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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 10, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Cool and rain Cloudy and continued Cool with occasional rain tonight and tuesday. Lows tonight in the 40s. Sundays High 81 Low 53 today at 7 ., 53. Total precipitation due to thundershowers .13 inches. The three prominent stars in the Constellation Virgo Are from North to South Vine matrix Porria and Spica. Bennington Bennington Vermont monday june to 1963 Anner established 1841. 60th year no. 19,201 Price 7 cents Kennel in reveals plan for talks in Moscow on test ban treaty by John in. Hightower Washington apr president Kennedy announced today that he soviet Premier Khrushchev and British prime minister Harold Macmillan will Send special negotiators to a High level conference in Moscow in mid july fora new Effort to conclude a nuclear test ban treaty. In announcing this new break . Asks mayors act to end Bias Honolulu apr president Kennedy Scall for a five Point program to reduce racial tension in cities was taken up today by several of the nations most powerful mayors who pledged a Battle to see it through. New York mayor Robert f. Wagner said of the presidents message a it is a real Challenge. A lot of us will fight to see that our conference adopts a Resolution supporting his position backing up Wagner at the National mayors conference where mayor Richard j. Daley of Chicago mayor Jerome Cavanagh of Detroit and mayor Joseph Barr of Pittsburgh. Cavanagh in fact went farther in support of Kennedy a suggestions terming civil rights a the most critical problem confronting the nation today. It is More critical than Cuba or Berlin. Kennedy made a 30-minute speech to the assembled mayors sunday afternoon emphasizing that negroes Are certain to win equal rights and calling on the City chief executives to make the process a peaceful revolution. The presidents address capped a five Day five state Western tour that carried him from military inspections to political appearances and two talks on civil rights. He flew Back to Washington sunday night to make a major foreign policy speech today at american University. White House aides termed the University address one of the most significant pronouncements during Kennedy a tenure As chief executive. There was speculation to halt nuclear weapons tests. Kennedy told the mayors in his address at a Waikiki Beach hotel the time is past a for Token moves and talks. It is Clear he said that negroes eventually will have equal rights and a your responsibility yours and mine is to see that they Are won in a peaceful and constructive manner and not won in the the chief executive urged that cities establish biracial human relations committees to identify tensions before they reach crises stage and to help ease them. He also proposed a every local government make certain its own ordinances and operations Are constitutional. A every Instate or institution of segregation sanctioned by local legislation or Public action is see . Continued on asks Page to through in the Long test ban exchanges Kennedy also declared a immediate ban on any . Nuclear tests in the atmosphere so Long As other states do not Iest. This put the specific question of a new round of nuclear explosions in the atmosphere up to Khrushchev. A we will not be the first to resume a the president said in an address prepared for commencement exercises at american University. A such a declaration is no substitute for a formal binding treaty but i Hope it will help us achieve the understanding on the Moscow meeting is that it will not be a Summit session nor a foreign ministers conference but rather a meeting of representatives of Khrushchev Kennedy and Macmillan the representatives to be men who command their highest Confidence. A your Hopes must be tempered with the caution of history a Kennedy said of the conference to break the nuclear deadlock a but with out Hopes go the Hopes of All in making his announcement Kennedy moved swiftly from one area of crucial National concern to another. He was just Back from Honolulu where he made a major plea to the nations mayors to join in a Campaign for racial readjustment. His big Jet plane landed at Andrews air Force base at 8 51 Edt after a flight of 8hours and 58 minutes from the hawaiian capital. That left him time for Only a Brief Check in at the White House before the mid morning speech at the University. Kennedy made the announcement of the conference and the declaration of his own limited Notest policy As two of the three major Points of his speech at the University. In the third part he said a finally my fellow americans let us re examine our attitude toward peace and Freedom Here at Home. The Quality and spirit of our own society must justify and support our efforts in this obvious reference to burning civil rights issues Kennedy declared a a a it is the responsibility of the executive Branch at All Levels of government local state and National to provide and protect. Freedom for All citizens by All Means within their authority. It is the responsibility