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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 25, 1966, Bennington, Vermont 10-Bennington Banner monday july 25, 1966 for fast action results use the Banner classified want ads Call 442-2684fathers militant action saves daughters life by Peter j. Croix in Hull mass. Up a a Man dressed in a combat uniform and carrying a carbine entered a Hospital and demanded that officials give him a 4-Day-old girl. The Many a action possibly saved the life of the girl who again almost 21 years later is the Center of a controversy. The lass is Karen Louise Maguire who recently was chosen miss Connecticut. A juror was touched off when a runner up in the contest challenged miss Maguiree a eligibility contending the Winner a student at the University of Bridgeport was technically a Hull resident. Her parents Are or. And mrs. Edward Maguire of Hull. The Hospital incident occurred sept. 21, 1945 in a South Carolina Community near an army Camp where miss Maguiree a father then an army lieutenant was stationed. Mrs. Maguire who already had two other children sensed almost immediately after Karen was born that something was wrong with her. A every time i fed her she regurgitated the formula. Changing it did no to help and so i finally told the doctor and the nurses i thought something was mrs. Maguiree a expressions of fear fell on deaf ears. She was told she did t know the right Way to feed the infant. A that was a laugh. I had fed two others and i knew what i was doing a mrs. Maguire said. The frightened Young Mother called her husband at the army Camp to Tell him of her concern and asked him to come Over. Maguire said he had consulted with a paediatrician in Columbia . Who after hearing the symptoms suspected trouble and suggested the Young officer bring the infant to him for examination. Maguire and three other servicemen All dressed in combat uniforms went to the Hospital where the Young father told authorities he wanted to take the infant to the paediatrician. When his request was refused Maguire picked up the infant and told the other soldiers All of whom carried rifles to restrain anybody who tried to prevent him from leaving with the child. The Hospital officials did not offer any resistance. All the rifles including Maguiree a were loaded. The Columbia specialist examined Karen and determined she needed surgery. A the called it a fancy name but it Means there was a blockage in her stomach which prevented the food from getting absorbed a Maguire said. The paediatrician told Maguire there Wasny to a place within 700 Miles of Here that can perform the operation. I think you ought to get her up to children a Hospital in Boston and let them do the dehydrated girl tended by a nurse who periodically gave her shots of Saline solution was flown to Boston after being baptized in an emergency ceremony at the Columbia Airport. She underwent surgery at children Hospital a Short time after she arrived. Karen was hospitalized for two months and True to predictions made by doctors at children a she had difficulty eating until she was Well into her teens. A now i eat like a horse a says the Young Beauty. Of and your child parents should Bear in mind that children s interests vary by David Nydick up educate on sperm a t the summer vacation months provide an excellent period of time for parents and children we become better acquainted. This is certainly valuable but the idea can be overdone if there is a Lack of understanding. Interests vary with age and individuals. Parents should realize that their children May not enjoy the same activities which they As adults find satisfying. If parents want to spend time with their children it is important that they choose activities which children will enjoy. It is also important to determine the special interests of their own children which might be quite different from those of other children. If dad likes to Hunt and fish Junior May also enjoy these. On the other hand Junior May like to swim and play baseball. He might not enjoy sports at All. He could be the Type of child who enjoys a visit to the Library or museum. He might really like a trip to some historical shrines. These Are the kinds of things that parents should consider if they want to plan an enjoyable summer during which they and their children can become better acquainted. Another thing which adults sometimes forget is that children enjoy and need the company of other children of the same general age. If a child spends too much time with adults without having an Opportunity to associate with other children he could develop a confused idea of his own ability. He might also become bored As he misses the Chance to just play and have fun with his Peers. Parents who want to get to know their children and develop a really pleasant relationship should make the attempt. It will be rewarding to both. It is important to remember that parents and children do not necessarily have All the same interests. It is very Likely that with some careful planning a number of activities can be found which will suitable for both parents and child. