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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Jul 18 1967, Page 4

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 18, 1967, Bennington, Vermont 1-Uennington Banner tuesday july 18, 1967 Fischetti Mountain Hatter jul 1.x the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont 05201 Kali Tori los talking Back to the generals the most interesting aspect of defense Secretary Mcnamara a latest trip to Vietnam is the evidence that the Johnson administration May finally be developing a Little sales resistance to the insatiable demands of the generals. Confronted with an intensive pressure Campaign to boost . Troop Levels from the present 470,000 men to approximately 600,000 by mid-1968, Mcnamara for the moment at least seems to be playing it fairly Cool. He has let it be known that he thinks the South vietnamese forces have been under utilized. He has hinted broadly that too Large a proportion of the american manpower is tied Down by Supply and support duties. He has even expressed doubts about the accuracy of . Intelligence reports that Hanoi is building up its manpower in South Vietnam. The reason for Mcnamara a scepticism is obvious. To accede to the generals manpower demands would entail either a partial mobilization of reservists or an Extension of the present one year tour of duty in Vietnam or both. Since the War Isnit exactly popular to begin with this would obviously be an invitation to political fireworks at Home. It would also entail a further widening of the administrations credibility Gap. Less than three months ago the Pentagon announced that . Troop strength in Vietnam would be raised a a slowly to 470,000 by 1968. There s a limit to How often the administration can give the lie to its own statements without provoking a hostile Public reaction. The Public relations problem would . Backs a uni Monist it appears Likely that the United states May facilitate the election of the first communist president of the . General Assembly this september according to diplomatic reports from Washington. The United states has tentatively agreed to support rumanian foreign minister Corneliu Manescu for the presidency of the next regular Assembly session and . Support should assure a majority for the highly respected Diplomat. President Johnson met june 26 with rumanian Premier Gheorghe Maurer praised Rumania s strongly Independent foreign policy and hinted support of Manescu for the presidency. This is a courageous and very appropriate action for the president. For Rumania in recent years has markedly underscored what is now a truism that communism is not one world but Many that communism is no longer ideologically or geographically monolithic. Rumania alone refused to join her sister european communist countries in endorsing Moscow s a Resolute rebuffs if Israel failed to pull Back her troops from conquered Arab territory be considerably less ticklish were it not for the sorry Parade of military miscalculation that has attended the War from the beginning. The generals who Are now saying they need 600,000 men to do the Job Are the same generals who two years ago said they could do it with 300,000 and last year said 400,000 would turn the tide very handily. If comparably inaccurate and costly misjudgments had been made by any civilian Branch of the Federal establishment half a dozen congressional subcommittees would be eagerly competing for the right to investigate. Military men in Saigon Are making no secret of their distaste for Mcnamara a apparent disinclination to meet their demands. A new York times report quoted one High ranking officer to the effect that a we cannot continue to fight this War on the cheap a As though 70,000 casualties 1,445 lost aircraft and a Price tag of $2.5 billion a month were a stingy outlay. The times also pictured the top brass As believing that a the administration should either pay the Price of a partial mobilization or reduce the goal and negotiate a this is an intriguing statement since a negotiated settlement is what president Johnson has been claiming to want All along. Its possible though hardly probable that the endless escalation of his generals manpower demands might induce him eventually to give the quest for negotiations the All out Effort which he has withheld from it in the past. Ies. Rumania also differed with other communist nations by endorsing israeli interests in negotiating with the arabs for a permanent settlement. Moreover Rumania has resisted Eastern european economic integration plans boycotted some european communist military Alliance meetings and preserved cordial a though largely pragmatic a relations with communist China. The rumanian in Short Are finding a faster Road to Prosperity in asserting their Independence As a nation and expanding their contacts and Commerce throughout the world and not Only within the narrow Economy of communist Eurasia. Washington has to Date responded Well. It raised its diplomatic representation with Bucharest two years ago and increased Trade opportunities. And now it has made a dramatic gesture support of its Forward looking Independent foreign minister to head the general Assembly. We Hope this steady weakening of the ancient Iron curtain continues and that Washington continues to build Independence and amiable relations with communist East Europe. That is the most fruitful Way for a a Victory Over communism and permanent order in Europe. La 61061, the St Nei my Doc it our two Tuoi porn tar Quot a trip to Burlington Melv Iai am Kica Washington calling Federal tax boost As deficit grows appears inevitable