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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - July 6, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner saturday july 6, 1963 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont Washington calling Rod gun Kennedy strip showed he understands uses of Power As Well As any president editorials risky March on Washington As might have been expected a act Leader Roy Wilkins warning that a negro March on Washington is still in the works is prompting a chorus of criticism. Segregationists Are forthrightly telling their constituents they will not be moderates Are expressing an uneasy wish that for strategic reasons the March will not be carried out. Even some negro demonstrators themselves Are echoing or. Wilkins Hope that it will not be a Quot whooping hollering in truth these misgivings Are understandable. A March of 100,000 negroes on the capital during debate on the administrations civil rights program would smack of pressure tactics intimidation no matter How orderly it might be. It would antagonize congressmen who otherwise might View the negroes equal rights Campaign with some sympathy. Should the demonstrations get out of control moreover the ensuing violence surely would do the negroes cause More harm than Good. Public resentment would replace growing Public support for civil rights legislation strengthen the hand of the Southern White supremacists. The risks of violence in Many Well intentioned persons opinion Are not Worth the rewards. Why then it May be asked Are levelheaded negro leaders like Roy Wilkins the Rev. Martin Martin Luther King insisting on going ahead with the thing Are they unaware of the risks of the discouraging history of previous marches on Washington the european flight that never took off the uneasiness began slowly rumours started to spread. Uneasiness turned to suspicion. When would Mario Paris return to make final arrangements for his european tour no one could locate him would he return finally last weekend suspicion Rose to the Point where the state s attorney was notified a warrant was issued for Paris apprehension on grounds of fraud. Knowing Only this fact the Banner waited a Day before printing the Story. Most of our staff knew Mario Paris liked him he seemed a capable teacher a respected member of the Community. It was still possible that he could come bouncing into town asking cheerily Quot is everybody packed a a but the next Day it was established that i. Mario Paris was already in Europe a by himself 2. No plane reservations for the tour had Ever been made. The Story had to run. Why did he do it was it a premeditated plot carefully drafted before he began soliciting potential members of the tour last fall or was it a Spur of the moment decision based on the sudden Heady feeling of nearly $18,000 in his pocket Little Chance of Ever being apprehended on another continent those members of the tour who paid their Money who wont see Europe this summer who May never see their Money again Are not alone. According to an account in last sundays new commentary not a handout in St. Johnsbury St. J Johnsbury caledonian lie Cord designation of the Northeast kingdom As a redevelopment area gave St. Johnsbury a priority for increased Federal for the sewage treatment project. Work on the project has already done much to ease the amount of unemployment in the area officials report corresponding drop in the local demand for surplus food. This is also a sign of increasing economic health. At the same time St. Johnsbury stands As an example of a Community not taking Federal As a Public handout. This Speaks Well for the people of the Village As Well As for the program itself. New jobs Are the object of both area redevelopment assistance Ara the accelerated Public works program. Thus when St. Johnsbury went ahead with construction of its new off Street parking lot without Federal help it was ruled ineligible for . Assistance. Of course not. Their statements on plans for the March show that they Are fully aware of the risks the possibility of failure. But they appear convinced that such a massive demonstration will dramatize their cause proving to what lengths they Are willing to go to win. They May also be yielding in part to pressure from extremists within the movement. A mass March will satisfy the demand for negro action take the play away from the Black muslims. It is probable too that the anti segregationists View the March on Washington As a weapon that May never have to be used. Should the so far Adamant bloc of Southern democrats Republican conservatives persist in filibustering against civil rights legislation the March would be set in motion. But if prospects for the measure were to brighten within the next few weeks it could be called off. This analysis places the responsibility where it belongs a in the hands of the filibustering states fighters. If they dislike the idea of a negro March in Washington they can go along with progressive legislation. Otherwise they have no valid reason to complain about the negroes use of the right to petition peaceful Assembly. In Short the demonstrators Are fully entitled to March on Washington if they believe it will Advance their cause. We Are hoping however that such a risky Enterprise will not be necessary. York Herald Tribune both government officials travel Agency personnel Are concerned about fraud in the travel business. Louis j. Lefkowitz