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that parents should respect their children. Let the child know that you As a Parent respect his opinions and understand his desires. In this Way a truly valuable relationship can be developed. Last but not least is that parents should enjoy their children. Remember that they Are children and will not behave like adults. They will make mistakes. They will misbehave. They will act silly. They will do tilings which you feel Are wrong. This is part of being a child. However children will show love and affection to their parents. They will try to please their parents. Most of All parents can get a great Deal of satisfaction from their child a accomplishments. Spend this summer learning a Little bit More about your child. Build a Little better relationship. You will get a great Deal of enjoyment from it and your child will profit even More. Deer control hearing scheduled Montpelier up a the Vermont fish and game department is scheduled to open Public hearings tuesday in Randolph on a proposed special Deer season to control the Herd. A spokesman for the depart ment said today there Isnit enough food for the states 200,000 and a special season is planned dec. 12-18. It is expected that if the season is approved 8,000 female Deer can be taken to hold the population at a reasonable level. Automobiles for Sale la for select used cars Seef Williams amp Bugbee inc., 442-5320, e. Main St., Bennington. Monuments cemetery lots 5 Rock of Ages Granite Barre Guild Seal. D. E. Carver. Call 2-4808. Display at 126 Washington Avenue. By appointment appreciated. Personals get rid of household pests. Send visiting aunts and cousins to see candles made at the Candle Mill East Arlington Vermont. Exercise for health vitality and muscle tone. Summer daytime special i to. 2 visits per we. $15. Air conditioned. Stay trim studio 442-4771 wedding invitations announcements cake decorations imprinted napkins and matches Guestbooks. Bennington bookshop 416 main St., phone 2-5136. Bennington lanes open eve Day at 6 . Moonlight Bowling every Friday night. Red pin Bowling sat. Amp Sun nights. Strayed lost found f. Dry Given firewood Given away Maple Ripple is to be away monday through Friday 8 . To 5 . Excellent fuel for stove or fireplace. Hale company inc., East Arlington Vermont. Used us 1964 jeep wagoneer 15,000 natural Miles 4 wheel drive. Free running hubs. $2295 1962 Oldsmobile 9 passenger station Wagon Power brakes and steering Auto. $1295 Pound Golden retriever Vicinity of Woodford Mountain. Also Small female Beagle Collar Shaftsbury. Call human society shelter 375-2898. I automotive agencies to scientists Ponder ways to control sea Nettles test drive the 4-wheel drive Toyota at spikes. Call 442-9884. Automobiles for Sale la 1956 Plymouth Savoy 4 door Sedan 40,000 Miles automatic transmission radio and Heater. Good running condition. Will accept reasonable offer. Inquire 105 Putnam Street. Sale summer clearance continues sport shirts regular $3.00 to $7.50 now Only $219,o big selection All sizes All styles buy now and save Burt Bros. United press International sea Nettles jellyfish that hide a cruel sting in translucent Beauty a infest Many East coast Bays and estuaries in summer. Jellyfish succeed each year in routing swimmers from the water simply by brushing their seemingly harmless tentacles against human skin. But the reign of terror May not last forever the National geographic society says. Scientific research aimed at controlling the pests in underway at such places As the Chesapeake biological Laboratory Solomons Maryland. Pulsing through brackish water the nettle looks like a fringed umbrella with Many Limp handles trailing under it. These tentacles Are covered with stinging cells summer clearance Sale on clothing for the family big savings now Fienberg 447 main St. Bennington it. Automated . Bigger buying Power super duper Market depot Street Bennington it. Tiny cups holding coiled threads geared to trigger hairs. When a trigger is touched a hollow threads Springs out pumping Poison into whatever it touches. The nettle uses the formidable weapon to capture food chiefly Small fish. But it can to distinguish Between prey and other objects. The Drifting animal unleashes its venom on pilings boats people anything it happens to touch. Frantic efforts of a swimmer to escape often result in the tentacles being wrapped around him even More. Seagoing relatives of the nettle dactyl Ometra sometimes have tentacles up to 120 feet Long. However one biologist speaking from unhappy experience declares that per Square Inch there is Little Choice Between the sting of a nettle and that of the great portuguese Man of War whose tentacles May Trail 40 or 50 feet. The Nettles Poison acts somewhat like a curare a substance used by South american indians to tip their arrows. Injected into Small sea animals it causes paralysis failure of the respiratory organs and death. More than 95 per cent of a sea nettle is water. It floats with the tide. When mature the male nettle pours Forth a Host of sperm cells. Those that Chance on a female fertilize her eggs. Then begins a weird Chain of reproduction that assures the survival of the species. The eggs Hatch into tiny hollow jellies that Rush through the water by waving whip like hairs. This frenzy abates after a few Days and the baby nettle settles on the Bottom to become a polyp. Gluing itself to some solid object it takes the shape of a Bowling pin. It is about a Quarter of an Inch High and a sixteenth of an Inch across. The polyp can reproduce in either of two ways. To create a new polyp it simply moves away from its base leaving a minute disk. The disk grows into a mature individual. The process can go on indefinitely with new polyps springing up from the a a footprints of the old. Offspring also Are produced by the top of the polyp. The Parent sloughs off a sauce shaped Section that swims away to become a full grown jellyfish and Start the process again. Biologists believe the polyp stage May offer the Best Chance of nettle control. I963 rambler classic 770/ 4 door Sedan excellent condition 33,000 Miles Standard reclining seats padded dash Day and night Mirror backup lights radio and Heater $1,000. Call North Adams 