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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 13, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 8-Bennington Banner thursday june 13,1963 Dorset Larch a Skinner Tel. 8b7-44m West Arlington Sandgate Peru Betty Trachte Tel. Do 52228 it to see or. And mrs. John a Lorengo from new York City Beck at their Home on route so for the summer. No doubt As soon As the weather dries up or. Viarengo will be out under his Maple tree playing the old italian game of bocce with the neighbourhood children As he has done for so Many Summers. The game is similar to Bowling. Mrs. Viarengo is anticipating a week s visit from her son Hugo and his wife and children who will arrive saturday. The Hugo Viar engols now live in Kenneth Square pa., but were former residents of Dorset. Though the Dorset inn was Host Down payment charge it your Way take 30 Days or months to i 210 North Bennington Rood unofficially to several eager guests last weekend Frederick Whittemore the inn s proprietor is still on the run to finish last minute details before the Dorset inn opens Friday for its 28th year under his management. 8 the delicacies listed on the menu should be appealing Fash toned As they will be by the hand of the head chef. Lee Delphia who was formerly a chef in the girl s dining Hall of Ulm and has been at the Westport inn Westport ., for the past four Summers. Mrs. Harriat fulsom of Northfield will again be in charge of the bin s baking department. Whittemore reports that his Winter improvements to the inn consist of the conversion of several old fashioned tub Baths into tub Shower combinations. And Over on the hollow Road the Barrows House which has been open All year to skiers and transient visitors has begun its summer season with the arrival of or. And mrs. Jerry Knight from Camden . Knight who begins his 19th summer As chef of the inn will replace James Lee a Barrows House owner who has been the Winter chef. Barrows House guests will enjoy the several newly painted and papered bedrooms the last blooms on the 1,000 Tulip bulbs and the cheery faces of the Lees three daughters Penelope Patricia who has just graduated from Dana Hall in fhe Lesley mass. And Ulni who will soon graduate from the 8th Grade in Dorset. Early Bird service one Day round trip spend 6 hours in new York for visiting or shopping la. Bennington 7 20 . To City la. New York 6 00 . On return today a chuckle one thing that should keep America rolling is the shortage of parking placet. Vermont transit lines bus terminal 126 Washington St. Phone 442-4808 the fish and game club will sponsor a fishing Derby saturday and sunday afternoons from i until 4 at warm Brook in East Arlington. All children 12 years old and younger Are eligible to compete. Prises will be awarded and refreshments served. The West Arlington Home demonstration club will hold its next meeting june 19 instead of the regular meeting Day. The meeting will be called at 1 30 . At the Home of mrs. Walter Finney in West Arlington. Mrs. Finney will Lead a discussion on Quot family refreshments will be served by the hostess and mrs. Clifford Ferris. Mrs. Wian Lothar of Wantagh Long Island was a recent guest in the Home of or. And mrs. Edwin Kilcoin of Barwal Road. Harry Pickering Ralph Ferris Karen Mccarthy and Keith Squires Are among the class of seniors graduating from the Arlington High school this Friday evening. Quot chips Stokes has completed the year at the Forman school in Litchfield Conn., and is at Saratoga results let a Trot Mil. 1500 r. C. 8 Mocq Ulfik i 44.00 16.50 00 Lucky Symbol Bourgon 80 6.20 Harry Vav. Larente 3.oo tim�?2 12 4-5. Also tart a Dixfield. Prince Hoot. Candle Pete Runny Mede Betty. Ethers guess. 