new York attorney general reports that his states Bureau of consumer frauds Protection has received numerous complaints from persons who paid for flights which never left the ground. Passengers have been stranded at airports both in this country abroad. Racketeers have taken advantage of the Good reputations of the travel agencies to promote Quot bargain Quot flights that May or May not leave the ground. The very existence of legitimate bargain charter flights leaves the Way open for All kinds of subterfuge on the part of those who try to buy or sell Low Cost Tours. While better regulation of the Industry seems in order it is difficult to imagine How Mere regulations could have prevented the incident in Bennington in which the trip was based on Trust respect for a person who did not return those qualities. Readers can draw their own moral from the Story of Mario Paris but one thought might be pointed out. There is fairly widespread antagonism among some to Quot foreigners Quot whether that term Means non vermonters or non citizens a the provincial idea that just because someone hails from somewhere else he is untrustworthy. The Mario Paris tour that never happened May tend to reinforce that kind of attitude if it does will be the most Munfor Unate aspect of the entire episode. This serves to illustrate the purpose of the Federal project that is to assist local areas in development projects that otherwise would not be possible. St. Johnsbury May be cited As an outstanding example of Federal local adherence to the purposes of Ara the accelerated Public works program. It is hoped that this example of the proper use of such development assistance will in convincing opponents that Ara objectives Are worthy of their support not always abused by wasteful Federal officials or by a local citizenry seeking Only to Wallow deeper in the Public trough. We become slightly distressed when citizens think that it is not their responsibility to keep premises clean that it is the responsibility of the state county or town. A Man in a business that creates a lot of trash has double responsibility. And that does no to mean seeing How much he can chisel for free from the government in getting them to clean up the mess. We need a Little More emphasis on a a Enterprise less on a Morehead City. N.c., Carteret county news times. By Marquis Childs Rome. This ancient City has seen so Many Caesars so Many triumphal processions so Many conquerors come go that it cannot be moved by a president of the United states who bears none of the outward trappings of Power. Oddly enough the italian visit More than any other Stop showed the uses of Power not to say its misuses. For it was Here that the president came us against the stubborn forces of the past that under the form of democracy prevailing in Italy apparently cannot be rested in behalf of a stable future. And this is despite the fact that the glitter of Prosperity is everywhere evident. A of Only the boldest statistician would undertake to say what the Cost to America has been in helping to achieve the recovery of a nation ruined by fascism War. Liberation was enormously costly in human life. Billions of dollars went from Washington for the recovery Effort. In the elections of 1948 the United states went All out to try to help Check the rising tide of communism. The Cost in Money was largely concealed but it must have been considerable. A number of americans threw themselves into this struggle with genuine ardor. The communist tide was checked. In the Light of All this the quiet debate within the Kennedy administration Over the extent to which the president should go in influencing the course of politics in my Kwit in hit Wand a Wolc Kyj Uetz a was Tom foor Feu on. Wet under Reavy Jarest cartoonist Bill Mauldin accompanied president Kerr Nedy on his european tour. These three sketches represent some of his on the scene impressions. Ability beyond the Rise fall of fragile combinations dependent on eccentric splinter parties. Segnit a nickname a the Iron invalid a expresses the stubborn of awk Ika a fun i Mey Joe Quot Italy has a splendid irony. The very word a a intervention has a sinister sound. Any crude attempt would be sure to backfire with the communists seizing on it As evidence of imperialist America seeking to impose its will on the subservient parties of the right. A of much of the counsel the president received was on the Side of caution. Yet Kennedy has determined to follow a bolder policy As he did Here in Italy. He believes that with events shifting so rapidly it is shortsighted not to recognize that a political opposition exists in each free country that it is important to come into Contact with the leaders of that opposition. President Antonio Segni who was unhappy Over the presidents desire to meet talk with the leaders of the left represents the timid inhibitions of the past. In the right Wing of the Christian democratic party he is against a repetition of the a opening to the left which in the fanfare coalition government had seemed to offer a Hope for Sta Pond the simple Force that once prevailed. With history incredibly compressed by the Speed of communication travel in today a world it May not seem too fantastic to suggest that Kennedy is a kind of Hadrian. If one substitutes Alliance for Empire his Mission on his just a concluded punishing exercise has been the same a to try to hold together a Structure threatened in so Many ways. History