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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - June 7, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4 a Bennington Banner monday june 7, 196. The Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials a possible Bennington tragedy president Johnson is fond of saying a come let us reason together a a and it would appear that a massive dose of this common-8ense concept of talking things Over is needed in the labor management problems that cropped to the surface last week at wrap Tures inc. We believe failure of labor and management to sit Down and talk about these problems in a spirit of cooperation would be a tragedy for the Community for it has been made Clear that if these problems Lead to a work stoppage the fledgling operation of the Plant in Bennington will go Down the Drain. Wrap Tures inc. Is the new concern in Bennington that came to town last March and. With the help of the Bennington county Industrial corporation began operating in the Ben Mont Plant formerly owned by Dow chemical corporation in the production of gift wrap supplies. Coming of the concern to Bennington at that time was greeted with enthusiasm by the Community who Felt the infusion of new blood and a new Outlook in one of Bennington a oldest industries would result in a financially successful operation and provide Many new jobs. Some of this optimism has already been justified. When the new company took Over there were 212 people working. Today there Are 300 at work and management has indicated that a new project slated for operations Here in the near future will add another 40 jobs. Thus the problems that now confront the company can Only be viewed with dismay. Root of the problem seems lodged in a Legal interpretation of whether the Union contract in Force when Dow owned the company carried Over when wrap Tures took Over operations at the Plant. Union lawyers say it did. Management lawyers say no and we believe nobody can say for certainty which Side is right until the question has been settled in court. In the meantime it would be Folly to allow this disagreement to cause a work stoppage at the Plant. The new a editors motes to reach s a fish Eye views of the Bennington Battle Monument in saturdays Banner seemed to substantiate views held in some quarters the Monument is about to tip Over. A firm believer in the theory that a camera never lies made us hurry up to the Monument on sunday and yes Little Rollo the Monument is As straight As Ever. The a fish Eye Lens that to used can provide some extraordinary pictures. Gov. Philip Hoff a proposal that part of the surplus predicted for this fiscal year be applied for capital construction projects at the Vermont state College seems to us to be an excellent program for use of the surplus funds. But we look Forward to a debate Between governor and legislative leaders who feel the surplus should be applied to pay off debts incurred on earlier construction projects. Good Luck to members of Bennington a National guard unit who left saturday for a two week training session at it. Drum. While some May believe concern took Over an admittedly financially sick operation and the prospects Are that the new concern is going to lose a sizable chunk of Money this year. Management reports that it will take about a year to get its feet on solid ground. In the face of this precarious financial situation it seems Clear that a disruption of operations at the Plant will All but scuttle Hopes for financially successful operations of the concern in Bennington in a highly competitive business. Indeed management has made Clear that if these problems persist at this critical juncture in the concerns operations it will have no other alternative but to close Down its Plant Here. While this is a familiar threat used As a lever by management in labor negotiations we Are convinced in this Case it is no Idle warning but a Clear statement of fact. That this Community should suffer the loss of 300 jobs because labor and management failed to a reason together a we believe would be tragic for the town and area. We Hope that every Effort is made to get both sides to sit Down and talk about the problems so that differences can be settled in a reasonable fashion. To allow these problems to fester and Lead to a work stoppage will result in a setback in the economic Progress of this area. The plants management has indicated it is prepared to sit Down and talk management has made it Clear they Are not out to bust the Union it recognizes the Union As the bargaining agent for the employees and have said they Are available to talk things Over. Management a position basically is that the workers not Rock the boat at this critical Point in the concerns operation and request they hold on until such time As the company gets on its feet. What is needed is a Calm appraisal by area residents of what a work stoppage jul mean for the concern now. Let reasonable talk prevail for the Sake of 300 jobs at stake for Bennington residents. These training sessions Are a Holiday for the troops done to believe it. The guard units work hard for Long hours in rigorous training exercises. Chet Ringheiser a Good account saturday of difficulties in Manchester Over property tax appraisals and listing methods