2nd�?Pace. Mile. 500. Tri Lafon it Marten i 5 80 3.80 3.on Brittany Goodwell 6.90 4.20 Crock Yotte Nelly Peck Ami 4.2o time 2 12 2-5 also started Grey repeat. Tony t. Carol Don Joy. Dailey pm. Little Guy put. A rally double a a paid 3rd�?Pace, mile 1600 Duffett bog Dusi 8.70 4.00 3.30 Runnymede june Huff 4.20 3.00 Francis dares Akouvi 2.10 tkmej�?2 11 3-5. Also started traffic manager charming Karen. Freddie a girl. Jarrettown Leo. Colonie boy. 4th-Pace, mile Glens Falla time div. Harness writers. $4 500 Magda Wick Pinkey to 20 4 to 3 0 mystery key current faraway Belli 3 60 time -2 06 4-5. Alan started Rifko Bee. Madow Audrey. Emil Jay. Goldon Kuno. Mabel Haven. Hardwood. 5th�?be. Mile. 6700. Breeze Abby Bourgon 3.60 Topaz sue corneal dark Goose lamp Rouch tim�?2 08 4-5. Also started Majestic pick. Crystal seabed. Polly Byrd Gay heian. 6th�? Pace mile Glens fall time Dis. Harness writers 61vj0 div Rex pick Abbatielo i 2 20 2.lo 2 10 Lucky Demon Hayti 2.10 2.10 rebel land Marc hour Ham 2.3n to 2 04 2-5, also started banker a Quot valorous. Jean. A Lusty Lawr a vital Frisco. Congress King a la Hoyt and p. Dailey stable enter b Schraffenberger stable entry. 7th Pace mile Glens Falls Al Wanna club invitational it 200. F. Vav. Adios Bardier 7.20 1 of 2 <9 Vuk Tagan Russo 4 to 2 0 Mav s Dawkins 3.80 Tim 2.05 3-5 also ats Ted kiddie. Sassy. Trotwood Chuck. Spindle of the Pace mile. 6600. Peggy Castle Theroux it 15.60 Eivin Rose Croft Bogardus Rev Hile Poyen tim�?2 09 3-5 also started express. Indian Beach Fingo a Ellen a Adios Louis Purdue. 9th�?pare. Mite. Vii Camilla Mitt Hamilton 10 20 4 to Bonnie boy Adriance 5 0 Creme in Bardier time-2 to 3-5 Alto started Gene. A c. Volo. Snuck Uncle Oil. Shady Al i tone. Attendance 2,418. Handle ill 3.oo 2 40 3.6 1 2 60 3.20 5 40 2.70 3.40 2 6o 4.30 thru Bon. .10 .1 so 2 to lib boy. 17,114. Five flavorful old world breads i puff resealable \ plastic bags \ guard i s the delicious y flavors. I this Coupon is Worth 70 toward Tho Purchase of any old world bread by Millbrook. Or grocer your Millbrook bread Salesman will redeem this Coupon for face value plus 2 handling costs when you receive it on your Sale of one loaf of old world bread your old world bread purchases must cover coupons presented for redemption void when presented by outside Agency or where prohibited taxed or otherwise restricted. Bead Only on old world bread by Millbrook. Offer of Spiros july is 1983. Store Couron Home with Hie parents in Sandgate. Andrew b. Smith Eon of or. And mrs. Robert Miller Smith of West Arlington received Hie Bachelor s degree in architecture from the University of Colorado at Boulder last Friday afternoon. The commencement address was Given by Quigg Newton retiring president of the University. Green Mountain Echos the new England thoroughbred racing circuit has Long been recognized As the proving grounds for Young apprentice riders. Down through the years jockeys who gained their initial experience Riding Over the new England tracks have migrated to the larger ovals and have gone on to gain Fame in their chosen profession. To mention but a few one recalls the names of such As Ted Atkinson Bobby Ussery Larry Adams Jackie Westrope and the current sensation Henry Wadja. All of these riders gained their first winning mount in new England. Here at Green Mountain Park we have