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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 12, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Cloudy warmer partial Clearing and continued Cool tonight lows in the 40s. Thursday partly Cloudy with higher temperatures. Tuesdays High 60 Low 50 today at 7 a.m., 52. Total precipitation past 24 hours .51 inches. The planet Mercury the morning Star May be seen Low in the Eastern sky before Sunrise. Bennington Vermont wednesday june 12, 1963 Anner established 1841. 60th year no. 19,203 Price dents halting gesture Alabama gov. George Wallace raises a hand to Nicholas Katzenbach who attempted to enrol two negro students on the Campus of the University or Alabama at Tuscaloosa tuesday. Katzenbach Deputy attorney general of the u.s., turned Back by Wallace s promised Quot stand in the doorway Quot Defiance. But students registered later in the Day. Associated press photo Alabama , then in by Kelman Morin Tuscaloosa Ala. Apr segregation s Wall around Alabama Public schools cracked when two negroes enrolled at a state University behind federalized National guardsmen. A stubborn gov. George c. Wallace made his doorway stand against Federal authority tuesday. He turned Back Federal officials and delayed registration of the two negroes Only briefly at the University of Alabama. Then he yielded to an Alabama born general of the state s 17, National guard federalized by presidential order. The breaching of the racial Wall in Alabama which had been the Only state without Token integration in Public schools provided a dramatic prelude to a demand by president Kennedy for obliteration of color lines in the nation see Story in column 3. The 43-year-old governor grim and determined stood off Federal officials in the first meeting at the University. He read a proclamation to Quot denounce and forbid this illegal and unwarranted action by the Central the Federal officials and the negro students Vivian Malone and Jiffies a. Hood withdrew temporarily. A Short time later Wallace confronted by Brig. Gen. Henry v. Graham 47, assistant commander of the 31st infantry division of the National guard. The tall militarily erect Graham Gray haired and sunburned saluted. The governor his Chin thrust Forward but his face now Bleak waited. Graham said he had been commanded to ask Wallace to step aside. Wallace who had earlier been told by the president to give up his Defiance replied Quot i wish to make a statement. Quot but for Thuli warranted federalization of town at tonal guard i would be your commander in chief. In fact i am your commander in chief. Quot i know this is a bitter Pill for for the Youthful Bernor it obviously bitter defeat. Wallace said again that Alabama s citizenry should refrain from violence he denounced the Federal government s Quot trend to military dictatorship Quot and then almost angrily unhooked a microphone from around his neck let see Alabama continued on Page 12 first and final news conference Vlf a Malone sad Janes Hood bold what they called their Quot first and final news conference Quot after the two negro students registered at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. Both said they wanted to get Down to studying. They stand in the doorway of Foster auditorium where earlier gov. George Wallace had barred their Way. A photo a race has no place in american life or Law Kennedy says its time to abolish segregation Washington apr president Kennedy has warned the nation that discrimination against negroes has lighted Quot fires of frustration and discord Quot that threaten lives and the Public safety. The president outlined abroad legislative program he will propose to Congress next week. He said it will be based on the proposition a that race has no place in american life or a great change is at hand he said and Quot our task our obligation is to make that revolution that change peaceful and constructive for rights Pace is seen Washington apr president Kennedy Scall for civil rights legislation swiftly received the backing of congressional leaders of both parties but they expect its Progress to be slow and turbulent. Quot i will devote my very Best efforts Quot to seeking an effective program said Senate Republican Leader Everett m. Dirksen of Illinois after Kennedy a address to the nation tuesday night. Dirksen said he recognized Quot that Congress has a responsibility in this Field and there should be some action in this sen. Hubert h. Humphrey of Minnesota assistant Senate democratic Leader made it Clear he does not expect any final action until late summer on any of the civil rights proposals the president promised to Send to Congress next week. Forecasting a Southern filibuster in the Senate against civil rights measures Humphrey said the administration will have to get along As Best it can without additional Legal authority in its attempts to Ward off racial violence. Sen. Allen j. Ellender d-la., said Quot the threat i just heard tonight that the negroes will lie in the streets if there is a filibuster a which there will be will mean a lot of bloodshed. I m sorry this is in store a More violence bloodshed without Kennedy appeared tuesday evening on radio and television in a fireside civil rights lecture to americans of both North and