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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 25, 1966, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner monday july 25, 1966 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials Snow Job for sen. Kennedy the rigidity of . Far Eastern policy is nowhere More plainly illustrated than in president Johnson a prompt rejection of sen. Edward m. Kennedy�?T8 proposal for a a two Chin ask arrangement in the United nations. By ruling out such a step in the near future the president seems to commit the country to another voting fight in the . General Assembly this fall. He implies that the United states will persist in its Long Campaign to bar communist China from the International organization. In his Senate speech a few hours before or. Johnson a White House news conference sen. Kennedy had suggested that a . Proposal for seating of communist China As Well As nationalist China would help this country assume a a More positive position in the United nations while proffering a a a peaceful options to new leaders rising to Power in Mainland China. The Massachusetts senator said such an initiative might strengthen support for the United states in the general Assembly while placing More responsibility upon the communist chinese themselves. He pointed out that if peking spurned the a two Chin ask offer As it has in the past China rather than the United states could be blamed for obstructionism. To these valid Points the president had no persuasive reiterated the tattered argument that communist China first must give up its a thoughts of aggression and Force and a abide by the principles of the . this line is outdated at a time when the United states has just finished violating the charter in the Caribbean and is violating it daily in Viet Nam. It is irrelevant to the issues stated by sen. Kennedy. In Justice to the president and his advisers however it is probable that their thinking about the China question goes beyond such moralistic Flummer. Informed reports from the United nations in new York indicate that final policy on China will not be determined until the voting line up in the general Assembly can be assessed More accurately. Since last Falls 47-47 stalemate on the Issue some shifts in sentiment have been evident. It is believed that Chile and Iran which abstained last year from voting May Side with the United states this fall. On the other hand other countries have been antagonized by the vietnamese bombings and will not go along with the United states so readily again. Under these circumstances president Johnson apparently feels obliged to stick with the old policy of opposition to peking a admission until the voting picture becomes Clear. This is politics not statesmanship. A editors notes leave it to those Pesky republicans to twist somebody swords All around just because some friends of Phil Hoff a Are wearing buttons that spell out the governors initials in Morse code some Republican has to turn the Button upside Down so that it says hip a help hang Phil. This Means the democrats will have to retaliate by doing something mean with Dick Snellings and Tom Hayes initials like turning them around backwards and suggesting that they mean sink Dick and Hurt Tom. Could be quite a Campaign. We Hope that some of the local property owners who Are complaining about their tax assessments will follow the advice under John Hamiltons picture of the Rainbow in saturdays Banner and try to find a pot of Gold to help them pay their taxes this year. As a matter of fact some local taxpayers Tell us that if they Don t find a pot of Gold or something of equal value they will be extremely hard pressed when the tax Bills arrive. Judging from the pictures in saturdays Banner Bennington a summer school has provided local students a wide variety of experiences that they would never get during the regular school year. The students have been doing everything from studying the habits of fish in the roaring Branch to building a japanese teahouse in the Middle of a Beni classroom. The summer school is certainly unique and adventuresome and the response from the students we be been told has shown that they Are both benefiting from it and enjoying it. We were pleased to read that the Bennington school District has agreed to take Over the sponsorship of the proposed Bennington planetarium and that efforts will continue to obtain Federal funds for the project. The original plans have been scaled Down somewhat apparently because this is considered necessary to get government help but we still feel the planetarium will be a major addition to our areas educational facilities and one that can be used by youngsters and adults alike. A major event Over in Eagle Bridge ., next month will be the dedication of the grandma Moses schoolhouse a museum in which Many of the famed artists possessions will be displayed. We re looking Forward to a visit and we re certain that the museum will be another attraction that will draw visitors and tourists into our general area. The bitter. Pill Quot the mus Mas san a Mal tonic hcs Man a Tuzins Lima Nolf Quot letter to the editor vandalism to the editor of the Banner this letter is based in the Assumption acquired from persuasive Rumor that the destruction of the Bradford Smith memorial Garden behind the Bennington free Library was the work of a teen age gang. One would also infer from the thorough demolition of the plumbing supplying the Pool that there was an element of deliberate criminal intent behind this subhuman performance something More than the pranks Ness which delights to dispense discomfort in the halloween season. This is not to suggest that there was intended any individual assault on Brad Smith for it is not Likely that these