will judge whether his skill matches his Zeal. A of one reason for communist gains in Italy selections was the government corruption reaching Down into so Many aspects of italian life. And repeatedly american ambassadors under democratic Republican presidents have tried to prod italian governments to act against these evils the action has come All too slowly. To what degree the president May have prevailed against the stubborn forces of the past in his Brief frenetic vist can Only be a guess. But it was an Effort that Given his temperament the times he was compelled to at sucker Pond by Roy Marsden writing this during the heat wave prompts me to report on the current Scarcity of fishermen on our streams. As always in the summer when the temperature soars fishermen change their habits fishing either Early in the morning during the pleasantly Cool hours of the Day or in the late evening just about dusk. If you done to mind getting up Early you can be on the Stream at the most Beautiful time of All. Mists Lay close to the surface of the water distorting familiar landmarks presenting a scene entirely different from midday or evening. Of course the mosquitoes gnats a Are there to keep you company no matter what the hour May be but there is no More peaceful Serene situation than the Dawn of a Fine summer Day on your favorite Trout Stream. If you do your fishing in the evening you will find it mighty restful after a Days work to Don your gear step into the water Start casting a wet or dry Fly. Tired As you May feel when you Start you cannot help feeling rested in spirit if not in body after a couple of hours spend indulging in your Hobby. In the Winter of 1926-27 i went to sucker Pond Lake Hancock if you prefer for the first time. For Many years thereafter i spent Many Days there in 1931 spent the entire summer there from mid june until Early september. Many times i have said that this was the Best summer i Ever had As free from cares As i Ever will be a summer i Learned quite a bit about the ways of nature. In recent years the Lack of time More recently the Long walk has kept me away from sucker Pond but on occasion i still manage to make a trip Back to what i consider to be the most Beautiful body of water in the state. Last week i had the Good Fortune to go up to the Pond in the Early evening spent some time fishing until Well after dark. For company my son Doug his Friend Peter Geannelis were along these two boys being Well acquainted with the place. When we first saw the Pond i just help being reminded of the Beauty of the place after being there a couple of hours i was still As impressed As always. The Road to the Pond has fallen into a sorry state but this is probably a Good thing keeping Many people away from what constitutes a part of our water Supply. No swimming is allowed no boats can be used on the Pond other than those few that belong to Camp owners near the Pond. Prior to the time the Johnson lumber company did a considerable Job of logging pulpwood the Road to the Pond was passable by horse Wagon or on foot. However the Johnson outfit put in a Road that was easily travelled by pleasure car especially in the Winter. This Means of easy Access brought people to the Pond who had not been there before or since resulted in depletion of the fish population from which the Pond has not yet recovered As far As Pickerel Bass Are concerned. A of at the time i frequented the area As a Young Man there were Pickerel up to four pounds the Bass fishing was very Good if you knew where to find them. Eels were taken rarely Bullhead Perch were plentiful. The Long Trail runs a few feet West of the Pond affording Many hikers a Good View of this Beautiful body of water. Most everyone who flies for the fun of it out of our local Airport gets a Birdseye View of the place probably in some cases using it for a landmark. Being situated in a Remote area under the watchful Eye of Emory Wheeler superintendent of our water system i expect that it will remain As it has for Many years the most Beautiful body of water in our state. A of next thursday evening beginning at 6, members of Bennington Rod gun club Are asked to come to the clubhouse in Shaftsbury to participate in a work night. The clubhouse needs a general cleaning fencing must be erected around the Spring the basement needs to be straightened up a replacement for the electric stove has to be moved in wired. Promptly at 9 . A Good substantial lunch will be served to the workers in Token payment for their services. If you have two or three hours you can spare for this project Wear your old clothes come to the clubhouse. Your services can be used to Good advantage. Resolve of this frail Little Man in setting himself against the forces of change. Kennedy is no pro counsel visiting the outposts of an Empire. No Effort of hostile propaganda can cast him in the Imperial Mold. Yet he understands the uses of Power As Well As any president in our history he knows therefore that it is not enough to be Neutral or to ignore Power in being. A of in the setting it is tempting to think in classical parallels. At the beginning of the second Century after Christ the roman Empire was being pulled apart at the peripheries. Cracks were showing in the once mighty facade. At this juncture Rome had the Good Fortune to find an emperor in Hadrian also known As Adrian 76-138 . Who was a hard driving vigorous administrator determined to end the rot hold the line against