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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 19, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4-Nennington Banner monday july 19, 1965 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials reapportionment responsibilities the . District courts decision last week that legislative districts entitled to three or More representatives must sub Divide Means that the boards of civil authority in Bennington and Woodford will have their hands full for the next few weeks. A District formed by Bennington and Woodford will have six representatives i in the new legislature that will be elected nov. 23. The District is one of 14 or the state with three or More representatives. All 14 must be divided into subdistrict each with no More than two representatives. It has been suggested that the new two town District can be easily divided into three subdistrict each with Between 1,186 and 1,604 Legal voters As required by Law and each with two representatives. The local boards would be Well advised to begin an immediate study of All such proposals so that their work will be completed by the deadline aug. 16. A state reapportionment Board will be available to help out. Bennington will certainly be fortunate if the Boundary lines of the new subdistrict can be quickly and easily drawn. Officials in Burlington report that the Job will be extremely difficult for them and that they fear they May not be Able to meet the deadline. Difficulties Are also anticipated in Rutland. If complications arise Here there a no reason Why it should be for Lack of trying. Bennington ans must also not Overlook the fact that they will have a powerful voice in the new legislature. For 173 years the town has had Only one vote in a House of representatives with As editor s notes Rumor has it that some of Bennington a brightest Young men and women will be seeking positions this fall on Bennington a six Man delegation to the House of representatives. Several have whispered to us their plans to but the Only one who has said unequivocally that he is running is Reuben Levin. Levin sidled up to us the other Day and asked whether we thought his Campaign is gaining momentum. We assured him that his Campaign so far reminds us of a steamroller that has lost its brakes on Woodford Mountain. Presumably the Republican and democratic town committees will be getting together one of these evenings to choose running mates for Levin and some opponents. The latter May Well go to work setting up roadblocks for that steamroller. Bennington a much maligned regional planning commission seems to have shifted its two year planning program into High gear. Collecting the data it comment the old i j test has flunked out ii As hint ton Post there a kind of release from bondage in the news that the educational testing service at Princeton n.j., appt ars to have abandoned the traditions i in intelligence quotient Quot test As an indicator of intellectual potentiality. A it has become recognized by most a said president Henry cd Haneon of the eps a that the so called intelligence tests never did measure some innate tiling called a intelligence that could be summed up in one number called an in a. Actually the use of the term intelligence tests has declined Many As 246 members. Towns with Only a fraction of Bennington a population each had a right to the same vote. Suddenly Bennington combined with Woodford is entitled to six representatives in a House of 150. Reapportionment has made the town one of the five or six most politically powerful areas in the state. Many observers have wondered whether enough local citizens can be found to run for the six seats. In the past the two political parties have sometimes had trouble finding one candidate each to run for the single seat. The influence that the six Man delegation from Bennington will have in the new legislature will hopefully stimulate political activity in both local parties. The need for responsible and competent candidates has never been greater. Each party should have six nominees running in the oct. 19 primary. Gov. Philip h. Hoff had requested the Federal court to permit at Large elections in the Multi member districts if they were unable to subdivide by aug. 16. The courts rejection of his plea will probably work ultimately to his advantage. Many observers had suggested that the governor favored at Large elections because this could possibly result in a democratic majority in the House. More competent republicans Are Apt to survive an election with properly subdivided districts however. This will preserve the voice of dissent that is so essential to the proper enactment of Good legislation. And it will mean that the governor s detractors will not be Able to accuse him of paving the Way for his legislative program by political Fina gling. Needed for the Survey portion of the program has been a Long and time consuming process and had moved some critics to ask whether the planning commission was doing anything at All. The maps and reports produced thursday evening by John c. Burdie the regions planning consultant were most impressive however. We Are looking Forward to the proposals that will be made during the next phase of the program scheduled to Start in september. The 22 Young people employed in Bennington a neighbourhood youth corps should have