663-8128. Monument a motors authorized Volkswagen sales and service dial 447-7561 route 7, South of Bennington notice of Job applicants the Banner does not knowingly accept help wanted ads from employers covered by the fair labor standards act which applies to employment in interstate Commerce of they offer less than the Legal minimum wage of $1.25 an hour or fall to pay time and one half for hours Over 40 a week. Contact the . Labor departments local office at Montpelier Vermont. Banner want and dept. Open Mon. Thru Fri. 8 30 to 5 . Closed saturday local rates word rate charge computed below for 12 words on additional words phone 2 2684 times chores Cash 1 Day 1.14 1 a 2 Days 2.04kab 3 Days 2.70 Oik 4 Days 3.12 a a 5 Days 3.75 6 Days 4.32 3 24 the Banner reserves the right to edit revise or reject any advertisement. Classified display 17 per line charge 16 per line Cash. Minimum 56 lines. The Banner does not knowingly accept help wanted advertisements in violation of the Federal wage hour Law which states that employees engaged in interstate or foreign Commerce or in the production of goods for such Commerce must be paid not less than $1.25 an hour and at least time and one half for hours worked after 40 in a work week or in violation of the child labor Laws which sets 16 years As the minimum age for most jobs. Office 425 main St. Bennington dial 442-2684 deadlines close set and style ads noon before publication display ads two working Days before publication special 1964 Comet 404 4 door Sedan Standard Rah 6 Cyl. $1395 1962 Corvair Monza convertible automatic ramp a excellent condition. $895 1961 rambler super 4 door station Wagon Standard ramp a free from rust. $795 select yours today fair dealing Fine service i corp 748 main St. Bennington 442-6373 automobiles for Sale 1962 Chevy v-8, 4 door hard top $1,295. Carmody Simca Hunt St., Bennington. Berkshire sports cars inc. Your area Austin Healy my and Mercedes Benz dealers new and used cars. 207 state Road North Adams Call 664-l 6388.____ Mol w Jinx Lyrl Chevrolet Cadillac inc. 1964 Corvair Monza 6 pow glide4 door $1495. 1963 Chevy la novo 6 Standard station Wagon $1295. 1965 Chevrolet Impala 8 pow re Pirir station Wagon $2695. After we sell we serve Quot 239 main St., Bennington 442-545 i used parts and tire accessories for most cars. Leblanc a Auto wrecking Bennington. Vt., dial 442-2308. Big selection new �?T66 Pontiac and Buick models now available at. I Walter l. Barber inc. Pontiac Buick authorized sales amp service 114 North Bennington Road open evenings till 9 . A serving automobile buyers for Over 26 years Quot automobiles for Sale la 1961 Cadillac Coupe de Ville All Powers excellent condition Carmody Simca Hunt St., Bennington. Business services offered 18 aluminium windows doors siding amp awnings. Milton Mackay. No. Benn. 442-5355. Piano tuning voicing action regulation demoting Complete service. Burt Rockwood piano technician. Telephone 442-6587. Well drilling free estimates. Lundin Artesian All Winter Carlson amp Wells inc. So. Londonderry it. 824-5283., sports equipment advisor Anthony Tomasi wheelers sporting goods Call 442-6217., cesspool amp septic tank clean ing. Reasonable rates. Leonard Wells 442-6919. Sanitary trucking. Professional services 22 professional fitting a trusses belts braces supports and other surgical appliances at frosts pharmacy by a certified surgical appliance technician. 198 North St. Benn. Electrolysis treatments permanent removal of superfluous hair from face and body including permanent styling of eyebrows. Consultations and treatments by appointment. June l. Moses r.e., 85 main St., North Adams mass. M04-9250. A College students High school grads now being interviewed for summer Sale work. Car necessary write Box a a cd Bennington Banner. Garbage removal., cleaned. Bernies Tel. 442-9645. Rubbish cellars trucking. Help wanted 23 heating and plumbing 19 Call Johnson Oil co. For All your plumbing and heating needs. We specialize in remodelling. Call 442-7311. Moving trucking storage 21 Southern Vermont a most recommended mover across the Hall or across the country. Bonded. Licensed warehouse moving storage Pac King. Serving people on the move since 1880. Real estate Salesman Windham and Bennington counties. Nations largest advertisers in real estate. For interview write United farm Agency Chesterfield . Full of Par i i Ime contacting schools churches and organizations. Write Deer Park baking co., Box 118, newling ton Conn. Help wanted male 24 Mullen Mayflower Call collect North Adams mass. 663-3776 Man age 21 to 40 a of exceptionally High character to service established record departments in area stores. Good salary plus incentive plan. Vehicle furnished paid vacation five Day week advancement opportunities. Reply to St. Johnsbury record dist a St. Johnsbury Vermont giving Complete personal resume. List All former employers 12 character references other than keep Vermont Green i be your ashtray by Charles m. Schulz peanuts Pear Pencil pal hoi mule you been ? do co think i print toc frl6, lin05 ? in the 51 Kwh chapter of Paul 5 letter to the 6aiatan5, me 5av5. �?o5ee Ajith what i Arce letters i am dritin6 to Sou Mth my Odin Mand Quot . By Johnny Hart Prink Prink drink Prink Prink comp keep in its. You. So feet Blondie by Chic Young Steve Canyon the bearded a1 in cannot resist the wre of baseball pressed in the monks Robes they wore to enter. A1ahnav in the first place they sit up when the game announcer says. By Milton can Iff we regret that to the team composer of peace corps volunteers has been de Laved reaching 7, Mathnay City. Heart of Juliet Jones by stall Drake i

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