of the legislative Branch at All Levels wherever that authority is. And it is the responsibility of All citizens in All sections to respect the rights of All others and to respect the Law of the in some degree Kennedy a nuclear testing announcement served to set the stage for his four nation european tour starting in about two weeks. Kennedy said of the new agreement with Khrushchev to try for a nuclear test ban that it is True no treaty can provide a absolute Security against the risks of deception and a but it can if it is sufficiently effective in its enforcement and if it is sufficiently in the interest of its signers offer far More Security and far fewer risks than an unabated uncontrolled unpredictable arms with the announcement Here of the Moscow conference it was understood that preparations of . And British plans for the meeting will be the major subject of discussion Between Kennedy and Macmillan when the president visits the prime minister at the end of june. In fact officials said the need to talk about this problem was the real reason for the decision of the two men to meet at this time. Kennedy said in his speech that too Many people think peace is impossible or unreal. A but that is a dangerous defeatist belief a he said. A it leads to the conclusion that War is inevitable. We need not accept that View. Our problems Are manmade a therefore they can be solved by the president called for americans to re examine their attitude toward the soviet Union. He deplored a baseless and incredible claims by various soviet officials that the United states is preparing War and wants to achieve world domination. Cardinal Cushing asks Church lift mixed Faith marriage ban new York apr Richard Cardinal Cushing of Boston suggests lifting Many of the roman Catholic churches restrictions on religiously mixed marriages. Specifically he wants to do away with the requirement that a non Catholic who marries Catholic Promise that their children will be raised in the Catholic Faith and not interfere with the Catholic partners religion. An a mews analysis Cardinal Cushing whose 1.7-Milllon member archdiocese is the second largest in the United states says the promises Are a an irritant to a it is Clear from what happens subsequently a he says that some non catholics a make the promises in bad Cardinal Cushing a views were printed in the june 15 Issue of the Jesuit weekly Magazine Ameri scramble forecast at gof convention by Jack Bell Washington apr a growing favorite son movement appears Likely to Force aspirants for the 1964 gop presidential nomination to scramble for convention support in next years primaries. Minnesota republicans Are the latest to come up with the idea of withholding their vote from new York gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller sen. Barry Coldwater r-ariz., and other leading possibilities while they assess developments at the nominating convention. They Are talking of backing former rep. Walter r. Judd the 1960 party Keynoter in what National committeeman George Etzell described As More than just a favorite son candidacy. Judd was Defeated in last years election. The practical effect of a Judd candidacy would be to rope off Minnesota a 26 votes in the Early convention balloting and encourage a stalemate from which some nominee other than Rockefeller or Coldwater might emerge. Friends of Michigan a gov. George Romney think he might Benefit by such a circumstance. Romney May be a favorite son and similar movements Are possible in California Colorado Kentucky Ohio Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. These states and Minnesota will cast a combined total of 354 votes in a convention where the winning nominee will need a minimum of 655. While the Prospect of such holdouts cuts both ways Rockefeller a potential convention vote strength in the eight states is regarded As greater than Gold Waters. The thinking is that both Rocke Feller and Coldwater Are being pushed into a position where they will have to demonstrate voter Appeal in the presidential primaries if they expect to bid strongly for the nomination. Coldwater who says he Isnit a candidate has Laid Down the Rule that he wont give consent to the entry of his name in primaries where that is required. Rockefeller expected to be an announced candidate by fall con be counted upon to writer selected primaries. Ca. The magazines feature editor the Rev. Walter m. Abbott obtained the cardinals views loan interview. Cardinal Cushing a statements followed by a month the official stand taken by the Church of Scotland a protestant body in objecting to Catholic mixed marriage rules on grounds they were a cause of broken Homes and stumbling Block to Christian Unity. The Cardinal now in Rome to help select a new Pope predicted the Canon Laws on marriage will be changed As an outgrowth of the ecumenical Council. By eliminating the required martial promises Cardinal Cushing said a we would not be changing any Dogma of the the Cardinal also urged gradually eliminating the procedure connected with the churches Index of prohibited books those condemned As he tical dangerous