spending increases by Marui is Childs Washington. The ancient dictum that nothing is certain but death and taxes has been updated. In this age of War inflation and Domestic upheaval it reads nothing is certain but death and More taxes. The differences Here Are not Over whether but when and How much. For even among the Civ no Mozers the conservative balanced budget types to whom higher taxes Are a part of Ute Scourge of big government there is a growing and grim awareness that a Federal tax increase is bound to come. The specialists in the dismal science of economics rend the signs in a variety of ways. With some corporate kinds paying a higher interest rate them at any time since 1921, they see a scramble for tight Money that could Send housing construction plunging Down again. Others see a Price Rise considerably above the administrations estimate of 4.5 per cent for the current fiscal year As High perhaps As 7 per cent which would put a real bite on wage earners in the Middle and lower brackets. The Skeleton in the family closet is the likelihood of a record Quot peacetime deficit. Crusty chairman Wilbur Mills of the House Tarwat Tang committee has put it As High As $29 billion unless Congress adopts the 6 per cent tax surcharge the administration has recommended. This has been interpreted however As rattling the Skeleton to frighten reluctant members of House and Senate into facing the facts of life. The worst of All possible worlds a inflation and recession at one and the same time. The prescription of those who fear the political consequences of a tax increase is to pare Federal spending. Sen. William Proxmire chairman of the joint economic committee opposing a tax boost Calls for savings that will make it unnecessary. Tills evokes hollow laughter from the White House and the Treasury. Of the More than $135 billion in Ute budget 89 per cent is in defense payments fixed under Law or contracts already let. The balance of $14.9 billion covers Law enforcement National Parks and a sizable share of great society programs. The notion unit this could be Cut anything like 15 per cent is not taken seriously in the White Nous. With a record deficit the government will be in the Money Market contributing to the upward movement of interest rates. The end result with prices climbing and Money tight could be letters we must not abandon people of South Vietnam to the editor of the Banner Alfred Kathmann a support of the Friday night Vigil in a letter in wednesday s Banner seems rather selfish to me. Does he feel that Quot the beautification of America More cultural activities the space program and so on justify us in defaulting on our pledged word to Seato and in abandoning the South vietnamese who Are Dally fighting and dying beside americans in defense of their Homes he says Quot just think about the High prices and the High taxes you now pay because of this the associated press on july 7 reported that so far this year the Viet Cong have killed 1,595 South vietnamese civilians wounded 2,815, and abducted 2,-018. This is a High Price and a tax that has been levied regularly for More than two decades. And these were civilians like Kathman. Bernard b. Fall noted in a the two Vietnam so thas Early As 1946 to Chi Man he a organization was killing off non communist supporters of vietnamese inde Pencence not anti communists just non communists. Now after 21 years of terror and murder the Viet Cong As successors of the vie Minh must still kill wound or capture its opponents at the rate of 1,000 a month. Shall we abandon these peo a pie and spend some of the Money As is quotes Back when we were kids Many years ago we were faced with the problem of learning the three res a Reading rating and arithmetic. Today the Republican party is faced with a similar problem a Rockefeller Romney and Reagan. We save in developing Branch Pond i suggest that Kathman reread or. Thomas Dooley a Quot deliver us from evil and refresh his memory on what happened to the people of North Vietnam when the French pulled out in 1954. I dislike the War As any thoughtful person must just anyone dislikes surgery. It simple fact however that when the supporters of totalitarianism Are willing to fight for their ideas and we supporters of democracy Are not Freedom As we know it will be in full Retreat. Gerald Raftery. Sunderland. Pai Iii Fence to the editor of the Banner after Reading Alfred Kathmann a letter in wednesdays Banner upholding the Friday night peace Vigil on main Street i have a suggestion paint the Fence they hold themselves against red and yellow. The disease May not be there but the tendency is. Catherine Bishop. Bennington. The source of truth to the editor of the Banner professor Hanks has joined the ranks with Truman Ike and Warren of those accused of leftist views both dangerous and foreign. To find the truth for which our youth is constantly in search the Only source should be of course the teachings of John Birch. Yet the realists on Capitol Hill doubt that action will come before january. When tile administration brings in the supplemental request to pay for the Vietnam War even the most sceptical will see that More taxes Are imperative. This will be not less than $5 billion. If Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara recommends an additional 50,000 ground troops above the level set for tills year it will be $8 billion or More. By Laird a count the president will have to get 83 to 89 Republican votes to pass a tax increase. Those votes Are not now in sight. They could be mustered in february or March with a Call to fiscal responsibility. By Carlo Wolter Searsburg. Charlie