Points to the need for the county wide tax assessment system being urged by the governor. As we noted when this legislation was introduced Public Confidence that property is being assessed in a fair and equitable manner is the Bedrock on which local government is built. We Are going to be watching with interest the outcome of the vote in Landgrove Londonderry and Weston for construction of the states first Union elementary school. Passage of the project will encourage other towns to take similar Steps. The elderly lady told her pastor who had accepted a Call to another Church a a in a sorry you re leaving. I never knew what sin was until you came a the Boonville to Cooper county record Fischetti new York state politics gof looks for \ Victory in elections this fall Malocu Iki Quot to you he s Don Quixote. To me he s St. 6e0r6e.&Quot in perspective Superb Little colleges by Eric Sov a Reid Decorah Iowa. There is a Corner of America Here where the Spring is Lovely beyond belief the land rolling and intensely Green like the Center of France the Rivers Small Between Oak coloured Bluffs and crossed by quiet Bridges where boys still sit with pole and line Hook and worm. The great Jet planes do not Roar Down in this Region where Iowa and Wisconsin and Minnesota come together the trains Are few and even the highways Bear a Light Burden of billboards and traffic. It seemed to my brother and me As we drove Down Here from the great traffic nexus of Minneapolis and St. Paul that this Corner of land was a vividly remembered part of our childhood yet i had never travelled Here and he Only fleetingly Many years ago. This was because of the constant talk of our parents out on the far Prairies of North Dakota. This was the Green and mystical a a East where my father had lived As a farm boy and my Mother As a Happy girl the lighter Side in the pastors House Here in the town of Decorah. A a of this winding Cement Highway we followed a it must have been a Muddy Road around the turn of the Century. Along Here my father must have driven by horse and buggy when they sent him off to Luther College from the family Homestead near wan amino. Thirty years before that my mothers father had come by Wagon up from the South from Norway Iowa to do his seven years of College and Seminary study Here. The Mother is 80 now and too frail to make even this easy journey. On the phone later she said a i got through the Day by imagining where you were each hour. At breakfast you would be in the old Winneshiek hotel. In the afternoon i could imagine you speaking to the graduating class and then i wondered if you went to see the the father is gone but his Youthful Fame astonishingly persists. Elderly men strangers to me came up to Tell How they would walk Barefoot several Miles As boys to watch Al Sevareid pitch baseball the time he struck out gobbledygook machine dispels linguistic smog Mcc Stalin has Scoti Only partially portrait Mas re Flacco racing the mall of Coors by Dick West Washington up a it was a Long time coming but finally it s Here. Somebody has invented an anti gobbledygook machine. I saw this marvelous instrument with my very own eyes Down at the interstate Commerce commission. Otherwise i have believed it possible. Ordinarily i Don t become emotionally involved where electronics Are concerned but in this Case i done to mind admitting that i cried a Little. Anyone who has spent As much time As i have adrift on the turgid prose of governmental reports probably would have had the same reaction. The anti gobbledygook or technically known As an Auto Tutor was installed at the inc about two months ago on a trial basis to determine if it would have any measurable Impact on bureaucratic obscuration. They have picked a better place for such an Experiment. The inc has Long been noted As a wellspring of linguistic smog. Let us say for example that an inc employee has been dangling his modifiers which is a fairly common affliction in the civil service. His supervisor May recommend that he spend some time at the machine. In a few hours As a general Rule he will be completely cured. By Means of a tape which incidentally is transparent rather than red the machine teaches him How to untangle a modifier by amputating and then transplanting it. He can of course go beyond that if he chooses for the machine also is equipped to treat split infinitives and a Host of other language deformities. To Date More than 60 persons at the inc have been de gob Bledy looked by the machine with some rather encouraging results. Tests Given before and after exposure show that in some cases their recognition of what constitutes clearness and Brevity improved 13 percentage Points. Although de gobbledygook ing is not required there have been Only four dropouts. To encourage participation the inc hands out certificates to those who go through the entire process. An inc spokesman said it was still too Early to evaluate the program. Let us Hope that when the results Are finalized it will not be phased out. Quote they he communists in Viet Nam Are choosing limited objectives on terrain favourable to themselves and hoping to confront us with a Choice of unlimited War which they know we will not choose except in self preservation or limited War which they feel we do not have the patience or the will to endure. A James Reston writing in the new York times. 