to morals or otherwise objectionable. He said there is a a blog Jam in his own archdiocese because it is a simply impossible to handle All the requests that would come in on a personal basis for permission to read books on the Index that teachers think their students should know something Alabama bound James a. Hood feast Gadsden Ala., and Vivian j. Malone of Mobile Ala., two 20-year-old negroes who will try to Register at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa on tuesday Are shown in new York sunday. Gov. George Wallace of Alabama has said he will personally bar the two from registering at the University. A photo showdown in Tuscaloosa nears both sides Are standing firm Tuscaloosa Ala. Apr clinging defiantly to i segregation stand and risking a jail term gov. George c. Wallace headed today for an imminent crisis at the University of Alabama. The two negro students he has sworn to turn Back at the University doors returned to Alabama after a weekend in new York to await the showdown. A we shall defend our rights and we shall dare to do so a the 43-year-old governor said sunday night. A i am going to stand for you at the University a he told the people Ulm trustees approve �?T63-,64 budget despite Legislatures delay on funds Aloha greeting president Kennedy a Floral Lei around his neck tries on a hat decorated with his picture which was handed him As he walked along a Fence greeting some of the spectators who watched his arrival at International Airport in Honolulu saturday night. The president addressed the National conference of mayors sunday after placing a Wreath on the Arizona memorial in Pearl Harbor. A photo Burlington a University of Vermont Board of trustees acknowledging that the University a state appropriation for the coming fisc ail year is not yet known saturday approved an operating budget of $8,333,000 for the 1963-64 year based on the revised Ulm budget approved by the Vermont House of representatives and now under consideration in the Senate. Ump president John t. Fey said need for the Board to act at this time was based on the fact that the University will begin a new fiscal year july i. Or. Fey said the Board s action follows approval first of the original budget presented to the legislature and then the revised budget submitted at gov. Hoff a request when the governor agreed to reconsider his original recommendations. He said the budget approved saturday is a subject to Senate action on the appropriation As approved by the House and to approval by the the approved budget not including about $1.5 millions for the University s agricultural research and service divisions is based on an estimated state appropriation of $3,190,867. Or. Fey in a state of the University message to alumni at the annual commencement luncheon saturday said that presentation to the legislature of a substantially increased appropriation request had provided a a wonderful Opportunity to Tell the Story of the University to the people of saying that education is a the very underpinning of our free on the inside commencements at Vermont a colleges and at Williams heard speakers urge the graduates to recognize their responsibilities in the world a Page 2 Twenty four Bennington county youths receive degrees at University of Vermont commencement Page 3. The Public has a right to know Why the level of fallout has been increasing and just How dangerous it is says an editorial Page 4. North Bennington and Hoosick Falls High school Defeated in Scholastic baseball championship Page 6. Democratic society a or. Fey said that two recent studies have shown that the Progress of our society remains More than Ever dependent upon education. He said these studies show that 75 per cent of the increase in our Gross National product Over the last 50 years has been due to the increase in knowledge which has been brought about by education and research. The economic growth of our state our nation our Way of life depend upon our investment in education or. Fey said adding that education is also a key Factor in our National Security. Or. Fey also told the trustees that any further Steps to preserve uhf Channel 26 for use of a statewide educational television network must now be taken by the state. He received approval from trustees for expenditure of an additional $500 in University funds for Legal fees incurred responding to opposition to the University a petition to the acc for reservation of the necessary channels for the Etc system. Security probe ordered in la affaire Profumo London apr prime minister Macmillan returned from a golfing vacation today and ordered an inquiry into Security aspects of the Profumo scandal which threatens Macmillan s own career. The inquiry is being made by lord Delhorne who As lord Chancellor is Britain a highest Legal authority. He will determine if British Security was breached or was negligent As a result of former War minister John Profumo a affair with Christine Keeler a 21-year-old red haired party girl who Al the same time in 1961, was sharing Ter bed with soviet naval attach capt. Yevgeny Eugene Ivanov Ivanov is generally regarded