South Only hours after Alabama gov. George c. Wallace bowed to Federal pressure and stepped aside to let two negro students Register at the previously All White University of Alabama Quot i Hope that every american regardless of where he lives will Stop and examine his conscience about this and other related incidents Quot said Kennedy. Quot when americans Are sent to Viet Nam or West Berlin we do not ask for Whites Only Quot he said. Quot it ought to be possible therefore for american students of any color to attend any Public institution they select without having to be backed up by Quot in Short Quot Kennedy added Quot every american ought to have the right to be treated As he would wish to be treated As Otto would wish his children to be treated. But this is not the Kennedy declaring that America faces Quot a moral crisis As a country and As a people Quot said he will ask Congress to make a civil rights commitment Quot it has not fully made in this the president said he will propose legislation that would 1. Prohibit stores hotels restaurants and Heaters from discriminating against negroes. 2. Allow the Federal govern Allen i res Public Park on town farm land site the Allen organization of Bennington professional recreation planners tuesday night recommended to Bennington selectmen that the town farm land be designated a Public Park. The firm saw the site As potentially Quot one of the finest municipal Parks in the it also recommended that a master plan Quot for Long Range development of the Park be prepared with Cost estimates by different recreational units so that individuals and civic groups May contribute in developing Var on the inside the Vermont Senate kills reapportionment Page 2. Greater Bennington school Board considers request for definitive sick leave and vacation policies for non teaching personnel a Page 5. Hoosick Falls organist retires a Page 6. It. Anthony country club Golf pro John Maurycy qualifies for the . Open Golf tournament a Page 8. Sixty eight Bennington Catholic High school seniors receive their diplomas a Page 12. A Roundup Page 15. Of recent events in and around Vermont a negroes Are winning Dixie a Page 17. Better jobs with Many firms in done to awaken president de Gaulle unless there a a world War a Page 18. Lous facilities As indicated on the a Survey by the firm of the property a recreational potential authorized by selectmen in january. The report presented to selectmen by one of the firm s partners Stewart e. Allen. The 70 acres of town owned property lies just North of the Molly Stark school on Willow Road and extends East to Park Street Extension. Selectmen said they will turn the report Over to the Bennington regional planning commission to be incorporated in its studies. Selectmen Clayton Daigneault endorsed the move but Felt that of a general comprehensive plan by the commission to be two or three years in the making selectmen should move ahead on development of the Park a beginning Quot next Spring or the six Page report and accompanying map includes descriptions of the property a size and location its relation to populated areas existing recreational areas and future neighbouring land use and its physical character and accessibility. The report states Quot the rolling Topography and natural features of the property contend location size Accel ullity relation to the Molly Stark school and the Quot a Quot Pool Are All fac see Public Park continued on Page 12 a Iju a _ us or a i if a Jim i a in in in i i a a la �?T�?1 a a a a a a in a j a a a la ll�?1negro Leader is shot to death in driveway of Jackson Home ment to take a More Active part in court suits aimed at de segregating Public schools. 3. Afford greater Protection for negroes right to vote. Acknowledging the new Laws Are not enough Kennedy said however that in too Many parts of the country wrongs Are inflicted on negroes because they have no remedies at Law and Quot unless the Congress acts their Only remedy is the in Congress leaders of both parties promised to put their shoulders to the wheel. Quot i recognize that Congress has a responsibility in this Field Quot said Senate Republican Leader Everett m. Dirksen Quot and there should be some action in this session on effective civil rights legislation. To this end i will devote my Best Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield predicted Quot Well have civil rights legislation at this session and it looks like we will be in session for the remainder of the House speaker John w. Mccormack d-mass., said the president s speech Quot would have great weight with the country As Well As but from a Southern Democrat came warnings of filibuster and violence. Quot if the president tries to enforce his legislative proposals i think it will mean violence Quot said sen. Allen j. Ellender a la. Jackson miss. Apr med Gar w. Evers one of the South a prominent negro leaders mortally wounded in the driveway of his Home Early today. Evers 37, Mississippi Field Secretary of the National association for the Adan commit of coloured people died abort of minute later in University medical Carter. Evers had been directing a massive civil disobedience Campaign against racial discrimination in the Mississippi capital. Police launched a widespread search for his Assassin. Quot