All incursions. Hadrian travelled constantly to the farthest reaches of the Empire using skills be on the borderline the carpenters of Pownal by Sumner Kean a -v., 1 aaa deeply Pownal. Hannah Holt a in town again. She a newsworthy for several reasons first because she a granddaughter of the Carpenter for whom Carpenter Hill Road is named secondly because at the age of 89 she a slender erect has All her Teeth uses glasses Only to read. Mrs. Holt can hear a whisper across a crowded room likes her meals on time consumes them with Good appetite. Until a few years ago she was the owner of the last Carpenter land to remain in the family but in 1963 deeded the 400 acres to her two daughters mrs. Jane Atkinson of Winchester mass., mrs. Emily Mucklow of Glastonbury conn., with whom she alternately lives. She still recalls where Carpenter Hill Road originally ran where the Bounds of her land Are deplores the fact that the once wide Fields Rich pastures Are rapidly reverting to Brush. As Alert Bright eyed As a Hen Partridge she answered my questions about the old Days faster than i could scrawl them Down. Seems Reynol Scarpenter who settled the land on both sides of the Hill part in Bennington part in Pownal came from Dow Cape cod Way traced to the Mayflower. Foundation of the Home he built is now the water Reservoir for the Southern Vermont Orchards which spread out Over much of the original farm. In succession he married Shaftsbury Sisters Mary Hannah Niles by them had 13 children of whom seven were boys priceless Possession in those Days of manual farm labor. Mrs. Holt does not recall Ever hearing How Many cattle carpenters had or the number of acres they tilled but does remember an aunt telling her that in the old Days she two Sisters spent Days just cooking for the 30 men required to Cut Harvest the Hay in the Days before mowing machines. It must have been quite a sight watching a team of men scythes Cut a big Field of Hay. Whetstone switch Al were frequently applied. Switch Al was vinegar water Ginger perhaps a shot of rum with a Lemon tossed in for decoration. Vinegar gave the cold water a Tang the Ginger prevented cramps from cold liquids in hot stomachs. A of one of the Carpenter sons Jeremiah with his three sons fought in the Battle of Bennington. History has it that when the last shot was fired the father let out three Clarion Calls for Joshua William Jonathan was Well Content when he got a ringing a a Here in response from each. One of the daughters married a David Eldred they settled in what later became the Fowler Homestead on top of the Hill. Although the House he built there commanded a magnificent Westerly View Eldred exchanged it for land on the Pownal slope. When he moved he Cut the House in two moved half Down to the new farm. He tired of this building erected a handsome 12-room House on an Eminence above the other dwelling. The main Road from the Pownal to Bennington then ran in Back of his House As Well As to the rear of the House now occupied by the Coleman masons. Eldred wanted the Road in front of his House convinced the town to switch it giving the Community land to ease several Steep pitches. There was still enough Hill left however to make a team scratch for caulk holds to reach the top with a heavy Load. The old Road roughly followed its present course from there North save that it once ran past the old Carpenter burying ground where lie Jeremiah his three militant sons As Well As eight other carpenters. Names of a few of the earlier settlers still adorn Rural delivery boxes Fowler Gardner Wilcox. The youngest Carpenter daughter Jane married Edward Green a Farmer of Petersburg . They had two children Henry Hannah. Henry inherited that farm As did his son Paul who now operates a big spread also Heads a milk cooperative. Hannah a father Pur land left it to her. She married Edgar Holt of Andover mass., when she was 25. The big Eldred House which dominated it was razed by flames one howling March night. Surviving buildings Are a Large barn the a half House a Bungalow built from Chestnut Cut on the property when the blight swept the area during world War i. A of mrs. Holt seated on the porch of the Bungalow sweeps the Valley with her keen old eyes thinks thoughts that reach Back to the later 1870s. She recalls the condition of the land the Quality of the cattle sheep the types of Homes barns on every farm As Well As the financial status of the owners. That a not As Odd As you think. She traces Back to the carpenters a sturdy family which made its Mark by keeping its collective eyes open in Pownal Bennington in the Corn Fields of Kansas where some of them migrated. A Bennington Man named Everett prospered with Orchards in Ohio. In his Semi retirement he returned to Vermont set out the Southern Vermont Orchards which now Dot the North pm Section of the Carpenter holdings. Once the entire Hill was the Carpenter farm the narrow dirt Road which twists through it comes honestly by its name. Hannah Holt thinks so anyway she reined buggy horses Over it enough years to have Given her time to come up with that the hard Way Matrimony a an Institute of learning in which a Man loses his bachelors degree his wife acquires a masters. Hutsonville Iii not heavy rep. Bob Wilson r-calif., opened a recent speech with this line a there is a new name be Ina applied to Washington a father Kennedy a boys a a Les Carpenter in quote. F

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