As a russian intelligence agent. Political sources said dil hornets report is in the works and probably will be completed this week. The report will be handed to Macmillan and labor party Leader Harold Wilson but May not necessarily be made Public. Meanwhile or. Stephen Ward the 50-year-old society Osteopath who introduced Christine to Profumo was brought into the Marlborough St. Magistrates court today on a charge of living on the proceeds of prostitution. He was ordered held without bail for a preliminary hearing next monday. As Ward stood relaxed in the Dock in a a Fleen sports jacket Pale Blue Slacks and open necked shirt his attorney said Ward a wishes to deny this charge most chief inspector Samuel Herbert of Scotland Yard told the court Ward Likely will face a number of More serious charges. Macmillan refused to comment on the Profumo affair and gave no Public indication of concern. But the scandal rocking Britain could spell his downfall As conservative party Leader. His Chance of survival depends largely on the showing he makes before parliament next monday when asked to explain his role in the background to the intrigue. The gravest threat came from some of Macmillan a own conservatives who accused him of negligence and naivete in not unearthing the True Story of the Profumo affair earlier. With an Edge of about too seats in the House of commons the conservatives under Normal circumstances could easily turn Back any opposition move to bring Down the Macmillan government. But some tory legislators have expressed doubts whether they can continue to support Macmillan As party Leader. Macmillan must cal1, new elections before october 1964. Even before the Profumo Case broke pollsters were giving the Edge to the labor party. Christine has said she and Profumo were lovers. For months rumours had whispered this. Before parliament in March Profumo denied the rumours. Then last wednesday he changed his Story resigned his sub Cabine Post and quit parliament in disgrace. Profumo while confessing that he and miss Keeler were More than platonic friends insisted that British Security had not been compromised. There has been no suggestion that Profumo let classified information leak out. But his position in the double affair obviously made him a candidate for soviet blackmail. Of Alabama in a radio television broadcast. The students Vivian Malone of Mobile and James a. Hood of Gadsden Are to Register tuesday for the summer session. The governor has pledged to be there and stand in their Way. Wallace planned to Fly to Tuscaloosa this afternoon from the state capital at Montgomery too Miles to the Southeast. Tonight he is expected to Confer with members of the University Board of trustees who voted to admit the negroes on the main Campus Here and a third negro at the University Center in Huntsville. The governor is sex offi Cio president of the Board and voted against desegregation despite a Federal court order. Before leaving Montgomery Wallace renewed his Appeal to the people to keep away from the University and let him alone carry out a test of state sovereignty. Here s a Mew twist for birthday party Janesville Minn. Apr a Farmer his family and guests at a birthday party for the Many a wife raced away in cars sunday to escape a Tornado that wrecked most of the farm buildings. About 32 persons were at the Robert Britton farm for mrs. Britton a birthday. The sky suddenly darkened and a funnel was seen approaching from the West. Piling into a half dozen cars everyone at the place drove off ahead of the twister. They were about a mile away when the funnel swept into the farmyard. Already on the tightly barricaded Campus with orders to prevent any possible violence Are More than 800 state county City and Campus policemen. Waiting in nearby armoires on standby duty Are More than 500 National guard troops mobilized sunday by Wallace. Wallace said in his broadcast that to Send a a Loyal Southern governor to jail would amount to military dictatorship. He was mindful of a Federal court injunction forbidding him to carry out his promised blockade of the negroes. High court to hear cases on re apportioning Washington apr the supreme court agreed today to consider a series of reapportionment cases both legislative and congressional from the states of new York Virginia Maryland Alabama and Georgia. Arguments on them will be heard in the courts fall term beginning in october. The cases involve a an attack by radio station Mca of new York City on constitutionality of apportionment of new York states legislative districts. Mca contended in appealing to the High tribunal that the state had apportioned both houses of its legislature a in intentional dire see High court continued on Page to All sizes and shapes of dogs and their owners up ared at Bennington Village garage saturday to receive anti rabies shots. Owners kept their pets on Short leashes As More than 700 Anim als All of them generally Well behaved received shots at the first state sponsored clinic in this area. More photos on Page 7. Staff photo Buckler

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