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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Jun 10 1963, Page 4

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 10, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner monday june to 1963 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials time for electoral Reform professors of political science have grumbled for years about the state unit system of voting in the electoral College and with reason. The sweeping Winner take All procedure by which the popular vote Choice within a state receives All of that states vote in the electoral College is manifestly out of line with democratic precepts. It leads to Over representation of the majority within a state and under representation of the minority. The supreme court dictum of a a one person one vote carries about As much weight in this situation As a negro Republican in Jefferson county Alabama. Hence students of our electoral process almost unanimously advocate the abolition of the statewide unit system and if it were not for hidebound traditionalists who View All change As a threat to their political Power the Reform would have been achieved years ago. Yet there is another weakness in the electoral College system which has received less attention to Date but is of even More immediate significance. This is the Freedom of each state elector to vote As he sees fit despite the mandate of the voters or provisions of state Laws. It opens the Way for the current movement by deep South politicians to elect a pledged presidential electors next year. Mississippi and Georgia already have passed Laws allowing a pledged elect we be a right to know about fallout dangers the fallout level has More than doubled during the last 12 months As a result of nuclear weapons tests conducted last year by the United states and soviet Russia. Yet the Federal government still Hasni to devised any Protection standards or guidelines to enable the Public to assess the danger present or potential to the health of the nation. This is the nub of a sharply critical report submitted to Congress last week by sen. E. L. Bartlett Dalaska chairman of the atomic Energy subcommittee on radiation. On the basis of testimony furnished the subcommittee by leading authorities on radiation problems the criticism seems fully justified. It is True that the Federal radiation Council which serves in an advisory capacity to the president has promulgated its own set of radiation safety standards. But these apply Only to Industrial uses of atomic Energy rather comment teachers a rely u i 11 i to to i be coercive tactics the be w Fie Public although col professors regional accreditation agencies state departments of education and even state Legislatures have for years made sporadic protests about the Way local school boards choose to run a a their school systems these boards remain a popular almost sacrosanct Symbol of democracy. Teachers Arni others who have thought that these boards were behind the times have turned to state Legislatures for Relief either in the form of coercive legislation or in the form of seductive subsidies. In most states the legislature has been willing to Grant some of these appeals laying Down the Law about who can and cannot be hired what can and cannot in taught ors and Florida and Louisiana Are in the process of so doing. Alabama has had the authority for some time. The upshot might be a total of 53 a pledged electoral votes meaning that if one candidate did not surpass that figure the election would be taken out of the electoral College and thrown into the House of a representatives with All the confusion and delay which this might entail. Speaking on the danger at a Senate subcommittee hearing this week prof. James m. Burns of Williams College warned that a it could produce the crisis we fear a a Gap Between he called for preventive legislation now. Ideally such legislation would amount to abolition of the entire electoral College system and direct election of the president by popular vote. That would eliminate most of the defects of the present obsolete system. But if such a sweeping change is not politically feasible a As seems Likely a prof. Burns and other electoral College critics urge that the presidential electors themselves be bypassed and each state s electoral votes counted forthwith. While that would not solve All the problems inherent in electing a president it would keep the system from breaking Down completely. Such a possibility is always present so Long As embittered southerners hold out for a pledged electors. Than to the More general radiation resulting from nuclear testing. As far As Protection for the general Public is concerned the Federal efforts have been in sen. Bartlett s opinion both a inadequate and this inaction has been rationalized on a father knows Best basis. Done to worry the administration has said in effect. Well let you know if it gets to the danger Point. But this is not the attitude the people have a right to expect from their government especially when the official complacency is being challenged by Many scientists who believe the present fallout Levels Are a very