19 men against the University of Nebraska was vividly remembered. They spoke As if Luther had never known such an athlete but perhaps they were trying to please a sentimental son. O1. This Valley of the upper Iowa River is glory and Paradise for children. There Are a thousand secret places in the Woods the Hills seems like soaring mountains to them but there is really no place they can get Hurt. It is the land of adventure for them but Sanctuary As Well Home is never far away when the shadows and the evening fog creep Down the Valley. Not a great Deal happens Here and of course generation after generation the Young mature go away to the big and crowded cities. But their hearts never seem to leave this place and today they Tell me More and More Drift Back Here in their older years trying i Hope not vainly to find the magic Talisman of peace. One is a successful broker who said goodbye to Wall Street without regret and now manages a farm or two and helps the College with its problems of increasing complexity. The connection with Norway has never been entirely broken. The norwegian Consul general from Chicago was present at the pre graduation luncheon and Little norwegian flags adorned the table along with american flags. The students must find it Dull at times but there was a Bright vigor about this graduating class. Slowly the old repressions give Way three years ago the College held its breath and ordered that dancing be permitted. A professors wife said to me a the original norwegian scholars around Here like your Grandfather Hougen were not Stuffy Bluenose at All. They liked to drink and laugh and dance. But i think the influence of the Frontier methodists and baptists finally absorbed them and we Are now breaking away from All a of it seemed to me that current Public opinion has missed the Point about some of these Small colleges like Luther and St. Olaf a up at Northfield. I wonder How Many americans frantic about getting sons and daughters into the big name schools understand the Quality of scholarship in these rare Little places. Where else would you find a Man who could alternately coach football master five languages and teach the classics latin and greek remain honoured Here for what they Are the keys to the past and the proper tools for Honing the mind in the discipline of exactitude. These Superb Little colleges Are not dying out thank heaven. Their enrolments and their endowment funds Are growing. But they run Little risk of the curses of bigness. Students at Berkeley or Columbia May feel lost digits on a computer card in an Anonymous mass of humanity. Here each boy and girl is not numbered but known. Not Only Are their faces known but their families their qualities their troubles and their dreams. By Kirland i. King United press International Albany . The controversial reapportionment plan a a a adopted by a Republican lame Duck legislature last november Falls far Short of assuring gop majorities in both houses next year. Politicians agree Many of the new Senate and Assembly districts favor Republican candidates but it is going to take a lot of switching to wipe out Complete democratic control of the legislature. Under plan Quot a which the supreme court okayed for a special election in the fall there will be 165 assemblymen and 65 senators. At present 62 republicans fill seats in the 150-member Assembly and 25 have desks in the 58-member Senate. This Means republicans will have to hold All present districts and pick up eight in the Senate. In the Assembly they will have to add 21 to their present Roll Call. A i done to see How we Are going to regain control in the Assembly a a Veteran legislative aide said. A a plan a eliminates a number of sure Republican districts so the Way i see it we will have to pick up 37 to win Back he added his study indicated the a a Only thing guaranteed republicans was their old leaders Walter j. Mahoney and Joseph f. Carlino would be Back. Mahoney former Senate majority Leader was Defeated last year in the democratic sweep in Erie county and Carlino then Assembly speaker lost out in Nassau. The Erie Republican Leader is now with the state thruway authority but indicated he is willing to make the race in november. So has Carlino. Should Mahoney and Carlino be returned to Albany the Republican lawmakers will have their problems. Under Ordinary rules both would be considered new legislators As far As committee assignments Are concerned. For the former leaders to resume their old posts sen. Earl Brydges of Niagara Falls would have to step Down in the Senate where he is now minority Leader and assemblyman George Ingalls of Binghamton would have to Bow out in the larger House. Brydges however has told close associates he will not be willing to give us his leaders chair. Ingalls is Likely to make the move if necessary. Gov. Rockefeller said he was pleased the High court upheld the Republican reapportionment plan but declined to predict How the party would fare in this years election. Rockefeller said he thought the chances of regaining control of the Senate were pretty Good but the Assembly was a different matter. A i will Campaign throughout the state on behalf of Republican candidates for state and local office a he said. A but i do not feel