an easier time meeting school and College expenses next Winter after their summer of work for non profit organizations. The Bennington program proves that government Money and local initiative can create economic opportunities. Those 22 summer jobs Are extremely important to the boys and girls who have them. And if the Money they earn makes it easier for them to continue their education then the a a corps will certainly have been successful. Rapidly As it became Clear that what we Are testing is developed ability or aptitude which results from the development of whatever innate ability an individual the in test has undoubtedly had much Utility. But the rigidity with which it has sometimes been applied has just As undoubtedly done a great Deal of harm. A More sophisticated understanding and use of it should serve to open educational doors to some in whose faces they were in contingently closed and should warn against inflexible educational track programs. The truth is that with love and patience and skill innate ability is subject to immeasurable development. Fischetti Nett York state politics Lindsay thwarts move w to ditch Rockefeller a Crar it it Ai. A a it. To r a a. We Quot a a Zaa a u few a. A ii. I j Quot a. Syn i Achilles Heel congressman 9s report Stafford supports Quot desirable Quot legislation welcomes forthcoming Viet debate v my of decoder pm on Mare till probably be by Robert t. Stafford us congressman Washington. In the first six months of the 89th Congress the administration has not met a major defeat. This of course is due to the overwhelming majority it enjoys in both houses. For the most part this Congress has produced desirable legislation which i have supported. But the inherent danger of a lopsided one party control will soon be put to a test As More controversial measures Are voted. And still Foremost in our minds is the entangled and enigmatic situation in South Viet Nam. President Johnson has observed that conditions there will Worsen before improving certainly a justifiable conclusion under present policies which will soon Lead to a direct confrontation Between Large numbers of american troops and the Vietcong. I believe the reappointment of Henry Cabot Lodge signifies an awareness of the need to solve the political struggle in Viet Nam As Well As the military struggle. I shall Welcome the debate on present . Policies which lodges confirmation will pro Duce. The medical care social Security legislation and the voting rights Bill Are now before Senate House conferees where differences must be ironed out before these two major measures Are sent to the president. I expect fairly rapid agreement on the far reaching medicare and social Security increase Bill. The major obstacle in the voting rights act will be disagreement Between the House and Senate versions on the elimination of poll taxes As a requirement for voting. The House after four Days debate this month approved a stronger voting rights Bill which would eliminate the poll tax for voting purposes. Having introduced voting rights legislation quotes there is a tendency in Europe to mock americans As being too tall too Rich too unsophisticated. But what americans really Are is too basically Nice. Europeans a particularly parisians done to understand this. They can to believe that an entire nation of people would try to do the Nice thing most of the time for All of their Llvy a. Robert Daley who was based in France for to years As a new York times correspondent writing in the saturday evening Post on Why he hates Paris please remember that when the consumer purchases a Jar of Cream a bottle of makeup or a Flagon of perfume she is not buying anything tangible in the True sense of the word. She is buying a look a feeling a Promise an idea a state of mind. Frankly i Call it. Hope. A Mary Jane Robinson cosmetics executive in opposing a truth in packaging it it Bill at congressional hearing. Earlier this year which included provisions for barring use of the poll tax to disqualify voters i supported this measure when it was approved by the House pm a final vote of 333 to 85. A a 01�? since last reporting to you several major Bills have been acted into Law. You should be reaping the benefits of the excise tax reduction act which your congressman supported. It is estimated that in 1966 this will mean $7 million in savings for Vermont residents. A constitutional amendment providing for presidential continuity now goes to the states for the needed ratification by 38 Legislatures. President Johnson was slightly rebuffed when Congress approved an act setting duty free allowances at $100 retail value instead of the $50 which he requested. The cigarette Labelling act requiring manufacturers to Label cigarette packages and Cartons with the statement a caution cigarette smoking May be hazardous to your health a was approved. I might add that As a non smoker it was easier for me to support this Bill than it was for some of my colleagues. For those who Are still a old fashioned enough to worry about owing Money a sad note. The National debt limit was increased another $3 billion to $328 billion. I voted against this Bill. A measure creating an administration on aging and authorize the lighter Side ing $17.5 million to develop programs for the aging was also enacted. A Cyl the closest vote in the present Congress came on the administrations