hoodlums had any knowledge of the responsible citizens of Bennington county among whom he was outstanding. On the other hand it seems Likely that the leaders of these Young delinquents did know that the purpose of the Garden was to Honor someone of the older generation whom they Delight to Dishonour. The responsibility for this vandalism would seem to reside in three progressively expanding groups. First there Are the immediate perpetrators. Consciously or not these were in part motivated by that resentment of their elders which is common among the Young today their sense of what the sophisticated among them Call Quot alienation Quot their feeling that the older generation in and out of school is trying to impose arbitrary and meaningless regulations on them instead of treating them As people. This complaint in so far As it is justified is a function of the chaotic state of our society where there Are Many admirable Cults of opinion about life and education but none that rests in a Central meaning of existence acceptable to All. It is True that Many parents and teachers Are still dispensing rules of conduct that Date Back to the 19th Century when they were related to religious interpretations which in spite of the formal differences were shared alike among All sects. If you knew your mentors believed what they said when they told you that god was watching you and would Reward you with heaven or hell according to whether you were a Good boy or a bad boy you were impressed and less prone to indulge your violent impulses. But today when the rules of decent conduct Are dispensed without High authorization you Are merely whatever the proper treatment of these Young delinquents May be it is neither of the two obvious extremes. It is not arbitrary punishment for breaking rules that Are unrelated to any Central interpretation of life. And it is not the moral collapse involved in Sweet forgiveness before there is any ground for it before that is there is any honest sense of guilt and contrition that Are based in an Assurance of inclusive moral Law. Pending the reintegration of our culture out of its current chaos the most feasible aim would seem to be the humanist one of Awakening these Young to their own actual qualities including their ethical instinct on the one hand to instruct them out of mature experiential certainty that if they devote their forthcoming lives to the indulgence of uncontrolled desire whim and malice they will not Only disrupt society but will also forestall the possibility of their own Contentment and on the other hand to instruct them that if they take for their chief concern something outside themselves then in ameliorating the state of that object they will also ameliorate their own state of mind. If this obviously sound doctrine of of jew York state polities democrats look to Rek for gubernatorial Choice by Kirtland Kino United press International Albany Sen. Robert f. Kennedy May not be Able to remain silent on a democratic gubernatorial candidate until after the party s nominating convention in september. Kennedy is considered new York s most powerful Democrat and local leaders Are looking to him for a Cue As to the men he prefers to head the party s ticket against gov. Rockefeller in november. They Are not anxious to be caught in the Middle. Sen. Kennedy a position was stated earlier in the year. He said any Man expecting his support would have to participate in a series of forums. And the gubernatorial hopefuls took this to mean Kennedy would Back any Man taking part in the panels. Frank o Connor new York City Council president Eugene Nickerson Nassau county executive Howard Samuels upstate industrialist and Franklin d. Roosevelt or. Have participated in the forums suggested by Kennedy. Should any of them go on to win the nomination without Kennedy s pre convention endorsement the candidate has made it on his own. And if the democratic nominee beats Rockefeller he automatically becomes the top Democrat in the state. Daniel p. O Connell chairman of the powerful Albany county democratic organization is described As a Neutral. Charles Buckley Bronx Leader and Stanley Steingut Kings county chairman have publicly stayed on the sidelines and this is understandable. They want to avoid Republican charges of a Quot Boss and they have no desire to get into Power struggle with Kennedy. With Kennedy things Are different. His forces want to be in a position to play a major role in the democratic National convention two years from now. A democratic gubernatorial Winner carrying the Kennedy colors would give him the strength he needs. Jec Ivity or love were promulgated with conviction both at Home and at school in place of that self indulgence which in Small minds becomes the application of the doctrine of self expression we might have at least a tentative basis for both punishment and forgiveness. Accordingly the second and most immediately effective responsibility for this juvenile criminality is in the parents especially the fathers of these hoodlums. Having no ethical beliefs of their own they Lack the developed and disciplined intelligence to pass on to their children especially their sons any of these prerogatives of the Good life. Pursuing for themselves the relatively harmless self indulgence of vanity and Competition for financial Power they can interpose no convinced resistance to the More dangerous trends of self indulgence in their children. Finally the third and Funda mental area of responsibility for the violation of the Bradford Smith memorial Garden is in All of us. It is in the general Community at a time when society is in amorphous transition Between two cultures from the in Oral religious one of the 19th Century to the technological one which is clearly Adum rated but is not