief problem is to satisfy the people of new York City. Rockefeller must run for re election in november and he has to satisfy the people of All 63 cities in the state. Quote Campaign Quot key Quot to in the United states we do not believe that secondary education amounts to much and we do not really care a Robert m. Hutchins president Center for the study of democratic institutions. Wisconsin and Hiram Johnson of California. But recently Romney possibly without his complicity was certified by gov. Nelson Rockefeller of new York As an Quot Eastern Choice Quot for the party s presidential nomination in 1968. True enough Rockefeller spoke about a possible top ticket that would include sen. Javits of new York leaving it up to his listeners to decide whether it should be a Romney javits ticket or vice versa. In any Case Rockefeller did no service to Romney by giving him an Quot Eastern Quot cachet. At a recent annual dinner meeting of Young americans for Freedom in Washington Barry Coldwater told a few Hundred enthusiastic conservatives that no Quot Liberal Quot stood a Chance of being nominated by the republicans in 1968. What he really should have said is that the Choice will go to a candidate acceptable in the West and to the South. The Coldwater revolt in the Republican party very probably has failed in its main intention of establishing a permanent conservative majority base at the grassroots. But it did succeed in its secondary aim of shifting the balance of party Power to the West and the South. This balance so George Abbott the chairman of the Nevada Republican party told a Denver conference of the Republican governors association last month Quot is not moving a of no candidate for the presidential nomination then can very Well afford to go into the 1968 Republican convention As an Nixon a great strength at the moment is that he is still regarded As a National figure whose origins and pragmatic Quality make him acceptable to local republicans in the South and the West. The life of republicanism is in the new Quot two party Quot South where significant victories have been won in Georgia and Alabama in the Southwest where sen. John Tower stands an excellent Chance of winning a repeat Victory in Texas and in the vast reaches of the West where Mark Hatfield of Oregon and Tim Babcock of Montana will almost certainly manage to jump from governors mansions to the . Senate and where other Republican governors such As Daniel Evans of Washington John a. Love of Colorado and Robert s my lie of Idaho have dominated their respective landscapes. The Western republicans unlike the Southern members of the tribe shy away from the Label of they prefer to be known As pragmatists. Even Ronald Reagan nominated last week As the California goes candidate for governor has conducted his Campaign for the Republican nomination for governor on a pragmatic basis. But the Point is that the southerners and the westerners unite on the question of geography. They Aren t giving the party Back to the East. A of if George Romney a mormon and a Middle Westerner manages to go to the wire with a reputation for being More Quot Western Quot than Quot Eastern Quot and More pragmatic than Quot Liberal Quot or Quot conservative Quot he might seize the prize. But it could be the kiss of death if he goes to the convention As the Quot Eastern Quot candidate. Burning libraries can hardly be considered a democratic expression of opinion and it is certainly not a custom to be encouraged but it indicates that the protest movement in South Vietnam has Confidence in democracy no matter How much critics May talk of militarism and imperialism. Burning libraries and throwing rocks at police comprise a Small democratic step Forward in the context of South Viet Nam. Take a look at the other Side of the picture. There is very Little protest in North Viet Nam. The last outburst of criticism there in to Chi Minh s Home province in 1956, was promptly put Down with the exile or execution of 6,000 people they did t throw rocks at the police because the policing was done by the 325th division of the people s army of the democratic Republic of Viet Nam As it is called. The figures Are from or. Bernard b. Fall no admirer of our current stand there who also notes that in the same year during a land Reform program which to Chi Minh later admitted was Quot a mistake Quot some 50,000 protestors were killed and 100,000 exiled. I guess its pretty brutal of us to use tear Gas indiscriminately the Way we do. A of incidentally the buddhists who Are kicking up such a fuss Are probably a great Deal like our native critics of the War most of them Are sincere but there is a sizable sprinkling of communists who Are always on hand with a can of gasoline and a couple of Handy slogans. In fact it is Only common sense to assume that there Are always a few reds among the dissidents both Here and there because if they weren to on the scene some salaried operatives would be slated to get a thorough chewing out at the headquarter of the Kab where such routine rebukes have been known to be administered by a firing