legitimate cause for concern. Nor is Public Confidence enhanced by the gnawing suspicion that the administration is at least partially motivated by a desire to head off objections to a new round of nuclear tests if it deems such a course necessary. The Public a right to know is or ought to be a Cornerstone of any democratic society. It is especially vital when the Issue at stake is literally a matter of life or death. And what minimal standards will be exacted in return for state Aid. But because most Legislatures like school boards Are composed of civic leaders familiar with local rather than wider needs observers with a broader perspective have remained dissatisfied. Some have turned hopefully to ingress others have argued that the teachers themselves would have to take matters in hand. But because the giant National Educ at Ion association was dominated by administrators anti was convinced for this Ami other reasons that local boards of education were the inclination of jeffersonian w Wisdom teachers have rarely been willing to use coercion when persuasion faille done to Knos who figured out the $600 exemption for a wife but it sure must have Lxi in a Bachelor. A Langford s.o., Hugle. New politics ii i i 11 in Rocky favors Strong gof civil rights platform Quot of you think Rock on bring it off Oear news notes of the week More questions about cd in Vermont a Lemon in Vermont Sapple country Albany. Governor Rockefeller will oppose any attempt to water Down the civil rights Plank of the 1964 Republican National platform. The governor said he will fight Tor a Strong civil rights Plank whether he is the gop White House candidate or just another Delegate to the party s nominating convention. He made the remarks during a news conference. Rockefeller thus lined up against some gop National leaders who have suggested wording the civil rights Plank in an Effort to attract support bib South Ern states. His statements on civil rights were overshadowed at the news conference by Rockefeller a discussion of his remarriage and Many other subjects but they could prove a major Factor in whether he gets the party a nod next year or not. The governor said the a biggest failure of the Kennedy administration has been in this Field. He blamed president Kennedy for failing to carry out a Campaign Promise on the controversial Issue. Civil rights he said is not new with the Rockefeller family. A was a matter of fact my great grandparents were involved in the underground Railroad a he explained. A my Grandfather spent a tremendous amount of time and Energy and funds in trying to help a in the Field of help and education for the negro population in the South and in the North. A and my father followed and i have been equally interested and concerned in developing in this country equal Opportunity Tor All our probably the Best Way to report Rockefeller a remarks is through the question Nam and answers Given to news Nus a Are you going to carry a Strong civil rights program Forward next year a a yes. We have no Choice As a nation but move from a Point of View of our tradition As a free people from a Point of View of our Jude Christian ethics from the Point of View of our belief in the Worth and dignity of the individual a we have no alternative but to move to insure equal Opportunity for All citizens with maximum Speed. And in order to do it i think that additional legislation Federal is needed and that we must face this in the interest of the Unity of the nation the right of the a Well there is some talk in Republican circles that a Milder platform might help in the South. Do you subscribe to that feeling a very simple feeling on that is this that we have certain responsibilities that transcend political advantages and one of them is certainly in the Field of human rights and that we have got to do what is right and following that take the consequences As far As the political Side is Rockefeller a political advisers realize his civil rights stand is almost certain to swing some Southern delegations to sen. Barry Coldwater. But it is the big Industrial states which control a majority of the convention votes and they believe the governor s position is the popular Side in these areas. Should Rockefeller be nominated his Camp insists civil rights will be a major Issue in the Campaign. And they go a step further predicting Kennedy a problems with Southern states May bring about the birth of a third party next year by Ernest a. Ostro the Senate judiciary committees report last week on the great Vermont civil defense dispute made about As exciting Reading As the Telephone directory. The committee had spent nearly two months investigating the deletion of anticommunist ideological data from the civil defense courses. The conclusion the program is poorly coordinated and sloppily run. The committees report came just a few Days after the City of Portland and the whole state of Oregon decided to drop the civil defense program altogether. A spokesman for the opposition to the shelter program in Portland said a since the Advent of the Hydrogen bomb i have Felt that civil defense is useless. If a bomb drops there is nothing we can do to alleviate the the