three apprentice boys that Are Riding every Day who seem destined for stardom if their present Riding form is any criterion. They fare Tommy Thorndike Clau Oit Valeri and Ken Baker. Baker a newcomer to the jockey Colony at the track Rode his first Winner last saturday and has made a great impression with Veteran horsemen on the grounds with his ability in handling horses. W. R. Billy Mills who sends the horses away at Santa Anita and Suffolk Downs arrived at Green Mountain Park to take Over the starting duties vacated by R. Buddy Wingfield. The latter has left to take Over the starting duties at Narragansett Park due to a prior contract. Training thoroughbreds has been considered by Many As a Many a Job but the fairer sex is Well represented Fli Green Mountain Park. Seen on their ponies supervising the training of their charges in the Early morning hours Are such members of the distaff Side As Barbara m. Kees Benat Deming mrs. Prosser Tabb and Moryana Zelter. Miss Kees currently is second in the standings for leading Trainer honors. Former jockey Larry Lavelle joined the ranks of the train Saratoga raceway entries lit Trot. Mil. Mil Vin Tern. Mamie Pride. Butch to Shady do Blase. Bell Anne a boy. Runny Nede Lee Den revue. Laura. 7ra tic Mil. 6500 by Adydan gleam. To rear View Carn. Meadow Stacey Doc Valentin Filo to . P Airn a Byrd. Raina Hanover. Pork Long lady 3rd�?Pace, Mil. 50&Quot Whie away pick. Seaway Captain. Poor Johnnie. Am Melvn Hal Borov Fen fashion darn Ohio Valley. Queen a Mia a the Pace. Mile. S3. Of do. . Chandala Bryan. Bay stat scan. Top Viking glowing counsel gracious vial Tor. Harry til great Brut t Frisco. Adios Ace. Early Hanover. Holiday Happy. Gold bar. 5th mile. 300 Pappy Pride. Never Bella. Rena Aeiker lad. Yank is. Charcoal Doe. Hat Rose Croft a Horn Kina Dwyer. 6<l1 pee mile. »0i> div. White he l. Phyllia c scoop Sundowner. Roy Atule. W. D met Burn. Guy Demon. Bonier . Katy Victoria. Carri stator Shenandoah cram. Flash Dillon. 7�h Trot mile. S1200 Pronto shape. High hat valiant Hanover Onward Diamond a thy Promise Swartley Hanover. Ridden Volo. Kindle. 8th Pace. Mil. S800 Parson Tea. Banjo pick Bonny Bart do Rome Hanover. Freight forwarder. Sadly pick. Hilpman a direct Gold boy 4th�?Pace, into. S5o0. Battle sit. Linn Day. Freaky b Ricochet Todd Badian. Rebel land Belle Runnymede Cooper. Prince Robert. Hinsdale raceway entries first Roc Trot Clos 0, i Mil shoo worthy Burma worthy lobed Success Ollie mister Mcabe waylay song Able pick Anda la Pixie a a a Aromar Toby Welcome Sheila a Yankee Holiday second Pace can a i the 500 Price s Pride rocket c polka Princess or. Fre�0bt Esquire s Gal Noble mystery Irish Eddie a dug you sparkling Gem a glory Wyn Thi Row Trot class 0, i Mil. Moo. Lino i Tennyson Hanover Lothian Hanover Corwin Hanover Purdue Laddie a Tyson d Jinks Worthington John my Chat bed Way fourth Adrion Rose Croft Billy m s dream Symbol mite Prince e be Ponlin Gabion fifth Trot class c3. I mile Moo red glory smitty Hanover class a i mile Moo Spunky miss Chance up sunny key a Calumet Scott proud doll Buena so rare Admi Hanover Maido Horah boy a Henry Jones mgt be sixth Pace class c3. I mile $600 Virginia gentle the Burro shod Dale direct another Victory minuteman Frisky Jon Roan Raider a Erick Bucky frn in Mcleon seventh Pace class c3. I mile s600 to sustae Ruth Eyre hot Brindle lass to scotch Susie Bac Susan Moraka Dudley Hope a Laurens Brewer foxy Rice eighth Poe. Class c2. I mile 700 no doubt Frisky freight Wilford d. N. Or. Authur Jericho Judy Polaris