had to shift for himself last week while i bused up to Burlington wednesday to attend the league of Vermont writers 23rd annual two Day summer Institute at the University of Vermont. The trip was uneventful except for a few bumpy stretches of Road where a your taxes Are at work a and the never tiring View of the Green mountains carved against an Eastern sky and the Adirondacks reaching skyward in the West. Burlington with its tree lined streets snuggles right into its Green Hills As if it had grown there like its Trees especially when viewed from above. Too bad the City s Shore line along Lake Champlain is such a commercial mess. But that a hidden when looking across from the Sunset roof of the Vermont hotel from where one sees the Lake sparkle behind a Green foreground its Western shores skirting the towering Adirondacks. While the lakes sunsets Are Beautiful we were treated to an especially spectacular one of two of the critters who ate All the bean tops. But there was still another one around. We saw him eyeing the peas and he a still at Large. I Hope he moves to the Pond where he can Munch Clover unmolested. A big fat Porcupine was not so Lucky. He came waddling out of the Woods crossed the Lawn and wandered into the Tomato Patch most Likely on his Way to Dine on the Patio Maple or the wooden Lawn chairs. Charlie was waiting. Now i have to Wear wooden shoes for he sprinkled his quills like blossoms from an Apple tree. After being away i had to hurry to the Pond. It is my Sanctuary. Hie piercing noise of City streets wheels squealing brakes slamming sirens shilling smelly Black smoke rising from smokestacks and the closed in feeling Between buildings reminded me of the time when cities were my life As i travelled from town to town As a professional skater with ice skating shows and lived in new York City in Between. Since then our Way of life has changed As much As today s architecture. And we love it. After the clanging Dis during the leagues roof Garden so Nance of Many a activities the nevertheless oven so rugged a budget Cutter As rep. Melvin lain who from his place on tile appropriations c Ommittee knows probably More about Federal spending than any Republican on Capitol Hiu is impressed with the administrations efforts to Cut Back. He gives High Marks to Secretary of health education and welfare John Gardner who has been taking a hard look at the big new Grants for education and health. The timing of a tax increase is still up for grabs. The White House continues to say it must come in the present session of Congress. Yet aside from putting the chairman of the Council of economic advisers out in front on the urgent need for the increase the president has done Little to push it along. William Mcchesney Martin jr., chairman of the Federal Reserve Board is saying publicly and emphatically that prompt action is essential and he adds that he would support a higher amount than the 6 per cent. But that is very late in an election year a fact which escapes no one in tills political capital. Furthermore a 6 per cent across the Board surcharge hits equally hard in each bracket and it leaves untouched the great inequities in the Jerry built Federal tax Structure. President Johnson a predecessor in the White House John f. Kennedy had begun before his death to move on those inequities. He was even reported As considering at least scaling Back the 27 per cent depletion allowance that is the Gold Rush for the big Oil boys. With the Pinch of higher taxes Felt at every level in it glaring inequities that regard those in the upper brackets will hardly soften the blow of a new Federal Levy. Banquet thursday night. The sky was awash with colors ranging from firey Rose Orange and Salmon to Copper Bronze and Citron yellow. Soft hues of Blue Green Gold Lavender and deep purple brushed Over the mountains. And while our ears were tuned to the interesting words of the evening s guest speaker j. Warren Mcclure publisher of the Burlington free press Many Heads were turned to feast their eyes on the magnificent Alpenglow. Some of the institutes most valuable aspects Are its distinguished speakers in various write ing Fields. So i always gather some Small nuggets of literary knowledge which later prove to be gems. Swapping viewpoints ideas and rejection slips is always refreshing and i come Home full of inspiration Energy and ambition. Pond has become my welcoming mat. It is peaceful and quiet there. After being away from Home for three Days i was eager to get Back to Skylark. So when Charlie picked me up in Bennington Friday night i bombarded him with wifely questions. Quot did you eat properly did fangs come Home did the woodchucks eat the peas a before i left Charlie took care our Pond is not an expensive work of Art. It is just an Oval water Hole that fits into our landscape As if it had grown there. As i walked along its Grassy Shore the first yellow striped Garter Snake i saw this year Slid into a Hole just above the waterline. Although snakes give me Goose bumps i help w?.