National debate on the subject continued last week in Washington at House armed services subcommittee hearings on new appropriations for fallout shelter programs. The Vermont legislative committee s report and the debate Over civil defense elsewhere in the . Raise some interesting questions. The deletion of the anticommunist material by education commissioner a. John Holt a was itself of Little importance. It merely provided an Opportunity for a loud minority of vermonters a who find that waving the Flag and shouting a look out for the dirty reds under your Bedstead is decidedly easier and More fun than rational thought a to sound off. But the report found that the whole program suffers from Lack of coordination and an absence of genuine direction. This has been apparent for As Long As the program has been in operation. What a More in the absence of better personnel than Edward h. Romney whom the report took to task it is unlikely that the program will Ever be much improved. The states cd program has never provided answers for some very Basic questions about civil defense in Vermont a in the absence of targets in the state there certainly Isnit anything in Vermont for which the russians would waste an a bomb Why Deal with shelters designed against blast and heat As the program does ? a in guarding against radioactive air masses from blasts elsewhere in the area just which ones Are Likely or could possibly for that matter come Over Vermont a has anyone studied just How Long such an air mass if Ever it did come Over Vermont could remain a with the shelters proposed in Vermont How is the radioactivity filtered out of the air How is air to be pumped into the shelter if in the event of nuclear attack Power facilities Are Likely to cease operations at any moment there has not been any thorough study of these or numerous other questions which Are essential to any meaningful civil defense program for Vermont. Civil defense adult education coordinator Romney has spent More time surveying his own Brand of super patriotic slogans and investigating peace groups than he has developing an Intel agent civil defense program for the state. He has simply taken material from the Federal government a material designed chiefly for Urban areas a and passed it on to local instructors who have usually been satisfied to stick to this syllabus without much thought As to its application in the most Rural state in the Union. This sort of thing is As the oregonians actions indicate not unique to Vermont by any Means. But civil defense like any other Public program must be studied and evaluated before it can work. In Vermont Scase there is a real need for some orientation to meet conditions Here. Perhaps the judiciary committee s report if it does nothing else will Spur a few people in Montpelier to begin a badly needed overhaul of the whole civil defense program. Pity poor Profumo ruined by eternal eve. There a a lesson somewhere in the sad plight of Britain sex minister for War a who resigned his position and his seat in the House of commons last week after admitting head lied to the House in denying any Hanky Panky with one Christine Keeler a 22-Yearold Shady lady with red hair and easy virtue a but somehow we re not quite sure what it is. Thou Shalt not commit adultery of business Mirror course. But there s More to it than that. Thou Shalt not Bear false witness. But if every member who a Ever lied to the commons had to quit there a be precious few members present when the Bell rings. It seems thai about All one can learn Horn pro flaw a errors is if you re going Hoptay around make sure the Young lady in t going to run Down to the Dally Mirror offices and sell her Story to the eager editors and then sail off to Denmark to make a movie of the whole thing. Green Mountain Park has been suffering from lower than anticipated attendance. This fact has been blamed on everything and everyone from the weather to the Banner. The real trouble is that the publicity and promotion for the track have been about As puerile and As badly handled As any in recent memory. With a $6 million Plant the owners a for. Some unfathomable reason a have been Content with fifth rate Public relations and advertising. This is confirmed by just about every editor within too Miles of the Pownal Valley. Perhaps Lou Smith will do something about it be fore Green Mountain Park becomes the biggest Lemon in Vermont Sapple country. Letter to the editor school co8t8 to the editor of the Bonner a in your editorial of june 5 you made it quite Plain that we do have an acute school problem and that something has to be done to relieve the crowded situation. As one who has consistently opposed the proposed Union school i wholeheartedly agree with you but until we get Good sound businessmen As Board members to present to the Public a school that the taxpayers can afford i am afraid our school problem is going to be with us for a Long time. No one questions the honesty or sincerity of the present members and we All recognize and appreciate the Many hours they have devoted to this project but there Are too Many members of wealth who constitute the present Board and their judgment