Hanover Jerry Kin Polly Mac ninth pact. Class a i mile. 300 hoi Joy Topaz sequin Jenny Melburn Congress George Wam Esit Victory Chippy Volo Star Royal Smokey h a miss metro him amp Kwh mgr Tel a my or. And mrs. Smith and mrs. Smith s father or. Taylor of Pouch Kessle ., flew out to Colorado to attend Andy a graduation and have returned to their Home. Andy is driving Home and is expected to arrive in West Arlington wednesday. A will by St his Home until july 22 when he plans to enter the Navy As a member of the officers Candice school. Tag clan just a few Short Asago and made a most successful debut monday afternoon when he saddled done raining to a winning Effort. Lavelle will handle the string of i. Winters who recently added his string to the growing thoroughbred Community Here at Green Mountain Park. Ickens with Contact lenses Santa Rosa Calif. Apr a Santa Rosa inventor wants chickens to see red and to do the Job he has developed Contact lenses that a Chicken can Wesr permanently. A. W. Schrnaer said he noticed chickens with cataracts were better behaved than others and their egg production was Good. He hit on a red plastic contrivance to distort the vision of healthy chickens. Schrnaer says since everything the Chicken sees is red bleeding injuries do not attract it and cannibalism is prevented the Birds no longer fight they Stop chickens from picking Over their food and wasting it and they reduce emotional stresses and egg breakage. They made sure of covering tracks Wheeling w. A. A it a police search this week Tor two prisoners Wro took special care to cover their tracks when they made their getaway monday. They took the prison bloodhound with them. Authorities of Camp Fairchance a a talmud Security Branch of the state prison system said the inmates had been assigned to train the dog to track prison escapees. The fugitives Harry b. Allen 34, and Clyde shears jr., 28, were serving i to 10-year terms for grand larceny. Ruanell a lord of East tended the state conference to Orange n.j., accompanied by special education to Stowe on his son Russell k. Lord of Eagle monday and tuesday. Villa pa., recently visited the Home of his brother Malcolm b. Lord Thomas Dibble one of our Art fat residents is showing some of his paintings at a gallery to Darien Conn. This month. Mrs. Mabel b. Williams who been a patient to the Putnam Lemoral Hospital to Bennington for a couple of weeks returned to her Home last week but makes daily trips to the Hospital for treatment. Miss Elizabeth Wheeler spent the past weekend with her parents or. And mrs. E. S. Wheeler. The Peru school will close this week and graduation exercises will be held thursday afternoon. Mrs. Evelyn h. Beattie at East arli Sunderland b chert Shuffleton Tel do 54137 or. And mrs. Henry Kollmer of Kelly stand Road recently entertained mrs. Kollmer s brother Gus Dickhaus of Montreal que. Dickhaus is a textile consultant. North Bennington Sailor serving aboard minesweeper uss agile Peter a. Larned i. Son of Shaftsbury fran Stacy Tai. 2-6524 award ceremonies will he held monday june 17 for Jeffery Clawson member of boy scout troop 31, who has achieved the rank of Eagle scout. The ceremonies will take place at the Shaftsbury fire House at 7 30 . Refreshments will be served and All friends and interested people Are invited to attend. I rag Tony Erland Hoosick Ada m. Brew Tel. 686-7275 in May Herrington attended the 25 wedding anniversary of or. And mrs. Melvin Lillie in North Adams saturday night. Mrs. Helen Cantelo and mrs. Estella Shaw entertained