yet integrated around any common conviction. We Are still muddled Between tatters of the old world chiefly the habits of Church going and of biblical morality without religion and prescient filaments of the new world which May Center around some fusion of rationalistic humanism and a new religious statement that accepts All of science. These bad boys Are Only the naive expressions of our own helplessness in a state of society where relaxation Means the contemplation not of truth but of exciting and diverting substitutes for truth and All forms of popular communication Are dedicated to insuring both the spiritually flaccid old and the primitively energetic Young to the excellent charms of crime. In this letter i am not proposing any focal Point for the new culture that we Awalt for such a proposal would have no effect Here but to alienate those who disagree with me. I am aiming Only to Point broadly to the general weakness that is behind this peculiarly revolting Youthful criminality and to encourage All to struggle towards the discovery and acceptance of some Central meaning of life which persuades their deepest convictions. As a Beacon for that quest we can Honor Brad Smith above most local figures for his own life of responsibility in trying to Lead All of us including these Young who Dishonour him into some new common and inclusive understanding. Perhaps by emphasizing and remembering the causes of this peculiarly offensive episode we May turn it paradoxically into a More valuable Monument to Brad than any physical Symbol could be. Chard Powers Smith. Arlington. The passing Seene of i May say so Black eyed Susan by Gerald Raftery Arlington. My neighbor s pet blackened Susan is a City dog in spite of the fact that she was born just Over the Mountain in Londonderry. A dozen Winters of City life have pretty thoroughly diluted her sturdy Vermont heritage. She is the result of a love match Between a Beagle and a Dalmatian and she displays an Odd combination of traits from both sides of the family. Her colouring is a tasteful speckling of Black on White which is reminiscent of both Mommy and daddy and her name derives from the big Black Patch surrounding one Eye whose Long Black lashes and lid contrast notably with the pinkish Hue of the other one. Black eyed Susan is Only the name on her immunization record for All other purposes she s just Suzie. She combines the Lovely disposition of a Beagle and the elephant like memory of a Dalmatian with an abiding fear of almost anything smaller than an automobile. An automobile she will Chase most other moving things she will think about twice or More. One of the less admirable episodes of her spotted career occurred one dewy morning before the eyes of a group of guests. Suzie trotted out through the Long shadows on the grass grumbled a Low growl at a trespassing Robin and then spotted a tiny baby Rabbit prospecting for Clover at the Edge of the Lawn. As she raced toward it in fearless indignation it suddenly hopped out of sight among the Bushes and out came its Mother a vicious looking Cottontail that must have been All of seven inches tall. Suzie set her brakes and skidded to a Stop on the wet grass. For a moment the two stared at each other 30 feet apart then the Bunny dived Back into the Brush. Suzie leaped into motion at once and galloped wildly Forward. At the opening in the Bushes she thundered on past with a let that be a lesson to you air and then circled Back to the porch with her Tail waving triumphantly. She seemed Hurt when everyone laughed. Her memory is often amazing when she was younger i used to take a walk every morning at 7 30, and she still Waits for me whether i show up or not. She can spend an entire Winter in the City but the first morning Back Here she is out and waiting for me. She remembers places too. Along the Back Road where we usually walked she always knew just about where she would encounter rabbits and chipmunks which she chased fearlessly because they always ran first. But if a wind storm had left a dangling Branch she would note that too and pass it on the other Side of the Road with a growl and a distrustful look. Her first encounter with cows occurred along a Back Road and it was a most unhappy occasion. One Field we passed was a sort of summer finishing school for a Herd of Jersey heifers and they often came to the Fence to watch people pass. Things get pretty Dull in an Upland pasture on a Back Road. I always enjoyed the feeling of importance that came with passing in review before a dozen pairs of unwinding Brown eyes. All activity ceased even eating and usually at least one Heifer looked like a Backwoods Bovine Carmen with a Daisy dangling forgotten from one Side of her Mounth. Suzie was Young and nervous then and the first apparition of a horned head rising above the Bushes stopped her in her tracks. Another head appeared and another. Suzie threw me a glance full of horror and then turned and fled Tail Between her legs and she kept on running until she was Safe under a bed Back Home. For several weeks thereafter her part of our morning walk stopped Well Short of the heifers Freehold. She would stand in the Middle of the Road and watch me go on alone she would stay there until i was out of sight and then Trot Back Home. As time passed and i continued to survive she managed to get up enough courage to accompany me. The heifers have Long abandoned the area but Suzie still passes that fearful spot on the far Side of the Road. A brighter episode in her life occurred some years after during an easter vacation which we spent up Here following a lengthy Winter in town. Our first morning walk was enlivened by an unusual discovery As we tramped across a withered Field with the wind in our faces we saw three Fox cubs playing in the