i want to make a prediction at this time As to the outcome of the sen. Joseph Zaretzki democratic majority Leader said he talked the situation Over with his colleagues and a it looks a under the Republican scheme it looks particularly bad for democratic senators in Erie and Westchester counties a Zaretzki said. A we will do Okay in new York City but not so Well the first skirmish under plan a a a will come in the primary elections when some incumbents will be battling each other for party endorsements. For example three Republican senators now find themselves in the same District. Even the maintenance men will have trouble. Where will they put the extra desks and chars these Days diversified Economy w needed in latin America by John Chamberlain new York. The curse of the dominican Republic has been its Reliance on a single crop that of sugar for just about half of its foreign Exchange earnings. This has always made the dominicans dependent on either . Guarantees or a fluctuating world Price. Naturally the leftists in their pie in the sky promises speak of the horrors of Quot monoculture a and Promise some alleviation when they come into Power. But what happens when communists do take Over in a Mon of cultural lands Cuba in the Days before Castro was even More dependent on sugar than the dominican Republic had Ever been it once earned up to 78 per cent of its dollars from sugar sales. Castro before his movement deposed Batista promised an end to a a monocultural servitude to foreign capitalists. But today after six years of Freedom from the Yankee a colonialists a Castro scuba is More abjectly dependent on sugar than Ever. A of so enslaved is communist Cuba to the need for a Good sugar crop that Fidel Castro has had to make symbolic capital for his regime by appearing in the Fields in person As a Cane Cutter. The socialist Cane Harvest for 1963 and 1964 were disastrous falling behind the 6.7 million tons of 1961, the last year of capitalist production by 2.9 and 3.1 million tons. Even at a Price of to cents a Pound the world figure for 1964 the decrease in sugar production meant trouble for the bearded one. So in a burst of desperation Castro committed his countrymen to an All out burst of sugar monoculture for 1965. Head show the capitalist world that socialists could Cut and grind Cane with the Best of them. So what happened by forcing schoolchildren women factory workers College students and political bureaucrats to a a Volunteer for the Harvest Castro has managed to get a sugar crop estimated at something in excess of 5 million tons. This is still at least 1.5 million below the figure for 1961, when private Enterprise was having its last innings in the cuban Countryside. The 5 million tons Are coming on to a world Market that is offering 2.5 cents a Pound for sugar. In other words Castro May get less for his fairly big crop of 1965 than he got for his poor showing of 3.6 million tons for 1964. The soviets of course could give him a break by making barter deals with him on favourable terms. But when have the soviets Ever taken pity on a satellite nation simply because it is in need pc a with the example of communist Cuba in mind other latin american nations should be warned that the leftists have no magic to dispense in the social War to get rid of the curse of monoculture. A brazilian Castro would probably end up by driving the school kids of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro into the Fields to work on Coffee plantations. And in Chile a communist government would probably be tearing its collective hair to whip up new records of Copper production. What latin America faces is a general need to diversify in order to get away from the traditional monocultural order. In Brazil it is a matter of escaping a 50 per cent dependence on Coffee for foreign earnings. In Columbia and Guatemala Reliance on Coffee has been even disastrous Bolivia has been notoriously dependent on the single commodity of tin. In Venezuela it has been Oil in Uruguay and the Argentine it has been beef. The lesson for the dominican Republic is writ Large it needs a political order that will encourage the diversification of the Economy in a whole Host of Small individualistic directions. With the help of the . And a operation Bootstrap a the puerto Picans have achieved a measure of diversification. When i was in puerto Rico i visited an agriculturalists who insisted on raising to different crops a year. By staggering his production he managed to have some of his crops safely underground in the Hurricane season. And he Wasny to chained to any single commodity for a profitable Price. Diversification can be had. But the communists Are the least Likely people in the world to take the Lead in achieving it. All they can think of in Cuba is the whip to get the school kids out to Cut Cane. They a do the same in the dominican Republic. Humor reverse decision the maharajah of an Interior Indian province decreed that no old animals could be killed. Soon the country was overrun with Man eating tigers Lions panthers elephants and bears. The people could stand it no longer and gave the maharajah the heave to. This is the first Case on record where the reign was called on account of the game. Balance Sheet

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