squad. Of course Many of our Domestic critics of the War Are intellectually convinced that it is evil but it is unlikely that they Are the ones who authored the chant that goes Quot hey hey lbs How Many kids did you kill today Quot the administrations supporters of the War Lack this kind of brain trusting or they would be out picketing the Senate hearings with chants of Quot old Wayne Morse old Wayne morsel he got kicked in the head by a horse Quot or possibly Quot Fulbright Ful Bright he Isnit even half Bright Quot another indication of red participation is the matter of timing. The latest Buddhist outbursts coincided neatly with the Mon soon rain offensive of the Viet Cong and we note that Many Quot Domestic Quot protests Are geared to world wide protest Days. The red element in the peace movement often betrays itself by its creative Zeal. For example one Story you May be hearing More about bears the hallmark of the Craft it reports that Ltd was originally produced in the . Laboratories As a part of its chemical warfare program. Obviously such a yarn will not Appeal to the Campus intellectuals but it will probably go Over big with the people who move their lips when they read. To a because any mention of communists always draws answering charges of red baiting perhaps id better cite a Little source material. The Greenwich Village voice certainly not a red baiting Organ some months ago reported a new York City debate on administration policy under the headline Quot Viet Cong ambush on w. 108th Street Quot and noted that the audience seemed composed exclusively of representatives of youth against War and fascism the progressive labor movement pushers of one maoist and two Trotsky Ite publications As Well As the National guardian and admitted supporters of the National liberation front that a the dress up name of the . Or. Jay Steibel of Freedom House on the dais apparently was the Lone representative of the majority opinion throughout the country. We have made mistakes in Viet Nam and will make More but our persistence has already brought some results. It is unlikely that the indonesian army revolt which swept theredp.k.1. Out of the islands would have occurred if we had pulled out of Viet Nam. The Ghana uprising which gave the chinese reds their first serious setback in Africa May Well have been partly motivated by our Strong asian policy if policy is not too formal a word for what we Are doing Over there. A of what we Are doing is heavy handed and often ineffective but our motives Are clean even when the situation is not. And the end result of air efforts will be afar healthier climate for democracy and Freedom in the far East than if we had pulled out and let the whole indo chinese Peninsula go Down the Drain. George Washington a speech from Maxwell Andersons Quot Valley forge Quot covers the situation Quot this Freedom will look easy later on when nobody has to die for it. Ifs quite possible that we May never see such a time. The passing scene governor seeks advice Burlington. It has been Learned from a highly placed reliable source that gov. Boff recently took the action which All newspaper columnists have Long known was inevitable. According to this source who declined to be identified the governor finally realized that it is a waste of taxpayers Money to lure High priced aides to conduct expensive surveys and to carry on costly research projects just to get advice on How to run the state of Vermont. He suddenly came to his senses and became aware that he had been ignoring advice which is not Only readily available but is unlimited in scope and subject matter. The people who can give such advice Are of course the newspaper columnists in Vermont. A of the governor decided to Start on a Small scale. Quot bring me three columnists Quot he told an aide. The aide rounded up Samuel bog Down a. D. Suffering and Dick murky. When they arrived the conversation according to the reliable source went like this Hoff what should i do about the electric Power problem bog Down wed be better off with kerosene lamps. Suffering give electricity b v Alan let. So ill Kin away free to everybody in Vermont. Murky re Reapp Ortlon the legislature. Hoff should i support president Johnson on Viet Nam bog Down you should have supported diem. Suffering you should have stayed Home. Murky you say you support the democratic party. Hoff what should i do about education bog Down forget it. Suffering make Vermont into one school District. Murky smile play it Cool. Hoff the reliable source reports that at this Point the governor appeared to be slightly confused what should i do about poverty bog Down done to be a soft head. Suffering let the poor run the state. Murky blame it on the republicans. Whereupon the first columnists advisory session ended. According to the reliable source the governor is somewhat indefinite in his plans for scheduling the second meeting. It has also been reported that he is considering asking for an appropriation to pay the Cost of making a study of newspaper columnists. I \ t

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