this is most unfortunate Quot said Jackson chief of detectives w. B. Pierce who asked the Fri to assist in the investigation. In new York Roy t. Wilkins executive Secretary of the a act said the death of Evers Quot demonstrates anew the Blind and murderous hatred which obsesses too Many mississippians a Quot in their ignorance they believe that by killing a Brave dedicated and resourceful Leader of the civil rights struggle they can kill the movement for human rights. They Wilkins said the a act posting a $10,000 Reward for Eversz Assassin. Evers shot As he stepped out of his car about 1230a.m. He had been in his offices conferring with a act attorneys after an integration rally. The Bullet struck Evers in the right Side of his Back passed through his body and smashed into his House. The slug went through a plate Glass window at an Angle pierced a Wall and hit a refrigerator. The Bullet bounced off the refrigerator onto counter near the sink. Police found it beneath a Watermelon. Police said the weapon a Bennington area business Boom Hasni to materialized quite yet by Warren Buckler the Bennington area Economy after a Spring slowdown seems to be making a slow recovery and heading for what business men Hope will be a record breaking summer. January and february Vik the Best mid Winter months they have Ever had most local businessmen agree. But March april and May business definitely off. June a with its weddings and graduations a expected to give the lagging Economy a kick in the pants but to Date the kick has not materialized. For As june nears the Halfway Mark there Are still indications the area s Economy is running behind other years. Some factors indicating that the Economy still has not caught up a reports from a number of merchants that business is not increasing percentage Wise As Well As had been hoped. Some merchants have found their past three months business lagged behind the volume of a year ago a a High unemployment rate which though it is decreasing rapidly As it usually does this time of year is higher than last year and falling off More slowly. This True not Only in the Bennington area but in the state a review of cd slated by Hoff Montpelier apr gov. Philip h. Hoff said today he plans to conduct an intensive review of Vermont s civil defense readiness when the legislature adjourns. Quot we re not fully prepared a the governor told a news conference. Quot and there s no use in trying to kid people into thinking we Hoff noted that Oregon has abandoned its cd program after concluding the Money available for the program not enough to do a Complete Job. The governor said he not Quot in full Accord with this he said Vermont must have a program that represents Quot the Best we can do under our a whole. Vermont finally went Oft Quot High level unemployment Quot a four successive weeks with an unemployment rate Over Over 7 per cent a during the week of May 18. For to consecutive weeks preceding March 23, the state had the highest unemployment rate in new England a a slow Start by some local seasonal industries. Short time Lay offs according to a recent department of employment Security Des bulletin Are still prevalent in this area. Some seasonal in Money Bill debate due Montpelier apr sen. John h. Boylan r Essex chairman of the Senate appropriations committee Caid today the omnibus Bill will be up for consideration in the upper chamber tomorrow. He added that of All goes Well with the measure final adjournment could come by june 21. A Resolution calling for final adjournment by that Date is to for More state news. See pages 2, la and 15. Be acted upon in the House today. Boylan said about $1 million has been Cut from the general fund budget Bill bringing the total Down to some $72.3 million to finance state spending during the next two fiscal years. After tile Seate acts on the Bill a committee of conference Between House and Senate members will work out differences in their spending House version of the measure Calls for $1 million More than the Senate appropriations committee proposes. House speaker Franklins. Billingsjr. Has suggested the committee of conference work during the weekend on the Bill the most important measure left in the session. Boylan noted the Senate still has to act on the Rutland railway Bill and the Bond Issue measure to finance improvements at Vermont state colleges dust Les geared to the Christmas Trade Are normally recalling More employees at this time of the year. Recalls Are reportedly slow a fewer Large commercial construction projects than in past years and consequently less demand for construction workers. A local manufacturer of building materials reports he is operating below capacity and patently a 30-30 Rifle a weapon commonly used for Deer Hunting in this area. Officers said the Assassin probably 150 feet away from Evers. Later Willie Mae Bishop a White teen Ager who lives near the spot where officers believe the shot fired told newsmen she saw three men running away from the scene. Fivers carrying several Haap Pepper shot. The bearing sweatshirts when he from his car and it its by some local Banks that off Mercial deposits for the past few months Are lower than for the same months in previous years and that fewer new accounts were opened during the late Winter