As to the actual needs of the Community for better education has not been commensurate with the ability of the District to shoulder the additional tax Load. As an example i would like to Point out two factors that compelled me to cast a negative vote. 1. The Board engaged the services of an architectural firm to draw up a perspective of the proposed school and if the Bond Issue was voted they were to receive the Legal rate of 6 per cent but of it was Defeated they were to receive one fourth of the 6 per cent or a total of $27,500. I personally know of an architectural firm who has wide experience in school construction throughout new England who would have been very Happy to draw up the same plans for nothing if they had been guaranteed the Legal 6 per cent if the Bond Issue had been voted. 2. The Board then obligated themselves to the tune of $20,-000 to an out of state consulting firm to pay out a school program when the state Board of education would have done the very same thing for nothing. The above figures represent quite a sizeable sum of Money that the District is now obligated to pay regardless of whether we get the new school. J. F. Daniels. Shaftsbury. Standardization of containers could help balance of International Trade by Sam Dawson a business news analyst new York apr americans Are looking for a big step Forward in cutting costs while increasing their International Trade. A move toward standardization is a Bright in the recent sea of troubles in which . Tariff cutting policies have been challenged by the european common Market. Among the worries set off by this has been an intensifying of the always present threat of a Trade War. A of the american standards association says a global Standard for american containers is due Tobe adopted this year by the International organization for standardization. That should help both this nations Domestic transportation and world shipping industries in their struggle to wriggle free of a severe Cost profit squeeze. Delegates from the american group have met with experts from the common Market and other european nations and with far Eastern shipping interests. They say they have convinced them to accept As Standard the american containers. This would Pertuit integrated transportation of goods by standardized containers from Roanoke to Rome from Akron to Ankara. Americans expect this to open new Export markets for their goods not Only in the common Market tariffs permitting and the rest of Europe but also in the far East and latin America. The Standard containers were approved Early this year for american Industry. They Are Van containers either to 20,30 or 40 feet Long 8 feet High and 8 feet wide. In effect the containers Are trailers without wheels. They Are fully interchangeable among railroads trucks and Ocean going vessels. Domestically this standardization is counted upon to make a Dent in the nations annual $100-billion Cost of transporting warehousing and distributing consumer and Industrial products around the states. A of the association estimates that a he american transportation Industry will spend $12 million for the Demountable containers this year compared with $8 million last year. If the new standards catch on internationally the changeover to these containers should push total expenditures much higher next year. American Industry has a Long Range Hope that annual Trade outside the communist bloc will be by $100 billion higher within to years. Transportation and shipping experts contend that Standard size containers could haul much of this 87 per cent increase in global Commerce Back to american pocketbooks. According to provision 2 of the mandatory standards of the american Institute of architects the procedure this Reader suggests is unethical. Provision 2 reads a an architect shall not Render professional services without compensation. He shall neither offer nor provide preliminary services on a conditional basis prior to definite agreement with the client that if the contemplated project proceeds he will be employed As its failure of an architect to comply with this provision is grounds for serious action by the a.la., similar to disbarment in the Legal profession. Red. Humor but who could pay for it a another Miracle with apologies for its irreverence i might Tell a Story perpetuated by Walter c. Kelly for Many years renowned As vaudeville so Virginia the priest met Mary o Toole and asked her what she was concealing under her Cape. She said it was holy water. The priest then reached for the bottle uncorked it and sniffed. A Why Mary a he protested a this Isnit holy water ifs whereupon Mary crossed herself and exclaimed a glory be to god another a Middletown Conn press language Barrier Junior who now has a Job in a big establishment downtown asked grandpa if he Ever had to be careful lest he a Bent fold or mutilated his ism personal card and grandpa wanted to know what that was. And when Junior told him grandpa said he probably would have sweat the card through and Junior wanted to know what that was. Clayton n.c., news. Tell or in to so quit or Hill so cart to so without any promises

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