proposal to provide subsidies for those renting Homes or apartments. A motion which i supported to delete these subsidies from an otherwise Good housing Bill lost on a Roll Call vote of 202 to 208. The original proposal subsidizing Middle income rents was altered however to limit these payments to persons whose incomes were Low enough to make them eligible for Public housing. This improving amendment was forced upon the administration and the whole rent subsidy plan would have been Defeated had the amendment not been accepted. Your congressman voted for final passage approved 245 to 169. The military appropriation Bill of about $45.2 billion was $2.5 billion below that approved last year but i am convinced is adequate to do the Job. The House gave unanimous approval to a measure providing $75 million in insured Loans and $1 million annually in direct Loans to students attending vocational schools above the High school level. I was thrilled to personally meet our two astronauts James Mcdivitt and Edward White. My Vermont trips will be limited As House continues heavy schedule. I do not look for adjournment before mid september. By Kirtland i. King United press International Albany . Rep. John v. Lindsay wasted no time in knocking out the a Stop Rockefeller movement that has been going on behind the scenes in new York Republican circles. The congressman gop and Liberal party candidate for mayor of new York City threw a Roadblock in front of the anti Rockefeller drive even before it started. He acted As soon As a letter written by sen. John h. Hughes of Syracuse was a a leaked to the Public. Lindsay said he would support gov. Rockefeller if he decides to run again and added he thinks Rockefeller has been a Good governor. It was Early last month that i first Learned of the a a secret Survey As to Rockefeller a current popularity among gop workers and voters in an upstate area. And at that time i reported backers of sen. Jacob k. Javits had not abandoned Hope he would make himself available for the gubernatorial nomination. The private Public opinion poll taken in May reliable sources said showed javits led All potential Republican gubernatorial candidates including Lindsay Rockefeller it. Gov. Malcolm Wilson and former Assembly speaker Joseph f. Carlino. The pollsters reported Rockefeller a rating was about 4 per cent or comparable to Barry Coldwater and last year republicans took a terrific beating in Onondaga county. Hughes sent the information to javits. He said some party leaders Felt Rockefeller would be a Handicap for gop congressional and state offices next year. There was a private meeting but the javits a a Boom failed to take hold although there was still the passing scene the dim sadness a ii hint tries his Luck among bulls and bears by Dick West Washington up a the Stock Market has been acting kind of funny lately going up one Day and Down the next. Or sometimes doing both on the same Day. People who Are not a a in the Market As we plungers say of non investors May wonder what causes these fluctuations. I used to wonder that myself before i became a financial tycoon. But after two years of membership in the influential Capitol press investment club i can now understand the reason for such erratic behaviour. The club is composed of 20 newspapermen All of whom like myself Are independently wealthy and Only practice journalism for thrills. Each month we invest the princely sum of $10 apiece in a Pool Purchase of stocks our purpose being to shift the Center of financial Gravity from Wall Street to Washington. Soon after i joined the club i Learned that Stock speculators Are extremely sensitive to events that might have an Impact on the Market. When something unexpected happens the buyers Start Selling the Sellers Start buying and the stand patters have nervous breakdowns. This puts us in a Good Posi Tion to use our inside knowledge of developments in the capital to Good advantage. Last year for instance when the Market was rising steadily one of our members overheard a Rumor at an Indian embassy party that the Maharaja of Mysore had developed an eyesore. A if this Rumor reaches Wall Street the Bottom May drop out a he warned. The club immediately voted to divert part of our funds from stocks to a savings and loan account. Then last week with the Market on the downgrade we had emergency meeting to reexamine our portfolio. This time there was a move to withdraw the savings and loan account and hide it in a mattress. Our Market analyst reported that financial circles were bound to be shaken by a speech by White House aide Jack j. Valenti in which he described president Johnson As a probably the most skilled Teller of stories since a we had better take cover until this blows Over a the analyst advised. In Short to understand the current Market situation one must discard the old notion that Stock traders Are either a a bulls or actually when the Blue chips Are Down most of us Are rabbits. By Alan d. So Phr in Burlington. When i was a vocational rehabilitation Counselor i sent Many of my mentally retarded clients to the Vermont sheltered workshop in Montpelier for what we called a social most of these were in their late teens or Early twenties physically and emotionally full grown Normal human beings with a full Range of human needs and desires in their hearts but without the intellectual ability