Early Sun on a slope less than a Hundred Yards ahead. We watched them for a full minute two of them scuffling and snapping at each other while the third carefully sniffed the length of a log. One looked like a police dog Puppy while the others were Tan and russet. We must have moved or the wind must have changed because they suddenly froze in place for an instant then As though they were performing a Drill they lined up and filed into the Den a narrow Hole at the Edge of a Boulder. We hurried Over and examined the site. The Den had two doors and the Young foxes had made trails to both that were clearly marked. Suzie was very much interested and apparently not at All hostile. She sniffed Over the whole area very thoroughly before we continued our walk. Of the nex f morning i had to whistle to Call Suzie out and when she appeared she was carrying something in her Mouth. I did t pay any attention sometimes she brought the last bit of her breakfast along to finish on the Road. This time she did t finish it and she did t go Haring off after attractive scents and trails. For half a mile she trotted soberly along and when we came to the foxes Den she deposited her Burden on a log a three dog biscuits. She did t linger around the place but trotted on As though she were glad to get rid of the responsibility. The follow up detracts a Little from the Story. On our Way Back from our walk we passed the Den once More the biscuits had not been touched so Suzie looked them Over thoughtfully and ate one herself. But the next morning the other two had disappeared. Suzie is getting older and she does t seem so anxious to go out on walks any More but she still keeps up her interests. When the Hay is Cut around her place she still gets out and Hunts vigorously and she puts into the Pursuit of crickets and Fiel mice an abounding Energy that is worthy of bigger things. Making use of Vermont s Gores where does that leave Kennedy during the recent primary elections the senator took sides in a new York City surrogate s contest and his Man won. As a result Kennedy received nationwide attention and was named the state s number one democratic Leader. O Connor considered the front runner said he did not believe Kennedy would inject himself in the fight. Samuels told newsmen that it Quot would be bad for the senator to handpick Quot the candidate. Roosevelt and Nickerson have taken similar position. At the same time the candidates agree Kennedy will have a loud voice in making the conventions Choice. It appears impossible to do that by remaining silent. Burlington. The Vermont development department the Franklin county development association and the northeastern Vermont development association Are most effective in promoting the profitable use of land people and places but i regret to report they have missed one Golden Opportunity. They have failed to promote Vermont s two Avery s Gores As special combat training areas. If they had thought of this years ago Many things would be vastly different now. If the Bay of pigs invaders had trained in an Avery s Gore before they completed their training in Guatemala they would have been victorious in Cuba. If the 20,-000 . Airmen now in Thailand had had previous Avery s Gore experience we would have won the War in Viet Nam a Long time ago. One Avery s Gore is in Franklin county the other is in Essex county. They Are both triangular pieces of land. That i understand is Why they Are called Gores. The special Quality they have which makes them so valuable is that they have no population. Nobody lives in them. You can verify this by checking the Vermont yearbook the records of the Vermont Secretary of state the . Census Bureau records and the records of the vital statistics division of the Vermont state tax department. We have lost tax collectors in the Gores but we be never found a taxpayer in them. What value could the Gores have been in the Bay of pigs and what can they do for us in Thailand the answer lies in facing the fact that the Bay of pigs invaders were Well trained and Well equipped but they did not take Cuba and the fact that the Thailand airmen Fly by Alan d. Soph Rin Superb aircraft equipped with devastating weapons but they have not yet Defeated Viet Nam. Obviously since the Lack of Success is not related to any Lack of men training supplies or equipment it must be related to a morale problem. When you think about it you realize that it is a morale problem caused by the psychologically traumatic effect of losing identity. The Cia and the Pentagon should know better. The Cia sent the Bay of pigs men to Guatemala to train and then said they they weren t there. The Pentagon is doing the same thing in Thailand. Ask the Pentagon if we have any military personnel in Thailand and you get an official it does t take much of a psychologist to see How dangerous this is to morale. Everybody needs an identity. Without an identity you re nothing psycho logically. But How can you have an identity if you re some place where you re not we can t provide an identity for men who Are where they Arent but we can do the next Best thing. We can give them training in How to adjust to being without an identity. Our Avery s Gores obviously Are perfect places for such training. In the Gores our military men scheduled for Thailand can undergo a very valuable period of adjustment. After they spend a few months in places where nobody is shipping them to a place where they really Aren t won t bother them at All. The morale problem in Thailand will Digap. Pear and we will soon win the War in Viet Nam. Also it will be Good for business in Franklin and Essex counties. I can t really blame anyone for not thinking of this sooner because i just thought of it myself

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