�?Tbing him wiggling out again to a his head underwater with his red Tongue darting in and out. He remained that Way for several minutes anchored by his tall and i wondered Why he aids t drown. I also heard frogs plop with a Dull thud from the rocks into the water and i noticed that some of them were not the usual Sharp Green with White or yellow Throat. They were Sandy Tan with Pale Green backs and undersides. Recently we also saw one that was pure Ivory sitting on a horseradish Leaf. He was about i12 inches Long and v2 Inch wide with a pointed snoot and an embossed six cornered Oblong Frame like design on his Back. Thus we Are reminded that nature is full of surprises and enriches the lives of those who take the time to look. These Days we better get seared soviets can deliver More Megatons than los. Reuben Levin r Republican. Longtime Charles s. Griffith. North Bennington. By John Hamb Erl Ain new York. When the Issue of Freedom was dependent on the Appeal of a couple of stirring slogans Quot give me Liberty or give me death Quot and a taxation without representation is tyranny Quoit was easy to persuade a Man to take his Musket Down off the Wall. But today when Freedom depends on an understanding of scores of Complex mathematical variables it is not so easy to move men even to the exercise of a Little common prudence. A of so before getting into the minutiae of an american Security Council study Quot the changing strategic military balance . A. Is. a which is the product of a collaboration by such noted experts As nuclear scientist or. Edward Teller Gen. Curtis be May former chief of staff of the air Force and prof. Stefan Possony of Stanford University let s not bother with the Complex variables. Let us simply say that 1967 is the watershed year in which the rising curve of soviet atomic War making capacities is passing the descending curve of the . Nuclear deterrent. The russians Are about to get the drop on us. This is the year of decision in which apparently we Are too bemused to decide anything. And doomsday could easily follow before Lyndon Johnson has a Chance to finish that second term which apparently he very much desires. Would the victorious russians be magnanimous enough to let him retire to the Pedernales �?0�? the Teller Lemay Possony report tries to make it All Deal with a graph. As recently As 1962, the ., using every available delivery system could have dumped Between 25,000 and 50,000 Megatons of atomic explosive on the soviet Union. The soviets response using All their strategic weapons systems would have ranged from 5,000 to 10.000 Megatons. But just five years later in 1967, the . Delivery destruction is Down below the 29 too megaton Range while the soviet destruction capacity May have crossed the 30,000 met agon line on the Way up. By 1971, if we follow Secretary Mcnamara a policies of retreating from a goal of War winning strategic superiority to one of Quot Mutual deterrence a the . Delivery capacity will be Down to the 5,000-15,000 megaton Range. Soviet capacity on the other hand will have hit a 30,000-50,000 Peak. The mathematics involved in preparing the graph makes for some brain cracking contemplation. The Load carrying capacities of various types of bombers submarines and missiles All figure in the multiplication. So too do the various ranges of planes and missiles. The ., at the moment is far ahead in the number of missiles which it has ready. And it has not yet phased out its big bombers. But the soviets can develop More powerful thrusts and can use bigger nuclear Heads. It is tonnage delivered that counts. There Are other complicating factors. The russians have experimented with High yield explosions before the atmospheric test ban went into effect. This has been denied to the Law abiding treaty hungry u. S. The soviets presumably know what a new scrap missile which mounts a 30-to-50 megaton warhead will do if used As an icbms or As an Orbital space weapon. We do not. Possibly the huge soviet warheads will make our own Quot hardened icbms Sites very vulnerable. As the authors of the american Security Council report put it a the electro magnetic pulse or some unexpected effect of a High yield soviet warhead might Knock out an entire minuteman Complex regardless of the. Shielding there could be a a total communications blackout Quot and a . President would be unable to transmit a retaliation order to our Polaris submarines in the Mediterranean or in the Arctic seas. We could meet total defeat without the satisfaction of fir be a single shot. The soviets too have been constructing an anti missile missile defense system. Mcnamara thinks it would intensify the arms race if we were to Start building a defense system of our own. But Teller Lemay Possony and their colleagues Tell us the soviet Are Rushing to build nuclear offence and defense systems anyway. So what arms race Are we stopping finally there Are the red chinese who have exploded a Hydrogen bomb. How can we defend Japan Taiwan the Philippines and Southeast As Lastic islands and Peninsulas if we think Only in terms of soviet capabilities and intentions Are you properly frightened the defense experts who have prepared the american Security Council report which was undertaken at the request of the armed services committee of the . House of representatives frankly want to scare every living american into action. This is the year of the crossing of the curves on that terrifying graph. The . Curve is Down the soviet curve is up and pretty soon it will be much much later than you think. Ila mar up to Here Quot How Large is the communist party Quot a teacher in Russia asked his pupils. One youngster replied Quot five feet two the teacher exploded. Quot nonsense i asked How Many members does it have. Where did you get your answer a Quot Well Quot the boy said Quot my father is six feet tall and every night before he goes to bed he puts his hand to his Chin and says the had the communist party up to a family weekly. Small contribution Quot and upon what income do you propose to support my daughter Quot Quot five thousand a Quot of i see. Then with her private income of $5,000 a. Quot Quot in be counted that teamster

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