the Bowel club on saturday at the Cantelo Home. Eng Taeman fireman us. Or. And mrs. Francis e. Zon of 63 main St., Northington vt., is serving aboard Tbs Ocean minesweeper uss agile a unit of the Atlantic Fleet mins forces which recently partic pm de in nato Meta sweeping exercises in the Western Atlantic. Dubbed Quot sweep Clear eight the 10-Day training Maneu vers involved Canadian and Jub. Mine units. The agile normally operates out of Charleston 8jc. It give them two weeks remember forever the 1968 deadline for requests for fresh air children aged 6 to 12 is july 2. Assure the two weeks visit longer if you wish of one or More children to your Home starting july 16. Fill in the Coupon and mail today the proper care and feeling of the child during his visit is your Only responsibility. Pleas acknowledge request for children boy s girl s age race a a a a a a a religion a a City and state phone Shaft Bury it. Moil to or. Fran Stacy Benn. 442-6524 fathers Day Sunda y june 16 lightweight spor Coats Dacron Wool Dacron Cotton Slacks Dacron Wool Wash and Wear remember father on his Day with a lasting gift of personal satisfaction and Comfort Adams clothes shop a shoes too free parking in Back of store Hinsdale results first Trot. Class a mile 500. Ness Hanover Day. 11.61 s.6i 2.26 Yankee Sun set Block 26.66 s.66 Evelyn s ardent Beckwith 1.46 Tim a 2.13. Also a Susie Al Lorney Colleen tuition David a., a Chendy. Second Pace class 0, Milt 300. Talent Mckenney. 11.1# 2.t 2.46 Balkan Collins. 166 2.66 Bay stat Joan lame 2.46 Tim a 2.14. Also a Meadow Hayes or. M g., Janet Dee May Bell. Daily double 6 4 paid 144.46 Consolation double 6-6 paid 12.6 a eth ipod a tra. Cass d. Mile 300 a Man Beckwith. 67.66 14.26 6.46 Strom Hanover Mckenney. 15.66 7.66 Frere dares the go 4.66 time 2.13.1. Also a sir Royal Baron Steamboat Bill Goy Duke Hudson Victory Harley a Choice. Fourth a Pace Doss a mile 500. Bangor signal Calhan 7.66 4.26 1.46 acct avatar Lynn ugh 4.46 Jao miss Concord Day. 2.4a Tim a 2.10. Also miss muh Abb frosty dares Hilt to los tip Gloria Heather. Fifth Trot class c-3. Mile 400. Homestretch dad bar gets. 14.66 1.66 1 26 Pokey Dillon com Ether. >-46 3 66 Edgewood Glens Wolsey 3.26 time 2 06. Also Sherwood lass Lody Burke scar Way hop sail Oremus. Sixth . Class c-3, Milt 400. Stomp Haidar cola. 13-46 4.10 4.46 cry Jimmy Copeland 26.16 13.46 Erie a doll Lawa. 7.16 time 2 00 3. Also esquires Kin Mountain master Billy Brooks pm i in Cedor Crest Ace. Seventh Pace class c 2. Mile 700. data Day 26.16 0.46 4.46 Sandy Loa Faa chec 6.6 Jas Westbury Robinson a a time 2 00.1. Also Furmon hoi motors lad we counsel Congress Grafton flying counsel. Eighth Pace class c l mile. 600. Moyna Monavar Colbath 11.66 6.66 s.36 Piton Edmonds. 7.26 1.66 fancy Queen Winters 4.40 time 2.07.2. Also Dewey Holmes Reb Dawn Honey doll foot doctor Hustle Hanover. Ninth Pace class d. Mil. 500 Bester Parade Sylvia f.26 Bijj 2.66 Afton Lydia Drayton l-4s 166 Jolly Jana Padgett 4.4b time 2 11.3. Also Bollaan Brook Gay Mundy Chris Forbes Gorgana Wynn. A Xua in us. People in Sim Ai a Gruff Rex a by x am out. Pm you Remata i Ca cat maj in like this in grabbing Pope s if cutin Al this in bet after ii its i Penok. My this yer s potties n Oaklet new deeds faster thin you a say wide tick. Com la led eel land a Yea cd Pontiac grand prix see your authorized Pontiac dealer for a wide Choice of wide tracks and Good used cars. Too Walter l Barber inc. North Bennington Rood Bennington it

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