to give these needs real meaning. These were the educable retarded those who fall Short intellectually but not really far Short. They were Young men and women with minds essentially the same As yours and mine but their minds just worked More slowly. Like you and me my Young mentally retarded clients were human beings Able to know Comfort and pain fear and courage and Joy and sadness. And for them there was a constant sadness not one they could express coherently not a sadness the psychologists who pronounced them retarded could measure but one that was always with them. It was a dim awareness that the world was passing them by and that they could Only stand still and watch it pass. I called it their a dim a social adjustment is a Good professional sounding phrase and i had no objection to using it. What it was called was not important. What was important was that it worked. After their period of training in it at the Vermont sheltered workshop my clients almost without exception acquired a Confidence in themselves which made them Able to do things they were unable to do before their social adjustment training. They could handle their own Money. They could travel. They could be at East socially and above All they could earn a living or they could function Well enough to Complete a special training course and learn How to earn one. They became Able to take their place and their human wants became instead of shadows in the dim sadness the lights of real Hopes and real dreams. How did this Miracle happen was it brought about by my ability in the Art of counselling was it the result of the manipulations of a Clever psychologist was it a Triumph of scientific rehabilitation maybe it was one of these Tut i doubt it. I think it happened because in the sheltered workshop my mentally retarded clients lived in a world which did not pass them by. It a great Deal of a couple of influential republicans met and talked to javits but he was non committal. Publicly he said he intended to support Rockefeller. Since release of the Hughes letter there has been some confusion As to just Why it was a a leaked after being locked in javits files for so Many weeks. Javits had no part in releasing it. But some leaders Are asking a was it to put Lindsay on record As favouring Rockefeller during the new York mayoralty race a was it an open move to Stop javits from having any thoughts about occupying the governors chair Lindsay they explained could not oppose the governor at a time when he needs Rockefeller a support. There is every indication that Lindsay has been in Rockefeller a Corner for a Long time. Upstate ers recall that when the congressman visited them he would approach party leaders with a Elf the governor decides not to run again remember he made it Plain he would not look for the gubernatorial nomination As Long As Rockefeller was interested. A of javits has been close to the governor but at times spoke critically of some of the state administrations policies. He was especially against the governors 2 per cent sales tax. One thing is certain. The disclosure of the letter did not change Hughes standing on Rockefeller a popularity list. The Syracuse senator has vigorously opposed Many of the governors financial policies and voted against his proposed taxes year after year. Most Republican leaders now agree that the open endorsement from Lindsay gives Rockefeller the cop gubernatorial nomination for the asking. A a was a world which moved at their Speed. In the sheltered workshop patient instructors taught them to operate tools they could understand at a Pace they could keep up with. With these tools my mentally retarded clients built repaired and maintained things they could see and touch and display with Pride. In the live in situation which was part of the social adjustment training their social world also waited for them. The world of Ordinary living and communication with other human beings no longer passed them by. Talking with each other they did not need to struggle to comprehend words and concepts which were beyond them. They could have the new experience of enjoying conversation and forgetting the dim sadness. These things were All they needed these Brief moments in their lives when the world stopped Rushing by them. They had never dreamed it could happen that the world would wait for them. But once it did happen they had Confidence and it was a Confidence they carried out of the sheltered workshop. The world looks different when you have Confidence. With Confidence and a Little help you can make your Way. It was my Job As their vocational rehabilitation Counselor to provide the help. I had no objection to calling it social adjustment. I wrote it As such in my reports a Case closed social adjustment but i would have preferred to write a Case closed human dignity humor next generation tvs Frank Blair of the a a today show was boasting of his growing family of four girls and three boys when a Friend interrupted to ask. A has your wife said what shed like her next child to be a a yes a said Blair a a a Boston Globe. Desirable trait actress Angie Dickinson single and in her 30s, was asked which of the following characteristics she wanted most in a husband brains wealth or appearance. A appearance a she replied immediately. A and the sooner the a Parade i i

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