months than in previous months. Area merchants Are hard put to explain the late Winter and Early Spring slowdown. Easter and mothers Day Trade reported lower than usual and the increase in june despite weddings and graduations has not been up to expectations. Though some store owners found that business in March and april Down from last year by As much As 7 per cent most complained that it had increased see business Boom continued on Page 12greek Cabinet quits in protest Athens Greece apr King Paul opened a round of consultations today designed to bring Greece out of its first real government crisis in seven years. The Monarch conferred with Constantine Rodopoulos president of parliament and then invited two leading opponents of Constantine Ca Manlis to a Palace conference. Caramanolis resigned As Premier tuesday protesting the refusal of the Royal family to postpone a state visit to London next month. The King now must decide whether to name a new govern see greek Cabinet continued on Page 12 blood spattered shirts the legend Quot Jim Crow must go.,&Quot remained in the driveway for several hours. Evers staggered past his station Wagon parked in the driveway and collapsed in the Carport. His wife Merle Beasley Evers 30, became hysterical when she saw her husband. Afterwards the grief stricken mrs. Evers said Quot the children we were up. And the children came out and tried to talk to their police said they believed the Assassin fired from a vacant lot across a triangular shaped vacant lot where two streets converge. Houston Wells 30, a negro furniture dealer and another neighbor Willie c. Quinn summoned police. A cruising patrol car on the scene in less than two minutes Wells said. Police units converged on eve Erst modest Frame House in North Jackson. Hours later they were questioning neighbors. Small groups of negroes Many in night clothes a huddled on porches. The couple had three children Darrell Kenyatta to Denise 8 and Van Dyke,3. Evers who would have been 38 on july 2, spoke to tuesday night a s integration rally in the negro masonic Temple where a act offices Are located. He urged continued participation by negroes in protest Demon rations and expressed Confidence they would Quot win the Quot we will do everything possible to apprehend the guilty party or parties Quot said Pierce. Pierce said he had contacted mayor Allen c. Thompson who out of town. Quot the mayor asked me to express his profound regrets and ordered us to leave no Stone unturned in our Pierce said Thompson returning to Jackson immediately. Wilkins said Quot every negro citizen has lost a valiant Leader in the death of Medgar Evers. The entire nation has lost a Man who believed in America and died defending its Wilkins arrested in Jackson june i along with Evers and see negro Leader continued on Page 12 2 shot 4 others Hurt in Maryland race riot Cambridge my. A two White men were shot and at least four other persons were injured when a race riot erupted in this Small Eastern Shore Community late tuesday night. A tense racial situation frred into violence when a crowd of about too Whites Folio wed an equal number of negro demonstrators Back into the negro Section. The negroes had just finished their second March on the towns courthouse and jail protesting the sentencing of two teen age negro girls. The girls who had been arrested several times for their participation in racial demonstrations were committed to state reformatories monday after they were adjudged delinquent. A handful of City police tried to keep the two groups separated but the Whites swarmed across the Street toward the marchers just As they reached the negro Section. The fight had just started when shots were fired. One Shotgun blast struck the two White men. Another slammed through the window of a second floor apartment occupied by a White woman. Three fires one a general alarm Blaze broke out after fire bombs were tossed into business establishments operated by Whites in the negro Section. Police found homemade fire bombs fashioned from Beer bottles filled with gasoline in two of these places. Jerome Shenton 36, owner of an Auto paint and fender shop and George Bernard Todd 42, a fire insurance adjuster were struck by Shotgun pellets As they sat in a car in front of Shenton s shop. Minutes before Shenton s shop the target of a crude fire bomb. The men were treated at a Hospital and released. A general alarm fire in a grocery store operated by a White Man finally brought under control although a mob of some 200 negroes pelted firemen and state police with rocks bricks and simmers in Viet Nam Saigon South Viet Nam apr milling crowds gathered in front of Buddhist pagodas today for memorial services for a Monk who burned himself to death in protest against president Ngo dunh diem a religious policies. Combat police in Battle dress blockaded at least five pagodas including the one where tile monks body Lay. Monks said police granted per Mission for about too buddhists at a time to enter the building to pay homage. Some of the Buddhist anger also is directed at the United states because american weapons furnished for the War against communist guerrillas have been turned on buddhists accusing the government of persecution. /

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